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Airbrush Tattoo and Henna

Let’s our professional artists bring a unique element to your event in New YorkConnecticut, New Jersey.  As well our henna, glitter body art, and airbrush tattoo party services are very popular in CA!  In addition, all materials are non-toxic and safe for children and adults of all ages. As well we have hundreds of stencils and pre-made designs to choose from!

Package Includes:

  1. Delivery & set-up
  2. Tattoo Services for 4 hours or less
  3. Unlimited Tattoos
  4. Non-Toxic Materials
  5. Professional Artist
  6. Care Instructions
  7. Removal of equipment

Where would I use an airbrush tattoo, glitter body art, or henna tattoo artist?

Airbrush can last up to a week if cared for properly or can be washed off at any time. So henna tattoos dye the skin slightly for a period of approximately 14 days. We provide Airbrush tattoo or Henna Tattoo in affordable package with the photo booth. Also, we offer bundle discounts when coupled with our other services! Since the pain is free, airbrush tattoo supplies fun for the groups of all ages. Therefore, our skilled airbrush tattoo artists know the secrets behind color blending and the perfect tattoo application. Finally, our packages start at just $100 per hour if you rent a photo booth from us.

Origins of Henna Tattoo

Also, the name henna refers to the art of temporary body art (staining) based on those dyes originating from the henna plant.  People used Henna tattoo for many years to dye skin, hair and fingernails, as well as fabrics. Also, people found henna in South Asia, Arabian Peninsula and parts of North Africa. Wedding Bridal henna remain an important custom in many of these areas, particularly among traditional families. Henna tattoo is the same as traditional henna staining but now the process is used for weddings, birthdays, holiday events and even corporate parties. It has emerged into different party rentals areas and is now enjoyed by the whole family!

7 Reasons why they’re the latest trend at any event!


Airbrush tattoos are the perfect way to express your inner creativity in a striking and yet temporary artistic statement. They are becoming the ‘must have’ for any party or event (whether a relaxed birthday party, wedding or even a corporate gathering) and here’s why they are so popular:


  1. Tattoos can last up to a week, and you can wash away easily if necessary- you get all the benefits of a gorgeous tattoo, without the pain and the unnecessary permanent image choice. They will also serve as lovely mementos when the party is over!
  2. Applying the airbrush ink in a quick, easy and sanitary manner- the ink is non-toxic, doesn’t streak your skin and is simple to apply. It’s safe and fun for all ages!
  3. Using intricate, professional stencils, these airbrush tattoos can be breathtakingly beautiful- whether you’re after a swirling stream of shooting stars, a roaring lion or a fluttering butterfly, the artist will be able to blend the colors seamlessly to create temporary works of art on your skin.
  4. We have hundreds of stencils and inks to choose from- customize your own tattoo.
  5. They can also be applied free-hand if your tattoo artist is a professional with a steady hand- move outside the lines with a more abstract tattoo or go for the ‘watercolor’ paint look!
  6. We can use ink to create tiny tattoos on fingernails- take nail art to the next level with an extraordinary twist on a regular mani-pedi.
  7. Overall, these airbrush beauties make for superb talking points at any party- don’t let your event miss out!