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Vintage photobooth at Lafayette Hill

The vintage photo booth at Lafayette Hill captured the hearts of both adults and children

Photo session in the vintage photo booth Model-14 in Lafayette Hill.The vintage photo booth at Lafayette Hill captured the hearts of both adults and children at Cooper’s birthday party. The festive event took place on May 11 at the famous Liberty Hill. Cooper’s parents and the organizers made sure the celebration was like a fairy tale. Surrounded by family and friends, the charming Cooper celebrated her first milestone — turning one year old. The party, aptly named “Cooper Turns One”, featured various attractions at Liberty Hill that delighted both adults and children.

To begin with, the enormous playground for children drew attention with its variety of entertainment options. There was a personalized cart offering sweets of all kinds and a cotton candy machine. In the Balloon Bubble House, kids chased floating balloons. This huge capsule with flying balls became the true highlight of the 2024 summer season, thrilling all the children. Additionally, an inflatable castle served as a play area for games.

Furthermore, tall tables adorned with glamorous pink cocktail tablecloths added a touch of sophistication to the event. However, the vintage photo booth brought joy to everyone, both young and old. Guests eagerly lined up to take photos, aiming to capture and cherish the moments of happiness forever. Thanks to the photo booth, everyone took home a piece of this magical day, immortalized in charming vintage photo strips.

A blend of vintage, quality, and modern technology

Printing a file on vinyl film on a plotter.The vintage photo booth Model-14 at the Lafayette Hill party featured personalized photos of the birthday girl, Cooper, printed on vinyl film.

It’s worth noting that Classic Photo Booth LLC uses top-of-the-line equipment for printing on vinyl film — the Mutoh ValueJet 1324X plotter. This is the fastest machine in the class of environmentally friendly inkjet plotters, equipped with modern heads with variable drop sizes. These heads ensure impressive performance and enhanced print quality at high speed. The wide-format plotter is designed for producing long-term outdoor materials.

Therefore, the vintage photo booth, covered with vinyl film printed on the Mutoh ValueJet 1324X plotter, can withstand any weather conditions without losing quality. This feature is particularly useful for large events that cannot be canceled or moved to another location.

Furthermore, the photo booth perfectly complemented the overall design of the children’s party. Thanks to the high print speed, all guests received their photos instantly, adding even more joy and fun to the event.

Additionally, the personalized images on the photo booth attracted attention and created a special atmosphere at the party. Guests eagerly took photos, capturing happy moments and sharing them on social media, which generated additional interest in the event. The vintage photo booth not only became a highlight of the celebration but also helped create unforgettable memories for everyone present.

Black and white photo stripes: Tiny Time Capsules Preserving Moments of Happiness

Photo strip of Cooper parents at Liberty Hill.Vintage photo stripe of Cooper's guests.Black and white photo stripes at a children's party.Photo strips are like tiny time capsules, forever preserving moments of happiness. To ensure every guest takes home this small masterpiece of photographic art, Classic Photo Booth LLC undertakes a significant amount of work. They personalize the vintage photo booth, deliver it to the location, install it, fill special containers with chemicals, and fine-tune the equipment. Their team is always present to assist with the photo shoot. All of this effort ensures that participants can look at their black-and-white photo strip at home, recall the beautiful moments, and smile.

Vintage photo strips will serve their owners and their descendants for many years. Their uniqueness lies not only in their excellent quality and stylish retro design but also in their ability to capture genuine emotions and real moments, which are hard to convey by other means. Additionally, photo strips are easy to place in an album or on a refrigerator, where they will bring daily joy and remind one of a happy event.

Moreover, vintage photo strips from Classic Photo Booth LLC possess a special magic. They can take you back to the past and become the beginning of a family tradition. A tradition that will be passed on from generation to generation. These small but meaningful artifacts will preserve memories of life’s best moments. They will always bring a smile and warmth to the hearts of everyone who sees them.


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Vintage photo of parents at "Cooper Turns One". Classic photo booth at the fun birthday party. Analog photo booth in Liberty Hill. Sweet birthday party for Cooper.

Balloon Bubble House at Liberty Hill. Personalized photo booth at Liberty Hill. Copper's Birthday at Lafayette Hill PA.Photo stripe from photo booth Model-14.