Photo booth Model 11

Photo booth at Salem’s Birthday

Salem Mitchell’s Unforgettable 25th Anniversary with Vintage Photo Booth

Model Salem Mitchell in the photo boothClassic Photo Booth LLC provided a vintage Model 11 photo booth for Salem Mitchell‘s birthday celebration. The 25th birthday of the unique model from renowned modeling agencies occurred at Tenants of the Trees in Los Angeles.

The birthday girl spent her special day in the company of close friends. The lively party gifted Salem Mitchell and her guests with unforgettable memories, especially with the abundance of entertainment that made it a special and memorable event.

Dancing, cocktails, and a birthday cake brought delight to the guests. But the highlight of the evening, which added a touch of fun and nostalgia, was the vintage photo booth. It provided the guests the opportunity to create unique photographs, preserving vibrant moments and joyful memories.

Surrounded by close friends, Salem Mitchell created an incomparable atmosphere of celebration, where every moment was filled with love and joy. Her 25th birthday left a deep impression in the hearts of all attendees and became not only a reason for celebration but also a significant milestone in her life and career.

Vintage photo booth at Tenants of the Trees

TENANTS OF THE TREES Tenants of the Trees is a special venue in Los Angeles where celebrations, especially birthdays, are truly memorable. This establishment is known for its unique atmosphere and style that make every event one-of-a-kind.

The club attracts a diverse crowd, from regular people to celebrities, all drawn by live music and talented DJs. But the special highlight of the celebrations held at Tenants of the Trees is undoubtedly the vintage Model 11 photo booth. When the mood is festive and playful, the hosts and the party guests always seek to capture the brightest moments of the occasion.


Birthday cake for Salem Salem Mitchell enjoyed her 25th birthday at Tenants of the Trees and created memories that will stay with her for a lifetime.

The camera in the vintage photo booth Model 11 accentuated her unique appearance, individuality, and distinctiveness.

Each shot became a small work of art, reflecting Salem’s confidence, style, and beauty.

The photo booth provided her with the opportunity to preserve these moments for years to come, allowing her to reminisce and relive the joy of that special day.

Vintage Photo Booths by Classic Photo Booth LLC

Colored photo strip from the vintage photo boothClassic Photo Booth LLC specializes in providing vintage photo booths that bring a touch of retro to any event. The photo booths from Classic Photo Booth LLC not only offer the opportunity to create unique photographs but also add fun and memorable entertainment for guests and hosts of the celebration.

Classic Photo Booth LLC  is the oldest company with extensive experience in working with photo booths. They are the only company that offers vintage photo booths for rent. The company offers a wide range of vintage models of photo booths that satisfy any customer’s needs, regardless of the style and theme of the event.

However, when renting a vintage photo booth, the customer receives not only high-quality equipment but also professional service. The experienced staff sets up the photo machine and ensures its seamless operation throughout the event.

A photo booth from Classic Photo Booth LLC is the perfect addition to weddings, birthdays, corporate events, proms, and any other special occasion. Guests will be delighted by the process of creating unique snapshots as well as capturing bright moments and unforgettable memories.

The most in-demand vintage photo booths from Classic Photo Booth LLC are:

  • Classic Photo Booth model 20 with White Exterior.
  • Classic Photo Booth model 20 with Faux Wood Exterior.
  • Model 14 Photo Booth (Wood Exterior).
  • Model 11 vintage photo booth built-in 1960.

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