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Photo booth Model 11

Photo booth at Salem’s Birthday

Salem Mitchell’s Unforgettable 25th Anniversary with Vintage Photo Booth

Model Salem Mitchell in the photo boothClassic Photo Booth LLC provided a vintage Model 11 photo booth for Salem Mitchell’s birthday celebration. The 25th birthday of the unique model from renowned modeling agencies occurred at Tenants of the Trees in Los Angeles.

The birthday girl spent her special day in the company of close friends. The lively party gifted Salem Mitchell and her guests with unforgettable memories, especially with the abundance of entertainment that made it a special and memorable event.

Dancing, cocktails, and a birthday cake brought delight to the guests. But the highlight of the evening, which added a touch of fun and nostalgia, was the vintage photo booth. It provided the guests the opportunity to create unique photographs, preserving vibrant moments and joyful memories.

Surrounded by close friends, Salem Mitchell created an incomparable atmosphere of celebration, where every moment was filled with love and joy. Her 25th birthday left a deep impression in the hearts of all attendees and became not only a reason for celebration but also a significant milestone in her life and career.

Vintage photo booth at Tenants of the Trees

TENANTS OF THE TREES Tenants of the Trees is a special venue in Los Angeles where celebrations, especially birthdays, are truly memorable. This establishment is known for its unique atmosphere and style that make every event one-of-a-kind.

The club attracts a diverse crowd, from regular people to celebrities, all drawn by live music and talented DJs. But the special highlight of the celebrations held at Tenants of the Trees is undoubtedly the vintage Model 11 photo booth. When the mood is festive and playful, the hosts and the party guests always seek to capture the brightest moments of the occasion.

Birthday cake for Salem Salem Mitchell enjoyed her 25th birthday at Tenants of the Trees and created memories that will stay with her for a lifetime.

The camera in the vintage Model 11 photo booth accentuated her unique appearance, individuality, and distinctiveness.

Each shot became a small work of art, reflecting Salem’s confidence, style, and beauty.

The photo booth provided her with the opportunity to preserve these moments for years to come, allowing her to reminisce and relive the joy of that special day.

Vintage Photo Booths by Classic Photo Booth LLC

Colored photo strip from the vintage photo boothClassic Photo Booth LLC specializes in providing vintage photo booths that bring a touch of retro to any event. The photo booths from Classic Photo Booth LLC not only offer the opportunity to create unique photographs but also add fun and memorable entertainment for guests and hosts of the celebration.

Classic Photo Booth LLC  is the oldest company with extensive experience in working with photo booths. They are the only company that offers vintage photo booths for rent. The company offers a wide range of vintage models of photo booths that satisfy any customer’s needs, regardless of the style and theme of the event.

However, when renting a vintage photo booth, the customer receives not only high-quality equipment but also professional service. The experienced staff sets up the photo machine and ensures its seamless operation throughout the event.

A photo booth from Classic Photo Booth LLC is the perfect addition to weddings, birthdays, corporate events, proms, and any other special occasion. Guests will be delighted by the process of creating unique snapshots as well as capturing bright moments and unforgettable memories.

The most in-demand vintage photo booths from Classic Photo Booth LLC are:

  • Classic Photo Booth model 20 with White Exterior.
  • Classic Photo Booth model 20 with Faux Wood Exterior.
  • Model 14 Photo Booth (Wood Exterior).
  • Model 11 vintage photo booth built-in 1960.

Call us! We will help you choose the perfect vintage photo machine that will suit your event perfectly!

Vintage photo booth at Liz and Tim's wedding.

Photobooth at Liz and Tim’s wedding

The vintage photo booth adorned Liz and Tim’s floral wedding

Photo booth at Full Moon ResortClassic Photo Booth LLC provided a vintage Model 14 photo booth for Liz and Tim’s unique wedding. The celebration took place at Full Moon Resort, the most enchanting location in the northern part of New York State.

This special place, nestled in breathtaking natural surroundings, became the perfect backdrop for a romantic and magical ceremony.

Among all the rituals that exist today, a wedding is the richest and most saturated with symbolic actions. Wedding rituals embody the traditions and customs of people. It’s not surprising that the ceremony speaks the language of symbols. That is why the tradition of using flowers in the wedding ceremony is still alive.



Wedding photo sessionBy the way, Liz and Tim decorated their wedding in floral style. No doubt it has become the most touching and romantic event in the life of a couple. 

Of course, the bride looked charming in her floral dress and wreath. She caught the adoring gaze of her groom throughout the evening. The ladies also wore floral wreaths, captivating their partners. The floral idyll was captured in the vintage Model 14 photo booth.

The photo strips will forever preserve the memories of Liz and Tim’s magical day at Full Moon Resort for everyone who attended the wedding.

The photo booth at the Full Moon Resort

Full Moon Resort, NYUndeniably, Liz and Tim’s wedding perfectly suited the floral theme at the Full Moon ResortThe guests enjoyed the beauty of the mountains, dense forests, and picturesque reservoirs, enjoying the serene atmosphere of nature.

Full Moon Resort is a year-round resort located in the heart of the Catskill “Forever Wild” forest preserve. Those who have visited describe it as a wonderland, and it certainly lives up to that reputation. Picture a 100-acre expanse of meadows, forests, and streams, providing an unparalleled backdrop for magical weddings in the Catskills.


Guests choose a photo stripIt is worth noting that the guests paid special attention to the vintage Model 14 photo booth. Definitely, all the guests wanted to take home a photo tape with beautiful moments captured on it.

The photo booth was set up for guests in a spacious wedding pavilion – Moondance Pavilion. The newlyweds and the celebratory guests had a great time, taking pictures in the vintage photo booth.

Each photo produced by the vintage Model 14 photo booth became a true work of art. Thanks to its technical features, guests could instantly print their photos, preserving them as beautiful memories of a special moment.

Vintage photo booth Model 14 is designed so that there is almost no queue. It has two entrances. In addition, photo printing is the fastest – only 25 seconds.

Lifelong Memories with Classic Photo Booth

Fun wedding photo session.Classic Photo Booth LLC ensured the seamless operation of the Model 14 photo booth at Liz and Tim’s wedding. Despite the large number of guests, each one was able to capture their joyful moments on this special day. The black and white photos produced by the photo booth added a touch of elegance and romance to the celebration. They have become precious memories that not only Liz and Tim but also their guests can cherish forever.

And this is not just a figure of speech. Because a chemical process is used in the vintage photo booth, photographs are kept for at least a hundred years. To print photo stripes, matte photo paper is used. Photos on matte paper are more attractive and easier to use.

Furthermore, the photo strips have a stylish appearance due to their size. Compact photo strips with four unique frames measuring 1.5 x 8 inches are a wonderful keepsake that will bring joy throughout life.

So, if you are ready for an important day in your life, by all means, you need to include the rental of a vintage photo booth in your organizational arrangements.

It will provide unforgettable impressions of your occasion. Give us a call! And we will assist you in choosing the perfect vintage photo booth model from a variety of options for your celebration.


Bride and groom strip. Bride and groom photo session Loving couple in wreaths at a flower wedding Black and white photo strip. Girlfriends in the photo booth Guest in a wreath Guests in the photo booth Photo strip from photo booth Model 14Photo shooting in the vintage Model 14 photo booth Wedding photo strip Bride in the photo booth Groom in the photo booth Bride with her friends in the photo booth

Kiss in the photo booth.                   Liz and Tim's wedding Newlyweds in the photo booth

Vintage photo booth at Suzi and Ezra's wedding.

Photo booth at Suzi’s wedding

The Photo Booth Adorned Suzi’s Wedding At Weylin 

Photo booth Model 11 at wedding.Classic Photo Booth LLC provided a vintage Model 11 photo booth for Suzi Levy and Ezra’s wedding. The grand event took place on May 11th at one of New York’s most prestigious and luxurious venues, Weylin.

The newlyweds and wedding guests were captivated by the elegance and unique charm of the photo booth provided by Classic Photo Booth LLC. By the way, this company is the only one in the country specializing in offering vintage photo booths for various events.

With 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry, Classic Photo Booth LLC knows how to create a special atmosphere on any occasion. Their vintage photo booths are unique and exceptional, always adding unmatched allure and retro style to any event.

The Classic Photo Booth LLC team pays meticulous attention to every detail, ensuring high-quality photos and an unforgettable experience for guests. That’s why the Model 11 photo booth became a particular highlight at Suzi and Ezra’s wedding, capturing moments of happiness and creating memories that will accompany them throughout their journey of married life.


The Perfect Combination of a Photo Booth and Architectural Masterpiece at Weylin in Brooklyn, New York

Bride in the Weylin Hall before the ceremony.It should be noted that the vintage Model 11 photo booth at Suzi and Ezra’s wedding fit perfectly into the architectural ensemble of Weylin.

This building, formerly known as the Williamsburgh Savings Bank, has been standing for almost a century and is one of the most monumental public places in New York.

Thirteen years ago, the historic building underwent restoration and transformed into a luxurious landmark for hosting various events.


Hall Weylin for the wedding celebration.

Weylin, located at 175 Broadway Wedding Venue, is indeed a popular choice for hosting wedding ceremonies and receptions in Brooklyn, New York. It is truly a unique and beautiful place, perfect for creating a romantic and memorable atmosphere for a wedding. The organizers offer their clients various decoration options to ensure that each wedding is unique and tailored to the couple’s tastes and preferences.

The spacious main hall with its stunning interior is particularly impressive. There is ample space here to accommodate guests and set up all the necessary elements for the wedding ceremony.  Weylin also offers venues for cocktails, dinners, and of course wedding photo shoots in the photo booth.


The Magic of a Vintage Photo Booth at Suzi’s Wedding:
Aesthetics, Joy, and Memories 

Bride and groom black-and-white photo stripe.The newlyweds and their guests so beloved the vintage photo booth that they didn’t want to leave. The booth’s camera captured hundreds of poses, thousands of kisses, and, of course, the fantastic mood of everyone who took photos in it.

Indeed, the Model 11 photo booth is an impressive addition to any event, including weddings, thanks to its unique features and mysterious charm. This photo booth combines vintage aesthetics with modern technology, creating unforgettable guest experiences.

A vintage photo booth can print both color and black-and-white photos. But newlyweds Susie and Ezra opted for a black-and-white photo stripe style.


Vintage photo stripesThanks to the high-quality photographs and premium matte photo paper, the vintage shots acquired a certain artistic value.

The photo strips became souvenirs that guests took home with them to keep the memory of the solemn event.

The photo strips are printed on high-quality photo paper, ensuring bright and durable prints. The printing process usually takes a few seconds.

Thanks to high-speed printing technology, guests instantly receive their photo strips after the photo session.

Prestige and Luxury: Vintage Photo Booths by Classic Photo Booth LLC

The bride is photographed with friendsClassic Photo Booth LLC is the only company in the country specializing in providing vintage photo booths for various events. It is the status of a unique provider that creates a sense of prestige at any event, including a wedding.

With extensive experience in the entertainment industry, the company has become a reliable partner at various events.

The company’s staff knows how to create an unforgettable atmosphere, leaving indelible memories with the guests.

Classic Photo Booth LLC offers more than just photo booth rentals; it guarantees quality, elegance, and attention to detail. Its unique approach and impeccable service make every event truly unforgettable.

If you have a celebration and a lot of guests coming up, call Classic Photo Booth LLC right away! This company knows how to turn any event into an unforgettable occasion!



Bride Suzi Levy and Groom EzraSuzi and Ezra in the photo boothSuzi Levy and Ezra in the vintage photo booth.

Bride and Groom after the photo session.Bride with father in the photo booth.Fun in the vintage Model 11 photo booth.

Сeiling in the WeylinHall for the wedding ceremony.The wedding cake.

Vintage Model 20 photo booth at TAO Downtown club

Photo booth at the anniversary of Jonathan

Capturing Memories: Vintage Photo Booth at Jonathan Schwartz’s 40th Anniversary Celebration

Vintage Model 20 photo booth at Jonathan Schwartz AnniversaryClassic Photo Booth provided the vintage Model 20 photo booth for Jonathan Schwartz’s 40th-anniversary celebration. The event took place at TAO Downtown Club on May 10th, and guests will fondly remember it with admiration.

Prominent guests arrived to congratulate the jubilarian, including business partners Noah Tepperberg and Jason Strauss. Additionally, Hannah Fallis Bronfman, Mike Majlak, Alex Pall, Brendan Fallis, Donovan Mitchell, GASHI, Chantel Jeffries, Johnny Manziel, Waris Singh Ahluwalia, DJ Ruckus, DJ Pauly D, Sarah, and many others were in attendance.

As always, Jonathan Schwartz’s anniversary, one of the owners of TAO Downtown Club and the most profitable non-chain restaurant in New York was filled with entertainment. However, the shooting in the vintage Model 20 photo booth sparked a wave of positive emotions.

Renowned photographer Bryant was present at the event. He is a talented professional whose work has gained recognition. Bryant has conducted numerous unique photo sessions in the photo booth, delighting guests with vintage strips.

The Genius of the Restaurant Business in the Vintage Photo Booth

Black and white photo stripeIf you live in New York, you’ve probably heard of the Tao Downtown restaurant. And if you have been there, you surely know the name of one of the co-founders of this establishment – Jonathan Schwartz. His name has become a symbol of quality for this restaurant.

Thanks to his immense dedication to work, broad knowledge, ability to excel in various fields, and unparalleled intuition, he has transformed from a simple promoter into a co-owner of America’s most luxurious restaurants.

Jonathan Schwartz and his team are constantly inventing ways to not only satisfy the taste preferences of their guests but also captivate them with entertainment. In Tao Downtown, visitors can enjoy the full range of urban entertainment. Exotic dinners, dancing in the club, and other pleasures attract many guests.

One of the special delights during Jonathan Schwartz’s anniversary was the vintage Model 20 photo booth, which was never empty for a moment at this celebration. The birthday celebrant, his relatives, and friends derived immense pleasure from capturing the most joyful moments of the event in the photo booth. Moreover, the vintage photo strips from the Model 20 booth will preserve these memories for future generations of the birthday celebrant.

Photo Booth at TAO Downtown Club

TAO Downtown club Manhattan New YorkTAO Downtown Club is a unique combination of a high-class restaurant and a nightclub in New York. It is part of the TAO Group, known for its exquisite and trendy establishments worldwide.

TAO Downtown Club is designed in an Eastern style with elements of feng shui, unique sculptures, and lighting that create an atmosphere of luxury and mystery.

In the restaurant at TAO Downtown Club, guests indulge in exquisite Asian cuisine, presented in a wide variety of dishes. And in the evening, TAO Downtown Club transforms into a popular venue for nighttime entertainment.

This unique place of relaxation and entertainment was adorned with a photo booth. Undoubtedly, the vintage Model 20 photo booth was the highlight of the celebration of the anniversary of Jonathan Schwartz.


Queue in the photo booth TAO Downtown club.The vintage photo machine provided guests with the opportunity to create unique and fun photographs, capture special moments, and preserve memories of the celebration.

Guests tirelessly took photos in the photo booth and instantly received high-quality prints. By the way, instant printing is one of the distinctive features of the vintage photo booth.

The vintage photo strips became a wonderful souvenir for the celebration’s guests, serving as a reminder of the birthday of a special person.

It was a creative and unforgettable way to liven up the evening and immortalize the memories of Jonathan Schwartz’s anniversary.

Vintage Photo Booth: Timeless Art in Every Frame

Photo booth at Jonathan Schwartz AnniversaryThe enduring beauty of the vintage Model 20 photo booth seamlessly blended into the enchanting atmosphere of Jonathan Schwartz’s celebration. The experts at Classic Photo Booth skillfully adorned the booth’s panels with the festive theme.

It is worth noting that the vintage Model 20 photo booth is a magnificent choice for your special occasion. Above all, it is a vintage work of art, one of the unique and elegant offerings presented by Classic Photo Booth LLC. The photo booth is a perfect solution to infuse a retro spirit and lend a charm and ambiance to your event.

The vintage photo booth from Classic Photo Booth is the most popular choice for solemn events. At the request of the client, the appearance of the photo booth can be changed due to the original design.

We transform ordinary snapshots into unique works of art, preserving the essence of time and adding a touch of exclusivity to every frame.

Vintage Photo Booth: Memories on Film, Eternity in Every Strip

But the most crucial aspect of a vintage photo booth is the strips it prints. What are the advantages of vintage photo strips? How do they surpass photographs printed by a digital photo booth? And how can we tell them apart? Let’s compare.

  • Sizes. In classic photo booths, the strip measures 1.5 x 8 inches, while in digital photo booths, it’s 2 x 6 inches.
  • Paper. Vintage photo strips are printed exclusively on matte paper, while digital ones are printed on glossy paper.
  • Printing Method. Vintage photo booths utilize film and a chemical development process to create photos on film. Unlike digital photo booths, vintage ones don’t rely on computer technology.
  • Speed. Vintage photo booths are the fastest when it comes to printing. They can create up to 7 snapshots simultaneously, with a new photo taken every 25 seconds. Digital photo booths take at least a minute.
  • Longevity. Time holds no power over vintage photo strips. Some strips are almost a hundred years old and still in excellent condition. As for how long digital snapshots last, we will only find out after a century.


Vintage photo stripe photo booth Model 20Photo stripe photobooth Model-20Guest photo stripe

So, if you have a significant event marked on your calendar, now you should think about renting a vintage photo booth. It will provide genuine fun for your guests and preserve the event’s memory for generations to come. Give us a call!


Hall in the TAO Downtown clubShooting in the photo boothTAO Downtown.

Vintage Model 14 photo booth for the most extravagant bride.

Photo booth at wedding Danielle

Vintage Photo Booth and Creative Freedom at Danielle Krasniqi’s Wedding

Bride with guests in a photo booth.Classic Photo Booth presented the vintage Model 14 photo booth at the wedding of Danielle Krasniqi, the most extravagant bride in all of Brooklyn. On May 13th, Danielle Krasniqi and Dylan Kammerer exchanged vows. The wedding took place at the Salvation Army location and became a manifestation of eccentricity and creativity.

Bride Danielle Krasniqi looked stunning in her open white dress. The tattoos covering her body added uniqueness to the girl.

The most extravagant-bride in New York.Without any doubt, she was a true artist, expressing creativity through her appearance. A bold, vibrant, and free-spirited artist. It’s no wonder the bride’s second name is Iliria, which means “Freedom” in Albanian.

This name connects her to her father’s homeland, Kosovo. Although Danielle did not grow up in that environment, she always felt a pull toward her roots.

Danielle has a passion for studying Albanian culture. National fabrics and handmade embroidery particularly caught her attention. She creates exquisite clothing using Albanian textiles in her artistry.

Acrobatics in the Vintage Photo Booth

Bride Danielle Krasniqi in the photo booth.The photo booth at the wedding of Danielle Krasniqi was the best entertainment for both the newlyweds and their guests. 

By the way, the photo booth at the wedding was Danielle Krasniqi’s dream. Since she works at Classic Photo Booth and helps guests from various events with their photo sessions, she really wanted to be photographed in a photo booth on her own wedding day. And her dream came true.

Danielle posed in all the positions that her imagination could suggest. She sat, stood, and even hung in the photo booth, performing acrobatic moves. In one of the shots, she hung in the photo booth with her legs tucked in.

Сolor photo stripe bride.The bride hung, positioned near the ceiling of the photo booth, boldly showcasing her playful nature. This shot became one of the memorable moments that the bride happily shared with her wedding guests.

Hundreds of photo strips captured her imagination, unpredictability, and originality during the photo shoot in the photo booth. There is even a photo strip that includes four frames, capturing her hands, legs, body, and head.


Color photo stripe from the wedding of Danielle Krasniqi.


Clearly, Danielle made the most of her wedding to add even more expression to the photos, creating unique images and preserving unforgettable memories of her special day.

Unforgettable Moments in the Photo Booth: The Highlight of Danielle Krasniqi’s Wedding

Bride and groom in a photo booth.
Danielle Krasniqi and Dylan Kammerer in the vintage photo booth.

The vintage Model 14 photo booth, presented by Classic Photo Booth, became the true highlight of Danielle Krasniqi and Dylan Kammerer’s wedding. This vintage photo booth had a special charm and added a unique charm to the event.

One of the advantages of the vintage Model 14 photo booth was the ability to create colored photographs. This allowed the bride and groom to fully convey the atmosphere of the wedding and bring each frame to life with bright and vibrant shades. At the same time, the photo booth maintained its true vintage style, adding romance to every photograph.

Wedding photo shoot at Salvation Army location Brooklyn.Bride Danielle Krasniqi and groom Dylan Kammerer thoroughly enjoyed being photographed in the Model 14 photo booth. They found special fun and joy in it, creating various photographic shots with friends and family. The photo booth became a place where they could express their creative freedom and have fun, leaving bright and cheerful memories of this special day.

So, the Model 14 photo booth became not only a photographic attraction at Danielle Krasniqi and Dylan Kammerer’s wedding but also an important part of their memories. It made their wedding photo session even more vibrant, enjoyable, and memorable, reflecting their individuality and love for each other.


The team of Classic Photo Booth congratulates Danielle Krasniqi and Dylan Kammerer on their marriage. We wish them a long, happy life filled with love and loyalty.

Bride's hands photo shoot.The most extravagant-bride in New York.Dress of the most extravagant bride.Legs of the most extravagant bride.

Photo booth D'Amelio

Photo booth at D’Amelio event

The photo booth added a special touch to the event dedicated to the launch of D’Amelio footwear 

Vintage Model 14 photo booth at Eden Sunset.Classic Photo Booth provided a vintage Model 14 photo booth for the D’Amelio event, which featured the launch of D’Amelio footwear.

The event took place at Eden Sunset in Los Angeles on May 18th. It must be acknowledged that never before has a vintage photo booth captured such a large collection of fashionable footwear.

The footwear launch became a special occasion for the D’Amelio family. The event was held in the comfortable and cozy ambiance of Eden Sunset, where guests enjoyed a delightful atmosphere and had a photo session in the photo booth.

The D’Amelio family organized a celebration that reflected their taste and style. The entire evening was filled with fun, music, and fashion. Guests had the opportunity to admire the new D’Amelio footwear collection and interact with the family members themselves. They enthusiastically posed for photos on the red carpet and in the photo booth.

Fashion and style unite: vintage photo booth at the launch event of the D’Amelio footwear collection

Queen of TiKTok Charlie D'Amelio in the photo booth.The D’Amelio footwear collection, featuring the presence of a vintage photo booth from Classic Photo Booth, is a blend of style and fashion trends designed with the preferences of the younger generation in mind.

Moreover, according to the manufacturers, D’Amelio footwear stands out for its high-quality materials and attention to detail. The collection offers a variety of models, including sneakers, sandals, boots, and shoes that can be paired with different styles and outfits.

Each footwear model is available in various colors and designs, allowing everyone to find something to suit their taste. The organizers of the event presented the D’Amelio shoe collection at the event at Eden Sunset. 

Each pair of shoes reflects the style and aesthetics of the D’Amelio family, expressing individuality and fashion taste.

Naturally, at the shoe brand launch event, the D’Amelio family took pride in their creations and enjoyed the opportunity to share them with their fans. Each footwear model reflected their style and creative approach, making the D’Amelio collection unique and appealing to all fashion enthusiasts.

Vintage photo booth at the Eden Sunset

Photo booth Model 14 D'Amelio.Eden Sunset is an exquisite and luxurious place located in the heart of Los Angeles. It is one of the most attractive venues for various events and celebrations.

This space stands out with its unique style. At Eden Sunset, guests can enjoy stunning panoramic views and beautifully decorated rooms that add a special charm to any event.

Eden Sunset has a high quality of service and attention to detail.

In combination with its magnificent interior and views, this place creates an unforgettable ambiance for hosting special events, such as the launch of D’Amelio footwear.

Here, guests can immerse themselves in the evening atmosphere, meet with friends and loved ones, and indulge in unique and memorable moments that they will cherish for a lifetime.

One such moment includes a photo shoot in the vintage Model 14 photo booth.

Unforgettable Moments in Focus: vintage photo booth gains popularity at D’Amelio event

Bryant in the vintage Model 14 photo booth D'Amelio.The vintage photo booth Model 14 has become the most popular spot among guests at the D’Amelio event. Bryant Eslava hosted an amazing photo shoot in a photo booth of TikTok stars Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, as well as their parents Heidi and Mark. He also photographed guests.

As always, he displayed professionalism and a creative approach to capturing unique photos for each guest.

Bryant photographed the guests and ensured that they were comfortable and enjoyed using the photo booth.

He assisted with framing, offered interesting photography ideas, and created a friendly and fun atmosphere. Thanks to his talent, the guests received many unique and unforgettable pictures.

Let’s remind ourselves that the vintage photo booth Model 14 exudes elegance, perfectly complementing the ambiance of Eden Sunset. Guests freely utilized the photo booth to take pictures alone or with groups of friends. The photo booth provided instant photo printing.

So, the vintage Model 14 photo booth has become an integral part of the celebration at Eden Sunset. It added fun, creativity, and the opportunity to take unforgettable photos for everyone present.


Charli D'Amelio and shoes, photo stripeCharli D'Amelio brand launchDixie D'Amelio in the vintage photo booth.TikTok star Dixie D'Amelio photo stripe.Heidi D'Amelio in the vintage photo booth.Heidi and Marc D'Amelio in vintage the photo booth.

Black and white photo stripe-from-vintage photo booth Model-14.

Vintage Model 11photo booth at the German Society of Pennsylvania.

photobooth at Gabriel Eisenhower’s wedding

Photobooth at Gabriel Eisenhower’s wedding: vintage romance

Gabriel Eisenhower poses in a Model 11 vintage photo boothClassic Photo Booth presented a vintage Model 11 photobooth at Gabriel Eisenhower’s wedding. The wedding occurred in Philadelphia at the German Society of Pennsylvania on May 5th.

The celebration became special and unforgettable thanks to the combination of wedding romance and history. Guests enjoyed the festive atmosphere, interacted with the newlyweds, and had endless photo sessions in the Model 11 photo booth.

The organizers of the event made every effort to make it an extraordinary day for all participants, filled with joyful moments to remember.

Sculpture of swans at the wedding.The German Society of Pennsylvania took care of creating a unique ambiance for Gabrielle Eisenhower’s wedding.

This was facilitated by the historical charm, cultural heritage, architecture of buildings, and a vintage photo booth.

The spacious and shaded Leidy Terrace delighted the guests who came to congratulate the newlyweds on their big day.

Photo Booth in Historical Splendor: Highlights of the Wedding at the German Society of Pennsylvania

Photobooth at a wedding at the German Society of PennsylvaniaThe vintage Model 11 photo booth seamlessly blended into the architectural ensemble of the historic buildings at the German Society of Pennsylvania.

Despite the fact that the buildings were constructed in the 1880s, they are perfectly suitable for modern celebrations.

While some guests enjoy delicious cocktails, others have fun in the photo booth.

Wedding photo session of the bride and groom.However, it’s not just the Leidy Terrace at the German Society of Pennsylvania that captivates the wedding guests.

Separate halls are designated for each stage of the solemn event, creating distinct atmospheres for wedding attendees.

For instance, the Joseph Horner Memorial Library offers a two-story space with gallery bookshelves and antique furniture reminiscent of Belle’s library.

The spacious hall with colonial architecture is an ideal place not only for guest reception but also for dancing.  For the cocktail hour, the cozy Ratskeller tavern-style dining room or the spacious and shaded Leidy Terrace are typically chosen.

The unique romance of the photobooth at Gabrielle Eisenhower’s wedding

Kiss in the photo booth.As mentioned earlier, Classic Photo Booth provided a Model 11 photo booth for Gabrielle Eisenhower’s wedding at the German Society of Pennsylvania. By the way, it created a special atmosphere and style for the event.

Definitely, a vintage photo booth that offers the opportunity to take black and white photos brought a sense of romance and uniqueness to the wedding.

Happy newlyweds in a vintage Model 11 photo booth.Undoubtedly vintage photographs have a distinct charm and are capable of capturing the depth of emotions and the atmosphere of the moment. They give wedding photos a special artistic quality, emphasizing every detail.

The Model 11 photobooth at Gabrielle Eisenhower’s wedding allowed guests to create such photographs and share them with each other. The photo strips highlighted the beauty of the moments, capturing true feelings and special wedding memories.

The Charm of Vintage Style and Elegance of the Model 11 Photo Booth at Weddings and Events

Vintage Model 11 photo booth on Leidy Terrace at the German Society of Pennsylvania.So the Model 11 photo booth exhibits a range of distinctive features that make it unique and appealing at weddings and other events:

  • Vintage Design: The Model 11 boasts an elegant vintage design that adds a special charm and romance to any occasion.
  • Black and White Photos: The Model 11 photo booth offers the option to capture black and white photos, adding a distinct aesthetic effect. Black and white images exude elegance, artistic flair, and have the ability to convey deep emotions.
  • Ease of Use: The Model 11 is easy to operate and makes it accessible to all wedding guests. By the way, its intuitive interface and effortless photo-taking process allow guests to enjoy fun moments and create beautiful memories.
  • Finally, continuous Operation: The Model 11 ensures uninterrupted operation throughout the event, enabling guests to take photos at their convenience. Everyone can relish the process and share joyful moments with the newlyweds and other attendees.


In the photo booth at Gabrielle Eisenhower's wedding.In vintage photo booth Model 11Guests have fun in the photo booth.Kissing in the photo booth.Guests love the vintage look.Black and white photo stripe.

Photo stripe vintage photo booth Black and white photo stripe from photo booth Model-11

Black and white photo stripeBlack and white photo stripe from in the vintage photo boothPhoto stripe.


Photo booth graphic model at the MTV Movie & TV Awards.

MTV Awards loses photobooth

Unexpected Strike and Virtual Format: MTV Movie & TV Awards 2023 Left Without a Photo Booth

MTV Awards 2023, picter The MTV Awards have lost their photo booth, red carpet, and photo shoot.

On May 7th, the 31st edition of the MTV Movie & TV Awards ceremony took place. However, this event will go down in history as the first ceremonial gathering that underwent a last-minute complete change of plans. 

The disruption of the MTV Awards ceremony was caused by a strike by the Writers Guild of America.

Due to the pickets of writers and their threats to hold a demonstration at Barker Hangar, the organizers refused to conduct it in the traditional format. The MTV Awards took place without a red carpet, photo booth, photo shoot, the audience in the hall, and live broadcast. 

In addition, in solidarity with the protesters, actress Drew Barrymore refused to attend the award ceremony. Many guests followed suit.

Due to the circumstances, Classic Photo Booth has canceled a photo booth installation at the MTV Awards in Barker Hangar, Santa Monica.

Magic of Moments: Barker Hangar – the Perfect Venue for Epic Events and Enchanting Photoshoots

The Barker Hangar before the awards ceremony.Anyone who has ever been to Barker Hangar knows that it is the perfect place for hosting various events. 

 The 2023 MTV Movie & TV Awards at the Barker Hangar were scheduled to take place for the seventh time.

It’s no wonder, as its 35,000 square feet of space make it the largest and most versatile venue in Los Angeles for a wide range of events, from award ceremonies to film shoots and television productions.

Classic Photo Booth has already collaborated with Barker Hangar, and the partnership has been top-notch. The company provided its photo machines for the events, including the recent Snap Partner Summit – 2023. Even at the summit, which brought together representatives of the world’s leading IT companies, participants enjoyed using a vintage photo booth.

It is a pity that the MTV Awards took place without a photo booth in which the participants of the event could capture themselves.

Triumph of the Series “The Last of Us”: Winners of the MTV Awards 2023

"Golden Popcorn" is a symbol of success and recognition in the world of the film industry.Despite all the organizational issues, viewers finally found out who became the winners of the MTV Movie & TV Awards 2023. And also who became the proud owners of the coveted “Golden Popcorn.”

You can find the list of all the nominations and winners on the official website MTV.  However, we would like to draw your attention to the series that received three prestigious awards.

You probably already guessed that we are talking about the first season of the series “The Last of Us.” This adaptation was named the Best Television Series.  Actor Pedro Pascal was honored with the “Best Hero” award. Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal received the award “Best Duo”.

“The Last of Us” is a post-apocalyptic series based on the video game of the same name. The story takes place in the year 2023. According to the writers, the series is about people who make difficult choices and reveal their true nature through them. 

Mystery solved with Classic Photo Booth

The Last of Us, photobooth in MallOne of the film’s thrilling and incredibly romantic moments is Ellie’s (Bella Ramsey) night out with her friend Riley (Storm Reid) at an abandoned mall. Incidentally, this scene was filmed at the Northland Village Mall in Calgary.

Riley shows Ellie five “wonders of the mall” that she has never seen before. One of these “miracles” is a photo booth.

The photo machine shown in the film caught the attention of Classic Photo Booth specialists. They have over 30 years of experience with a variety of photo booth models, including classic and digital.

Classic Photo Booth founder and expert Max Sverdlov believes the show’s photo booth is not vintage. At first glance, it may seem that this is a digital photo booth. However, most likely, what the viewers see is a combination of graphic design and staged scenes.

Probably, the filmmakers did not turn to specialists for advice. As a result, they left out some details that eventually became “movie bugs”.

Expert Classic Photo Booth detects inaccuracies in the film related to the photo booth

What did expert Max Sverdlov pay attention to?

Movie blooper with photo stripe.

  • Windows for issuing a photo strip. The photo booth is equipped with a window for issuing a photo strip, both horizontal and vertical. In other words, the photo booth from the film combines both a classic photo booth and a digital photo booth. And this cannot be either.

Faded photo strip.

  • Poor quality photo strip. No photo booth prints photos of such quality. The use of such photos in the film remains unclear.
  • The size of the photo strip. In classic photo booths, the strip measures 1.5 x 8 inches, while in digital photo booths, it measures 2 x 6 inches. In the film, we see a strip of a classic photo booth.

To avoid similar mistakes in the future, TV series creators should look to Classic Photo Booth. It is important that they understand how different models of photo booths work.

The Story Unfolds: Classic Photo Booth Finds the Mastermind Behind the Photo Booth in “The Last of Us” Film

Project of a photo booth in a shopping center.Classic Photo Booth sought out a graphic designer who created a photo booth model for The Last of Us. It turned out to be Spencer Smith

The editors got access to photo booth design options.

Of course, they are different from the actual photo machines that operate in Northland Village in Calgary. The mall features Model 17C and Model 17 photo booths. They print color photographs.

Classic Photo Booth: your reliable partner

Classic Photo Booth is not just a company that rents out photo machines. This is a brand that, for almost 30 years of experience, has studied the operation of all existing models of photo booths.

The company provides its services on the East and West coasts. And also in the largest cities in America. Classic Photo Booth is excited to partner with the film world.

If the creators of films or series have questions regarding the operation of photo machines of any model, please contact us. Call! We will advise you on all issues.


Ellie and Riley in the photo booth.
Bella Ramsey and Storm Reid are on the set of the film.
Storm Reed and Bella Ramsey on set at the Mall.
Storm Reed and Bella Ramsey “as zombies”.
Film heroines Ellie and Riley try on different looks in the photo booth.
Bella Ramsey and Storm Reed: Back to back.
The photo booth created by a graphic designer for the movie "The Last of Us".
The photo booth was created by a graphic designer for the movie “The Last of Us”.
Film frame: inside the photo booth.
Film frame: inside the photo booth.


Photo booth Model 17, Northland Village Mall
Photo booth Model 17, Northland Village Mall.
Northland Village Mall, photo booth Model 17C
Photo booth Model 17C, Northland Village Mall.
Vintage photo booth Model 14 at the Bliss event, Los Angeles

Photo booth at Bliss launch

Vintage photo booth at Bliss brand launch

Photo booth at Delilah Restaurant, Los Angeles CAAt the Bliss brand launch, which took place on April 20th at Delilah restaurant in Los Angeles, a photo booth provided by Classic Photo Booth was used. 

The event attracted many social media stars, including well-known influencers, athletes, actors, and TV hosts. Guests included Elianna Arvizu, Rachel Grace Wilson, Pia Mance, Hasley Pitman, ʙʀᴏᴏᴋᴇ Markhaa, Daniella Lopez, Kaylie Altman, Nicky Dodaj, and Chelsy Maya.

Also in attendance were Riley Rasmussen, Shaelah McGilton, Sebastian Topete, Jourdan Kadow, Yes Julz, Jerrold Smith, Chantel Jeffries, and Jordan L. Jones

Additionally, the Bliss brand launch featured Jess Adams, Blake Gray, Vinetrria, Jade Mills, Max Hazzard, Dennis Ashley, Quentin Alexander Shropshire, Frankie Delgado, FaZe Kaysan, Joe HadenKeenan Allen, and Emery Rolfes.

Thanks to the relaxed atmosphere, the official celebration turned into a fun holiday. Each guest of the Bliss event found what they came for.



Instagram stars in photo booth

Bryant works with the guests of the Bliss event

The launch of the Bliss brand was a highly anticipated event. The organizers did everything possible to make it a huge success. As part of the program, guests were invited to a fun photo session in a vintage photo booth, masterfully organized by renowned photographer Bryant Eslava.

Among the guests who stepped into the vintage photo booth and took photos were Instagram stars such as Elianna Arvizu, Rachel Grace Wilson, Jess Adams, Pia Mance, Hasley Pitman, Chelsy Maya, Lydia McKee, Manon Peri, Shaelah McGilton, Riley Rasmussen, and many others. The black and white photos taken in the photo booth not only did not diminish the beauty of the famous beauties of Los Angeles, but also enhanced their charm and mystery.

The vintage photo booth was undoubtedly one of the highlights of the event, providing a unique experience for all guests. It was a great way to capture memorable moments of the evening and create unforgettable memories of the Bliss brand launch.


Vintage Photo Booth at Delilah

photo booth at Delilah Restaurant, Los Angeles, CAThe Delilah restaurant, where Classic Photo Booth placed a vintage photo booth on Bliss launch day, is a celebrity favorite. This is not surprising: the atmosphere of the 1920s, combined with modernity, attracts all guests without exception.

At the restaurant, guests enjoy live music compositions, jazz as well as DJ tracks. Fashionistas prefer not only modern outfits, but also dresses with feathers and sparkles in the style of early 20th century fashion. 

The interior of the restaurant with Art Deco elements, soft olive-colored furniture, and chandeliers create a luxurious and elegant ambiance. However, Delilah is not only a place to enjoy delicious food and drinks, but also to dance.

The Model 14 vintage photo booth fit perfectly into the restaurant’s interior. The famous guests of Bliss not only immersed themselves in an atmosphere of luxury and beauty, but also left black and white photo strips as a souvenir of the celebration.


Classic Photo Booth: Rent a Vintage Photo Booth for Any Event 

Vintage photo booths attract people with their antique design and create a special atmosphere of celebration and fun. The photo booth prints black and white photos, which give them a unique charm and character. People like to be photographed in a vintage photo booth. It allows you to create fun and creative pictures with your friends and family. In addition, the Model 14 photo booth is part of history and culture. And this makes it even more attractive for those who appreciate authenticity and uniqueness.

Classic Photo Booth is the only company that can provide a wide range of rental services for vintage photo booths on both the West and East coasts. The company offers many services, including:

  • Renting different models of vintage photo booths for any event. Weddings, corporate parties, birthdays, and other special occasions are now unthinkable without the use of photo booths. 
  • Rental of additional equipment and various props for photo shoots.
  • Option to personalize the photo booth with the company’s logo or custom design.
  • Delivery and installation of the photo booth at the event.
  • Service and technical support for the photo booth throughout the rental period.

Classic Photo Booth ensures that a vintage photo machine will provide unforgettable memories at any event. Cooperation with Classic Photo Booth will make your event even more memorable and interesting.

Call us! 800-671-8815

Riley Rasmussen Shaelah McGilton guests Bliss
Riley Rasmussen, Shaelah McGilton
 Pia Mance and Hasley Pitman are guests in the photo booth at Bliss
Pia Mance, Hasley Pitman
Sebastian Topete are guest in the photo booth at Bliss
Sebastian Topete and friends
Nicky Dodaj are guest in the photo booth at Bliss event
Nicky Dodaj and friends
Maya Chelsy are guest in the photo booth at Bliss event
Maya Chelsy and friends
Bryant in photo booth at Bless event
Bryant and friends
Elianna Arvizu and frends
Elianna Arvizu and Rachel Grace Wilson



Vintage photo booth Model 14 at Snap Partner Summit 2023

Photo booth at Snap Partner Summit

At the Snap Partner Summit 2023, Classic Photo Booth presented a vintage photo booth

Vintage photo booth at Snap Partner Summit-2023.

Classic Photo Booth presented its vintage Model 14 photo booth at the annual Snap Partner Summit 2023. The event took place at Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California on April 19th.

Two groundbreaking technologies of their time, from different stages of development for creating, storing, and using images, came together at the Snap Partner Summit 2023. These are the vintage photo booth and Snapchat, which simultaneously serves as a messenger, chat, and social network, and uses augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

From vintage photo booths to Snapchat: the evolution of Photography and modern technology

A vintage photo booth awaits guests at the Snap Partner Summit 2023. It is known that the vintage photo booth was created almost a century and a half ago. Its work is based on a mechanical process.

Everything was pretty simple. A person would enter a photo booth, insert a coin into the coin acceptor, and take a photo. After a few seconds, he took the photographic tape and left. As a result, this technology made it possible for people to not spend much time making photos for documents.

Later on, people began to use photo machines to create artistic photographs. Photography became first a form of entertainment and then art. People enjoy entering the small space of a photo booth, closing the curtain, and spending a few minutes alone. Perhaps it was this feature that made the photo booth popular from the very beginning of its existence.

logo Snapchat - Ghostface ChillahAnd what about Snapchat? Judging by the news about the latest achievements of this platform, it too, like the vintage photo machine in its time, has “blown up” people’s minds.

The Snapchat app allows, among other things, not only to photograph the surrounding world but also to provide it with augmented reality. , Moreover, the platform works with artificial intelligence, which provides great opportunities.

Augmented Reality: Connecting Physical and Digital Worlds

Snap Partner Summit 2023, pictureAt the Snap Partner Summit, AR mirrors were announced as a way to connect the digital and physical worlds.

The main purpose of this invention is to assist in the selection of clothing and jewelry. The buyer chooses a favorite item from the e-catalog, after which AR “fits” it on the future owner. Augmented reality uses Snapchat filters and lenses.

Recently, Snap launched AR Enterprise Services (ARES), selling this technology to brands that will use it in applications, websites, and stores. Snap collaborates with Cartier, Tiffany, Dior, Gucci, Prada, Nike, and Men’s Wearhouse in using augmented reality technology.

Snapchat Lenses - New Snap TechnologyIn addition, in the coming months, Snap will launch a series of augmented reality vending machines in partnership with Coca-Cola. To get a drink, the customer just needs to wave their hand toward the AR machine. It’s almost like in a photo booth: press a button and get a photo in 30 seconds.

But that’s not all! Snap is launching new AR features in its Snapchat app for 16 live music festivals this summer. Bonnaroo in Tennessee, Governors Ball in New York, and Lollapalooza Paris viewers will be able to use augmented reality compasses and 3D maps inside the app to navigate the festivals. Lenses are also available.

New features from Snap: AI-powered lenses and the My AI chatbot available for everyone

Undoubtedly, the key event of the Snap Partner Summit 2023 was the lenses created by artificial intelligence. These lenses allow users to immerse themselves in an animated sci-fi space. They have the most realistic and optimized augmented reality features available today.

The AI-powered chatbot, My AI, which was previously available to select users, is now available to everyone. This is great news for anyone who has dreamed of having such a smart assistant. Just think, the AI-powered chatbot receives almost 2 million chat messages from Snapchatters per day and learns about people’s lives in all areas. This makes the platform an ideal place to use the capabilities of conversational and generative artificial intelligence directly in the community. By the way, you can give your chatbot a name and stylize it using thousands of unique Bitmoji variations.

Snap Partner Summit 2023: Unusual Guest in a Photo Booth and New Decoration Features

Bryant in Model 14 photo booth at Snap Partner Summit-2023There’s so much to talk about when it comes to the innovations presented at the Snap Partner Summit.

But let’s focus on the special guest of popular photographer Bryant’s vintage Model 14 photo booth on the day of the event.

The guest was the most unusual character – Ghostface Chillah, the Snapchat ghost logo created by the company’s CEO, Evan Spiegel.

It became known that he was fond of rap for a long time. It was the Wu-Tang Clan rapper Ghostface Killah who inspired Spiegel to create this icon.


Chills Ghostface Snapchat logo in the vintage photo booth A cheerful ghost was photographed in a photo booth and flew on.

It’s worth noting the unique decoration of the photo booth this time around.

In addition to the traditional photo booth design in Snap’s signature yellow and white tones, the round chair in the photo booth was themed after Snapchat’s “yellow dot”.

Snap style photo shoot chair at Snap Partner Summit 2023In Snap lingo, a yellow dot indicates that the user has a notification, which means that someone has added them on Snapchat, there’s a notification about their stories, or they need to use the settings that can only be changed on the profile tab.


Snapcode at the photo booth, Snap Partner Summit 2023 Moreover, the vintage Model 14 photo booth now has a unique Snapcode.

A Snapcode is a special type of image that Snapchat users can scan for various purposes. The code allows users to send and scan Snapcodes that add new friends, unlock filters and lenses, lead to websites, and connect to exclusive content.

The Barker Hangar: the perfect venue for events in Southern California

The-Barker-Hangar-hosted-the-Snap-Partner-Summit-2023, Santa MonicaThe aviation center The Barker Hangar is located in the heart of Southern California, in the city of Santa Monica.

It is famous for its unique atmosphere and amenities for hosting entertainment and corporate events.

This year, Snap has once again chosen The Barker Hangar to host its partner summit.


The Barker HangarThe Barker Hangar is impressive with its massive 5,000 square feet interior.

It is completely unique in its design. The 43-foot-tall ceiling arches form a 150-foot-tall steel truss over a 234-foot-tall concrete floor.

The Barker hangar is not just a venue for events. This is a unique building that combines modern design and high-tech equipment, creating a unique atmosphere.

The vintage Model 14 photo booth provided by Classic Photo Booth fits perfectly into this style.

If you want to hold an important event at the highest level, so that it is remembered forever, consider using a photo booth. It is suitable for all types of events. Call us!

Vintage photo booth Model 14, Coachella, GUESS

Vintage photo booths at Coachella

Classic Photo Booth: vintage aesthetic at Coachella 2023

Vintage photo booth Model 11, Coachella, GUESS Two vintage photo booths of different models from Classic Photo Booth worked at the annual music festival Coachella in 2023.

Without a doubt, Models 11 and 14 graced the festival of music and arts, which personified indie culture and served as a model for the organization of mass musical events.

The stunning decorations made the vintage photo booths look like art objects.


Vintage photo booth Model 14, Coachella, GUESSClassic Photo Booth provided vintage photo booths for Coachella for the first time. As always, VIP guests were photographed by renowned photographer Bryant.

This is probably the only photographer in the whole country who, thanks to vintage photo booths, has achieved the impossible. Namely: Bryant is not hunting for celebrities, but they are standing in line to be photographed.

It should be noted that, during the Classic Photo Booth festival, he collaborated with GUESS, one of the largest and most successful fashion and accessories brands in the world.

Bryant in vintage Model 14 photo booth, Coachella, GUESSTaking pictures in vintage photo booths has become part of the entertainment program for VIP guests invited to the festival.

From April 14 to 17, vintage photo booths were located in Palm Springs, California at two mansions: Rancho Mirage (1 Bravo Ct) and Content House (40 Avenue, Indio).

Coachella: A Music Festival That Became a Global Brand

Coachella 2023 is taking place at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, CA, for the 22nd time. Paul Tollett and Rick Van Santen organized the festival in 1999. The organizer is Goldenvoice, a subsidiary of AEG Presents.

The multi-stage event, which takes place over two weeks (April 14-17 and April 21-23), features musical performers from various genres, including rock, pop, indie, hip-hop, and electronic dance music.

In 2023, the headliners of Coachella are Bad Bunny, BLACKPINK, and Frank Ocean. Other performers at the festival included Blink-182, Gorillaz, Rosalía, Björk, Chemical Brothers, Blondie, Pusha T, Charlie XCX, Wet Leg, Alex G, Yves Tumor, Porter Robinson, Metro Boomin, Dominic Fike, Billie Eilish, and others.

Coachella and Classic Photo Booth: A Phenomenon that Brings Celebrities and Fans Together

Coachella Festival 2023

Coachella has not the longest history. There are music festivals much older than Coachella. For example, the Chicago Lollapalooza Festival began in 1991. And the British festival at Glastonbury brought its first guests in 1970.

However, it was the organizers of Coachella who managed to make their brand not only incredibly popular but also recognizable on all five continents. Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world participate in this festival. The organizers sell tickets not for days or hours but for minutes.

It is noteworthy that the festival brought together dozens of celebrities from around the world. Leonardo DiCaprio, Irina Shayk, Camila Cabello, and Shawn Mendes never miss a chance to visit Coachella. The festival was also attended by Camila Morrone, Jenna Ortega, Justin and Hailey Bieber, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Emma Roberts, Suki Waterhouse, and many others.

GUESS brought their style to Coachella with the Classic Photo Booth

Rancho Mirage, Guess, CoachellaMany celebrities, including actors, musicians, and bloggers, visit the festival with pleasure.

Of course, world-famous clothing brands do not miss the opportunity to get publicity. In terms of the number of fashion presentations, Coachella can easily compete with leading fashion shows. At the festival, brands compete with each other to stand out and be as noticeable as possible.

Vintage photo booth, Model 14 Rancho Mirage, GUESSGUESS has been participating in Coachella for several years in a row. To promote the brand and its dedication to music, the company spares no expense on the boldest ideas. Usually, GUESS chooses a mansion with a swimming pool and turns it into a VIP zone during the festival.

Artists, athletes, and, of course, influencers can relax and work there as GUESS models at the same time.

By the way, this year GUESS brought famous artists and social media stars to the Coachella Valley on their own plane.

Brand guests included Madison Beer, Anastasia Karanikolaou, Rickey Thompson, and Alix Earle. As well as Denzel Dion, Mariah Amato, Alex Midler, Victoria Villarroel and Sofia Villarroel, Heath Hussar, Zane Hijazi, and others.

Vintage photo booths added atmosphere to the GUESS party in Palm Springs

"Guess" guests in a photo booth, color photo stripes.The GUESS Mansion in Palm Springs has become the perfect place for VIP guests. Rancho Mirage sank into the scenic mountain slopes of San Bernardino, Santa Rosa, San Jacinto, and Little San Bernardino.

Palm Springs has a hot and dry climate. Therefore, guests enjoyed splashing in the pool at Rancho Mirage. Of course, the chosen location was perfect for GUESS holiday parties.

The event was bright and fun. Bryant photographed VIP guests in vintage photo booths while a DJ entertained them with music.

The celebrity guests really liked the gifts from the organizers and the relaxed atmosphere of the holiday.

Classic Photo Booth: Experience working at the largest events, including Coachella

Photo delivery of Models 11 and 14 at Rancho Mirage.The organization of large-scale events, such as Coachella, requires the highest level of professionalism from the coordinators. It is necessary to create comfortable conditions for the guests of the festival so that they can enjoy the music and impressions.

Companies involved in this event must have the knowledge, experience, a reliable reputation, and technological capabilities. Classic Photo Booth, LLC has all of these, with thirty years of experience in the entertainment industry.  This is practically the only company in the country that works with authentic vintage photo booths. By the way, the company provides services on both the East and West coasts.

Classic Photo Booth caters for special events in New York, New Jersey, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Connecticut, Los Angeles, and more.

Vintage photo booth, Model 11, 14, Coachella.In addition, only this company has the ability to simultaneously provide multiple photo booths for various events for several days. Qualified specialists deliver the photo booths to the event venue, decorate them, and provide technical support.

An excellent example of such professional work is the Coachella festival.







Victoria Villarroe in a vintage photo booth, Coachella-2023
Victoria Villarroel
Toddy Smith in a vintage photo booth, Coachella-2023
Toddy Smith
Mariah Amato in a photo booth, Coachella-2023
Mariah Amato


Sofia Villarroel, Edwim Roman in a vintage photo booth, Coachella-2023
Sofia Villarroel, and Edwim Roman


Scotty Sire in a vintage photo booth, Coachella-2023
Scotty Sire




Jasmine Daniels, Luka Sabbat in a vintage photo booth, Coachella-2023
Jasmine Daniels, Luka Sabbat
Sammy Wilkinson in a vintage photo booth, Coachella-2023
Sammy Wilkinson
Anastasia Karanicolaou in a vintage photo booth, Coachella-2023
Anastasia Karanicolaou
Heath Hussar in a vintage photo booth, Coachella-2023
Heath Hussar
Zane Hijazi, Alixe Earleguests in a vintage photo booth, Coachella-2023
Alixe Earle, Zane Hijazi
Carter Gregory in a vintage photo booth, Coachella-2023
Carter Gregory
Alixe Earle in a vintage photo booth, Coachella-2023
Alixe Earle
Ashtin Earle, Sylvina-Carden in a vintage photo booth, Coachella-2023
Ashtin Earle, Sylvina Carden
David Dobrik in a vintage photo booth, Coachella-2023
David Dobrik
Sylvina-Carden-Kristin-Konefal-Alixe-Earle-Brianna-Ward in a vintage photo booth, Coachella-2023
Sylvina Carden, Kristin Konefal, Alixe Earle,
Heath Hussar, Mariah Amato in a vintage photo booth, Coachella-2023
The fantastic Mariah Amato and Heath Hussar
Model 11 vintage photo booth at a Levi's Los Angeles event.

Photo Booth at a Levi’s event

The vintage photo booth adorned Levi’s 501’s 150th anniversary

Vintage Photo Booth Model 11 at Levi's event.Classic Photo Booth provided a vintage Model 11 photo booth for an event organized by Levi’s Haus of Strauss at the Showroom on Selma Ave in Los Angeles. This event on April 3 marked the beginning of the festival season, and its celebrity guests had the opportunity to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the legendary Levi’s 501 jeans in a fun way.  It is worth noting that the people of the world have recognized this jeans model as an icon of style. And, I must say, it is natural. People who wear 501 jeans enjoy their versatility and comfort. The material of the jeans is high-quality cotton, which makes them durable and resistant to wear.

Naturally, such an important event in the country’s cultural life brought together many celebrities. The event was attended by singer Anderson Paak, blogger Jessica Tanwar, rapper NLE Choppa, video creator Luann Diez, as well as artists Gabe James and Drew Jessup, actress Xochitl Gomez, rock band The Linda Lindas, Quigley Goode, actress Hayley Law, musician Chrome Bull, social media star Connor Wood (fibula), actor Grace Beedie, Morgan and many others.

The party was a great success. The celebrity guests enjoyed mingling, purchasing iconic Levi’s jeans for this season, dancing, and taking photos in the vintage photo booth at Levi’s event.

Levi’s and vintage photo booths: symbols of the Past and Present American Culture

NLE Choppa next to a photo booth Model 11 at a Levis event.It’s hard to imagine the festival season without Levi’s jeans and vintage photo booths at Levi’s events. If you think about it, the stories of these iconic things are somewhat similar. The history of Levi’s brand began in 1853 in the USA when Levi Strauss, an immigrant from Germany, opened a store in San Francisco. Since then, Levi’s has become a symbol of American culture and fashion.

Vintage photo booths also have a long history. It is well known that the photo booth was invented in 1925 by Anatoly Yosefovich (Anatol Marco Josepho), an emigrant from Omsk. The invention was a huge success. In just six months after its installation on Broadway, more than 280,000 people passed through the photo booth. It should be noted that the popularity of photo booths in those years is no less than today.

So, Levi’s and vintage photo booths have a lot in common. Both of them are symbols of the past and present American culture. Owners of Levi’s jeans wear them with any outfit, wear them for any occasion. Also in a vintage photo booth, people are photographed for any reason, and in any clothes. Both allow you to express your style and preserve memories for a lifetime.

Model 11: A unique memory photo machine

Vintage Photo Booth at Levi's event, Los Angeles, CA.Model 11 is one of the most well-known and beloved vintage photo booths. The mere thought that the same photo booth was in operation in the 60s, capturing images of our ancestors, sends shivers down many people’s spines. Model 11 is sleek, with no sharp corners, which creates a sense of coziness and warmth.

One of the main advantages of vintage photo booths, including Model 11, is their uniqueness. They do not produce digital images but use chemical processes to develop photographs. Another plus is their speed and efficiency, with high-quality photos made every 30 seconds.

Additionally, they provide a nostalgic and authentic look to the photos, making them especially appealing to vintage-style enthusiasts. Photo booths are also a great addition to any event, such as weddings, proms, or corporate gatherings.

Thus, vintage photo booths, including Model 11, offer a unique way to preserve memories and create a wonderful atmosphere at any event.

You can rent a stunning Model 11 vintage photo booth at Classic Photo Booth. Don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Photo booth Model 14 at Grazia event, LA

Vintage photo booth at Grazia event

Classic Photo Booth Brings Vintage Charm to Grazia Event with Model 14 Photo Booth

Vintage photo booth at Grazia event, LA

Classic Photo Booth provided a vintage photo booth for an event organized by Grazia USA magazine in partnership with the jewelry brand Dinh Van. The event took place on April 6th at the Caviar Kaspia LA restaurant in Los Angeles, and it gathered numerous influential guests, celebrities, and journalists.

Of course, all guests had the opportunity to take vintage black and white photos with the famous photographer Bryant. Apropos, he participated in this event immediately after returning to Los Angeles from New York, where he spent three days at the Nike Style Lounge event.

The organizers of the event chose the Model 14 photo booth for its stylish design and the ability to create unique high-quality photographs.

Classic Photo Booth presented a vintage photo booth that delighted the guests.

Creative and, of course, talented engineers created the photo machine more than 60 years ago. Its unique style and design reflect the spirit of the era, which made it the perfect addition to this luxurious event.

Vintage photo booth at Caviar Kaspia Los Angeles

Bryant at an event at Caviar Kaspia LA.

The vintage photo booth from Classic Photo Booth installed in the restaurant Caviar Kaspia has become a great addition to the luxurious atmosphere of the place.

It’s amazing, but the house of Caviar Kaspia is almost a hundred years old. It was founded by Arkady Fixson. After the Bolshevik Revolution, he left Russia and went to live in France.

There, in Paris, he realized his idea of ​​creating a place where he could recreate a piece of Russia. As a result, Caviar Kaspia has become such a place, with its grandeur, cult dishes, delicate caviar, and ice-cold vodka.

Caviar Kaspia is a family business. Its current owner, Ramon Mac Crohon, certainly maintains and enhances the charm of the house. Perhaps that is why one restaurant in Paris was not enough.

Various restaurants opened in Dubai, Sao Paulo, New York, and London, and another restaurant opened in Los Angeles last year.

Photo Booth Model 14: A Combination of Style and Quality

Grazia USA and Dinh Van's event at Caviar Kaspia LA

The Classic Photo Booth company offers a wide range of photo booths, but their vintage Model 14 is especially popular for several reasons.

First, the Model 14 boasts an authentic mid-20th-century design. It brings a vintage Hollywood vibe to any event.

 Secondly, the photo machine is made of high-quality materials. This fact ensures its durability and reliability. In addition, the photo booth has excellent photo equipment that allows you to take high-resolution photographs.

Third, ease of use: the model has an intuitive interface that allows for easily creating photos.

Fourth, interactive experience: allows event guests to create their own photos and enjoy an interactive experience.

Fifth, adaptability to various events: perfect for any event – from weddings and birthdays to corporate parties and product presentations.

For almost 30 years, Classic Photo Booth has been providing photo booth services for weddings, corporate events, proms, and other important events. If you want to add style and uniqueness to your event, contact Classic Photo Booth!

Vintage Photo booth Nike

A vintage photo booth is at the Nike

The vintage photo booth became the main attraction at the Nike Style Lounge

Vintage photo booth at Nike Style Lounge event.

Classic Photo Booth provided their vintage Model 14 photo booth at the Nike Style Lounge. The event took place from April 3rd to April 5th at Bathhouse Studios in New York City.

The event featured women journalists, bloggers, and influencers, including Liana Satenstein from Vogue, Jennifer Nied from Women’s Health, Ana Colón from Fashionista, Monique Wilson from Glamour, Alyssa Ackerman from Hypebae, and Elisa Lipsky-Karasz from The Wall Street Journal, among others.

Nike announced their partnership with Liga BBVA MX Femenil. The global brand in athletic equipment and footwear expressed support for women footballers and recognized their undeniable contribution to the world of sports. Besides the company stated that it will assist Mexican footballers by implementing innovative products and investing in development programs.

The three-year partnership between Nike and Liga BBVA MX Femenil is not only an example of the importance of supporting women in sports, but also ensuring they have everything they need to fully unleash their potential. Also at the event, Nike gifted women journalists with a new football kit showing the importance of women’s participation in sports.

Photo Booth at Bathhouse Studios: Where Memories Are Made

Nike Style Lounge event.

Bathhouse Studios NY is an ideal location for any advertising campaign or celebrity photo shoot. It has an extensive list of clients, including Lamborghini, Glenfiddich, Vogue, Nike, Lacoste, Ford, and Leica.

Interestingly, at the beginning of the last century, the building used to be a public bath. The new owner of the building skillfully redesigned it into a photo studio, creating an atmosphere of refinement and sophistication.

Important point: the studio covers an impressive area of 6,000 square feet. It’s equipped with modern amenities and technologies, including touchless doors and state-of-the-art air filtration systems. With two cycloramas, 19-foot ceilings, and a magnificent 37-foot white brick wall, Bathhouse is a masterpiece of design and functionality.

Vintage photo booth at Nike Style Lounge event.



To add extra charm to the event, a branded vintage Model 14 photo booth was in operation at the studio.

During the event, of course, all guests had the opportunity to take beautiful black-and-white photos in the company of renowned photographer Bryant.

Classic Photo Booth: Add Vintage Charm to Your Event

Vintage photo booth at Nike Style Lounge event.Undoubtedly, a photo booth is a true embodiment of nostalgia and romance that transports us to another time and place. The perfect way to capture your memories originally is the Model 14 photo booth from Classic Photo Booth.

Crafted from solid wood and high-quality materials, this vintage photo booth is the perfect combination of classic design and modern technology. It exudes the atmosphere of old Hollywood when people were true stars. Then the photo booths were the most popular place to create unforgettable photos.

The vintage photo booth not only provides you with fantastic photos but also creates a unique atmosphere that will stay with you forever. The interior of the booth is adorned with various vintage details that accentuate its style and elegance. Additionally, its unique design and manufacturing quality allows it to easily fit into any event, whether it be a wedding, corporate event, or children’s party.

In summary, a photo booth from Classic Photo Booth is the perfect way to create unforgettable memories. Photos will not only be original and beautiful but will also convey the spirit and atmosphere of times gone by.

With Classic Photo Booth’s services, you can be sure that your guests will receive vivid memories. Contact us to add vintage charm to your next event!

Vintage Model 11 photo booth at FLLforVS Festival

The Photo booth at the FLLforVS Festival

Vintage photo booth bloomed at FLLforVS Festival

Vintage photo booth at FLLforVS Festival

The vintage photo booth adorned the long-awaited FLLforVS Festival. The event happened on March 30 in Nichols Canyon, Los Angeles, CA. The brand marketing and PR agency Lucky Chalm organized the celebration.

The first thing that caught the attention of the guests arriving at the FLLforVS Festival was the vintage Model 11 photo booth. Decorated with a delicate floral print, the photo booth resembled a spring flowerbed. It’s no wonder that all the beauties participating in the festival flocked to it like bees to a flower. They dreamed of taking photos and becoming the happy owners of the new Spring 2023 women’s lingerie collection created by For Love & Lemons for Victoria’s Secret.

The Spring collection by For Love & Lemons for Victoria’s Secret

Naomi at FLLforVS Festival

A successful collaboration between two companies specializing in women’s lingerie has created stunning designs that make their owners feel feminine, unique, and sexy.

Love & Lemons designers, working on their masterpieces, are getting inspired by nature. As a result, fashionistas have access to a wide range of women’s lingerie with various floral prints. Delicate lavender and passionate rose, water lilies and pitcher plants, butterflies and hearts, and even cherries – all have been incorporated into the patterns by the artists.

The lingerie is made of thin tulle embroidered with delicate lace, with ruffles, frills, cords, and bows. It creates a spring mood and whispers about love.

Aquabatix performance at the FLLforVS Festival


Of course, hiding such elegance under outerwear would be a crime. Therefore, the organizers suggested that festival participants take the opportunity to have fun wearing their festive new items. Thanks to this idea, the presentation of the new line of women’s lingerie turned into an exquisite ball of femininity and beauty. This is precisely what Victoria’s Secret and For Love & Lemons were striving for.

Vintage photo booth in Nichols Canyon

Nichols Canyon, FLLforVS Festival

The organizers of the event have chosen the perfect location for its celebration. Nichols Canyon is a picturesque oasis in the center of Los Angeles.

It’s an ideal place for those attracted to luxury and seclusion. The house is a masterpiece of modern architecture that combines cutting-edge design and unique natural elements.

The atmosphere of freedom, refinement, and romanticism in Nichols Canyon was appealing to the festival participants. Feeling their attractiveness, they happily captured their youth and beauty in the photo booth. Undoubtedly, the vintage black and white photos stood out for their style and elegance.

Naomi Ienco, Gabbie Sul, Ashley Liao, Yuki, and many other charming girls will remember the FLLforVS Festival not only for their updated spring wardrobe but also for the photo strips.

The vintage photo booth at the FLLforVS Festival was a great success

Queue at the vintage photo booth FLLforVS FestivalIt’s worth noting that the vintage photo booth Model 11 is an analog of the photo machine of the 60s. It’s a vintage retro photo booth with an electromechanical and photographic chemical process. Model 11 is capable of making both black and white and color photos. Moreover, the photo strips do not age or deteriorate over time. A text or logo can be added to the photo strips at the customer’s request.

The most important advantage of this model is its shooting speed. This fact attracts the organizers of large-scale events interested in ensuring that the photography process is fast and of the highest quality. Thanks to modern technologies used by Classic Photo Booth, the results of using retro photo machines are the best in the country.

So if you have an important task of organizing a large event, call us. No celebration, presentation, wedding, etc., can do without a photo booth today. Our mission is to determine the details and get everything done on time and in the best possible way.


Photo booth at the premiere Yellowjacket Showtime.

Photo booth at the premiere Yellowjacket

The vintage photo booth at  Yellowjacket’s premiere was a huge success

Classic Photo Booth provided a vintage photo booth Model 14 for an event dedicated to the premiere of the second season of the Yellowjacket series.


Vintage photo booth at the premiere Yellowjacket Showtime.
Vintage photo booth Model 14.

By the way, the long-awaited premiere took place on March 26 on the Showtime channel.

Yellowjackets is a psychological drama, mystical thriller, detective story, and horror film all at once. The creators of the series, Ashley Lyle, Bart Nickerson, and Jonathan Lisco, literally stuffed the series with crazy and bloody stories that, however, were to the taste of a multimillion audience.

The two narrative threads in the series are closely intertwined. One tells the story of the members of a high school football team who survived a plane crash. The other describes the lives of the main heroines 25 years after their rescue. It seemed that a happy end was guaranteed. However, viewers understand that even a quarter of a century after the tragic events, the women are haunted by a horrible secret that has connected them all this time. The story of survival has become the darkest of their secrets, as they realized what they are willing to sacrifice to stay alive.

The first season of the project, which was released in November 2021, was watched by over 5 million viewers. It received seven Emmy Award nominations and positive reviews from film critics.

Transformation of actors in the photo booth

Restaurant LAVO
Restaurant LAVO

A celebratory event dedicated to the premiere of the 2nd season of Yellowjackets took place in Los Angeles, California, at the cozy LAVO Ristorante.

The vintage photo booth in the wooden interior of the restaurant looked stylish. The image of the massive yellow and black hornets applied to the branded photo booth caught the eye and tickled the nerves. It seemed that they would break loose from their places and sting everyone present.


Bryant,premiere Yellowjacket.
Bryant, premiere Yellowjacket.

The show, centered around the vintage photo booth, was managed by well-known photographer Bryant. All the series’ main characters posed with pleasure, leaving their monochrome images for the next generations.

Melanie Lynskey melancholically drank something resembling wine. Samantha Hanratty cheerfully made faces. Tawny Cypress posed regally for the camera. The charming Simone Kessell showcased her beautiful dress, while Jasmin Savoy exuded delicate fragility. Courtney Eaton impressed the guests with her impeccable style, while Sophie Nelisse radiated elegance. The cheerful and charming Kevin Alves, Nuha Jes Izman, and Alexa Barajas made themselves and those around them laugh.

When watching how the actors were relaxing in the vintage photo booth, it is hard not to remember their roles in Yellowjackets. They know how to transform themselves!

Model 14: style, luxury, vintage

There are several options for photo booths available for events like the premiere of Season 2 of Yellowjackets. However, Model 14 has become the most popular and frequently requested one.

There are several reasons for this.  The first and obvious one is that the photo booth of this model can and should be customized. Nothing decorates an event like a thematically branded photo booth. We can place logos between photos. By the way, not everyone knows how to do it correctly.

Our classic photo booth is a vintage retro photo booth with an electromechanical and photographic chemical process. It prints both color and black-and-white photos.

Apropos monochrome photos have recently become very popular. And it’s understandable: black-and-white portraits are more expressive and dramatic. Often, monochrome photographs leave a stronger impression than their color counterparts. The magic of vintage conquers everyone who has ever tried to take a photo in a photo booth.

Another advantage of the vintage Model 14 photo booth is its speed. Seven photos develop simultaneously, and a new photo strip is ready within three minutes.

The speed and quality of this model guarantee that your photo show will be at the highest level.

How to order a vintage photo booth?
Photo booth at the premiere Yellowjacket Showtime.
Vintage photo booth.

The easiest way to order a vintage photo booth is to call or write to us.

Classic Photo Booth provides services to thousands of clients on the East and West coasts and will help you organize a memorable and fun celebration.



Courtney Eaton in a vintage photo booth, photo strip.
Courtney Eaton
Tawny Cypress in a photo booth
Tawny Cypress
Sophie Nelisse in a photo booth
Sophie Nelisse
Simone Kessell in a photo booth.
Simone Kessell
Samantha Hanratty in a vintage photo booth.
Samantha Hanratty
Melanie Lynskey, in a vintage photo booth, photo strip.
Melanie Lynskey
Kevin Alves, Nuha Jes Izman, Alexa Barajas
Kevin Alves, Nuha Jes Izman, Alexa Barajas
Jasmine Savoy in a photo booth
Jasmine Savoy
Model 14 at the presentation of the 4th season of the series "Succession".

Photo booth at Succession premiere

Vintage photo booth at the «Succession» season four premiere

Vintage Photo Booth at the presentation of the 4th season of the series Succession.
Vintage Photo booth at the presentation of the 4th season of the series Succession.

Classic Photo Booth provided a vintage photo booth for the premiere of the fourth season of the HBO MAX series «Succession». The event happened on March 20th at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City.

The star guests of the event filled the spacious hall. Critics, journalists, producers, screenwriters, directors – it seems like the entire film world was present at this epic celebration.

All the attendees’ attention was on the film crew. And that’s understandable, as they managed to create a cinematic masterpiece that held the viewers’ curiosity worldwide for five consecutive years. Brian Cox, Jeremy Strong, Sarah Snook, Nicholas Braun, Kieran Culkin, Alan Ruck, Matthew Macfadyen, and Jesse Armstrong were in the spotlight.

«Succession» has received critical acclaim for its screenplay, acting, music, and artistic direction. The series has won major television awards annually, including the Golden Globe, Emmy, and BAFTA. It also won the Directors Guild of America award for dramatic series directing. As the number of awards increased, so did the show’s ratings and the number of viewers. Overall, 1.4 million people watched the premiere of the third season.

The final «Succession» season’s premiere took place on March 26th on HBO Max.

«Succession»: satirical drama or dramatic farce?

Season 4 of Succession.
Roy family. Who will win?

Critics still cannot understand the reason for the Succession’s popularity. It would seem like another story about the boundless power of billionaires and their vicious life. However, the creators of the series were able to find a unique intonation for this plot.

The series tells the story of the family of influential media magnate Logan Roy. His children want to push their aging father out of power in the international company Waystar Royco.

They are willing to do anything for this: plot intrigues, lie, and betray each other, regardless of their family ties. However, the father does not give up. With each season, «Succession» writer Jesse Armstrong continues to exceed viewers’ wildest expectations, immersing them deeper into the secrets of the Roy family.

Even though the series is already five years old, the audience’s interest in it not only does not decrease but also grows. Fans eagerly awaited the continuation of the dramatic series with elements of satire and farce. Let’s see what surprises the fourth season has in store for them.

Vintage photo booth – the fifth element of the «Succession» presentation

Photo zone of Bryant at the presentation of the 4th season of Succession.
Photo zone Bryant is preparing to receive guests.

Any movie presentation consists of several mandatory elements: a walk on the red carpet, showcasing outfits, a photo shoot, and interviews with journalists. But the event’s highlight, undoubtedly, is a photo shoot in a vintage photo booth. The love for the photo booth shoot became the fifth element of the well-organized event.

Perhaps Succession’s premiere at Jazz at Lincoln Center would not have had such a resonance if it had not included a show in a vintage photo booth. The guests, actors from all four seasons who wanted to get photographed in the booth, worked with the famous photographer Bryant. The stylish monochrome photos not only remained in the albums of the event participants but also spread throughout all social networks.

Shooting in a vintage photo booth.
Zoe Winters photographed in the photo booth Model 14.

Undoubtedly, the Model 14 photo machine was the decoration of the event. Branding the photo booth as bank vaults created an illusion of immense wealth and cold indifference. These qualities are present in the main characters of the dramatic series «Succession».

A queue of world cinema stars lined up for the photo booth. They laughed and made faces like children. The photo booth shoot became their new role, which caused a surge of enthusiasm and joy.

Star queue to the vintage photo booth

The queue at the photo booth at the Succession season 4 launch.
The queue at the photo booth at the Succession season 4 launch.

The only line where everyone, including movie industry stars, stands without any complaints is the line for a vintage photo booth.

The charming Sarah Snook, pregnant at the time, happily posed while embracing her round belly.

David Matthew Macfadyen laughed heartily at himself, making funny faces. Arian Moayed wasn’t inclined to laugh at himself, but he smiled sweetly.

Photo booth at the presentation of Season 4 Succession.
Sarah Snook takes a selfie in a vintage photo booth.

Harriet Walter was enchanting in front of the camera. According to the photos posted by Bryant on Instagram, Alan Ruck, Annabelle Dexter-Jones, David Rasche, J. Smith-Cameron, Juliana Canfield, Justine Lupe, Kieran Culkin & Jᴀᴢᴢ Cʜᴀʀᴛᴏɴ, Natalie Gold, Nicholas Braun, Peter Friedman, Zoe Winters, and many others had fun in the vintage photo booth.

How to rent a vintage photo booth?

The shortest way to rent is to call us. But before you dial the number, you need to decide on the model of the photo booth and the type of photos you want to get – color or black and white. In addition, you need to decide if you want a logo between the photo frames.

We believe you do, but it’s up to you to decide. You should know that the number of printed photos at your event is unlimited. It all depends on the guests’ desires and moods. You don’t have to worry about how the photo booth will get to your event. It’s our concern. Moreover, we guarantee that our representative will constantly be present during the event. No photo from your celebration will be lost.

Do you have any questions? Let’s discuss them!

Give us your address. We’ll come to you.


Wedding vintage photo booth Model 11.

Vintage photo booth at a wedding

Vintage photo booth at Elysa and Braulio’s wedding

Bride and groom in a vintage photo booth.
Happy wedding in industrial style.

Vintage photo booth at a wedding is a fashion trend and fun entertainment.

It brings variety and originality to the traditional atmosphere of the wedding. Moreover, all guests receive stylish vintage photographs as a keepsake. Thanks to these souvenirs, they won’t forget that holiday.

The Art Factory

Elysa and Braulio have been preparing for the wedding for a long time and thoroughly. They chose The Art Factory in Paterson, NJ, just 12 miles from New York City.

It is the perfect location in New Jersey for industrial-style weddings.

The Art Factory is different from other wedding venues. Firstly, the celebrations are held in a building established in the 19th century. Adjacent to Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park in New Jersey, the former American Hemp Company was once powered by its machinery with energy generated from the falls.

Secondly, visitors are attracted by the natural beauty of the National Historical Park. An industrial building with a view of the park through its windows is a rarity.

Thirdly, The Art Factory is an immense territory where weddings, family celebrations, corporate parties, and even film shootings are held. The 5-acre, 21-building campus is part of a vibrant community of creative businesses, shops, and restaurants.

Photo booth in a vintage interior

Photo album for newlyweds.
Photo album for newlyweds.

When preparing a wedding ceremony, the organizers carefully consider the entertainment program of the holiday. Along with the show, performances by artists, competitions, and dances, the program includes a selfie of wedding participants in a vintage photo booth.

The newlyweds chose Hamilton and Jute halls for their celebration. They were perfect for the theme of the wedding. In addition, the bride and groom were impressed by the opportunity to dance on the parquet floors of 1860 and admire nature through the original factory windows. Retro garlands of Edison lamps hung from the high ceilings, giving the solemn event a refined elegance. A romantic holiday adapted to industrial style, they have had a chic.

By the way, the vintage photo booth in the industrial loft looked very organic. It was perfectly combined with the interior, attracting the attention of all participants in the wedding ceremony. After the official part of the celebration, the guests rushed into the retro photo booth with pleasure. The photo booth made the shooting fun, allowing the newlyweds and everyone invited to fool around.

After the photo shoot, the guests left in the wedding photo album their photos, congratulations, and wishes to the newlyweds. Without a doubt, this memorable gift from Classic Photo Booth will allow everyone present to remember again and again that happy day when two people decided to tie their destinies together.

The classic photo booth captured luxurious images of the newlyweds

Happy wedding in industrial style.
Happy wedding in industrial style.

When the bride and groom entered the hall, the guests were delighted. The image of the newlyweds was in the style of an industrial wedding.

The bride chose a long snow-white dress with a bare back and shoulders that emphasized her femininity. The white sneakers she wore did not hinder movement. Therefore, she did not just go towards the guests but joyfully danced. The luxurious curls of the wedding hairstyle were so beautiful that they did not require any decorations.

The happy groom did not hide his delight, looking at the bride.

He even performed a worship dance in her honor. Not every bride can boast that the groom at the wedding laid down at her feet.

The newlyweds were able to capture their admiration for each other in a vintage Model 11 photo booth. Photo strips will remind them of the most important day of their life together.

Lion at The Art Factory   
Lion at the wedding party.
Lion at the wedding party.

Elysa and Braulio’s wedding had a lot of visitors. But one of them stood out in particular. Standing at the door to the loft, he greeted everyone who came to the holiday. It was a lion.

Or rather, a sculpture of a Lion made of wire and feathers. A talented artist has created an impressive art object, symbolizing strength, tenderness, power, and lightness.

Everything that keeps the family together.

Vintage photo booth at your wedding
Vintage photo booth.
Wedding vintage photo booth groom and bride.

If you’ve decided to tie the knot and are already thinking about getting married, don’t put off renting a photo booth. Compared to previous years, the interest in retro booths today has increased many times. Not one, two, but three photo booths are booked for celebrations. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a model and agree on the day and place of the wedding.

At the celebration of Elysa and Braulio, a Model 11 photo booth worked. It is a complete analog of the photo booth of the 1960s. It prints both black and white and color photographs. A significant advantage of this model is its speed and efficiency. It takes high-quality photos every 30 seconds. This high speed is optimal for crowded events such as weddings.

You can also rent other models of vintage photo booths.

Call us! We will help you organize the best photo show at your event!


Vintage photo booth at a movie premiere.

Photo booth at a movie premiere

The Photo booth at a movie premiere at the Culver Theater

Vintage photo booth Model 11 at the premiere Daisy Jones & The Six.
The use of a photo booth at the premiere of a movie about a 1970s rock band created the necessary setting and atmosphere.

Classic Photo Booth provided a photo booth for the premiere presentation of the mini-series Daisy Jones & The Six. The event took place on March 1, 2023, at the Culver Theaters in Culver City, CA.

The Model 11 vintage photo booth attracted all event participants. Guests took an unlimited number of monochrome photos. In addition, they scanned and sent them to social media using an iPad.

This entertainment provided guests with pleasant memories and memorable souvenirs in the form of stylish vintage photos. The photo booth fits perfectly into the style of the event, thanks to its design.

Branding the vintage photo booth’s body with a collage of Daisy Jones & The Six movie frames caught the attention of everyone who came to the presentation.

Model 11 at Amazon’s Empire

E-commerce giant Amazon has opened up new horizons. Until recently, the company was engaged exclusively in e-commerce, including books. Now, Amazon Studios, a subsidiary of Amazon, is turning bestsellers into movies. Video content is distributed through Amazon Prime Video and the streaming digital video service. However, the online retail giant did not stop there. Now Amazon has the opportunity to showcase its movies in its traditional cinemas.

The Culver Theater is Amazon’s first cinema in Culver City, California. It is located near Culver Studios, where Amazon occupies over half a million square feet for television and film production. The cinema seats 1,230 people, and movies are shown on six LED screens. It was at The Culver Theater that Prime Video first showed some clips of Daisy Jones & The Six and announced the movie premiere date.

Using a photo booth at the premiere of a movie about a 1970s rock band certainly created the necessary ambiance and atmosphere.

Daisy Jones & The Six: A True Love Story

Movie premiere Daisy Jones & The Six.
Daisy Jones & the Six premiered on March 3, 2023.

The long-awaited musical drama series Daisy Jones & The Six premiered on March 3, 2023, on Prime Video. New episodes will be released every Friday. The series is available in more than 240 countries around the world.

According to the author of the bestseller, Taylor Jenkins Reid, the book was an attempt to piece together a complete picture of the fate of a 1970s rock band from scattered pieces. The author explores why the famous Daisy Jones & The Six suddenly stopped their creative activity and disbanded.

Credit must be given to the writer. For eight years, she collected materials, conducted interviews, and met with former band members, their families, friends, and music industry figures. The story of the film is composed of these conversations.

Despite the documentary nature of the materials, the novel Daisy Jones & The Six is a work of fiction. The events, characters, and locations described are the product of the author’s imagination. Taylor Jenkins Reid shared this information at the film’s presentation, which took place on February 23 at the Chinese Theatre in LA. The author of the bestseller also took numerous selfies in a vintage photo booth Model 14.

photo booth Model 11 will add refinement and individuality to any event
Vintage photo booth at a movie premiere.
Photo booth Model 11 – “highlight” at any event.

Without a doubt, a vintage photo booth is an excellent option for any event, especially a retro-themed one. It will decorate the interior, give it elegance and become the “highlight” of the celebration.

Classic Photo Booth is a reliable and oldest company in the market, providing rental services for photo booths of various models. The company’s experience shows that organizers of festive events fall in love with retro machines so much that they do not know which one to choose. Sometimes they order two or even three of them. One of the favorites is the vintage photo booth Model 11.

This is an analog photo booth model from the 1960s. It can print both black and white and color photos. Photo strips have no expiration date. You can be sure that even your great-grandchildren will be able to admire your photos taken in the Classic Photo Booth.

In addition to high quality, the photo booth of this model pleases with high speed of operation. It prints photos every 30 seconds. This high speed satisfies the requests of both event organizers and their guests.

Do you want to rent a vintage photo booth? Call us!

So, you have decided on the photo booth model. What’s next?

There are a few things you need to know now.

First, before the start of the event, you need to choose the option of photos – color or black and white.

Secondly, we can place your logo between the photos up to 32 characters.

Thirdly, the vintage photo booth does not make duplicates. However, guests make two duplicate photos – one for the celebrants, the other for themselves.

Fourthly, you don’t have to worry about the delivery of the photo booth to the venue, its installation, and dismantling. We care about that.

Fifthly, photo printing is unlimited. It all depends on the guests’ desires.

Sixth, there is always our administrator next to the photo booth.

Seventhly, you can be sure that we will save and record your photos taken at the event on a flash drive.

Eighthly, we provide a variety of props. We will support any desire to transform.

Vintage Photo Booth at Bloomingdale’s

Vintage Photo Booth at Bloomingdale’s

Vintage Photo Booth at Saturday’s Generation at Bloomingdale’s

Vintage Photo Booth at Bloomingdale’s
Vintage Photo Booth at Bloomingdale’s. Model 14.

A vintage photo booth from Classic Photo Booth at a Saturday’s Generation event.

It took place on March 11 at the Short Hills Mall at Bloomingdale’s in New Jersey.

Saturday’s Generation Generation is one of Women’s History Month.

From February 23rd to April 24th, the iconic retailer launched The Carousel @ Bloomingdale’s of women entrepreneurs, the founders of their brands.

By the way, actress Tika Sumpter curates the large-scale event. She oversees the display of a diverse range of products, including goods for children and home, self-care, fashion, and accessories from 50 brands founded and owned by women. For example, Kaleidadope, Kim Hill, The Spice Suite, Candice Luther, Estelle Glassware, Cult Gaia, and others.

Various events will take place at The Carousel @ Bloomingdale’s. Namely – On Female Founders Homepage Takeover, Screen with Tika Sumpter, Saturday’s Generation, and Weekends with Basquet.  All events have one goal, to help shoppers learn more about the stories and brands of 50 incredible women.

Cult classic vintage photos at Saturday’s Generation

Vintage Photo Booth at Bloomingdale’s.
Shooting in a vintage photo booth.

Saturday’s Generation is a large-scale event. It took place in all 54 Bloomingdale stores across the country. The organizers prepared a program with surprises from women’s companies.

At the Short Hills Mall in New Jersey’s Bloomingdale store, visitors were treated to a special surprise – a vintage photo booth. Anyone could take iconic black-and-white photographs.

As a result, no one remained indifferent to this idea. Everyone who saw the vintage branded photo booth from Bloomingdale’s rushed to enter it and take stylish photos.

Undoubtedly, the monochrome photo strips will preserve the memory of The Carousel @ Bloomingdale’s and Saturday’s Generation. Perhaps the stories of extraordinary women entrepreneurs breaking barriers and building successful brands have inspired many.

Vintage Photo Booth Model 14 hit Saturday’s Generation. 

Vintage Photo Booth at Bloomingdale’s
Visitor photo strips at Short Hills Shopping Center at Bloomingdale’s.

As always, the vintage photo booth was a success at the event. The organizers took care of branding the photo booth. Of course, this caught the attention of visitors to the shopping center. The textual logo which was taken care of in advance was present on each photo tape. Without a doubt, this will work on the image of the company for many years to come. 

Those visitors to the shopping center who were lucky enough to take iconic black and white photos with Bloomingdale’s logo will surely be grateful to the event organizers. After all, Bloomingdale’s is not just a shopping center but the only full-line, high-end department store in America with a century and a half of history.

By the way, the appearance of Bloomingdale’s and photo booths in America coincided almost 27 years apart. In 1861, Joseph and Lyman Bloomingdale founded a chain of department stores, and in 1888, William Pope and Edward Poole filed the first patent application for a photo booth. 151 years later, both retail and photo booths have become an integral part of the leisure for all of humanity.

Classic Photo Booth at the forefront

Vintage Photo Booth at Bloomingdale’s.
Vintage Photo Booth at Bloomingdale’s. Model 14.

The Saturday’s Generation event was a great success. Classic Photo Booth contributed by providing a photo booth.

The company has almost 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry. It provides services on both the East and West Coasts. Works in New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, San Diego, and others.

Classic Photo Booth is unique because it provides services nationwide for multiple events at the same time, using several machines simultaneously for several consecutive days.

Why Classic Photo Booth is the flagship in its field?
Vintage Photo Booth at Bloomingdale’s.
Vintage black and white photo of the Short Hills mall at Bloomingdale’s.

First, the company shares the interests of its customers. She makes sure that clients get the most out of their events. 

Secondly, photographic equipment and a photo booth before the event are tested. Clients should get the best results.

Thirdly, the company provides albums for photo strips and online galleries.

Fourthly, the company always sets up the photo stands based on the client’s approach.

Lastly, with Classic Photo Booth, clients always find common ground. All you have to do is call.


Billie Eilish celebrates her 21st birthday and shoots in a vintage photo booth.

Billie’s vintage photo booth

Billie’s vintage photo booth at the holiday party

Billie Eilish shoots in a vintage photo booth at a birthday party.
Billie Eilish in a vintage photo booth with friends.

The vintage photo booth, presented at the 21st anniversary of Billy Eilish, has become a favorite entertainment of the star beau monde. On December 17, the fashionable Los Angeles nightclub Sunset at EDITION was extremely crowded. Celebrities gathered for a theme party dedicated to the birthday of the well-known singer and songwriter Billie Eilish.

Her brother FINNEAS, boyfriend Jesse Rutherford, musicians Doja Cat, Lil Nas X, Avril Lavigne, Dove Cameron, and Olivia Rodrigo came to congratulate her. Justin Bieber attended the celebration with his wife, Hailey.

Also, at the party were spotted Barbie Ferreira, star of the television series Euphoria, model Kendall Jenner, actress Sabrina Carpenter, Khalid, singer Lauren Jauregui, actress Hailee Steinfeld, singer and songwriter Njomza, Jesse Jo Stark, actress Noah Cyrus, Raveena, star of Pitch Perfect Skylar Astin, rapper Mediety, star of Judas and the Black Messiah Dominique Fishback and many more.

Changing the image.

Billie Eilish, the hostess of the evening, was irresistible. She changed her usual shapeless clothes for a sexy Mrs. Claus costume. A fitted red velvet dress with a plunging neckline and white fur paired beautifully with a black belt and long red gloves. Undoubtedly the outfit delighted the guests and Billie’s fans. Well, the singer’s lover, the front man of The Neighborhood Jesse Rutherford, was with her all night long.

A full house in the vintage photo booth 

Photo strips from the Billie's birthday
Photo strips from Billie’s birthday.

At Sunset at EDITION, everything is done for the relaxation and entertainment of visitors. Nevertheless, Billie Eilish’s guests went ecstatic when they saw the vintage photo booth. Custom-designed and decorated in the style of the party, the device attracted the guests. Generally, a vintage photo booth always arouses interest and often becomes the main attraction among the guests of any event.

Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, and Jesse Jo Stark attacked the photo zone. After that, the girls came into the vintage photo booth and tried dozens of looks. By the way, black and white photos have become viral on social networks.

Watching his wife having fun, Justin Bieber decided to join her. Hailey kissed her husband passionately. In just a few minutes, the vintage photos of the celebrity couple conquered the Internet. As always, the quality of the pictures in the Classic Photo Booth was impeccable. Billie and the guests who came to congratulate her could be sure of this.

A vintage photo booth will make your holiday unforgettable 

Let’s leave the celebrities to admire their vintage photos and add something important.

Let’s say you’re organizing an important event. You ordered a banquet hall, a new costume, a menu, and even an orchestra. But for guests to remember this event forever, you need to order a photo booth. Your guests will have great fun taking selfies in the photo machine. The photo booth does not let anyone get bored because people in it take the funniest photos.

So, you are interested in renting a vintage photo booth. Ok! But why should you rent a photo machine from us? There are several reasons.

  • Firstly, we want your event to exceed any expectations. Therefore, we are fully committed to our customers.
  • Secondly, our photo booths and equipment are checked and maintained to ensure the best results for your event. You always get first-class products.
  • Thirdly, we provide scrapbooks and even online photo galleries.
  • Fourth, we can customize our booths to your liking so you can add your own unique and personal touch.
  • Fifth, we have 30 years of experience with photo booths. And we know all about them.
Pros and cons of a vintage photo booth
  • Pictures from a vintage photo booth tend to live longer than their owners

Good to know that the vintage photo device uses an electromechanical process to create timeless prints. The photographs it delivers are preserved for hundreds of years without deterioration in quality or color fade. They serve as a beautiful memory of life events.

  • Guaranteed order in the photo collection

If you frequent parties, you probably have a whole collection of photos from photo booths. It’s good if the party hosts placed the event logo between the pictures on the stripes. Otherwise, you will have to rely on your memory. And it’s unreliable.

  • Are you interested in advertising?

A photo booth is an excellent promotional tool. Each photo can be supplemented with your design, frame, or logo. And even when only the dust of memories remains from the event, a properly designed photo stripe will continue to work for your brand’s image.

In this place should be the cons of a photo booth. But here’s the problem! There are no cons. And if there were any, we would tell you about them.

 So, are you on the eve of an important event and dreaming of adding something special? Do you want the event to remain in the memory of all those invited? Do you want to give your guests a bright, cheerful mood and capture the moments of the celebration?

So, you need to book a vintage photo booth today!

Because tomorrow, it is quite possible that you will be on a long waiting list.




Retro Wedding Vintage Photo Booth.

Wedding Vintage Photo Booth

Wedding Vintage Photo Booth for Bryn and Ruslan.

Retro wedding at Montauk Club
Wedding at Montauk club. Newlyweds’ first kiss.

Wedding Vintage Photo Booth  is one of the most popular themes. It’s hard to say what the reason is. For example, some people love the bygone era thanks to the stories of their grandparents. Others like to try on elegant costumes from past centuries. And some have decided to celebrate the occasion in an old club, so they have chosen a suitable style to match the place.

Ruslan and Bryn spent a long time preparing for their special day. They discussed many options for their wedding and many styles. But as a result, when they saw the Montauk Club, they knew that this was the only place where they wanted to seal their marital union. And here’s why.

The Montauk Club is a bright historical landmark.

Retro wedding at Montauk Club photo booth.
Bride and groom before the wedding ceremony.

The Montauk Club was founded in 1889. By the way, in the same year, French inventor Theophile Engelbert demonstrated his photo booth at the World’s Fair in Paris.

This club is one of the few places in Brooklyn, New York, that boasts stunning Venetian architecture and a rich history. The club was designed by Francis H. Kimball, inspired by the palace on the Grand Canal in Venice. The club’s distinctive features remain gothic architecture, carved redwood furnishings, and beautiful stained glass windows.

The club is named after the Montauk people who lived in the eastern part of Long Island. Club members acknowledge the difficulties faced by the Lenape, Montaukett, and other Native Americans. Moreover, they develop a respectful attitude towards this historical fact.

The club hosted well-known public figures of that time. It was a center of entertainment and social communication.

It’s no wonder many couples dreaming of an extraordinary wedding fell in love with the luxurious interior, beautiful decor, stunning stained glass windows, and, of course, the club’s history.

Transforming a large-scale event into a fun celebration
Retro Wedding Vintage Photo Booth.
The bride and groom are having fun in the photo booth.

Thorough planning is not just a trend. It is a necessary aspect for those who want to have a top-notch wedding. A team of professionals is responsible for this. It is up to them whether the newlyweds, their relatives, and friends will remember the wedding as something special or try to forget it as quickly as possible.

Wedding planner Patrick Butler undoubtedly knows his job well. Thanks to working only with professionals and coordinating every minute of the wedding celebration, every Patrick’s event goes smoothly.

Ruslan and Bryn’s wedding took place on March 3rd. The bride’s wedding dress demonstrated her femininity and fragility, embodying tenderness and purity. MG Hair and Makeup emphasized the unique beauty of the bride.
According to many reviews, this company is the best in the country for hair and makeup.

The appearance of the groom showed style and sophistication.

Early Bird Vintage created a unique ambiance to suit the style of the wedding. At the same time, Regal Candelabra, BBJ La Tavola, and Stortz Lighting contributed to the gorgeous décor.

As for the guests, they had fun taking pictures in the vintage photo booth Model 14 from Classic Photo Booth.

Changed style? It’s time for the photo booth.

Retro wedding at Montauk Club. Vintage photo booth.
The wedding props were a big success.

Undoubtedly, a vintage photo booth at modern weddings is a trend and fun entertainment. It adds a unique touch to the traditional wedding atmosphere and gives guests stylish antique photos as a memory.

Classic Photo Booth is the oldest company providing vintage photo booth rental services in America. Over 28 years of active work in providing services, thousands of events have been served by Classic Photo Booth. And, by the way, all the reviews about the work were only positive.

For a photo shoot in a vintage photo booth, newlyweds Ruslan and Bryn changed their wedding outfits. The bride wore a vintage long dress that combines modesty, extravagance, mystery, and sex appeal. The bride’s stylish look was completed with a pink Malibu feather boa.

It should be noted that the creative retro image of the bride has become a prevalent trend in recent seasons. Nostalgic vintage weddings allow experiencing the era of such unique women as Marlene Dietrich, Coco Chanel, and Marilyn Monroe.

And the groom liked the image of Louis XV. So he put on Binet’s wig, styled after the 18th century.

Wedding Album from Classic Photo Booth
Retro wedding at Montauk Club.
Wedding book with photo strips and wishes.

One of the traditions of any wedding celebration where a Classic Photo Booth is present is a memorable gift – a wedding photo album. Black and white photos of the newlyweds and their guests, along with good wishes from loved ones, will forever preserve the happy moments of the wedding in memory.

The monochrome photos taken by the vintage Model 14 photo booth are of excellent quality. Undoubtedly, they will be kept for at least a hundred years in the family archive of the descendants of Ruslan and Bryn.

Are you preparing for a wedding celebration? Call us!

If you want to organize a fun wedding like Ruslan and Bryn, it’s time to think about renting a photo booth. Why should you consider renting a photo booth for your wedding?

  • First of all, it’s fun.
  • Accordingly, the photo booth will be a source of entertainment for both guests and you.
  • Moreover, an unlimited number of bright and memorable photos.
  • Color or black and white photos.
  • You can put the wedding date on the photo strips.
  • A large assortment of props will help you try out different looks.
  • Fast photo printing. 7 seconds! Only a bullet is faster.
  • The support and assistance of the company’s employees will undoubtedly be provided.

Optional services based on client’s preferences:

  • Compact disc with photos.
  • Frames for the photos.
  • Props.
  • Slide show on a wireless plasma TV.
  • Individual packaging.
  • Wireless social media and email capabilities.
  • Password-protected online gallery.

Remember: one call to Classic Photo Booth is always better than surfing the web. Call us!

To conclude, let’s enjoy the Cakes by Klein wedding cake with the newlyweds and their guests.

Retro wedding at Montauk Club. Vintage Photo Booth.
Wedding cake.




Photo booth at the premiere Daisy Jones & The Six

Daisy Jones movie premiere

Daisy Jones & The Six movie premiere  

Daisy Jones movie premiere vintage photo booth was in operation on February 23, 2023, one of the most anticipated streaming television series. The movie is based on the novel of the same name by Taylor Jenkins Reed. The event took place at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Elvis Presley’s granddaughter played the lead role in the series and posed in a vintage photo booth.

Daisy Jones & The Six actors in a vintage photo booth.
Daisy Jones & The Six actors in a vintage photo booth.

Information about the mini-series “Daisy Jones and the Six” first appeared in July 2019. The project’s screenwriters are Scott Eric Neustadter and Michael H. Weber. Together with Reese Witherspoon and best-selling author Taylor Jenkins Reid, they became executive producers of the film.

Among the companies involved in the project are Amazon Studios, Hello Sunshine, and Circle of Confusion.

In November 2019, it became known that Riley Keough (Elvis Presley’s granddaughter) and Camila Morrone received the main roles in the film.

Later, Sam Claflin, Suki Waterhouse, Nabiyah Be, Josh Whitehouse, Sebastian Chacon, Timothy Olyphant, Will Harrison, Jacqueline Obradors, and Tom Wright join the charming female duo.

Filming took place from September 2021 to May 2022. The series will premiere on March 3, 2023. Fans are looking forward to the release of the series to see how accurately the creators conveyed the author’s intention.

At the film’s launch, Riley Keough and her co-stars took lots of fun photos in a vintage photo booth.

The famous writer liked monochrome photos.

Taylor Jenkins Reid in vintage photo booth.
Taylor Jenkins Reid in a vintage photo booth.

Taylor Jenkins Reid is the author of five romance novels. The books were enthusiastically received by readers of People, US Weekly, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, In Style, and PopSugar magazines. The novels were the best books of the month according to 

Daisy Jones & The Six is an exciting novel about a fictional rock band from the 70s. It is a story about the swift rise of a musical group to greatness and legendary success and the reasons for its breakup at the height of its fame.

The dramatic plot does not leave the readers indifferent. Therefore, in March 2019, the novel became a New York Times bestseller and won the “Best Historical Fiction” award.

Of course, Taylor Jenkins Reid was present at the premiere of the adaptation of her novel. She happily talked to the guests and posed in a vintage photo booth at Bryant, taking pictures with her book.

Taylor Jenkins Reid photo strips.
Taylor Jenkins Reid photo strips.

By the way, the 70s atmosphere described in the book and recreated in the film harmonized perfectly with the retro photo booth, which printed monochrome photos.

Model 14 vintage photo booth at the Daisy Jones movie premiere

There is a lot of interest in the vintage photo booth at the premiere.
There is a lot of interest in the vintage photo booth at the premiere.

The organizers liked ​​using a vintage photo booth Model 14 at the movie premiere. The retro kiosk has become a time machine that takes the participants half a century back.

The photo booth fits perfectly into the design of the foyer of the TCL Chinese Theatre.

Branded around the theme of the Daisy Jones The Six film, it looked bright and attractive. Thanks to professional equipment, the photo-making process took only 30 seconds.

Anything is possible with Classic Photo Booth!
Vintage photo booth getting ready to receive guests.
Vintage photo booth getting ready to receive guests.

By the way, the photo booth that worked at the premiere of Daisy Jones & The Six at the TCL Chinese Theatre was provided by America’s oldest company for renting and selling photo booths – Classic Photo Booth.

When people say, “Classic Photo Booth,” they mean quality.

Our company provides a wide range of services. If you are considering organizing a large-scale event, whether it’s a film premiere, a project presentation, a wedding, a family celebration, and much more, get in touch with us. We will help you choose a photo booth, set up all the equipment, and stay by your side throughout your celebration. Black and white or color photos from Classic Photo Booth will not leave your guests indifferent and will make your event unforgettable.

Call us! Is your celebration coming up soon? We need to hurry!


Babylon photo booth Los Andgeles

Babylon photo booth

The vintage photo booth was a hit

Model 14 custom photo boothBabylon photo booth was the highlight of the movie premiere. On December 15, the historical drama Babylon premiered at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles. The long-awaited movie directed by Damien Chazelle has gathered a lot of guests. Hollywood celebrities were traditionally the first to see the premiere of the film.

Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, Olivia WildeLi Jun Li, Tobias Maguire, Samara Weaving, Phoebe Tonkin, Elle Fanning, Kelly Rowland, P. J. Byrne, Eric Roberts, and many more were seen on the red carpet that night.

Babylon: luxury and the other side of glory

The film talks about the transition from silent films to talkies, and the birth of the Golden Age of Hollywood, which took place in the 20s of the last centuries. Silent film actors are trying to find a place in the new world where talkies are gaining popularity. The once-successful career of the old idols is inevitably coming to an end. At that time, many Hollywood stars went out.

The story takes place in 1920s Los Angeles. The main characters of the film – silent film actors Clara Gordon Bow and Jack Conrad, brilliantly played by Margot Robbie and Brad Pitt, find themselves at the crossroads of two eras. For various reasons, they cannot meet the challenges of the new time and are not able to accept the new rules of the game. The revolution in the film industry turned out to be their lifetime tragedy. After the roaring popularity came complete oblivion. What could be scarier for Hollywood stars?

Director Damien Chazelle had been processing the idea of the film for 15 years. He wanted to demonstrate not only the luxurious life of the actors of those times but also the unknown side of their fame.

Model 14 custom photo booth at the movie premiere

Surely the Babylon premiere program would be incomplete if it did not include a vintage photo booth.

Historically, the birth of the Golden Age of Hollywood and the appearance of the first photo booth in America almost coincided. Once, a photo booth could only print black and white photos for documents, but later it became the center of attention at any party. Today the machine delivers any type of photo stripes: black and white, color. They can contain logos and monograms, frames, and inscriptions. They can be instantly printed or posted on social networks.

By the way, the interest in instant photography has not diminished over time. A century ago, celebrities around the world loved to capture some pictures of themselves in a photo booth. Historical museums carefully store photos of world-famous stars taken in vintage photo booths: Audrey Hepburn, Salvador Dali, Marilyn Monroe, Andy Warhol, Joseph Paul “Joe” DiMaggio, and Truman Garcia Capote. And modern celebrities follow their example.

Therefore, it is not surprising that at the premiere of Babylon, Hollywood stars, having barely finished walking the red carpet and other official events, hurried up to delight themselves with beautiful pictures in the vintage photo booth.

The classic Model 14, which performed very well at various pompous events, was perfectly prepared for the premiere of Babylon. The custom vintage photo booth, decorated with scenes from Babylon, was a perfect fit for the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures.

Babylon Model 14 – a quality product of the era

By the way, any booth provided by Classic Photo Booth for rent will have a design corresponding to the event theme. Model 14, presented at the premiere of Babylon, stands out thanks to the following features:

  • Firstly, Model 14 has dual entry, front and back.
  • secondly, the device uses an electromechanical process to create timeless photos.
  • thirdly, the photos taken by the Model 14 are of excellent quality. Time has no power over them.
  • fourth, the photo machine is fast. It prints seven strips at the same time.

This model is perfect for weddings, birthdays, children’s parties, corporate parties, presentations, and promotions. The use of a photo booth is limited only by your imagination.

Order it now! And you can be sure that your event will be unforgettable!


Wedding photo booth

Erica vintage photo booth

Erica’s vintage photo booth was a success

Vintage photo booth at Erica's wedding,
Philadelphia vintage photo booth.

The vintage photo booth at Erica’s wedding was a success.

Perhaps the wedding is the most special day in the life of two loving people. The bride and groom carefully plan the event, not missing a single detail. Here’s how Erika Garr and Chris Dickinson prepared for their epic ceremony. It was unforgettable!

How to make a bride happy? 

Vintage photo booth at Erica's wedding.
The vintage photo booth at Erica’s wedding was a success.

On February 10, 2023, at the Ballroom in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, Erica, and Chris celebrated their long-awaited wedding, which they had been preparing for about a year. The groom wore a white tuxedo with a black lapel and a white boutonniere on his chest. The wedding image of the bride emphasized her natural elegance and femininity. A long snow-white dress with bare shoulders and a deep V-shaped neckline embodied minimalism and luxury. Instead of a veil, Erica’s head was adorned with an exquisite accessory that harmoniously fit into her hair.

Around 150 guests attended the ceremony. Relatives and friends of the bride and groom were impressed by the picturesque setting, elegant premises, festive menu, and entertainment. But the photo booth became a true sensation, according to Erica. The bride said they had a great time. The photo booth was a hit, and she loved the wedding album.

You deserve the best! 

Vintage photo booth at Erica's wedding.
Happiness in a vintage photo booth.

Wedding photography doesn’t represent just pictures, it is also a story that connects two people in love. This is the story of a married couple and their environment. No person invited to the wedding should be outside of this story. A wedding photographer tries his best. But he cannot capture everything that happens at the wedding celebration.

And this is where the photo booth comes in. It takes over the functions of filming and entertaining guests. Photo strips look natural, emotional, and alive. After the wedding, the newlyweds look at them with great pleasure and have fun. Yes, the services of a wedding photographer and photo booth rental will increase the budget for the celebration. But isn’t your family holiday the event that you deserve?

For those who want to be like Kim Kardashian 

Vintage photo booth at Erica's wedding Model 11.
Newlyweds kiss in a vintage photo booth.

It is believed that the fashion of using a photo booth at a wedding to shoot black and white photographs was started by Kim Kardashian. The black and white theme in the wedding photo session is ingenious. Monochrome focuses attention on faces and their expression. It adds sophistication to the solemn event by capturing memories with a photo booth.

This is what we need! – thought Erica and Chris and booked a vintage Model 11 photo booth from Classic Photo Booth. It is the exact analog of the legendary photo booth from the 1960s. It can print both black and white and even color photos. The print speed is fast, so it is suitable for crowded parties. The wedding day is significant in the life of a young family.

It makes sense that they would want to get as many shots of their guests as possible. The Model 11 photo booth does this job perfectly.

Personal gift for newlyweds from Classic Photo Booth
Vintage photo booth at Erica's wedding.

At the wedding, Erica and Chris experienced the most vivid emotions. Therefore, they wanted to capture the wedding celebration in great detail.
And Classic Photo Booth gave the couple this opportunity by handing them a 40-page photo album. It contained neatly laid-out photo strips of all people present at the event. Moreover, the pictures were accompanied by good wishes to the newlyweds.

Thanks to this present, Erica and Chris will remember their wedding and the beautiful moments and fun they had on that day. Such an exquisite wedding photo album surely will take pride in place in the house.

Have you booked your wedding photo booth yet?

Classic Photo Booth, LLC is the oldest photo booth rental company. The company has become famous and trustworthy due to its wide range of services. In addition, the high quality of work distinguishes our company from others.

In addition to the vintage Model 11 photo booth mentioned earlier, the company rents out:

  • first, a white-painted classic photo booth,
  • second, the photo booth Model 14, (Wooden exterior)
  • third, the photo booth with a faux wood exterior,
  • fourth, a digital photo booth and many more products and services.

Call us! Book a photo booth with Classic Photo Booth, LLC!

And we will make your event unforgettable!



Vintage Photo Booth

Photo booth af94 Valentine’s Day

Photo booth af94 Valentine’s Day

Classic photo boothPhoto booth af94 Valentine’s Day was a star at a party on Febr. 4, 2023, in New York, organized by the cosmetic brand af94. The presentation of new elements of decorative cosmetics took place at the party. Namely, a new model of false eyelashes. From February 10, the eyelashes will be on sale.

Everything for Gen Z

Vintage photo booth AF94 V-Day Prom in NYC
Vintage photo booth Model 14 AF94 V-Day Prom in NYC.

Not much time has passed since the appearance of the cosmetic brand AF94. It became known last July when the singer Halsey announced the launch of her second beauty brand. The name AF94 is a combination of the singer’s full name (Ashley Frangipane) and her year of birth (1994). Her cosmetic brand reflects the aesthetics of the late 90s and 2000s. The product range includes face stickers, cream blushes, mascaras, eyeliners, biodegradable makeup remover wipes, and nail polishes. A collection of 67 beauty products designed primarily for Generation Z. The prices for the products are very loyal – up to $10. At the V-Day Prom, Generation Z fashionistas not only enjoyed using AF94 beauty products but also took selfies in a photo booth. 

Photo booth af94 Valentine’s Day – a magnet for party guests

Vintage photo booth AF94 V-Day Prom in NYC.
Shooting in a photo booth AF94 V-Day Prom in NYC

The party captured the imagination of all the present guests. Ice sculptures, chocolate fountains, and buffets with delicious, branded cakes impressed the guests. As always, the focus was on the vintage photo booth Model 14. And this is understandable: the AF94’s guests wanted to capture the moment when they are young and beautiful in photos. Guests post pictures on social networks and store them in family albums. The photo booth was fully customized and matched the atmosphere of the holiday. Certainly, such fine work and attention to the details in the stylization of the holiday were appreciated. The guests enjoyed the party immensely. Well, the host of the holiday, AF94, speaking to her fans on social networks, noted: “We enjoyed meeting you in real life, and we can’t wait to see you again soon!”

You can rent the Photo Booth that is waiting for you!
Vintage photo booth AF94 V-Day Prom in NYC.
Vintage photo booth Model 14 AF94 V-Day photo strips.

The vintage photo booth featured at the V-Day Prom is perfect for large-scale events. It has the following advantages:

  • prints photo strips very fast (every 30 seconds).
  • serves a large number of guests.
  • a picture can be both black and white and color.
  • backgrounds can be of different colors.
  • the curtain will hide you from prying eyes.

You can customize your photo booth. In this case, every centimeter of the stand will work on the chosen topic. Perhaps you need custom curtains for your event, prepare a backdrop, or place a logo on the photo strip between images. We can do it all for you!


Call us! We will be happy to answer all your questions and help you choose the perfect photo booth for your holiday!


Vintage photo booth for presentations Tabasco

Tabasco & Tinx vintage photo booth

Vintage photo booth rental at the presentation of a new product 


Tabasco & Tinx vintage photo booth.
Tinx in a vintage photo booth.

Classic Photo Booth provided the vintage photo booth rental service for a new product presentation of Tabasco & Tinx. On February 1, 2023, the world-famous brand Tabasco presented a new fresh Avocado Jalapeño Hot Sauce topping in collaboration with Digital Creator Tinx.

A fantastic story of symbiosis

In this paragraph, I want to tell a fantastic story of symbiosis. Tinx is an active supporter of healthy eating. The girl publishes photos of plates with all kinds of salads on her social networks. She says she adds hot sauce to her salads. Firstly, with the topping’s help, the food immediately becomes tastier; secondly, the hot jalapeño sauce helps speed up metabolism, reduce cravings, and burn fat. The Influencer has generously shared the results of her salad dressing experiments on social media. She attracted the attention of her many followers. Moreover, as well as the management of Tabasco, the oldest manufacturer of hot sauces. Their collaboration resulted in a spicy avocado and jalapeno dressing. Tinx even created a recipe for her salad called hot girl salad. The social media star is very proud to work with the legendary brand. She hopes that gourmets around the world will try the new Tabasco sauce. 

Tinx’s photo shoot at the presentation

Tabasco & Tinx vintage photo booth.
Shooting Tinx in a photo booth.

Without a doubt, it is impossible to imagine the presentation of the new Tabasco product without its muse – Tinx. By the way, the girl appeared in an emerald-colored dress, giving her image audacity and piquant sharpness. A sparkling crystal bottle of the limited-edition Tabasco Brand x Tinx Avocado Jalapeño Hot Sauce underlined the festive atmosphere. Finally, Tinxs happily took a selfie in Bryant’s photo booth. Vintage black and white photographs complete the social media star’s collection. Tinx fans instantly appreciated them.

Do you want your product launch to be as successful as Tabasco and Tinx’s? Rent a photo booth!
Tabasco & Tinx vintage photo booth.
Tabasco & Tinx vintage photo booth.

Undoubtedly, a product presentation is a very responsible and complex process. At first glance, everything seems simple. But behind any successful show is the hard work of a large team. Renting a photo booth helps entertain the guests.  People take selfies for fun and tune in to what they come for. It is always easier and more pleasant to work with an active audience. In addition, a branded photo booth at your event is a live advertisement and a gathering place for people who take thousands of photos with your company logo.

Photo Booth to Grow Your Business

Digital creativity has become so accessible that anyone with a smartphone can take high-quality photos, but few have thought to use photo booths for marketing purposes. By taking selfies in photo booths, you have several business opportunities. It is the perfect place for a photo session with potential clients. Photos are used:

  • firstly: to promote products or services through social media channels.
  • secondly: for the recruitment process or employee motivation strategies.
  • thirdly: to increase brand recognition.
  • fourthly: standing out the company from competitors.
Why does Classic Photo Booth recommend renting the Model 14 for large-scale events?

Most importantly, It is the only photo booth with two entrances. Guests have the option to enter from both sides or enter from one side and exit from the other. It is convenient and helps quickly resolve queues (if any). The photo booth prints both black and white and color photos. You can see the quality of these photos by taking a look at the pictures Tinx took while introducing the new sauce. The vintage photo booth works very fast. Photos are delivered every thirty seconds. The machine can simultaneously develop seven photo strips. A person receives a finished strip within three minutes. More and more companies realize the importance of photo booth rental in promotional events and product launches. Therefore, their popularity is growing every day. Do not put off making a decision.  Decide on the photos (black & white or color) and the background. Think about photo booth branding or placing your custom logo on the photo strips. Order a photo booth now, even if it seems your event is still far away.

Vintage photo booth

CFDA Fashion Awards photo booth

CFDA Fashion Awards photo booth

Vintage photo boothCFDA Fashion Awards photo booth. On November 7th, 2022, in New York City, Manhattan, at Casa Cipriani Hotel, the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) in partnership with Amazon Fashion, held an event celebrating the brightest talents of modern fashion and the 60th anniversary of the CFDA. The solemn ceremony presented the prestigious CFDA Fashion Awards for achievements in the fashion industry. The brightest representatives of the fashion community, VIPs, and stars of show business attended this event: Cher, Irina Shayk, the Kardashian-Jenner sisters, Gigi Hadid, Julia Fox, Amanda Seyfried, Mariska Hargitay, and others. Natasha Lyonne hosted the gala performance. There were so many celebrity guests at the anniversary fashion show that even CFDA CEO Steven Kolb was amazed: “We seem to have a full house of celebrities. A lot of great names. We always have many stars, but today they just lined up coming to visit us”.

Queue for entertainment

So the queue was not only for awards but also for entertainment. The highlight of the evening was a fun photo session with guests in a vintage photo booth. The photo machine was perfect for the celebration of the 60th anniversary of American fashion. All the guests who came to the photo zone of the event wished to have stylish monochrome photos. The photo booth has become a time machine for the guests that can revive old memories. Some have the whole history of their engraved-on photo strips, others took photos for the first documents in their life, and some kissed for the first time behind a tightly drawn photo booth curtain, capable of keeping any secrets of their visitors.

Benefits of a photo booth

The main advantage of a vintage photo booth is that visitors can freely be in front of the camera. They have a rare opportunity to take off their masks and be themselves. The classic shape of the portable photo booth is convenient and compact, it can easily take in from three to five people and is perfect for guests who come to an haute couture festival. From the first minute of the event, the photo booth gathered around itself a lot of people who wanted to take pictures. And this is logical, because the photo booth, released in the 1960s of the last centuries, is in excellent condition. This is a representative product of that time! Despite the venerable age of the photo booth, the photos it creates can be stored for hundreds of years without deterioration in quality and color change.

The photo booth creates viral pictures

Popular photographer Bryant photographed the stars of show business. They joyfully crowded in the booth, amusing themselves and those around them with funny poses and grimaces. The process of taking pictures was quick due to the technical capabilities of the photo booth. In addition, this model has a double entry. The photo booth has a very high printing speed. The finished photo strip falls into the hands of the owner within three minutes. In addition, guests were happy to post their vintage photos on social networks, quickly reaching virality on Tik-Tok and Instagram. Thus, thanks to the Model-14 vintage photo booth, the memories of the haute couture festival organized by the CFDA with Amazon Fashion will forever remain in the memory of all its participants and guests.

Renting a vintage photo booth is possible for everyone

Well, it will be good for readers to know that they, like show business stars, can also rent a vintage photo booth for their celebrations, weddings, corporate events, and parties, and then enjoy a fun and festive atmosphere frozen in the frame.

Call us! 800-671-8815; 732-672-9816

Give us a call, and we’ll do the rest.

Vintage photo booth

Grammy award photo booth

Grammy award photo booth

Vintage photo boothGrammy award photo booth on the night of February 5-6, 2023, the 65th annual ceremony took place in Los Angeles at the Arena multifunctional complex. The brightest stars in the world took the pictures Grammy award photo booth. They eagerly awaited the voting results from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) members. The highest award for outstanding achievements in the music industry – the golden gramophone – awarded to the best performers, musical recordings, and compositions of 2022. Beyonce received the most nominations. She became the most nominated Grammy singer not only in 2023 but also in the entire ceremony history. The singer now has 32 golden gramophones, which is an absolute record for a music award. The Grammy vintage photo booth was a hit!

Grammy award photo booth: Stylish, Fashionable, Prestigious

Grammy is not only an awards ceremony for the best of the best in the music industry. This is a top event, consisting of performances, demonstrations of stunning outfits, communication, gossip, photo sessions, and interviews. Also, the most exquisite entertainment at social events – is informal selfies in the photo booth. The vintage photo booth has exploded in popularity over the past decade. People like to relax in front of the camera. They like to take off their masks and be themselves. They enjoy fooling around, as in childhood, charging with positive emotions. In addition, even if you are a celebrity, and just walked proudly along the red carpet under the bright flashes of cameras when you see an open photo booth curtain, you will definitely visit it. Then, laughing, you will look at the photo strips with your images. It would be nice if these pictures were shown to the children.

Grammy Vintage Photo Booth for Celebrities  

Not a single social event today can do without a vintage photo booth. After that, social networks literally exploded with vintage-like grainy portraits of celebrities. The vintage photo booth has become fashionable, prestigious, stylish, and important for everyone who “lives” on social networks. Last November, Bryant presented the Classic Photo Booth photobooth Model 14 at the CFDA Awards 2022. The fashion community, VIPs, and stars of American show business highly appreciated the opportunity to capture themselves in a new look. The popularity of the photo booth Model 14 was the same as at the 2023 Grammys. Throughout the night, the photo machine took pictures of world-famous stars and guests of the event. Samara Joy, Kim Petras, Nelly, Ciara, Dylan Mulvaney, Sam Smith, DJ Khaled, Lil Wayne, and many more photographed themselves in this historical moment of their life.

Grammy award photo booth Model 14 will Enrich any Event.

Even if you weren’t invited to the Grammy or CFDA Awards, and you didn’t capture yourself in a vintage look in a photo booth, you shouldn’t get discouraged. After all, you can easily rent a Vintage photo booth from Classic Photo Booth for any event you want to organize. Birthdays and weddings, anniversaries of parents and grandparents, graduations from colleges and universities, and corporate parties. However, how many topics can you come up with for organizing your holiday? If you are interested in renting a photo booth, contact Classic Photo Booth. Here you can rent the presented device at the best price and turn any event into an unforgettable holiday. The chosen photo booth will not only be delivered to you for the holiday but also turned into a memorable art object.

Vintage Photo Booth is Faster than the Digital Photo Booth.

Guests of any event are attracted to the Grammy award photo booth like a magnet. They are both inside and against its background, immediately uploading the achieved photos to the network, creating an instant chronicle of your holiday. In addition, the photo booth can print color or black and white photos. In addition, it does it in just three minutes, but you can take pictures every 30 seconds. Imagine that the guest has not yet managed to get out of the vintage photo booth, and the photo strips are already waiting for him outside. Thanks to the high-quality and fast operation of photo booth equipment, guests will not languish, waiting for their turn to take a selfie. So, think about what date you would like to book a photo booth rental and call us!


Super saturday event with the white classic photo booth developing black and white strips

Super Saturday Fundraising 

Super Saturday Fundraising.


Fundraising at super saturday event with the white booth developing black and white strips

  White photo booth for Super Saturday Fundraising with white booth for  Ovarian Cancer Research Fund’s event in Hampton. It was hosted by Kelly Ripa and Donna Karan.  Raised an impressive $3.5 million for ovarian cancer research on Saturday in July 26. The location was at Nova’s Ark Project in Water Mill, NY. Classic booth LLC  provided  the vintage non digital photo booth for Super Saturday Fundraising. Also we proud to say that our photo booth was very popular at the event. The high-profile Hamptons fundraiser, sponsored by QVC. It was a luxury shopping and family activity event. Also that boasts a one-of-a-kind designer garage sale. As well as kids’ carnival, luxury raffle and gourmet food. Therefore raising the funds for ovarian cancer research. Guests are able to shop the fashion garage sale.

Super Saturday Designers

Which includes merchandise from over 200 major designers. As always, the event’s red carpet was a success with celebrities. On the carpet, the “Live With Kelly & Michael”. Co-host spoke about her dedication to the cause and said she became an avid supporter of ovarian cancer research.  She also dished to about a recent birthday extravaganza. This past Friday, Ripa and husband, Mark Consuelos, attended Jennifer Lopez‘s 45th birthday. The event was at the private garden at Nammos Restaurant. Attendees stopped by one of the many attractions when they need a brake. Such as hair styling at Priv’s Braid Bar, psychic readings and the photo booth station. As well as  “Designers A to Zoe” booth treated  the shoppers with the there product.  The children’s area at super saturday was a hit with celeb moms and dads. Kids have carnival and lunch provided by Sant Ambroeus

3.5 Million Raised.

Also last year  Super Saturday raised $3.5 million. Read last year’s recap here. First of all his year’s Fundraising event was packed with Hamptonites. As well as  A-Listers on July 27.  But, in the midst of all the celebrity action, the event raised an incredible $3.5 million. East End fashionistas, Super Saturday’s ultra-luxury designer “garage sale” was a major hit this year.  As well as  a result guests scoured the sale for sought-after fashion finds by over 200 top designers.  Live, on-site broadcast, offering viewers the chance to get in on the Super Saturday action.

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Nike vintage booth

Nike Photo Booth, KY Records for Kyrie Irving

Photo Booth for Nike KY Records Pop-Up Shop for Kyrie Irving


Nike vintage boothClassic Photo Booth LLC was proud to work with Kyrie Irving and Nike with a VINTAGE photo booth.  Nike photo booth opening of the KY Records pop-up shop in New York City, New York. Absolute hit the Nike photo booth for KY Records, everyone enjoyed taking photos and mingling with each other for this great event. The location of the event is 306 Bowery, NY, NY 10012. Kyrie Andrew Irving is a basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers of Cleveland, Ohio. He plays as a point guard and most recently won the basketball championships (2016). Kyrie Irving was born in Melbourne, Australia, but grew up in West Orange, New Jersey.

Nike Photo Booth Pop-up Shop

It is very popular the past few years to have Pop-up retail, which is also commonly known as the pop-up store (or pop-up shop). This type of flash retailing is the trend of opening short-term sales spaces started in Los Angeles. And now there are pop up sales all over the United States, Canada, China, Japan, Mexico, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Australia. This one happened to be in New York where we provided Nike Photo Booth! The event with the Nike photo booth was  from January 5, 2017 until January 7th, 2017 for three days . The event was extended until January 11, 2017, where there was a special event held from 6pm until midnight. If you have a pop-up event you would like to hold, classic photo booth to help make it memorable! We can customize and brand the photo booth to your event specifics and theme.

A reminder of what we specialize in:

 We are thrilled to announce that we recently partnered with Kyrie Irving and Nike for a spectacular event at the opening of KY Records in New York City. We can also provide green screen rentals and arcade games to keep everyone having a blast. So Classic Photo Booth can provide the photo booth and/or green screen rentals for short-term and long term periods of time. Also we work with your needs to make your event unforgettable. Contact us today regarding renting a photo booth for your marketing  event, product launch and/or other special day! At Classic Photo Booth LLC, we provide bespoke, diverse photo booth options for a huge range of events. We will not fail to please your guests and visitors, and can lead to hours of fun for all.

More than 20 years of experience.

 Classic Photo Booth People are an expert team with more than 20 years of experience in this industry. We providing professional services for the East and West coasts. Creating a wonderful renting experience for our clients. Also we take a very direct approach to the installing and running of the booths. So that you don’t have to worry about a thing! In particular. We pride ourselves on our use of Nike photo booth, one of which we provided for the opening of KY Records. With trained technicians on hand to make sure that the booths operate smoothly with old-school  up-to-date, efficient technology. As well as our photo booths, we also provide other rental products to make your event a memorable one. We offer green screen rentals, open air booths, red carpets and arcade games as well. Also we make sure that everyone stays entertained throughout the event!

What is a Photo Booth?

The same as nike photo booth all machines are portable, variously styled.  Popularity started  at weddings and similar events about 10 years ago. They were a novelty- a fun, unusual way for guests to record their experiences. Creating images in that classic photo booth strip, that they would either take home or gift to the bride and groom. Now, in 2017, the majority of weddings seem to boast a photo booth feature. And the phenomenon has been taken up for a wider range of events, parties and special occasions. What started as a fad has been transformed into a ‘must-have’ for any festive gathering?

Why are they so popular?

 Firstly, they are portable, and thanks to advanced software and printer technology, they can be transported easily between events and no longer require permanent installation in one spot. Secondly, they provide a seamless link to that all-important platform of the millennial age, social media. A photo-booth takes ‘the selfies’ to a new level, and for guests at a party. it’s impossible to resist, and inevitably leads of raucous entertainment and laughter. A far cry from the original, strictly administrative purpose of photo booths for passport and ID photos. These are now all about entertainment rather than picture taking. Ironically, though, it’s the vintage characteristic of the photo-booth as a symbol of a bygone era that makes it such a popular installation. It reminds people of nostalgic, analogue days, of Polaroid’s and photo strips.

What is a Pop-up?

 Pop-up retail has exploded, globally. Also known as flash retail, and used to describe specific pop-up stores, this phenomenon refers to short-term sales spaces. It was described as the ‘ultimate hipster’ event, and quickly gained popularity with larger brands. The benefits of short-term retail experiences as a way of targeting audiences and raising brand awareness. The trend has expanded into other genres since 2009, and there are now pop-up restaurants everywhere as well.

  • It’s generally only open for a short period of time, ranging from 1 day to 3 months.
  • It’s positioned in an area of high foot traffic- city centers, busy streets and shopping malls are ideal locations.
  • The prices are mostly lower than in a traditional store, to draw customers in and raise brand awareness.
  • They are used to launch new products, generate awareness, test ideas or locations, and to keep up with the trend!

What are the benefits?

  • The space can be used different events from one day to the next- from a sample sale to a private party, for example.
  • Companies can build interest in their products and services, without the long-term financial commitment of a permanent retail space.
  • The environment created, by its very nature, is engaging and exciting.
  • It’s also a unique way for marketers to drive seasonal products, whether for Christmas, Halloween or otherwise.
  • It’s a great way to connect with customers, on a more personal level, and build stronger relationships.
  • You can sell more!
  • It encourages people to shop more spontaneously and impulsively, as the shop will only be in existence for a short period of time.

The KY Records Event with Nike Photo Booth

 Kyrie Andrew Irving is originally from Melbourne, Australia, but grew up in West Orange, NJ. He is a professional basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers of Ohio. He plays point-guard, and his team most recently won the 2016 Basketball Championships. KY Records, located at 603 Bowery, NY, is a space that allows Irving to indulge in his two passions. One is  basketball and also music. It’s a multifaceted space filled with records and products. Also a miniature court in an area called ‘The Cut,’ which cannot be viewed from the street. The court is perfect for Irving to practice his more high-intensity drills. Irving’s new custom-made Nike sneaker shoe, Kyrie 3, was on sale at this pop-up event. The opening of KY Records and ran from January 5th-7th. The event was then extended until the 11th, when a fabulous party was held for the final night.

Different style of the photo booths

 Indeed, we were thrilled to collaborate with both Nike and Irving for this event at KY Records! The beauty of Classic Photo Booth LLC is our ability to provide a range of different styles of photo booth. Nike photo booth we provided at KY Records pop-up shop, was a Vintage photo booth. Keeping with the style and overall tone of the event: we always customize the product according to client needs. Also we can brand our booths according to the event.  So we able to make the booth fit perfectly into its surroundings at this trendy venue. The guests absolutely loved the retro feel of our Vintage-Classic booth. We offer multiple choices of the classic photo booth. It uses an electro-mechanical and photographic chemical process to produce timeless prints.

Photo Booth Package

 Whichever package you choose, the photographs generated by the booth will last for hundreds of years. The pictures with no degradation in quality or in colors fading. The strips are everlasting, and can serve as happy memories of the event that you are hosting. Fans of basketball, and Kyrie Irving, can keep their photographs from the KY Records opening as a fun. Everyone will reminder of the part they played in this exciting event. Our booths are in fact the fastest on the market, taking high-quality photographs every 30 seconds. This rate of image-taking is essential for high-profile events such as the KY Records opening.  The numbers of excited basketball fans wanting to take part; but equally, for a wedding or party of any kind of. We are proud to be able to use such up to date technology and deliver the best results to our clients.

Order Vintage photo booth

So how do you ensure that your photo booth is perfectly suited for your event? Well, that’s where our custom-designing and huge range of personalizing options come in- the KY Records. When ordering a booth such as our Vintage booth, our clients are able to specify whether they require color or black and white strip. Also we can install a text logo between the pictures on the strip in our vintage booths. Which adds a more personal touch to the guests’ prints! We deliver and set up the booth (as well as remove it) as part of the inclusive package. Also we provide an attendant to help guests get the most out of the product. There’s also a props package to have fun and make the photographs even more entertaining!

  • Nike photo booth can make your photographs that little bit more formal, with an elegant black border around the edge.
  • Boost the entertainment factor of your photo booth experience and add some fun ‘dress-up’ items with our props package.
  • Personalize your guests’ photographs and link them to your brand further by opting for our beautiful custom wrapping service.
  • Access your photographs via an online gallery with password protection. Your guests can then access the gallery, or you can use the images for marketing/promotional purposes.

As well as these options:

 You can choose to have a wireless plasma TV slideshow included in the package. Adding a modern twist to the vintage booth. Also on top of that, you can have a wireless social media and email link. Your guests will be able to share their photos with their friends. Most importantly, we are authentic as well as innovative. We do not use computer developing systems for our vintage photo booth. Rather use traditional film and chemical developing in our booths to suit the needs of the event. We are passionate about providing a unique photo booth experience for our clients. Also we stand out because of our more traditional methods, and our combining of the modern with the vintage!


Green screen Photo Booth

Green Screen Photo Booth

Green Screen Digital Photo Booth!!!

Rent one of our very own Green Screen booth for your event today! Our green screen photo booths are customizable completely. That means, we can customize or brand the photo booth with wrapping.
We can customize the experience with a sign on top of the photo booth. Also, we can customize the picture in ANY WAY you would like.

 Photo Booth strip

green screen photo booth printing color and black whit strips with different backgroundsFor instance, if you want a photo strip with only two photos and a logo, we can do it. If you want a photo within a larger photo, our green screen digital photo booth can be customized to fit this format. We can customize the photo booth in virtually every way!

Also, the background of each photo can be customized using our green screen technology during the photo booth experience. That means that the person taking the photo can customize each photo with a different background. This type of technology does not exist on any other photo booths!

See the photo to the left for an example. The first photo has a red car in the background, the second photo has a white car in the background, the third photo has a las vegas background and the last photo is in the jungle! The possibilities are endless! If you have specific backgrounds you want your guests to choose from, we can do that too!!

Green screen photo booth

green screen photo booth with green backdrop to have pictures with different backgroundsSo the photo to the right shows the green screen photo booth with your custom wrapping. You can rent the photo booth with this design or create your own! Also a custom logo can be redesigned and added to the photo strip the possibilities are absolutely endless!

Since a  new photo booth is the only photo booth on the market that is completely customizable in EVERY WAY!!! We can change the white border to a different color border. For instance, the border can be hot pink! Or, red, or green or even black.


green screen photo booth technology for the events with different backgroundsAlso the photo to the left shows the green area of the photo booth. The green background works with our technology to bring you the ability to add a custom background to each photo.

Contact classic photo booth about renting a photo booth for your special event today!  Finally we offer complimentary quotes and can answer any questions you have on this wonderful new photo  booth!


Amelie custom digital photo booth

Amelie Musical in Los Angeles, CA

Amélie Photo Booth in Sherman Oaks, California

Amelie custom digital photo booth


 Amelie photo booth recently provided by Classic Photo Booth at  Westfield mall. The mall located at Sherman Oaks, California for a contest to win Amélie Musical tickets ( Amélie Photo Booth )!  All patrons have to do to enter is take a FREE photo in the digital photo booth located in the mall and then send themselves the photo via e-mail. The address of the mall is as follows: 14006 Riverside Dr, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423 with hours of 10am-9pm.The photo booth is on the premises until the end of December (December 25, 2016).

The Amélie Musical

 The musical is based on the 2001 movie Amélie, which is a comedy about a young woman who orchestrates the lives of the people around her in Paris, France. The movie about of the charming young woman living in Paris, France. Amélie photo booth also involves the concept of the booth in the move. Namely, Amélie pursues a quirky guy who collects discarded photo booth pictures. Therefore, the contest and marketing campaign for the musical which is headed by photo booth photos is great! The musical is starting in Los Angeles before it reaches New York early next year. Amelie musical become favorite for many people. 

Custom Digital photo booth

The Amelie photo booth has instructions for patrons to take the photo and send it via e-mail. You then have the opportunity to post it on their social media! Such exposure not only allows patrons to enter into the contest, but also advertises the musical! Patrons can reserve their tickets for the show now or wait to see if they win the contest. Are interested in using the Amelie photo booth in your next marketing event? Contact us and we can make your vision come true!  Tony nominee Phillipa Soo returns to Broadway in Amélie. A new musical based on the beloved five-time Oscar®-nominated film.). Amélie is an extraordinary young woman who lives quietly in the world, but loudly in her mind.  But when a chance at love comes her way, Amélie realizes that to find happiness. She’ll have to risk everything and say what’s in her heart. 

Instagram for Forbes event

Classic Photo Booth Rental in Forbes.

Classic Photo Booth Rental Featured in!

photo booth rental for Forbes recently featured  Photo Booth with respect to photo booth rental services released in November of 2016.

  • “The box with a curtain and a swivel seat inside still exists, and the kids still love it.”

The Forbes article is entitled: Why Photo Booth are surging In An Age Of Instagram. Also focused on why the Vintage photo booth rental remains a popular commodity amount event planners. As well in the age of high-tech phone cameras and photo-based social media applications including: Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. The article stated that the Original vintage non-digital photo booth remains popular due to its “classic” or “vintage” appeal. The photo booth experience allows individuals to feel closer and brings the younger generation (who may have never seen the non-digital photo booth in public) excitement!


The article further notes that We can use the photo booth in corporate marketing strategies and connected with new-age technology such as iPads. Our vintage booths are completely customizable to any marketing campaign. This includes custom wrapping and the ability to include the company logo or marketing theme on the photo itself.

Promoting brand awareness is the main focus of most marketing campaigns. Just think, since most people keep photos as keepsakes for years, the booth facilitates brand awareness.  The end-user (customer) further has a favorable experience with the brand. The brand is spread to family, friends, co-workers, etc. and further promotes brand awareness.

The article then goes on to answer common questions regarding photo booth rentals. These include: pricing options, black & white or color photo options, background options, and more. Other common questions, in our experience, include alternatives to the photo booth (including the digital photo booth and green screen rental options.

If you have any questions regarding the photo booth and/or other rental, please fill out the contact us by or call us at 800-671-8815,  we would be happy to answer any and all questions you may have.


ippolita photo booth

Ippolita Photo Booth

Vintage Ippolita Photo Booth

 vintage ippolita photo booth

Vintage ippolita Photo Booth were running between February 8th and February 18th. Also Classic Photo Booth, LLC, had the privilege of providing custom photo booths in 4 different cities for Ippolita. The event kicked off in Dallas, TX then headed to Los Angeles, CA. Also followed by Atlanta, GA and Short Hills, NJ. Finally each event was a full day event held at Neiman Marcus locations in each respective city. So the jewelry designer herself appeared at each event. And they photos of her adorned in the jewelry decorated the exterior of the photo booth.

Read More…

Royal custom photo booth

Royal Photo Booth Gathering!

Royal custom photo boothRoyal Photo Booth

Royal Photo Booth at a Royal Gathering! Sponsored by Jack Wills for The Foundation Polo Challenge. That’s right!  So Classic Photo Booth provided two digital photo booths sponsored by Jack Wills for The Foundation Polo Challenge held at the Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club on July 9th. Also Prince William and Princess Catherine were in attendance, as well as many other notables. Prince William even competed in and won the Polo Challenge! Check out the story on the above photo on People Magazine Online. Prince William, Princess Catherine, & family took photos in the Royal Photo Booth at the Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club shortly before Prince William’s polo match as well as our digital photo booth sponsored by Jack Wills. So Jennifer Love Hewitt taking a series of photos in the photo booth sponsored by Jack Wills!

PHOTOS: William & Kate: L.A. Royalty

Black photo booth stripIf you want a photo booth for your next event, contact us today! Also Prince William wasn’t the only one scoring at Saturday’s polo game. Joe Jonas was also in high spirits at the Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club. As he celebrated the prince’s win with a special lady by his side: model Karlie Kloss, who is the current face of Oscar de la Renta. Prior to the game, Jonas, 21, and Kloss, 18, goofed around in the Royal photo booth sponsored by Jack Wills.  As well as the British fashion house that designed the jerseys for the match. So in the cute black-and-white photos, the two strike three poses, going from serious to silly. Kloss makes a kissy face! – to romantic. In the last image of their uncensored shoot, they gaze into each other’s eyes.

Dior and Marc Jacobs

Jonas and Kloss, who has also starred in ad campaigns for Dior and Marc Jacobs, kept close company at the match, which benefited the American Friends of the Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry. After attending the luncheon with the Jacks Wills team and flirting in the Royal photo booth. The two were spotted chatting it up in the stands as they cheered on Team Royal Salute alongside Duchess Catherine and Alex Pettyfer. Prince William had an idea to do photo booth leasing.


Puma i am 60

Puma Vintage Photo Booth

Puma’s 60th Anniversary Classic Photo Booth

Classic photo booth custom wrapped for Puma’s 60th Anniversary! Everyone enjoyed the booth. The Puma photo booth was an absolute hit with everyone. The Puma photo booth was stationed in one of Puma’s flagship stores and was custom wrapped with their anniversary graphic!

In 1948 PUMA was born. Today, 60 years later, the sport lifestyle brand known for fusing the influences of sports, lifestyle and fashion celebrates in style with a series of consumer events from free concerts, shopping events and birthday parties across the country. The brand is loved by many and known by almost all.

Of course one of the biggest lifestyle brands would celebrate its birthday in style! That’s what Classic Photo Booth LLC provided on of its personal digital customized photo booths for PUMA!

Puma Photo Booth

Puma Vintage photo boothPuma decided to go with the wrapping based on the theme of the party which was “Puma is turning 60”. They put 60 all over the wrapped booth so that the photo booth fit in seamlessly with the party. The Puma photo booth was adored by employees and workers alike.

This classic photo booth was a perfect decision for puma due to its many features. A digital both makes it possible to have a social media aspect within the booth. This means once the guests take the photo they can send their picture to their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This is great for many companies that want to promote their business without even lifting a finger! Puma Photo BoothPuma also choose to have their personal logo attached to each photo strip so that the guests remembered exactly where this picture was taken with time! The guests enjoyed the booth all night and even went back for 2nd photos!

Thank you so much PUMA for having Classic Photo Booth at such a memorial birthday! You guys rock!

Playboy tv in ny

PlayBoy Custom Classic Photo Booth

PlayBoy TV Custom Classic Photo Booth

Playboy photo booth we provided (Playboy TV Photo Booth) for the launch of The Bridget & Wednesday Friday Show Comes to Sirius. Bridget is one of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends and the star of the hit show. The show is  “The Girls Next Door” on the E! Network. She loves anything old school so when she head we could provide a classic vintage photo booth she had to have it at her launch party!

Playboy Photo Booth

Bridget was absolutely thrilled with her choice on this photo booth. She enjoyed the Playboy TV Photo Booth to the fullest! Bridget took a photo with almost every single guest that attended! Of course Heff needed to get into the booth as well. The girl’s next door- Bridget, Holly, Kendra and of course Heff all squeezed into this awesome Playboy TV Photo Booth. They took on unforgettable photo! Heffner was also so taken back on how amazing the photo booth was. He loved the vintage feel to the Playboy TV Photo Booth and explained he loved taking pictures with these booths when he was younger.

Playboy Photo BoothSo the Playboy Radio channel (198) debuted a new show staring Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend and co-star of the popular television show “The Girls Next Door,” Bridget Marquardt.

The show titled “The Bridget & Wednesday Friday Show” is set to air live every Friday morning and will feature “Bridget’s insider tales of life at the Playboy Mansion as well as her adventures with Hef, Holly and Kendra”…sounds juicy. If you are wondering who “Wednesday” is, he is her Pekingese. You read that right, Bridget’s dog will be the co-host on the show. I’d love to just make a mockery of this whole idea but, the fact that Bridget has her Master’s degree in Communications gives her enough credibility that I will have to at least listen before I judge.

The Playboy TV Photo Booth was an absolute hit with everyone! Thanks for the invite Playboy! We had a great time!

night club

Raven Club Photo Booth

Photo Booths, the Party’s Hot Spot!

The photo booth party was for VFiles at Raven Club (Raven Club Photo Booth). The online fashion hub and store, and as expected, cameras were everywhere. In addition to the half-dozen photographers assigned to cover the Fashion Week affair, guests posed for selfies. And they snapped pictures of the rapper A$AP Rocky and the artist Mykki Blanco. Read More…

Montclair private event

Montclair Vintage Photo Booth

Montclair Vintage Photo Booth

Montclair vintage photo boothMontclair Vintage Photo Booth for This private event was hosted for parents of students enrolled in Kindergarten at MKA with Montclair Photo Booth. Parents mingled and got to know each other. All of the guests absolutely loved the custom wrapped Montclair Photo Booth. Wrapped with the logo and the year the students would graduate high school was a clever and fun touch. By the end of the night all of the parents had their photo taken in the booth and kept going back for more! The Montclair photo booth provided great entertainment as well as a conversation starter! The Montclair photo booth allowed the children as well as the adults to come together and join in an activity for everyone. Many students who never even met had a memory with their new classmate. This was a great icebreaker and aloud the students to bond over funny pictures.

Custom Scrapbook 

The cool thing about this is some of these children will eventually meet their best friends in this class and go off to high school with them. How amazing is it that they will have a documented photo of them in the scrapbook when they first met? Occasions such as first time meetings or meet and greets are great for a photo booth. It allows everyone to come together and to act like themselves while taking a photo.

Photo booth props

 You can add funny props to make the event less intimidating! Adding a attendant helps ease the process. Vintage Photo Booth also added a custom scrapbook to this event. The students all signed and added their photos from that day. They wrote what they wanted to accomplish between now and high school as well as the friends they had met that day. The school is going to give it to the high school to be opened when they graduate! Good Luck Class of 2028!

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Incredibly FUN Party Idea

Fun Party Idea

Five Incredibly FUN Party Idea

Once in awhile you read about lavish parties at celebrity hot spots in New York or Los Angeles, and you wonder: Why can’t my event be like that? We have put together an incredibly FUN party idea or FIVE for you in this article. Read More…