Sweet Sixteen Photography

Sweet Sixteen Photography

Sweet Sixteen Photography with Green Screen Backdrop

Sweet Sixteen Photography this past weekend for Melissa’s Sweet 16 where guests were lucky enough to try out Melissa’s green screen activities! Every guest took green screen photos using our green backdrop and custom backgrounds.

First the guests were able to choose their own background to their liking. Also they stand a certain way so that their pose made sense to the background! They choose funny props. The party-goers had many group photos as well as photos with the birthday princess herself!

Melissa’s guests were extremely impressed by their personal photos. They couldn’t believe how lifelike the green screen technology is! Many of her friends even went back for a second and third photo!

Melissa also decided to add a personalized logo to her photos so that her guests will always remember this photo was taken at her sweet sixteen.

When you have green screen photos at your event you will make any of the guests dreams come to life. Choosing a background of somewhere you want to visit or someone you would love to meet really lets you give your guests a great keepsake.

Green Screen Photos

How does this work you might ask? We take a photo of the guests in front of a green screen backdrop and our photo editing professional does the rest. Photos are printed on the spot in minutes and are also available in 2″ by 6″, 4″ x 6″ or 5″ x 7″ or custom shapes. You can choose a series of themed backgrounds or let us provide some of our most popular backgrounds. Our designing team can even provide a special design for your event. Also we can customize the Photos with a company or personal logo so you can add the final amazing touches to the photo!

Last Green Screen photography is great for absolutely any event. It allows guests to have some fun while taking pictures and allows the host to give back to the guest. Let us provide easy booking for you today!