Rihanna Photo Booth

Rihanna’s First Baby Birthday!

Custom Digital Photo booth for Rihanna’s First Baby Birthday!

We provide a custom digital photo booth for Rihanna’s goddaughter Majesty, first birthday (Rihanna Photo Booth)!

Rihanna’s goddaughter Majesty loved the photo booth we provided for them (Rihanna Photo Booth).

When she’s not busy living up to her Bad Gal Riri Instagram handle, it’s no secret that Rihanna has a soft spot for babies, especially her cousin’s daughter, Majesty. In the past, baby Majesty—whom Rihanna refers to as her niece—has made several cameos on the singer’s Instagram and even accompanied her to the 2015 Grammy Awards. In honor of the tot’s first birthday, her family threw a special Flintstones-themed party, where Rihanna got in the spirit by dressing up as Pebbles Flintstone.  The singer came complete with a bone perched in her red hair, and invited the entire island to the bash.  She obviously needed to add a personalized Flintstone digital photo booth from Classic Photo Booth!

Rihanna Photo Booth

When we found out the theme for the party, our Classic Photo Booth team quickly started to come up with many ideas for the custom wrapping of the booth. We decided to go with the classic Flintstone’s characters adding a personal touch to it such as adding Riri’s Rihanna Photo Boothgoddaughters name on it! The whole Flintstone’s family was there to wish Majesty a happy birthday! The photos also had branded logos on them. The guests were able to choose between color and black and white photos.

It came out perfectly and matched the party seamlessly. Many celebrity guests raved about how much fun Majesty’s personal photo booth was! This was a great way to always have memories of this first birthday party!

Rihanna is just amazing. I love how she stay keeps it real with her friends and family. We are so happy we were able to provide the photo booth to her wonderful event! Happy first Birthday Majesty! Thank you for having us!