Vintage Photo Booth Rentals. 

Classic Photo Booth LLC has over twenty years of experience in the photo booth industry and happily has provided service to the clients all over the East Coast and West Coast. Photo booth company has been providing the service for Weddings & Special Events since June 22, 1995. We Sell rebuild or build from the scratch Old Fashion Vintage Photo Booth designed in 1960-1970. Besides we install photo booths at restaurants, bars, clubs and other locations for profit to the locations. As well we provide technical support and repair of the vintage photo booths. Classic photo booth is one of the very few companies that provides the vintage non-digital photo booth almost everywhere. We provide photo booth services for multiple events or multiple machines whether they are on the same day or across multiple days.

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Vintage booth on East and West Coast for rent and sales

Vintage antique photo booth

So, our authentic vintage photo booth is guaranteed to produce photos that will last a lifetime. Photos taken in the photo booth still in existence from the early 1900’s! The photo booth with an electromechanical and chemical process is the fastest on the market.

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Photo booth for sale refurbished or build from the scratch

Vintage and Digital Photo Booth for Sale

Classic Photo Booth sales for black and white or color picture booths, parts and film.  We sell the digital photo booth as well. Our photo booth for sale is fully refurbished or build from the scratch with antique mechanicals parts manufactured in 1960-1970.  

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Personalised vintage photo booth for any kind events

Custom vintage photo booth

The photo booth is eye catching because it gets your potential client’s attention. We can customize the photo strip from non-digital photo booth with client’s information on it between the pictures. Artwork can be anything at all-the possibilities are endless!

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Green screen technology is unique approach to take pictures with different b

Green Screen Photo Shoot for rent

So, our green screen photo shoot services allow your guests to have their photos taken absolutely anywhere. Therefore, the sky is the limit when it comes to our screen photo shoot. Classic photo booth has over 2000 + green screen backgrounds to choose from! So, choose multiple selection for the event of themed backgrounds or choose to keep it simple. We use the latest technology to take pictures with screen green. We can print pictures 2×6, 4×6, 5×7 format. Copies for everyone on the photo shoot. As well we provide picture frames black, white or custom. We have professional photographers and top of the line photo equipment. Green screen could be used for wedding, sweet sixteen, holiday, corporate and more events.

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Leasing and marketing Vintage photo booth

Leasing and Marketing Vintage Booth

Looking for a fun or way to generate revenue without investing a dime! So, we are constantly on the lookout for venues and locations where a photo booth leasing might potentially do well. Such as bars, restaurants, and even hotels! The photo booth is eye catching and trendy! Especially when the exterior is customized/branded with your company photos, logos, name, information, etc. We can provide you a disk with all pictures taken at the Marketing event. The most impact to your clients will be social media availability from non-digital photo booth. We can set up I-Pad for customers to socialize with others. With your logo on the photo / strip, your potential buyer has the image of the photo booth imprinted in their mind.

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Photo booth for rent on East and West Coast for different events

Vintage and Digital Photo Booth for Rent

The classic photo booth is the fastest booth on the market. You can take a strip every 30 seconds. This kind of the photo booth good for large corporate events or big weddings.  You can have a CD of all pictures from the non-digital booth and social media as well.  So, our Vintage photo booths are fully customizable. And that means you can customize every inch of the booth to your preferred theme and/or corporate event. As well we can wrap the photo booth with different graphic with your files and we do the rest. We can provide the classic photo booth with color or black and white pictures.  Also, we can include custom background or custom curtains by your choice.  The customization of the strip with the logo between the pictures also is available. Check the digital photo booth for rent.

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