Photo booth at the Orange Party at Porter Simmons

Vintage photo booth in Brooklyn

A vintage photo booth in Brooklyn, NY became the main attraction at the orange-themed party

Photo shoot at the Orange Party in BrooklynVintage photo booth in Brooklyn, NY became the main attraction at the orange-themed party. Moreover, the event, dedicated to the 30th birthday of Porter Simmons, Coveteur’s Social Media Editor, took place on March 23 at Shell’s Loft Red Hook. It was a bright and memorable occasion that brought many positive emotions to the guests. Furthermore, the party was filled with a spring-like, sunny mood, creating a sense of warmth and joy.

Gatherings By Emily decorated the venue in the style of an orange party. Originality and creativity are present in every detail. The long tables were decorated with orange tablecloths, and in the center of each table was a simple long strip of white paper. Various exotic fruits of yellow and orange colors adorned the center of the tables. Bright juicy mandarins, bananas, lemons, Kiwano, Kumquat, and other fruits delighted the guests and left a lasting impression.

The floral arrangements also caught the guests’ attention. Furthermore, Flowerpsycho chose rare Leucospermum flowers in yellow and orange for decoration, adorned with Kumquat garlands. Additionally, above the guests’ heads, garlands of balloons gently swayed. Of course, they also matched the party theme and resembled giant lollipops. It must be said that the vintage photo booth Model 14 looked great in the bright fruity design of the party in Brooklyn, NY.

A Vintage-Themed Birthday in New York

Vintage photo stripe Porter The orange-themed party was an unforgettable event, giving everyone present positive impressions and joyful moments. Additionally, guests were surrounded by care and hospitality. Furthermore, they marveled at the creativity and fun. Moreover, they enjoyed all the entertainment prepared by the party organizers. Naturally, the vintage photobooth shoot became one of the main attractions at the party.

The birthday celebrant, Porter Simmons, happily posed with family and friends in the vintage photo booth.

She also wrote on Instagram after the party: “I learned a lot of lessons on Saturday, including but not limited to always using the photo booth before my fifth margarita.” Moreover, one of the guests admitted that he came to the party in Brooklyn only to take pictures in a vintage photo booth. In addition, the guests willingly posed, creating bright and cheerful photographs. Consequently, black and white photo strips will remain a reminder of this holiday for a long time. A vintage photo booth in Brooklyn, New York added charm and fun to the orange party atmosphere. It has become a wonderful way to capture moments of joy and laughter with friends and loved ones.

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It is worth noting that vintage photo booths from Classic Photo Booth LLC have gained immense popularity. The company provides them for photo shoots at the Grammy and NFL. In addition, to Fashion Nova, Magic Hour, Saint Laurent, Victoria’s Secret, Blush, EmRata, ALO ATELIER, and others. A photo machine from Classic Photo Booth LLC graces the Whitney Museum of American Art. Artists such as Ariana Grande rent analog photo booths for their parties.

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Dancing with the birthday girl at Shell’s Loft Red Hook. Orange party color scheme. Girl with vintage photo stripes at the birthday party.Vintage picture by Porter Simmons.     Photo stripes as a souvenir of a fun party.