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Classic photo booth Model-14 at Blush event, LA

Vintage photo booth at Blush

The vintage photo booth became a standout attraction at the party dedicated to the launch of Blush

Classic photo booth at Blush event.Booth by Bryant in Mount Olympus Drive, LA.Classic Photo Booth LLC provided the vintage photo booth Model 14 for the Blush launch party. Blush is a unique new dating platform that isn’t easy; individuals must receive an invitation. This applied to everyone who attended the lively party on August 31st at the luxurious Mount Olympus Drive mansion in Los Angeles.

By the way, the party was lively, packed with entertainment, and made truly special by the presence of the vintage photo Model 14 booth. It served as a highlight of the event, celebrating the launch of the new dating website, Blush. The unique photo machine created an atmosphere of fun and memorable moments with a retro touch. Guests eagerly preserved these moments in the form of elegant vintage photo strips. These creative black-and-white snapshots will forever remind those who attended the party of the exciting event.

Among the guests at the Blush party were many well-known personalities, including Imari Stuart, Vince Rossi, Hannah Harrison, Jessica VillegasTatiana Bjork Franco, Kellie Stewart, Alice Palay, Erin Michelle Cummins, and others.


Unforgettable Moments with Vintage Photo Booth Model 14: Notable Guests at the Blush Party

Vintage photo stripes at Blush launch partyBlack and white photo stripes at Blush launch party.At this electrifying event organized by Blush, guests found numerous ways to enjoy themselves with the vintage photo booth Model 14. Social Media Curator Jordin Drake, actresses Ruby Sumegi and Alexis Nicole Beckman, model Meghan Wiggins, Director of Social Media Relations at Scott Barnes Cosmetics Linzy Luu, actress Ava Allan, and other well-known personalities made the most of this vintage photo booth.

They gladly posed in front of the camera, capturing unique and memorable shots with friends. Guests couldn’t help but burst into laughter, creating pictures in an informal and friendly atmosphere. The black-and-white photographs added a special charm to the experience. Moreover, each photo strip became a mini-visiting card of memories from this vibrant event.

Model 14’s photo booth not only generated fun and unforgettable moments but also allowed guests to share their joy with others through their social media and personal albums. It was a true highlight of the Blush party, adding a unique charm to the event.

Magical Moments in the Photo Booth at the Blush Party: Advantages of Vintage Photo Strips

Photo stripes from Model-14 boothModel-14 photo booth at Blush, LAParty guests are simply delighted with how they spent their time in the vintage photo booth at the Blush party. They didn’t just take photos; they did it in the company of the renowned photographer Bryant. He knows the art of photography and knows how to capture unique and stunning shots. For many, getting photographed by Bryant and acquiring photo strips taken by the leading photographer is a true dream.

It’s these vintage photo strips that ultimately become cherished souvenirs. Guests highly value the elegant black-and-white photo strips featuring their images, and this is what makes the party unique.

So, what are the advantages of vintage photo strips? There are several:

Firstly. Retro Charm. Black-and-white photos lend a stylish look to the images, transporting guests back in time and creating a unique atmosphere.

Secondly, Memorable Moments. Vintage photo strips serve as reliable keepers of party moments that can be preserved and revisited many years later.

Third, Souvenirs and Gifts. Guests can gift photo strips to friends or keep them as unique mementos of the party.

Fourth, Creative Expression. Guests express their individuality and creativity in the photos, creating unique and fun snapshots.

Fifth, Social Interaction. Sharing photo strips on social media and with friends provides an opportunity to share fun and joy with others.

Thanks to Classic Photo Booth LLC and their vintage Model 14 photo booth, party guests were able to preserve memories of this important event in a unique style and make the evening unforgettable.


CARLA DAVINA FLORES for pictures at Blush event, LA xantasmine photo strips CARLA DAVINA FLORES, photo stripes, LA Vintage-stripe-at-Blush event, LA Black-and-white-photo-stripes-at-Blush

Classic photo booth for 818 Tequila event

Vintage photobooth at 818 Tequila

Kendall Jenner Organizes Vintage Photo Booth Photoshoot at 818 Tequila Brand Launch Party

Vintage-photo-booth-for-Tequila-818-eventClassic Photo Booth LLC provided a  vintage photobooth Model 14 for the event dedicated to the launch of the 818 Tequila brand. The brand’s founder, model Kendall Jenner, announced August 18th as the official brand launch date and celebrated with a grand party.

The celebration took place at the picturesque Delilah restaurant in Los Angeles and gathered numerous well-known guests. Kensington Tillo, Patrick Starrr (born Patrick Simondac), Gabby Windey, Sabrina Quesada, Colt Paulsen, Kris Jenner, Emma Brooks, Charity Lawson, and many others joyfully joined to congratulate Kendall Jenner on the birth of her brand.

Naturally, the vintage photobooth Model 14 added an unforgettable touch to this special event 818 Tequila. It indeed became a vibrant accent at the party, providing guests with numerous unforgettable moments and a fantastic atmosphere. The vintage photo booth session was led by the renowned photographer Bryant.

By the way, together with the popular photographer Bryant, Kendall Jenner, a big fan of taking pictures in classic photo booths, created a lot of interesting vintage shots. Kendall Jenner liked the black-and-white photo strips so much that she didn’t let go of them.

Happiness Captured on Vintage Photo Strips

 Kendall Jenner in the vintage photo booth As mentioned earlier, in an effort to support her tequila brand, Kendall Jenner has invited numerous guests. They enjoyed the party, tequila, and dancing. But it was the vintage Model 14 photo booth that helped them keep the memories of that enchanting evening alive.

Many of the esteemed guests reveled in the photo sessions within the photo booth and the vintage photo strips, just like children. They posed and shared these photos on social media, and judging by these shots, they were immensely happy.

Laughter and playfulness, captured on the black and white strips, merged with the atmosphere of the party, creating a unique atmosphere at the event. These photographs became vivid proof of how much the guests relished this celebration and cherished the moments of their happiness.

Each photograph became a small treasure in the hearts of the guests, serving as a reminder of the splendid time spent among friends and celebrities. These shots also became a part of the legacy of the 818 Tequila brand, accentuating its distinctive style and atmosphere.

Consequently, the vintage photo booth Model 14 not only adorned the party and added uniqueness to it but also transformed the moments into memories. 

Style Fusion: Unique Collaboration Between Delilah and Classic Photo Booth LLC

Kendall-Jenner-and-vintage photo-stripsAn event brimming with joy and merriment took place on the premises of the renowned Los Angeles establishment, Delilah. This restaurant has become a customary hub for vibrant gatherings. This time, it hosted a grand celebration in honor of the 818 Tequila brand.

The vintage photo booth from Classic Photo Booth LLC was enhancing the exceptional attention to detail and the event’s ambiance. Within these walls, it felt right at home, as Delilah often selects this photo booth to create distinctive memories. Guests, including prominent figures, celebrities, and influencers, eagerly posed in front of its lens, capturing their vivid moments.

Like a keeper of memories, the vintage photo booth Model 14 seemingly became part of the restaurant’s atmosphere. Its black-and-white strips immortalized joyful smiles, warm embraces, and lively emotions.

The collaboration between Delilah and Classic Photo Booth LLC proved to be a perfect union. Together, they fashioned a magical space for guests who sought to relish the event’s unique ambiance and flavors. These black-and-white strips have become more than just a way to capture moments. They are a means of preserving the event’s spirit, making it eternal in hearts and photographs.


If you too wish to create an unparalleled atmosphere at your celebratory event, turn to Classic Photo Booth LLC. Our photo machines possess the magic of preserving your joy and life’s pivotal moments. Let each photo become an eternal witness to your unique story. Bring your dreams to life with us. Classic Photo Booth LLC is the key to memories that will forever reside in your heart and photographs.





Kendal-Jenner-and-Kensington-Tillo-photo strip Kendal-Jenner-and-Kensington-Tillo-photo-strip Kendal-Jenner-and-Kensington-Tillo-photo-strip Kendal-Jenner-and-Kensington-Tillo-black-and-white-photo-strip

Kendal-Jenner-vintage photo-strip Kendal-Jenner-black-and-white-photo-strip. Kendal-Jenner-photo-strips Vintage photo strip 818 Tequila.

Bryant-in-the-classic-photo-booth Colt-Paulsen-photo-strip Delilah Los Angeles-818-Tequila party-for-818-Tequila-at-Delilah-in-Los-Angeles

Classic photo booth for Saint Laurent, Malibu

Vintage photobooth for Saint Laurent

Vintage Elegance and Luxury:
Saint Laurent Event with Model 14 Photo Booth in Malibu

Bryant-in-the-vintage-photo-booth-Model-14-for-Saint LaurentClassic Photo Booth LLC provided the vintage photobooth Model 14 for the event organized by Saint Laurent at Ellice Street in Malibu. The organizers deserve credit for choosing the perfect location for the celebration – a modern luxury resort designed by Skrillex in Marisol Malibu Community.

It’s impossible to take your eyes off the architectural masterpiece on Ellice Street. Perched on a one-acre cliff overlooking the ocean, the mansion’s glass entrance allows for unobstructed views of the vast ocean. The scenic pool also beckons everyone fortunate enough to participate in Saint Laurent’s beauty extravaganza.

This momentous event brought together internet stars, popular YouTubers, and successful entrepreneurs.

Hayley Noelle LeBlanc, Jules Leblanc, Aysha Harun, Olivia Huffman, Vienna Skye, Anna Shumatee, Carter Gregory, Jasmine Tookes, Summer Mckeen, Nia Sioux, Sabrina Quesada, AMENAH, and many others enthusiastically engaged in the event’s rich program.

Of course, the highlight of the evening was the photo session in the vintage photobooth Model 14 at Saint Laurent, skillfully overseen by the talented photographer, Bryant.

Color Photo Strips: Little Capsules of Happiness

Nia-Sioux-photo strip Saint Laurent event, Malibu. The vintage photo booth Model 14 from Classic Photo Booth LLC became a bright highlight of the event, adding charm and sophistication to it. Celebrities and guests posed with pleasure in front of the camera, creating unforgettable shots. This time, the photo strips were in color. It can be confidently said that they became unique works of art, reflecting the individuality and style of each participant.

It has been noticed that celebrities, influencers, internet stars, and public figures have long understood that photos from the classic photo booth are something special. They are true masterpieces that will be cherished in memories and hearts for many years.

AMENAH-color-photo-strip, Saint Laurent event, Malibu.


People are delighted with the photo strips – these small works of art. They preserve not only the beauty and elegance of the moment but also the vivid emotions.

The vintage photo booth has become a symbol of returning to classical aesthetics and uniqueness in the modern world.

Colorful photo strips add an element of individuality and style. Each guest can choose the color tone that best reflects their personality or mood at the moment. This allows everyone to create their own unique and memorable snapshot.

Enchanting Duo:
Classic Photo Booth LLC and Saint Laurent at the Event in Malibu

AMENAH-photo-strip, Saint Laurent event, Malibu.Saint Laurent is one of the most prestigious and sought-after brands of exquisite cosmetics in the world. Its products have won the hearts of millions of women thanks to their highest quality, stylish design, and effectiveness.

Comparing Classic Photo Booth LLC and Saint Laurent, it is evident that both brands possess a special magnetism and appeal to people. Classic Photo Booth LLC offers a unique experience of photography in a vintage photo booth, allowing capturing bright moments and creating unforgettable pictures.

Nia-Sioux vintage picture, Saint Laurent event. Malibu.On the other hand, Saint Laurent offers luxurious cosmetics that enable people to express their individuality and sense of style. The brand’s products have become a symbol of elegance and beauty, earning well-deserved recognition and love worldwide.

At the event in Malibu, women found a perfect way to combine these two unique brands. By taking photos in the vintage photo booth with Saint Laurent cosmetics, they created unforgettable images that embody the beauty and style of both brands.

Judging by the enthusiastic reaction of the event’s guests, the interaction between Classic Photo Booth LLC and Saint Laurent could have continued indefinitely. Both brands bestowed indescribable emotions and admiration on the attendees. Their tandem at the event made it truly memorable and magical.

Magical Time Travel:
Capture the Moment in a Vintage Photo Machine

Bryant-in-the-vintage-photo-booth-for-SAINT-LAURENT MalibuRecently, photography in a vintage photo booth is once again at the peak of its popularity. This is due not only to the desire of people to have high-quality photographs but also to the need for unique and memorable moments.

The vintage photo booth creates an atmosphere of magic and romance, captivating everyone who steps into it. It’s not just a photo session; it’s a journey through time, where modernity blends with the elegance of the past. People find pleasure in this photo booth and the opportunity to express their individuality. They can be funny, touching, eccentric, or stylish – it all depends on their mood and character.

The vintage photo booth has become more than just a trend. It’s a true symbol of elegance and quality. It attracts attention and becomes an integral part of festive events, creating a magical atmosphere.

So, if you’re ready for an incredible time travel posing in a vintage photo booth, give us a call! Book this extraordinary trip!

Summer-Mckeen color photo strip Malibu Sabrina-Quesada Saint Laurent event Malibu Jasmine-Tookes Saint Laurent event Malibu

Olivia-Huffman-and-Vienna-Skye Saint Laurent event Malibu AYSHA-HARUN photo stripe Saint Laurent event Malibu Hayley-Noelle-LeBlanc-and-Jules-leblanc Saint Laurent event Malibu

Anna-Shumatee Saint strip Laurent event Malibu Carter-Gregory stripe Saint Laurent event Malibu. AMENAH color stripe Saint Laurent event Malibu

Classic-photo booth-for-Cetaphil in West Hollywood, Los Angeles

Vintage photo booth at Cetaphil

The vintage photo booth was a tremendous success at the event of the renowned brand Cetaphil

Vintage-photo-booth-for-Cetaphil, LAClassic Photo Booth LLC provided its unique vintage photo booth Model 14 for an event organized by the dermatological cosmetics brand Cetaphil. This event took place on July 20th in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and gathered numerous well-known and influential guests. It’s not surprising, as Cetaphil is a brand trusted by millions of people worldwide, seeking to provide their skin with gentle and effective care.

One of the highlights of the event was the presentation of the new line of dermatological products featuring the participation of the renowned makeup artist Priscilla Ono. Her booth became a dream come true for many, with a long line forming to receive professional makeovers.


Priscilla-Ono-and-Sydney-J.-Harper, Cetaphil event, LAAdding to the enchanting atmosphere of beauty and health were actress Gabrielle Morrison, model Christine Emesiani, dancer Michelle Jamilette, and the charming Sydney J. Harper, along with many other distinguished personalities.

The event organizers had another pleasant surprise in store for the guests – the “Beauty School” project. Each graduate received a magical case filled with useful cosmetics from Cetaphil.

However, the real hit of the event turned out to be the vintage photo booth, where everyone could take pictures with a new look. The girls enthusiastically admired their photo strips, joyfully sharing their snapshots on social media, immersing their followers in a world of elegance and beauty.

The Charm of Vintage Elegance:
Cetaphil Event on Santa Monica Blvd Los Angeles

Santa-Monica-Blvd-West-Hollywood-event-CetaphilThe Santa Monica Blvd store that hosted the Cetaphil event proved to be the perfect choice to host a vintage photo booth Model 14. Located in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Los Angeles, this open store became a wonderful platform for product launching. Despite its impressive size, the interior exudes coziness and comfort. The store space is divided into different sectors where numerous visitors feel at home.

Thanks to its glass facade, the store boasts excellent visibility, attracting the attention of passersby. The first thing that catches the eye is the vintage photo booth, surrounded by a long line of young ladies eager for captivating photo sessions.


Photography-in-the-vintage-photo-booth, CetaphilThe selection of this location for the vintage photo booth proved to be justified as it drew all the guests with its unique and elegant design. The charm of the retro style blended seamlessly with the contemporary event decor, creating an unforgettable atmosphere.

Thus, the Santa Monica Boulevard store was not only the perfect place to showcase Cetaphil products but also the perfect stage for a vintage Model 14 photo booth. Its presence added a touch of sophistication and style to the event.

Of course, the photo booth has become an attraction of the holiday. It left many unforgettable moments and joyful memories for the participants and guests.

Captivating Moments of Vintage Magic

Bryant-in-the-vintage photo booth-CetaphilAt the Cetaphil event, attendees had the opportunity to enjoy a professional photo session led by renowned photographer Bryant. His talent and experience gave each photo session a special charm. With a unique view of the art of photography, Bryant skillfully approached each participant, creating an atmosphere of trust and comfort.

Thanks to Bryant’s professional guidance, the photo booth sessions became unforgettable and enjoyable experiences for all participants. The photos taken at the event reflected their beauty, style, and individuality, capturing moments of joy and warmth.

After all, the vintage photo booth at the Cetaphil event didn’t just add elegance to the evening. It gave guests and participants vivid memories for many years to come.

These photographs will become cherished souvenirs and reminders of the wonderful time spent at this unforgettable event.

Enchanting Vintage Art Photo Strips: Reflection of Moments for Eternity

Nicole-Bruner-and-vintage-photo-strips, Cetaphil event, LA.Unique photo strips from the vintage photo booth are true masterpieces of photography. They are meant to delight their owners not only now but for many years to come. The quality and durability of these photo tapes are designed not for hours, but for centuries. It is the quality that makes them valuable and meaningful.

When we step into the vintage photo booth, seconds transform into eternity. Within a few moments, we feel our individuality and beauty becoming part of a unique work of art.


girl-and-vintage photo-stripsEach photo on the photo tape becomes a monument to the moment. We can save it and pass it on to future generations. They become a part of our history, our family’s history, our life’s story.

Photographic tapes from a vintage photo booth are not just pictures. It is magic that captures our imagination and transports us to another time and place. They forever hold a piece of our soul and make our memories brighter and more vibrant.

So, let’s enjoy these vintage photo tapes and keep these delightful moments forever in our hearts. May they remind us of the beautiful life filled with joy, love, and the magic of photography.




Nicole-Bruner-vintage-picture, Cetaphil, LA Nicole-Bruner-picture, Cetaphil, LANicole-Bruner-in-the-vintage-photobooth

Nana-Bruner-vintage-photo-strip, Cetaphil, LA Nana-Bruner-black-and-white-photo-strip.Vintage Nana-Bruner, Cetaphil, LA

Event-Cetaphil-Santa-Monica-Blvd., LA Classic-photo-booth-for-Cetaphil. LA Event-Cetaphil-West-Hollywood.

Queue-at-the-vintage-photo-booth Cetaphil, West Hollywood          Christine-Emesiani-and-Dr.-Ramya-Garlapati. Cetaphil event

Vintage photo booth at Fashion Nova in Beach House Malibu

Vintage photobooth at Fashion Nova

Vintage Photo Booth Surrounded by Fashion Stars

classic-photo booth-at-Billionaires-Beach in MalibuClassic Photo Booth LLC provided its vintage photobooth Model 14 for the Fashion Nova event. It took place on July 19th at Beach House Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. The event was a celebration of beauty. Fashion Nova’s glamor models enjoyed the beauty of the sandy beaches along the Pacific coast. Meanwhile, other attendees marveled at the graceful girls showcasing Fashion Nova’s new summer collection.

An integral part of the Fashion Nova event was the vintage photobooth Model 14 from Classic Photo Booth LLC. Popular photographer Bryant conducted unique photoshoots, delighting the participants of the fashion and beauty celebration with stylish photo strips. Guests, enjoying the beautiful view and atmosphere, happily took amusing pictures in this one-of-a-kind photo booth.

Besides the luxurious models, the event also welcomed celebrities from showbiz and social media. Taina Williams, Nikki Hall, Carrington Durham, and others were delighted to join Fashion Nova at Beach House in Malibu. Their presence added a unique charm to the event and attracted a wide audience’s attention.

Retro photo machine on Billionaires Beach in Malibu

Bryant-in-the-vintage-photo booth Fashion NovaThe vintage Model 14 photo booth seamlessly fit into the atmosphere of the so-called “Billionaire’s Beach” in Malibu. This place got its name due to the large number of rich people. Fashion Nova CEO Richard Saghian bought the impressive $40 million mansion. The 6,000-square-foot house sits on a third-acre lot with a 70-foot beachfront line, impressing with its beauty and opulence.

Amidst this luxury, the vintage photo booth Model 14 became a beautiful accent and added a touch of retro charm to the Fashion Nova event. Its unique style and allure highlighted the atmosphere of elegance and classicism, complementing the ambiance of the beach and the outstanding personality of Richard Saghian.

Billionaire’s Beach in Malibu embodies everything that Fashion Nova aspires to achieve in the world of fashion: luxury, refinement, and exclusivity. A place where the beauty of the ocean and architectural masterpieces blend, it became the perfect setting for the vibrant Fashion Nova event. The vintage photobooth Model 14, like a bridge through time, united the eras of style and allowed guests to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a unique epoch. It was not only a fashion event but also a fusion of cultural styles, leaving vivid memories of a splendid day at Billionaire’s Beach in Malibu.

The New Trend of Photo Booths by Classic Photo Booth LLC

Fashion Nova Model-in-the-vintage-photo booth It must be acknowledged that there is a significant global interest in taking photos in retro photo booths nowadays. Photo sessions in a photo cabin have become quite fashionable. Fashion Nova models could not limit themselves to portrait photography.  They wanted to capture the beauty of their entire body and succeeded in this.

The vintage photo booth allows anyone to take photos however they please, and that’s its charm. A happy owner of unique photo strips becomes even happier when they also have photos of the actual shooting process as a keepsake.

Being present in the vintage photo booth became an exciting adventure for Fashion Nova models. They had the chance to express their individuality, experiment with poses and expressions, and explore their attractiveness from different angles. This atmosphere of freedom and creativity added allure to the Fashion Nova event.

Thus, the vintage photo booth became an integral part of the Fashion Nova party at Billionaire’s Beach. It allowed each participant to feel like a star, capturing the beauty of their personality. Everyone who experienced this magical photo booth received not only unique snapshots but also unforgettable emotions that will stay in their hearts for a lifetime.


Actress, model Carrington-Durham Model, TV presenter Nikki Hall Fashion Nova Malibu. Instagram Star TAINA WILLIAMS Fashion Nova Malibu

Stylish Model Fashion Nova in Malibu model-behavior-Fashion-Nova-Beach-House Malibu Gorgeous Model Fashion Nova Beach House Malibu

Vintage Photo-booth-by-Bryant Beach House Malibu Vintage photo booth Fashion Nova Beach House Malibu Bryant-and-Fashion-Nova-model

Photo strips from photo booth Model 14 at Fashion Nova Malibu Elegant Model Fashion Nova Malibu Photo-strip Fashion Nova Malibu




International Photobooth Convention 2023, London, UK

Classic Photo Booth at IPC23

International Photobooth Convention (IPC23) in London Brought Together Enthusiasts from all Over the World

Black and White photo-strip-IPC23Classic Photo Booth LLC closely followed the proceedings of the International Photobooth Convention IPC23 with great interest. The event took place in London, UK from 13 to 16 July. The event was organized by Autofoto (Rafael Hortala Vallve,  Marco Ferrari) and (Brian Meacham, Tim Garrett).

Enthusiasts, artists, and operators of analog photo booths from all over the world took part in the international convention. Many of them have known each other for a long time. But some participated in this long-awaited event for the first time.


Rafael Hortala Vallve,  Marco Ferrari, Brian Meacham, Tim GarrettThe previous International Photobooth Convention was held in 2019. Due to various reasons beyond the organizers’ control, the gathering of analog photo booth enthusiasts was delayed by three years. During this time, participants of IPC23 happily shared a wealth of new thematic information.

The organizers of the event managed to fill IPC23 with a lot of events. Technical and creative workshops, collaborative projects, exhibitions, film screenings, and roundtable discussions captured the participants’ full attention.

Additional artistic and technical workshops were held over the weekend. In addition, participants visited many of the analog photo booths scattered throughout London. Also, organized a display of photo booths in cinemas.
On July 15, at the Prince Charles Cinema, took place the discussion about photo booths.

Art of Classic Photo Booths: From Enthusiasts to International Recognition

Photo-shoot-in-the-vintage-photo-boothLet’s agree, everything in life starts with enthusiasts. The world revolves around them. That was the case with Max Sverdlov, who founded Classic Photo Booth LLC in America 28 years ago. It was also the case with Steve Howard (Mr. Mixup), who organized the first international photo booth convention at Nottingham Trent University  26 years ago.

As a child, Mr. Mixup, a photo booth artist, fell in love with photo booths. As he grew older, in his 20s, he began using photo booths as a means of creating art. He created props and backdrops to turn photographic strips into something more than ordinary photographs.


Lecture with in IPC23, London, UK

In the 80s, Steve Howard met his Yugoslav colleague, another photo booth artist, Caca Markovich. This acquaintance resulted in a vibrant creative symbiosis — the two organized photo booth events in the UK and Yugoslavia. Then, in 1997, Mr. Mixup hosted photo booth days at Nottingham Trent University, which he later named the very first International Photobooth Convention.

Since then, IPC has become a special event held every few years in different locations around the world. London, Brighton, New York, St. Louis, Belgrade, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Manchester have hosted participants of the International Photobooth Convention.

Preserving Heritage: Uniting Analog Photo Booth Enthusiasts

Photo artist, co-organizer of IPC23 Marco-FerrariSince the first International Photobooth Convention, the audience united by a genuine love for analog photo booths has been growing. Over the years, it has developed a sense of camaraderie. IPC has become a place where analog photo booth enthusiasts come together, where artists experiment with their projects, and where photo booth operators share their experiences.

However, it is not just the desire for regular interaction that drives these individuals. They genuinely worry that the beloved analog photo booth will be replaced by soulless digital photo stations.

Rafael Hortala Valve, Tim Garret at IPC23The organizers of IPC, Autofoto, are a group of analog photo booth experts from London who have been rescuing and restoring original photo machines for over a decade. These refurbished photo booths operate in various locations around the city, providing people with the opportunity to capture moments and experience true joy.

Unfortunately, not only analog photo booths are disappearing, but also the professionals who can repair and maintain them. According to representatives from Autofoto, their mission is to ensure the survival of these marvelous photo machines as unique photographic tools for future generations.

Interestingly, in the past, iconic artists like Andy Warhol and Cindy Sherman worked with analog photo machines. They, as well as contemporary photo artists like Marco Ferrari, have proven that the analog photo booth is an ideal tool for visual experiments. It holds immense potential as an artistic medium in the 21st century, waiting to be further explored.

Classic Photo Booth LLC has traditionally participated in IPC

Mike-Rybak-shares-his-experienceClassic Photo Booth LLC is no stranger to the International Photobooth Convention. In 2014, Max Sverdlov, the founder of Classic Photo Booth LLC, and Mike Rybak, the company representative in Los Angeles, took part in IPC in Chicago. This year, only Mike Rybak attended the London IPC23.

It is worth noting that his experience as an operator and a vintage photo booth expert proved to be invaluable during the masterclasses organized by Autofoto.

During IPC23, Mike shared his expertise in diagnosing and rectifying common transmission issues. This knowledge has become an invaluable gift for the participants of IPC 23. Especially for those who own vintage photo booths and maintain and repair them themselves.

Mike-Rybak-reveals-his-secretsMike made a significant contribution to the knowledge exchange and experience sharing at the convention, helping to preserve and enhance the functionality of these unique photo machines for future generations.

Throughout the event, Mike actively engaged with colleagues, exchanging experiences and new ideas. These interactive sessions were not only informative but also very inspiring. The participants were once again convinced that their passion for analog photo booths is shared by like-minded people.

Thanks to such valuable insights and experience, the participants of IPC23 were ready to continue their mission of preserving analog photo booths for generations to come.

Each person present at the event left their mark on the history of this unique form of art, which unites people and transcends the boundaries of time and space.

At the Crossroads of Art and Heritage: Meeting Meags Fitzgerald at the International Photobooth Convention

Meags Fitzgerald author and illustrator of the book "Photobooth: A Biography".During the International Photobooth Convention, there was a meeting with the author and illustrator of the book “Photobooth: A Biography,” Meags Fitzgerald. Her book about photo booths received the Doug Wright Spotlight Award 2015 and was nominated for the Joe Shuster Best Cartoonist Award 2015. Currently, she is working on a full-length documentary film on this subject.

Meags has been using analog photo booths in her work for over two decades. She creates a stop-motion animation that uses thousands of images from a photo booth as animation frames.

Book "Photobooth: A Biography".Meags was one of the organizers of the International Photobooth Convention in 2014 in Chicago, where she conducted seminars on her methods of creating photo booths, and she is excited to share this know-how with IPC23 participants.

Our readers will find it interesting to know that Meags acquired her first vintage photo booth precisely from Classic Photo Booth LLC. Her passion for analog photo booths has remained strong over the years. Meags admires the art created using this unique technique. Her works serve as living proof that vintage photo booths are not just relics of the past but inspiring and creative tools capable of transporting us into the world of nostalgia and unique art.

The Art of Analog Photobooths: Inspiration for the Future

Zine "The Future Is Analog" As mentioned earlier, the participants of IPC23 used the classic photo booth at various master classes, seminars, round tables, and joint projects. United by creativity, people in love with the classic photo booth in all its manifestations were overflowing with ideas.

For example, the organizers of the convention made the sign of the congress out of… analog photo strips! And the panel with photographs of all the congress participants also consisted of numerous black-and-white photographic tapes. Interestingly, all the participants took pictures in a vintage photo booth, holding hands.

Marco Ferrari: "The Future Is Analog" at IPC23.It gives the impression that they are telling the world, “Digitization won’t pass! We will protect our analog photo booths!”

By the way, as part of a joint project, the photo artist Marco Ferrari and designer Natalie George prepared a stunning comic with collage elements. It is a story of heroes fighting against a digital monster determined to eradicate everything analog.

Drawing and photo stripes, The Future Is AnalogThe creative spirit of the convention and the determination to preserve the essence of vintage photo booths permeated each project.

Participants left the event inspired, armed with new ideas, and with a shared sense of purpose. The legacy of analog photo booths will remain an eternal source of inspiration for future generations.

Guardians of Heritage: Enthusiasts Continue the Mission of Preserving Analog Photo Booths

participants-of-the-convention-on-the-photo-strips.When the event came to an end, the participants returned home with a sense of community and unity. Classic Photo Booth LLC once again made sure that the passion for analog photo booths continues to rage in the hearts of IPC23 enthusiasts. Moreover, it continues to grow, uniting people striving to preserve and enrich the heritage of this incredible art form.

Each participant, captivated by analog photo booths, took with them not only new knowledge but also unforgettable experiences. United by common goals and interests, they became true guardians of heritage, tasked with preserving and passing on this art to future generations.

Ariana-and-Christopher-take-pictures-for-a-project.The new friendships formed during the convention became a precious addition to each participant’s unique experience. Enthusiasts dispersed worldwide, maintain connections, exchanging ideas, successes, and creative discoveries. Every photo booth lover can feel the support and understanding from their like-minded companions, forming a cohesive family of analog art enthusiasts.

It was more than just an agreement. It was an extraordinary event that left an indelible mark on the hearts of the participants. Each participant became a part of the world history of analog photo booths. A story that continues to evolve thanks to the passion and dedication of people united by the love of this wonderful art.


Communication between IPC23 participants, London Conference-participants-communicate-second-day

meeting-of-colleagues-at-IPC-23, London Marco-Ferrari-and-Tim-Garret discuss the project at IPC23, London

Visitors-with-IPC23-logo-bag Speaker-on-the-first-day-of-IPC23, London

graphic-drawing-from-photo-stripes at IPC23, London Vintage ornaments from photo stripes at IPC23

part-of-the-panel-with-photo-stripes-of-IPC23-participants the-project-is-almost-ready

photo-strip-of-IPC23-participants Natalie-George-Partington-Designer photo strips, IPC23 black-and-white-photo-stripes at IPC23

Classic-photo-booth-surrounded-by-umbrellas retro-photo-booth at IPC23 at IPC23

Logo-tattoo at IPC23, London emblem-ring at IPC23, London branded-chair-IPC23

IPC23-decorated-bag Project-work at IPC23, London


Vintage photo booth at VidCon

VidCon-2023 Enthralled by the Vintage Photo Booth:
Over 800 Visitors in Two Days

Vintage-photo-booth-at-VidconClassic Photo Booth LLC presented the vintage photo booth Model 14 for the first time at one of the most anticipated events in the online video industry – VidCon 2023. The event took place from June 21st to June 24th at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Hundreds of thousands of participants and viewers from around the world gathered to exchange experiences in video creation.

The experience of professionals who have achieved popularity in social networks and successfully monetized their content was in demand.

The vintage photo booth operated on June 22nd and 23rd, overseen by renowned photographer Bryant Eslava. According to him, over 800 people visited the photo booth during VidCon over the course of two days.

Only the unique technological and technical capabilities of the Model 14 vintage photo booth could achieve such high throughput. The photo booth worked flawlessly from morning to evening, capturing and printing high-quality photo strips without a single glitch! Only the photo machines from Classic Photo Booth LLC are capable of this.

Sturniolo Triplets and Jesus Nalgas took part in a photoshoot in the vintage photo booth

Sturniolo-Triplets-photo-stripsAmong all the amazing events that took place at VidCon 2023, the vintage photo booth became a true star. This stylish photo booth with its stunning design captured the attention of conference participants throughout its presence.

The highlight of the photo booth for hundreds of video content creators was the ability to use their personal gadgets in it. In other words, anyone who came to take a photo in the photo booth could take a video and share it on social media.

Undoubtedly, this incredible experience was highly appreciated by conference participants and fans of their content.


Jesus Nalgas after a photo shoot in the vintage photo boothMany social media stars visited Bryant’s vintage photo booth. Among them were the Sturniolo Triplets, the Triplet brothers who have around 4 million subscribers on YouTube and over 10 million collective subscribers on various platforms. And these numbers are rapidly growing. It can confidently be said that the Sturniolo Triplets have officially taken over the internet.

Additionally, Bryant also had a special guest, TikTok star Jesus Nalgas. This charismatic and talented comedian has won the hearts of 5.6 million subscribers on TikTok alone!



Creating unique timeless content – the highlight of the vintage photo booth

The queue in the photo booth Model-14 at VidconUndoubtedly, the vintage photo booth is currently in great favor. There is probably not a single major event in the country where the organizers haven’t rented a photo booth to entertain their guests.

The vintage photo booth at VidCon 2023 once again proved that it is timeless and that it can be used to create unique content. And this is exactly what all social media stars and content creators strive for.

We hope that during the upcoming VidCon 2023 conferences, representatives from Classic Photo Booth LLC and Bryant Eslava will share their experiences in this interesting segment. Specifically, the use of a vintage photo booth combining retro and cutting-edge technologies to create timeless content.

But for now, a few words about the event itself.

VidCon 2023 – a place for those immersed in online magic

Vintage-photo-booth-of-Bryant-at-VidconVidCon is an annual conference for fans, creators, executives, and online brands. The event attracts video stars from around the world.

VidCon was founded by John and Hank Green, who launched Vlogbrothers on YouTube in 2007. The first VidCon took place in July 2010, and since then, VidCon’s international presence has expanded. Representations operate in Missoula, Montana, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Mexico City, and São Paulo.

In February 2018, Viacom (owner of Viacom Media Networks and Paramount Pictures) announced the acquisition of VidCon as part of its efforts to expand its business in live-streaming and transition from television programs to next-generation entertainment platforms.

VidCon 2023 traditionally took place at the Anaheim Convention Center. Here, all those involved in online magic come together in real life and in real time. From Anaheim to Mexico City, from Baltimore and beyond, VidCon is a destination for those living in the digital creator community.

Fans make new friends, and creators expand the scope of their activities, while innovative industry exchanges take place here. The Anaheim Convention Center is the largest conference center on the West Coast, hosting global meetings, shows, and conventions, including the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM), Natural Products Expo, VidCon, and much more.

VidCon 2023: A Gathering of Content Creators, Industry Experts, and Digital Media Enthusiasts

road-on-video at VidCon 2023It must be said that VidCon 2023 is one of the most significant events in the video production and content industry on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and other social media. The conference brought together thousands of content creators, fans, and professionals from the world of entertainment and digital media.

Prominent speakers took center stage at VidCon 2023, including renowned YouTubers, media moguls, marketers, and social media experts. The 2023 event featured: Alyson Stoner, Anthony Padilla, Claudipia, DangMattSmith, Drew Afualo, GeorgeNotFound, Keith Habersberger and Zach Kornfeld of The Try Guys, Michelle Hare, Merrick Hanna, and many others. They shared their experiences and knowledge on creating engaging and successful content while discussing relevant topics related to the video production industry and social media.

The topics discussed at the conference were diverse and covered various aspects of content creation. Speakers held sessions where they discussed video content monetization, marketing strategies, audience growth, personal branding, the use of new technologies, and much more. Masterclasses and practical workshops were also organized, allowing participants to learn new skills and enhance their professional abilities in the field of video production and media content.

A Gathering Place for Digital Creators and Fans

Shooting a video with social media stars At-VidCon-2023Furthermore, VidCon 2023 provided a unique opportunity for content creators and fans to meet in person, exchange experiences, make new connections, and simply enjoy the atmosphere of the digital creator community. The event included various entertainment activities, parties, and meetings with popular bloggers.

An important aspect of the VidCon 2023 program was the partnerships and sponsors representing different brands and companies. This provided participants with the opportunity to explore the latest products and services in the content and social media industry, as well as establish business connections with industry representatives.

VidCon 2023 served as a platform for launching new projects and ideas. Many content creators used the conference to announce their new series, collaborations, or products. These moments became special events for fans who were eagerly awaiting news and exclusive content from their favorite YouTubers.

Overall, VidCon 2023 offered a rich program covering a wide range of topics in the video production and social media industry. Participants gained valuable knowledge, met outstanding personalities, and enjoyed communicating in a community of like-minded people.

And, of course, they took photos and created their own content in the vintage photo booth!

Classic Photo Booth LLC: Quality Photo Booths for Unforgettable Events

Photo-booth-at-VidCon, at the Anaheim Convention CenterClassic Photo Booth LLC is not participating in large-scale events for the first time. The company has established itself as a reliable partner. It consistently offers a high-quality range of services.

Thanks to its rich experience and professional approach, Classic Photo Booth LLC has become a recognized leader in its industry. The company offers a wide selection of photo booths, which serve as the perfect addition to any event. They provide guests with a unique opportunity to capture important moments and create unforgettable memories.

The team at Classic Photo Booth LLC consists of experienced professionals who ensure impeccable service and efficient operations at events. They pay attention to every detail, allowing guests to enjoy the photography process and achieve excellent results.

No matter what kind of event is coming up, Classic Photobooth LLC always offers customized solutions that meet the needs of customers. The company’s photo booths feature modern functionalities, including various effects, interactive capabilities, and instant photo printing.

By choosing Classic Photo Booth LLC, event organizers can be sure that they will receive high-quality service. The company strives to exceed customer expectations and create an atmosphere that will be remembered for a long time.


Vintage photobooth at Magic Hour

Vintage Photobooth at Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge

Classic-photo-booth-at-Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & LoungeClassic Photo Booth LLC has provided a vintage photobooth at Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge. The establishment is located at 485 7th Ave, Manhattan, New York, on the 18th floor of MOXY NYC Times Square.

The Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge is located on the roof of the 10,000-square-foot hotel. It is said to be the perfect place for special events. And this is made possible by the fact that the event planning, catering, and audio services are handled by Tao Group Hospitality.

Magic Hour, the largest year-round bar, embodies the concept of an adult-only urban amusement park. The rooftop space is divided into several sections. From the east side, there is a stunning view of the Empire State Building. On the western side, there is a rotating carousel on which everyone can ride.


Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & LoungeThere are entertainment options for every taste. Some people enjoy simply sitting, sipping cocktails, and admiring the Manhattan skyline. Others come here to have fun at the new Pink Bunny Beach, located on the Bunny Putt-Putt golf course.

And many were eagerly awaiting the opening of Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge on June 26, not only to visit the vintage Model 14 photo booth but also to meet the popular social media star and photographer, Bryant Eslava.

After all, he temporarily left his hometown of Los Angeles and moved to New York.

Model 14 in Barbie Style

Bryant-invites-guests-to-a-vintage-photo-boothIf you were planning to step into a fairy tale this summer, hurry to the Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge. Just imagine: the bar is designed in Barbie style, in pink and lilac colors.

Enormous figures of mythical creatures in intriguing poses catch the attention of all guests. Want to feel like the most famous Barbie doll in the world? No problem! Climb into the room-sized box and enjoy a photo session!

Of course, the vintage photo booth Model 14 provided by Classic Photo Booth LLC perfectly complemented the Barbie fairytale atmosphere. Decorated with pink vinyl wrap, it created a sense of playfulness and magic, as if each guest found themselves inside a pink cloud.



The vintage photobooth became an integral part of the Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge ambiance, adding charm and originality to every snapshot. Guests could embody their boldest ideas, playing with the contrast of vibrant colors from the magical bar and the stylish black-and-white vintage photo strips.

Classic Photo Booth LLC managed to transform the space of Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge into a place where one could immerse themselves in a magical atmosphere and capture those moments in photographs.

The vintage photobooth Model 14 with its pink decor became not only a source of fun and entertainment but also the center of attention and the photographic focal point of the evening.

Photo booth in the enchanting Magic Hour: Make your wishes come true!

Bryant-and-Mikhail-RybakAnother highlight: Magic Hour’s Model 14 vintage photo booth will be open all summer.

Therefore, New Yorkers and visitors to this beautiful city who visit the MOXY NYC Times Square Hotel and Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge will always have the opportunity to enjoy a photo session in the classic photo booth Model 14

By the way, for Bryant, this photo machine is his first public photo booth. Before this, he only photographed at special events or by inviting celebrity guests. Bryant hopes that his experience with the public photo booth will be successful.



Photo booth vinyl printing at Magic HourThe Classic Photo Booth LLC team, led by Max Sverdlov, poured their hearts into constructing this vintage beauty. They are confident that the photo booth will bring luck to everyone who takes photos in it. After all, in a fairy tale, anything can happen, even miracles.

Try to visit the Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge, find the classic photo booth shimmering in pink, step inside, and when the flash goes off, make a wish. You’ll see, it will come true!

So, if you have a special event coming up that wouldn’t be complete without a traditional classic photo booth, call Classic Photo Booth LLC right away. These guys know exactly how to turn reality into a fairy tale!



Vintage photo booth Model 14 at Magic Hour  Living Barbie in the huge box at Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge, NY  Relax-on-the-roof  Cat on a pylon at Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge, NY  Flirtatious hare at Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge, NY.  Lady with a dog at Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge, NY.

Vintage photo booth at FWRD

Vintage photo booth at FWRD

Vintage Photo Booth at FWRD POP-UP

Classic-photo-booth-for-Emi-Jay FWRD POP-UPClassic Photo Booth LLC provided a vintage photo booth Model 14 for the opening of FWRD POP-UP in the prestigious West Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles. The remarkable event took place on June 15th at a cozy store located on the renowned Melrose Avenue at 8804.

It’s worth noting that this temporary e-commerce store was created with the assistance of the REVOLVE team, known for their impeccable organization. Visitors to the FWRD POP-UP can expect stunning new releases from top designers, personally curated by FWRD’s Creative Director, Kendall Jenner. The store offers high-quality men’s and women’s apparel, as well as beauty products, accessories, and home decor items.

This event became a magnet for numerous celebrities. Influencers, artists, and models not only selected fabulous fashion finds for their wardrobes but also enjoyed the unique atmosphere inside the vintage photo booth.

This time, the vintage photo booth Model 14 collaborated with the brand Emi Jay from FWRD. Consequently, Julianne Goldmark, the founder of Emi Jay, was present throughout the evening, capturing moments alongside her famous guests. Businesswoman Lauren Ireland, model Sofia Richie Grainge, creator of popular video content Alexa Losey, and others posed in the vintage photo booth.


Classic Photo Booth Model 14 and Emi Jay:
The Perfect Partnership at the Store Opening

Julianne-Goldmark-Lauren-Ireland-Sofia-Richie-Grainge-in-the-vintage-photo-booth Emi Jay FWRD POP-UPAt the momentous store opening, where an atmosphere of style and elegance reigned, the vintage photo booth Model 14 welcomed guests in collaboration with the renowned brand Emi Jay.

Emi Jay is founded by Julianne Goldmark. The company specializes in creating hair accessories. The collections include silk ribbons, headbands, and hair clips that have become popular among celebrities.

The photo booth Model 14 and Emi Jay seamlessly blended on this particular evening, creating unique moments and delightful snapshots. This collaboration allowed for the fusion of two distinct styles and the expression of each guest’s individuality. The vintage photo booth added a retro touch of elegance, while Emi Jay accessories brought sophistication to the outfits.

The partnership between the vintage photo booth and Emi Jay is an example of the fusion of classic style with a modern and creative approach to fashion. It emphasized the importance of individuality in the fashion world and became part of an unforgettable experience. 


The Magic of Vintage Photo Booths:
Why Famous Brands Have Fallen in Love with Old-fashioned Snapshots

Alexa-Losey-in-the-vintage-photo-boothRecently, many well-known brands have increasingly turned to using vintage photo booths in their advertising campaigns. The most recent example is the use of the Model 14 vintage photo booth by companies such as REVOLVE, FWRD, and Emi Jay. There are several reasons explaining this popularity.

Firstly, vintage photo booths possess a unique quality that lends an incomparable elegance to advertising materials. Photos taken with vintage photo booths typically exude a special atmosphere and style. It is precisely these qualities that capture viewers’ attention and forge an emotional connection with the brand.

Vintage photo booths also offer an interactive experience for viewers and potential customers of the brand.  Visitors to the event can create unique and memorable shots.

This helps establish a deeper connection with the brand and captivate the audience with visual content.

Moreover, the high style adopted by celebrities plays a significant role in the popularity of vintage photo booths. Celebrities always strive to highlight their individuality and originality. Hence, they like to use vintage photo booths as it allows them to create looks that match their image.

And finally, the most important reason is that anyone photographed in a vintage photo booth acquires a sense of eternity. After all, photo strips can be preserved for centuries.


Retro-style Strips:
Celebrities Love Vintage Photo Booths for Expressing Their Unique Style

Photo-strip-Emi-JayClassic-photo-strip-Emi-JayPhoto strips taken in vintage photo booths also allow celebrities to express their style. They can choose vintage outfits and create aesthetically appealing looks that highlight their individuality and capture the audience’s attention.

Vintage photo booths create unique visual content that captures the attention of the target audience. This is what helps brands stand out from the competition. Vintage photo booths have become an integral part of modern advertising strategies. They help brands promote their products and establish an emotional connection with consumers.

This was precisely the case at the opening of the FWRD store, where the Emi Jay vintage photo booth from FWRD caused a sensational impact.

So, if you want to replicate the success of FWRD’s vintage Emi Jay photo booth, give us a call. We will be happy to help you in choosing a vintage photo booth model and make your event truly unforgettable.



Black and white picture from vintage photo booth Model 14

Vintage-photo-booth Model 14-at-Jack-in-the-Box-event.

Photo booth at Jack in the Box

Unforgettable Moments in the Vintage Photo Booth:
After PROM at Jack in the Box

Classic photobooth at Jack in the Box eventClassic Photo Booth LLC provided the vintage photo booth Model 14 for two events hosted by the fast-food restaurant chain Jack in the Box. The first event was a photo shoot, which took place on April 26 in Los Angeles. The second event was After PROM at Jack in the Box, which took place on May 5 in San Diego and was the perfect end to the prom.

At both events, attendees not only enjoyed Jack in the Box’s tiny BOGO tacos but also posed for photos in the classic photo booth. As always, the vintage Model 14 added a unique charm and created a retro atmosphere, capturing unforgettable moments for all attendees.

Graduates who had long dreamed of their prom night immersed themselves in an atmosphere of fun and joy. Besides the photo booth presented them with memorable black-and-white photo strips that will remind them of their prom night for a lifetime.

Funny Moments: Jack in the Box in Model 14 

Jack-in-the-BoxBy the way, the well-known photographer Bryant Eslava led the photo shoot at this event. His professional skills allowed him to capture the brightest moments of the evening. Bryant was able to capture the energy, emotions, and individuality of each guest in his photographs.

Throughout the history of the photo show organized by renowned photographer Bryant, hundreds of people have visited the vintage photo booth. However, Jack in the Box, the clown, had not been there yet. It was amusing to observe “Jack,” whom everyone considered a doll, entering the photo booth and participating in the photoshoot. “Jack” struck poses and entertained in front of the camera, adding an extra element of fun to the event. This unexpected participation of Jack the Clown in the photo show lifted the spirits of all attendees and sparked joy.

All event participants followed the example of the clown and flooded the vintage photo booth. Undoubtedly, the Model 14 photo booth became the center of attention of all guests.

Vintage Photo Booth – the key to the success of your event

Vintage photo strip from Model-14

Important key point: Classic Photo Booth LLC is the only company in the country that offers vintage photo booth rentals of various models. If you’re planning an event and want to impress your guests, be sure to book a classic photo booth. Classic Photo Booth LLC guarantees the creation of the best photos that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Engaging the vintage photo booth Model 14 at any event promises unforgettable impressions. Here are a few reasons why the Vintage Photo Booth Model 14 will be an integral part of your event:

Firstly, retro atmosphere: The vintage photo booth will take you to an era of style and elegance. Its classic design creates an atmosphere that is in harmony with the theme of the event and leaves a lasting impression on all visitors.


Vintage-Photo-Booth-at-Jack-in-the-BoxSecondly, interactive experience: The Model 14 photo booth offers an engaging and interactive experience for your guests. They can pose for the camera, creating unique and fun shots. This allows guests to showcase their individuality.

Thirdly, valuable souvenirs: Vintage photo strips will be treasured souvenirs that will remind you of this special event for years to come. Whether black and white or color photographs, they will be cherished forever.

Fourth, social moments:  The photo booth will be the center of attention for the guests. There they can get to know each other.

Fifth, it will provide an opportunity for the guests to engage in social interactions and create memorable connections.

So, give us a call! And we will be happy to discuss all the details of renting a vintage photo booth for your event.


Vintage-strip-Jack-in-the-Box   Strip   Black and white photo-strip

Photo-strip-from-vintage-photo-booth   Jack-in-the-Box-photo-shooting-in-the-vintage-photo-booth   Strip-from-vintage-photo-booth   


Bride and groom in the photo booth

Photo booth at Margaret’s wedding

Unforgettable Moments in a Vintage Photo Booth at Margaret’s Wedding

Bride and groom in a photo sessionClassic Photo Booth LLC provided a vintage Model 14 photo booth for Margaret and her groom’s unforgettable wedding. The celebration occurred on June 3 at the fine-dining Oxalis restaurant in Brooklyn, New York.   The event was filled with love and elegance, and the photo booth became an integral part of the success of the holiday.

The elegant design of the vintage photo booth Model 14 and its unique features captured the attention of the newlyweds and their guests throughout the evening. The snapshots taken in the photo booth immortalized genuine smiles, embraces, kisses, and joyful poses of all those present.

The photo sessions of the bride and groom were particularly memorable. They did not use props and accessories, yet their photo strips became romantic evidence of love and tenderness.

Guests also actively participated in the photo shoots. They gathered in small groups or pairs, creating funny and entertaining pictures. Thus, the photo booth became a space where guests could unleash their creativity and have fun while taking funny and memorable photos. Throughout the evening, the photo booth remained a popular spot, and guests happily returned to it again and again.

Vintage Photo Booth at Oxalis Restaurant

 Oxalis restaurant in BrooklynThe vintage Model 14 photo booth seamlessly fits into the space of the small yet cozy Oxalis restaurant. It is located just steps away from the Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and Prospect Park.

They say that Oxalis is a Brooklyn restaurant that serves exquisite dishes better than anywhere else in Brooklyn. And it seems to be true. Oxalis boasts a Michelin star, making it booked months in advance. The restaurant is home to unique chefs who work their magic with delightful French cuisine.


Bride Margaret in the ZIMMERMANN dressThe newlyweds and wedding guests highly appreciated the refined menu. While some indulged in culinary delights, others sought to capture as many moments as possible in the photo booth. And honestly, it’s easy to understand why.

Bride Margaret was irresistible in her ivory-colored dress with rhythmic fluting from the famous brand ZIMMERMANN’s The Dancer collection.

Margaret wore a fitted dress of layered tulle and silk and linen organza with feathers and embroidery. Therefore, it is not surprising that the photo session of Margaret and her fiancé lasted all evening.


Time Travel With a Vintage Photo Booth

Groom in the vintage Model 14 photo boothClassic Photo Booth LLC offers a wide selection of vintage photo booths, providing numerous options to create an incredible retro atmosphere at modern weddings. These unique and beautifully crafted photo booths are designed to give people an extraordinary experience of time travel.

Regardless of the specific model of the photo booth used, whether it’s Model 14 (with two entrances) or Model 11 (a replica of a 60s photo booth), or any other vintage photo booth from their collection, Classic Photo Booth LLC ensures meticulous maintenance and full functionality of each machine. Of course, these antique masterpieces not only offer pleasant entertainment for guests but also serve as a wonderful backdrop for photo shoots.



Bride and groom, photo stripThe photo strips created by the vintage photo booths from Classic Photo Booth LLC are valuable keepsakes. And their value goes beyond the captured moments, extending to their artistic execution.

By the way, offering a variety of vintage photo booths, Classic Photo Booth LLC will satisfy any requirement and preference. From sleek and minimalist designs to intricate and elaborate models, a photo booth is suitable for every style and aesthetic.

So, as you stand on the threshold of your most important day in life, don’t hesitate to call Classic Photo Booth LLC and order a vintage photo booth!




  Photo strip  Guests photo strip  Black and white photo strip

 Groom and guest photo strip   Vintage photo strip   In the photo booth





Vintage photo booth at Suzi and Ezra's wedding.

Photo booth at Suzi’s wedding

The Photo Booth Adorned Suzi’s Wedding At Weylin 

Photo booth Model 11 at wedding.Classic Photo Booth LLC provided a vintage photo booth model 11 for Suzi Levy and Ezra’s wedding. The grand event took place on May 11th at one of New York’s most prestigious and luxurious venues, Weylin.

The newlyweds and wedding guests were captivated by the elegance and unique charm of the photo booth provided by Classic Photo Booth LLC. By the way, this company is the only one in the country specializing in offering vintage photo booths for various events.

With 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry, Classic Photo Booth LLC knows how to create a special atmosphere on any occasion. Their vintage photo booths are unique and exceptional, always adding unmatched allure and retro style to any event.

The Classic Photo Booth LLC team pays meticulous attention to every detail, ensuring high-quality photos and an unforgettable experience for guests. That’s why the Model 11 photo booth became a particular highlight at Suzi and Ezra’s wedding, capturing moments of happiness and creating memories that will accompany them throughout their journey of married life.


The Perfect Combination of a Photo Booth and Architectural Masterpiece at Weylin in Brooklyn, New York

Bride in the Weylin Hall before the ceremony.It should be noted that the vintage photo booth Model 11 at Suzi and Ezra’s wedding fit perfectly into the architectural ensemble of Weylin.

This building, formerly known as the Williamsburgh Savings Bank, has been standing for almost a century and is one of the most monumental public places in New York.

Thirteen years ago, the historic building underwent restoration and transformed into a luxurious landmark for hosting various events.


Hall Weylin for the wedding celebration.

Weylin, located at 175 Broadway Wedding Venue, is indeed a popular choice for hosting wedding ceremonies and receptions in Brooklyn, New York. It is truly a unique and beautiful place, perfect for creating a romantic and memorable atmosphere for a wedding. The organizers offer their clients various decoration options to ensure that each wedding is unique and tailored to the couple’s tastes and preferences.

The spacious main hall with its stunning interior is particularly impressive. There is ample space here to accommodate guests and set up all the necessary elements for the wedding ceremony.  Weylin also offers venues for cocktails, dinners, and of course wedding photo shoots in the photo booth.


The Magic of a Vintage Photo Booth at Suzi’s Wedding:
Aesthetics, Joy, and Memories 

Bride and groom black-and-white photo stripe.The newlyweds and their guests so beloved the vintage photo booth that they didn’t want to leave. The booth’s camera captured hundreds of poses, thousands of kisses, and, of course, the fantastic mood of everyone who took photos in it.

Indeed, the Model 11 photo booth is an impressive addition to any event, including weddings, thanks to its unique features and mysterious charm. This photo booth combines vintage aesthetics with modern technology, creating unforgettable guest experiences.

A vintage photo booth can print both color and black-and-white photos. But newlyweds Susie and Ezra opted for a black-and-white photo stripe style.


Vintage photo stripesThanks to the high-quality photographs and premium matte photo paper, the vintage shots acquired a certain artistic value.

The photo strips became souvenirs that guests took home with them to keep the memory of the solemn event.

The photo strips are printed on high-quality photo paper, ensuring bright and durable prints. The printing process usually takes a few seconds.

Thanks to high-speed printing technology, guests instantly receive their photo strips after the photo session.

Prestige and Luxury: Vintage Photo Booths by Classic Photo Booth LLC

The bride is photographed with friendsClassic Photo Booth LLC is the only company in the country specializing in providing vintage photo booths for various events. It is the status of a unique provider that creates a sense of prestige at any event, including a wedding.

With extensive experience in the entertainment industry, the company has become a reliable partner at various events.

The company’s staff knows how to create an unforgettable atmosphere, leaving indelible memories with the guests.

Classic Photo Booth LLC offers more than just photo booth rentals; it guarantees quality, elegance, and attention to detail. Its unique approach and impeccable service make every event truly unforgettable.

If you have a celebration and a lot of guests coming up, call Classic Photo Booth LLC right away! This company knows how to turn any event into an unforgettable occasion!






Bride Suzi Levy and Groom EzraSuzi and Ezra in the photo boothSuzi Levy and Ezra in the vintage photo booth.

Bride and Groom after the photo session.Bride with father in the photo booth.Fun in the vintage Model 11 photo booth.

Сeiling in the WeylinHall for the wedding ceremony.The wedding cake.


Vintage Model 20 photo booth at TAO Downtown club

Photo booth at the anniversary of Jonathan

Capturing Memories: Vintage Photo Booth at Jonathan Schwartz’s 40th Anniversary Celebration

Vintage Model 20 photo booth at Jonathan Schwartz AnniversaryClassic Photo Booth provided the vintage Model 20 photo booth for Jonathan Schwartz’s 40th-anniversary celebration. The event took place at TAO Downtown Club on May 10th, and guests will fondly remember it with admiration.

Prominent guests arrived to congratulate the jubilarian, including business partners Noah Tepperberg and Jason Strauss. Additionally, Hannah Fallis Bronfman, Mike Majlak, Alex Pall, Brendan Fallis, Donovan Mitchell, GASHI, Chantel Jeffries, Johnny Manziel, Waris Singh Ahluwalia, DJ Ruckus, DJ Pauly D, Sarah, and many others were in attendance.

As always, Jonathan Schwartz’s anniversary, one of the owners of TAO Downtown Club and the most profitable non-chain restaurant in New York was filled with entertainment. However, the shooting in the vintage Model 20 photo booth sparked a wave of positive emotions.

Renowned photographer Bryant was present at the event. He is a talented professional whose work has gained recognition. Bryant has conducted numerous unique photo sessions in the photo booth, delighting guests with vintage strips.

The Genius of the Restaurant Business in the Vintage Photo Booth

Black and white photo stripeIf you live in New York, you’ve probably heard of the Tao Downtown restaurant. And if you have been there, you surely know the name of one of the co-founders of this establishment – Jonathan Schwartz. His name has become a symbol of quality for this restaurant.

Thanks to his immense dedication to work, broad knowledge, ability to excel in various fields, and unparalleled intuition, he has transformed from a simple promoter into a co-owner of America’s most luxurious restaurants.

Jonathan Schwartz and his team are constantly inventing ways to not only satisfy the taste preferences of their guests but also captivate them with entertainment. In Tao Downtown, visitors can enjoy the full range of urban entertainment. Exotic dinners, dancing in the club, and other pleasures attract many guests.

One of the special delights during Jonathan Schwartz’s anniversary was the vintage Model 20 photo booth, which was never empty for a moment at this celebration. The birthday celebrant, his relatives, and friends derived immense pleasure from capturing the most joyful moments of the event in the photo booth. Moreover, the vintage photo strips from the Model 20 booth will preserve these memories for future generations of the birthday celebrant.

Photo Booth at TAO Downtown Club

TAO Downtown club Manhattan New YorkTAO Downtown Club is a unique combination of a high-class restaurant and a nightclub in New York. It is part of the TAO Group, known for its exquisite and trendy establishments worldwide.

TAO Downtown Club is designed in an Eastern style with elements of feng shui, unique sculptures, and lighting that create an atmosphere of luxury and mystery.

In the restaurant at TAO Downtown Club, guests indulge in exquisite Asian cuisine, presented in a wide variety of dishes. And in the evening, TAO Downtown Club transforms into a popular venue for nighttime entertainment.

This unique place of relaxation and entertainment was adorned with a photo booth. Undoubtedly, the vintage Model 20 photo booth was the highlight of the celebration of the anniversary of Jonathan Schwartz.


Queue in the photo booth TAO Downtown club.The vintage photo machine provided guests with the opportunity to create unique and fun photographs, capture special moments, and preserve memories of the celebration.

Guests tirelessly took photos in the photo booth and instantly received high-quality prints. By the way, instant printing is one of the distinctive features of the vintage photo booth.

The vintage photo strips became a wonderful souvenir for the celebration’s guests, serving as a reminder of the birthday of a special person.

It was a creative and unforgettable way to liven up the evening and immortalize the memories of Jonathan Schwartz’s anniversary.

Vintage Photo Booth: Timeless Art in Every Frame

Photo booth at Jonathan Schwartz AnniversaryThe enduring beauty of the vintage Model 20 photo booth seamlessly blended into the enchanting atmosphere of Jonathan Schwartz’s celebration. The experts at Classic Photo Booth skillfully adorned the booth’s panels with the festive theme.

It is worth noting that the vintage Model 20 photo booth is a magnificent choice for your special occasion. Above all, it is a vintage work of art, one of the unique and elegant offerings presented by Classic Photo Booth LLC. The photo booth is a perfect solution to infuse a retro spirit and lend a charm and ambiance to your event.

The vintage photo booth from Classic Photo Booth is the most popular choice for solemn events. At the request of the client, the appearance of the photo booth can be changed due to the original design.

We transform ordinary snapshots into unique works of art, preserving the essence of time and adding a touch of exclusivity to every frame.

Vintage Photo Booth: Memories on Film, Eternity in Every Strip

But the most crucial aspect of a vintage photo booth is the strips it prints. What are the advantages of vintage photo strips? How do they surpass photographs printed by a digital photo booth? And how can we tell them apart? Let’s compare.

  • Sizes. In classic photo booths, the strip measures 1.5 x 8 inches, while in digital photo booths, it’s 2 x 6 inches.
  • Paper. Vintage photo strips are printed exclusively on matte paper, while digital ones are printed on glossy paper.
  • Printing Method. Vintage photo booths utilize film and a chemical development process to create photos on film. Unlike digital photo booths, vintage ones don’t rely on computer technology.
  • Speed. Vintage photo booths are the fastest when it comes to printing. They can create up to 7 snapshots simultaneously, with a new photo taken every 25 seconds. Digital photo booths take at least a minute.
  • Longevity. Time holds no power over vintage photo strips. Some strips are almost a hundred years old and still in excellent condition. As for how long digital snapshots last, we will only find out after a century.


Vintage photo stripe photo booth Model 20Photo stripe photobooth Model-20Guest photo stripe

So, if you have a significant event marked on your calendar, now you should think about renting a vintage photo booth. It will provide genuine fun for your guests and preserve the event’s memory for generations to come. Give us a call!


Hall in the TAO Downtown clubShooting in the photo boothTAO Downtown.

Photo booth D'Amelio

Photo booth at D’Amelio event

The photo booth added a special touch to the event dedicated to the launch of D’Amelio footwear 

Vintage Model 14 photo booth at Eden Sunset.Classic Photo Booth LLC provided a vintage Model 14 photo booth for the D’Amelio event, which featured the launch of D’Amelio footwear.

The event took place at Eden Sunset in Los Angeles on May 18th. It must be acknowledged that never before has a vintage photo booth captured such a large collection of fashionable footwear.

The footwear launch became a special occasion for the D’Amelio family. The event was held in the comfortable and cozy ambiance of Eden Sunset, where guests enjoyed a delightful atmosphere and had a photo session in the photo booth.

The D’Amelio family organized a celebration that reflected their taste and style. The entire evening was filled with fun, music, and fashion.

Guests had the opportunity to admire the new D’Amelio footwear collection and interact with the family members themselves. They enthusiastically posed for photos on the red carpet and in the photo booth.

Fashion and style unite: vintage photo booth at the launch event of the D’Amelio footwear collection

Queen of TiKTok Charlie D'Amelio in the photo booth.The D’Amelio footwear collection, featuring the presence of a vintage photo booth from Classic Photo Booth LLC, is a blend of style and fashion trends designed with the preferences of the younger generation in mind.

Moreover, according to the manufacturers, D’Amelio footwear stands out for its high-quality materials and attention to detail. The collection offers a variety of models, including sneakers, sandals, boots, and shoes that can be paired with different styles and outfits.

Each footwear model is available in various colors and designs, allowing everyone to find something to suit their taste. The organizers of the event presented the D’Amelio shoe collection at the event at Eden Sunset. 

Each pair of shoes reflects the style and aesthetics of the D’Amelio family, expressing individuality and fashion taste. Naturally, at the shoe brand launch event, the D’Amelio family took pride in their creations and enjoyed the opportunity to share them with their fans. Each footwear model reflected their style and creative approach, making the D’Amelio collection unique and appealing to all fashion enthusiasts.

Vintage photo booth at the Eden Sunset

Photo booth Model 14 D'Amelio.Eden Sunset is an exquisite and luxurious place located in the heart of Los Angeles. It is one of the most attractive venues for various events and celebrations.

This space stands out with its unique style. At Eden Sunset, guests can enjoy stunning panoramic views and beautifully decorated rooms that add a special charm to any event.

Eden Sunset has a high quality of service and attention to detail.

In combination with its magnificent interior and views, this place creates an unforgettable ambiance for hosting special events, such as the launch of D’Amelio footwear.

Here, guests can immerse themselves in the evening atmosphere, meet with friends and loved ones, and indulge in unique and memorable moments that they will cherish for a lifetime. One such moment includes a photo shoot in the vintage Model 14 photo booth.

Unforgettable Moments in Focus: vintage photo booth gains popularity at D’Amelio event

Bryant in the vintage Model 14 photo booth D'Amelio.The vintage photo booth Model 14 has become the most popular spot among guests at the D’Amelio event. Bryant Eslava hosted an amazing photo shoot in a photo booth of TikTok stars Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, as well as their parents Heidi and Mark. He also photographed guests.

As always, he displayed professionalism and a creative approach to capturing unique photos for each guest.

Bryant photographed the guests and ensured that they were comfortable and enjoyed using the photo booth.

He assisted with framing, offered interesting photography ideas, and created a friendly and fun atmosphere. Thanks to his talent, the guests received many unique and unforgettable pictures.

Let’s remind ourselves that the vintage photo booth Model 14 exudes elegance, perfectly complementing the ambiance of Eden Sunset. Guests freely utilized the photo booth to take pictures alone or with groups of friends. The photo booth provided instant photo printing.

So, the vintage Model 14 photo booth has become an integral part of the celebration at Eden Sunset. It added fun, creativity, and the opportunity to take unforgettable photos for everyone present.


                      Charli D'Amelio brand launch  Charli D'Amelio and shoes, photo stripe  Dixie D'Amelio in the vintage photo booth. 

                      TikTok star Dixie D'Amelio photo stripe.  Heidi D'Amelio in the vintage photo booth.  Heidi and Marc D'Amelio in vintage the photo booth.

Black and white photo stripe-from-vintage photo booth Model-14.

Photo booth graphic model at the MTV Movie & TV Awards.

MTV Awards loses photobooth

Unexpected Strike and Virtual Format: MTV Movie & TV Awards 2023 Left Without a Photo Booth

MTV Awards 2023, picter The MTV Awards have lost their photo booth, red carpet, and photo shoot.

On May 7th, the 31st edition of the MTV Movie & TV Awards ceremony took place. However, this event will go down in history as the first ceremonial gathering that underwent a last-minute complete change of plans. 

The disruption of the MTV Awards ceremony was caused by a strike by the Writers Guild of America.

Due to the pickets of writers and their threats to hold a demonstration at Barker Hangar, the organizers refused to conduct it in the traditional format. The MTV Awards took place without a red carpet, photo booth, photo shoot, the audience in the hall, and live broadcast. 

In addition, in solidarity with the protesters, actress Drew Barrymore refused to attend the award ceremony. Many guests followed suit.

Due to the circumstances, Classic Photo Booth has canceled a photo booth installation at the MTV Awards in Barker Hangar, Santa Monica.

Magic of Moments: Barker Hangar – the Perfect Venue for Epic Events and Enchanting Photoshoots

The Barker Hangar before the awards ceremony.Anyone who has ever been to Barker Hangar knows that it is the perfect place for hosting various events. 

 The 2023 MTV Movie & TV Awards at the Barker Hangar were scheduled to take place for the seventh time.

It’s no wonder, as its 35,000 square feet of space make it the largest and most versatile venue in Los Angeles for a wide range of events, from award ceremonies to film shoots and television productions.

Classic Photo Booth has already collaborated with Barker Hangar, and the partnership has been top-notch. The company provided its photo machines for the events, including the recent Snap Partner Summit – 2023. Even at the summit, which brought together representatives of the world’s leading IT companies, participants enjoyed using a vintage photo booth.

It is a pity that the MTV Awards took place without a photo booth in which the participants of the event could capture themselves.

Triumph of the Series “The Last of Us”: Winners of the MTV Awards 2023

"Golden Popcorn" is a symbol of success and recognition in the world of the film industry.Despite all the organizational issues, viewers finally found out who became the winners of the MTV Movie & TV Awards 2023. And also who became the proud owners of the coveted “Golden Popcorn.”

You can find the list of all the nominations and winners on the official website MTV.  However, we would like to draw your attention to the series that received three prestigious awards.

You probably already guessed that we are talking about the first season of the series “The Last of Us.” This adaptation was named the Best Television Series.  Actor Pedro Pascal was honored with the “Best Hero” award. Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal received the award “Best Duo”.

“The Last of Us” is a post-apocalyptic series based on the video game of the same name. The story takes place in the year 2023. According to the writers, the series is about people who make difficult choices and reveal their true nature through them. 

Mystery solved with Classic Photo Booth

The Last of Us, photobooth in MallOne of the film’s thrilling and incredibly romantic moments is Ellie’s (Bella Ramsey) night out with her friend Riley (Storm Reid) at an abandoned mall. Incidentally, this scene was filmed at the Northland Village Mall in Calgary.

Riley shows Ellie five “wonders of the mall” that she has never seen before. One of these “miracles” is a photo booth.

The photo machine shown in the film caught the attention of Classic Photo Booth LLC specialists. They have over 30 years of experience with a variety of photo booth models, including classic and digital.

Classic Photo Booth LLC founder and expert Max Sverdlov believes the show’s photo booth is not vintage. At first glance, it may seem that this is a digital photo booth. However, most likely, what the viewers see is a combination of graphic design and staged scenes.

Probably, the filmmakers did not turn to specialists for advice. As a result, they left out some details that eventually became “movie bugs”.

Expert Classic Photo Booth detects inaccuracies in the film related to the photo booth

What did expert Max Sverdlov pay attention to?

Movie blooper with photo stripe.

  • Windows for issuing a photo strip.
    The photo booth is equipped with a window for issuing a photo strip, both horizontal and vertical.
    In other words, the photo booth from the film combines both a classic photo booth and a digital photo booth. And this cannot be either.

Faded photo strip.

  • Poor quality photo strip.
    No photo booth prints photos of such quality. The use of such photos in the film remains unclear.
  • The size of the photo strip.
    In classic photo booths, the strip measures 1.5 x 8 inches, while in digital photo booths, it measures 2 x 6 inches. In the film, we see a strip of a classic photo booth.

To avoid similar mistakes in the future, TV series creators should look to Classic Photo Booth LLC. It is important that they understand how different models of photo booths work.

The Story Unfolds:
Classic Photo Booth Finds the Mastermind Behind the Photo Booth in “The Last of Us” Film

Project of a photo booth in a shopping center.Classic Photo Booth LLC sought out a graphic designer who created a photo booth model for The Last of Us. It turned out to be Spencer Smith

The editors got access to photo booth design options.

Of course, they are different from the actual photo machines that operate in Northland Village in Calgary.

The mall features Model 17C and Model 17 photo booths. They print color photographs.

Classic Photo Booth LLC: your reliable partner

Classic Photo Booth LLC is not just a company that rents out photo machines. This is a brand that, for almost 30 years of experience, has studied the operation of all existing models of photo booths.

The company provides its services on the East and West coasts. And also in the largest cities in America. Classic Photo Booth LLC is excited to partner with the film world.

If the creators of films or series have questions regarding the operation of photo machines of any model, please contact us. Call! We will advise you on all issues.


Ellie and Riley in the photo booth.
Bella Ramsey and Storm Reid are on the set of the film.
Storm Reed and Bella Ramsey on set at the Mall.
Storm Reed and Bella Ramsey “as zombies”.
Film heroines Ellie and Riley try on different looks in the photo booth.
Bella Ramsey and Storm Reed: Back to back.
The photo booth created by a graphic designer for the movie "The Last of Us".
The photo booth was created by a graphic designer for the movie “The Last of Us”.
Film frame: inside the photo booth.
Film frame: inside the photo booth.


Photo booth Model 17, Northland Village Mall
Photo booth Model 17, Northland Village Mall.
Northland Village Mall, photo booth Model 17C
Photo booth Model 17C, Northland Village Mall.
Vintage photo booth Model 14 at the Bliss event, Los Angeles

Photo booth at Bliss launch

Vintage Photo Booth at Bliss Brand Launch

Photo booth at Delilah Restaurant, Los Angeles CAAt the Bliss brand launch, which took place on April 20th at Delilah restaurant in Los Angeles, a photo booth provided by Classic Photo Booth LLC was used. 

The event attracted many social media stars, including well-known influencers, athletes, actors, and TV hosts. Guests included Elianna Arvizu, Rachel Grace Wilson, Pia Mance, Hasley Pitman, ʙʀᴏᴏᴋᴇ Markhaa, Daniella Lopez, Kaylie Altman, Nicky Dodaj, and Chelsy Maya.

Also in attendance were Riley Rasmussen, Shaelah McGilton, Sebastian Topete, Jourdan Kadow, Yes Julz, Jerrold Smith, Chantel Jeffries, and Jordan L. Jones. 

Additionally, the Bliss brand launch featured Jess Adams, Blake Gray, Vinetrria, Jade Mills, Max Hazzard, Dennis Ashley, Quentin Alexander Shropshire, Frankie Delgado, FaZe Kaysan, Joe Haden,  Keenan Allen, and Emery Rolfes.

Thanks to the relaxed atmosphere, the official celebration turned into a fun holiday. Each guest of the Bliss event found what they came for.

Instagram Stars in the Photo Booth

Bryant works with the guests of the Bliss event

The launch of the Bliss brand was a highly anticipated event. The organizers did everything possible to make it a huge success. As part of the program, guests were invited to a fun photo session in a vintage photo booth, masterfully organized by renowned photographer Bryant Eslava.

Among the guests who stepped into the vintage photo booth and took photos were Instagram stars such as Elianna Arvizu, Rachel Grace Wilson, Jess Adams, Pia Mance, Hasley Pitman, Chelsy Maya, Lydia McKee, Manon Peri, Shaelah McGilton, Riley Rasmussen, and many others. The black and white photos taken in the photo booth not only did not diminish the beauty of the famous beauties of Los Angeles but also enhanced their charm and mystery.

The vintage photo booth was undoubtedly one of the highlights of the event, providing a unique experience for all guests. It was a great way to capture memorable moments of the evening and create unforgettable memories of the Bliss brand launch.

Vintage Photo Booth at Delilah

photo booth at Delilah Restaurant, Los Angeles, CAThe Delilah restaurant, where Classic Photo Booth LLC placed a vintage photo booth on Bliss launch day, is a celebrity favorite. This is not surprising: the atmosphere of the 1920s, combined with modernity, attracts all guests without exception.

At the restaurant, guests enjoy live music compositions, jazz as well as DJ tracks. Fashionistas prefer not only modern outfits but also dresses with feathers and sparkles in the style of early 20th-century fashion. 

The interior of the restaurant with Art Deco elements, soft olive-colored furniture, and chandeliers creates a luxurious and elegant ambiance. However, Delilah is not only a place to enjoy delicious food and drinks, but also to dance.

The Model 14 vintage photo booth fits perfectly into the restaurant’s interior. The famous guests of Bliss not only immersed themselves in an atmosphere of luxury and beauty but also left black and white photo strips as a souvenir of the celebration.

Classic Photo Booth: Rent a Vintage Photo Booth for Any Event 

Vintage photo booths attract people with their antique designs and create a special atmosphere of celebration and fun. The photo booth prints black and white photos, which give them a unique charm and character. People like to be photographed in a vintage photo booth. It allows you to create fun and creative pictures with your friends and family. In addition, the Model 14 photo booth is part of history and culture. And this makes it even more attractive for those who appreciate authenticity and uniqueness.

Classic Photo Booth LLC is the only company that can provide a wide range of rental services for vintage photo booths on both the West and East coasts. The company offers many services, including:

  • Renting different models of vintage photo booths for any event. Weddings, corporate parties, birthdays, and other special occasions are now unthinkable without the use of photo booths. 
  • Rental of additional equipment and various props for photo shoots.
  • Option to personalize the photo booth with the company’s logo or custom design.
  • Delivery and installation of the photo booth at the event.
  • Service and technical support for the photo booth throughout the rental period.

Classic Photo Booth ensures that a vintage photo machine will provide unforgettable memories at any event. Cooperation with Classic Photo Booth will make your event even more memorable and interesting.

Call us! 800-671-8815

Riley Rasmussen Shaelah McGilton guests Bliss
Riley Rasmussen, Shaelah McGilton
 Pia Mance and Hasley Pitman are guests in the photo booth at Bliss
Pia Mance, Hasley Pitman
Sebastian Topete are guest in the photo booth at Bliss
Sebastian Topete and friends
Nicky Dodaj are guest in the photo booth at Bliss event
Nicky Dodaj and friends
Maya Chelsy are guest in the photo booth at Bliss event
Maya Chelsy and friends
Bryant in photo booth at Bless event
Bryant and friends
Elianna Arvizu and frends
Elianna Arvizu and Rachel Grace Wilson



Vintage photo booth Model 14 at Snap Partner Summit 2023

Photo booth at Snap Partner Summit

At the Snap Partner Summit 2023, Classic Photo Booth LLC Provided a Vintage Photo Booth

Vintage photo booth at Snap Partner Summit-2023.

Classic Photo Booth LLC presented its vintage photo booth Model 14 at the annual Snap Partner Summit 2023. The event took place at Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California on April 19th.

Two groundbreaking technologies of their time, from different stages of development for creating, storing, and using images, came together at the Snap Partner Summit 2023. These are the vintage photo booth and Snapchat, which simultaneously serves as a messenger, chat, and social network, and uses augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

From Vintage Photo Booths to Snapchat:
The Evolution of Photography and Modern Technology

A vintage photo booth awaits guests at the Snap Partner Summit 2023. It is known that the vintage photo booth was created almost a century and a half ago. Its work is based on a mechanical process.

Everything was pretty simple. A person would enter a photo booth, insert a coin into the coin acceptor, and take a photo. After a few seconds, he took the photographic tape and left. As a result, this technology made it possible for people to not spend much time making photos for documents.

Later on, people began to use photo machines to create artistic photographs. Photography became first a form of entertainment and then art. People enjoy entering the small space of a photo booth, closing the curtain, and spending a few minutes alone. Perhaps it was this feature that made the photo booth popular from the very beginning of its existence.


logo Snapchat - Ghostface ChillahAnd what about Snapchat? Judging by the news about the latest achievements of this platform, it too, like the vintage photo machine in its time, has “blown up” people’s minds.

The Snapchat app allows, among other things, not only to photograph the surrounding world but also to provide it with augmented reality. , Moreover, the platform works with artificial intelligence, which provides great opportunities.

Augmented Reality: Connecting Physical and Digital Worlds

Snap Partner Summit 2023, pictureAt the Snap Partner Summit, AR mirrors were announced as a way to connect the digital and physical worlds.

The main purpose of this invention is to assist in the selection of clothing and jewelry. The buyer chooses a favorite item from the e-catalog, after which AR “fits” it on the future owner. Augmented reality uses Snapchat filters and lenses.

Recently, Snap launched AR Enterprise Services (ARES), selling this technology to brands that will use it in applications, websites, and stores. Snap collaborates with Cartier, Tiffany, Dior, Gucci, Prada, Nike, and Men’s Wearhouse in using augmented reality technology.

Snapchat Lenses - New Snap TechnologyIn addition, in the coming months, Snap will launch a series of augmented reality vending machines in partnership with Coca-Cola. To get a drink, the customer just needs to wave their hand toward the AR machine. It’s almost like in a photo booth: press a button and get a photo in 30 seconds.

But that’s not all! Snap is launching new AR features in its Snapchat app for 16 live music festivals this summer. Bonnaroo in Tennessee, Governors Ball in New York, and Lollapalooza Paris viewers will be able to use augmented reality compasses and 3D maps inside the app to navigate the festivals. Lenses are also available.

New features from Snap:
AI-powered lenses and the My AI chatbot available for everyone

Undoubtedly, the key event of the Snap Partner Summit 2023 was the lenses created by artificial intelligence. These lenses allow users to immerse themselves in an animated sci-fi space. They have the most realistic and optimized augmented reality features available today.

The AI-powered chatbot, My AI, which was previously available to select users, is now available to everyone. This is great news for anyone who has dreamed of having such a smart assistant. Just think, the AI-powered chatbot receives almost 2 million chat messages from Snapchatters per day and learns about people’s lives in all areas. This makes the platform an ideal place to use the capabilities of conversational and generative artificial intelligence directly in the community. By the way, you can give your chatbot a name and stylize it using thousands of unique Bitmoji variations.

Snap Partner Summit 2023:
Unusual Guest in a Photo Booth and New Decoration Features

Bryant in Model 14 photo booth at Snap Partner Summit-2023There’s so much to talk about when it comes to the innovations presented at the Snap Partner Summit.

But let’s focus on the special guest of popular photographer Bryant’s vintage Model 14 photo booth on the day of the event.

The guest was the most unusual character – Ghostface Chillah, the Snapchat ghost logo created by the company’s CEO, Evan Spiegel.

It became known that he was fond of rap for a long time. It was the Wu-Tang Clan rapper Ghostface Killah who inspired Spiegel to create this icon.


Chills Ghostface Snapchat logo in the vintage photo booth A cheerful ghost was photographed in a photo booth and flew on.

It’s worth noting the unique decoration of the photo booth this time around.

In addition to the traditional photo booth design in Snap’s signature yellow and white tones, the round chair in the photo booth was themed after Snapchat’s “yellow dot”.

Snap style photo shoot chair at Snap Partner Summit 2023In Snap lingo, a yellow dot indicates that the user has a notification, which means that someone has added them on Snapchat, there’s a notification about their stories, or they need to use the settings that can only be changed on the profile tab.

Snapcode at the photo booth, Snap Partner Summit 2023 Moreover, the vintage Model 14 photo booth now has a unique Snapcode.

A Snapcode is a special type of image that Snapchat users can scan for various purposes.

The code allows users to send and scan Snapcodes that add new friends, unlock filters and lenses, lead to websites, and connect to exclusive content.

The Barker Hangar: the perfect venue for events in Southern California

The-Barker-Hangar-hosted-the-Snap-Partner-Summit-2023, Santa MonicaThe aviation center The Barker Hangar is located in the heart of Southern California, in the city of Santa Monica.

It is famous for its unique atmosphere and amenities for hosting entertainment and corporate events.

This year, Snap has once again chosen The Barker Hangar to host its partner summit.


The Barker HangarThe Barker Hangar is impressive with its massive 5,000 square feet interior.

It is completely unique in its design. The 43-foot-tall ceiling arches form a 150-foot-tall steel truss over a 234-foot-tall concrete floor.

The Barker hangar is not just a venue for events. This is a unique building that combines modern design and high-tech equipment, creating a unique atmosphere.

The vintage Model 14 photo booth provided by Classic Photo Booth fits perfectly into this style.

If you want to hold an important event at the highest level, so that it is remembered forever, consider using a photo booth. It is suitable for all types of events. Call us!

Vintage Photo Booth at Bloomingdale’s

Vintage Photo Booth at Bloomingdale’s

Vintage Photo Booth at Saturday’s Generation at Bloomingdale’s

Vintage Photo Booth at Bloomingdale’s
Vintage Photo Booth at Bloomingdale’s. Model 14.

A vintage photo booth from Classic Photo Booth LLC at a Saturday’s Generation event.

It took place on March 11 at the Short Hills Mall at Bloomingdale’s in New Jersey.

Saturday’s Generation Generation is one of Women’s History Month.

From February 23rd to April 24th, the iconic retailer launched The Carousel @ Bloomingdale’s of women entrepreneurs, the founders of their brands.

By the way, actress Tika Sumpter curates the large-scale event. She oversees the display of a diverse range of products, including goods for children and home, self-care, fashion, and accessories from 50 brands founded and owned by women. For example, Kaleidadope, Kim Hill, The Spice Suite, Candice Luther, Estelle Glassware, Cult Gaia, and others.

Various events will take place at The Carousel @ Bloomingdale’s. Namely – On Female Founders Homepage Takeover, Screen with Tika Sumpter, Saturday’s Generation, and Weekends with Basquet.  All events have one goal, to help shoppers learn more about the stories and brands of 50 incredible women.

Cult Classic Vintage Photos at Saturday’s Generation

Vintage Photo Booth at Bloomingdale’s.
Shooting in a vintage photo booth.

Saturday’s Generation is a large-scale event. It took place in all 54 Bloomingdale stores across the country. The organizers prepared a program with surprises from women’s companies.

At the Short Hills Mall in New Jersey’s Bloomingdale store, visitors were treated to a special surprise – a vintage photo booth. Anyone could take iconic black-and-white photographs.

As a result, no one remained indifferent to this idea. Everyone who saw the vintage branded photo booth from Bloomingdale’s rushed to enter it and take stylish photos.

Undoubtedly, the monochrome photo strips will preserve the memory of The Carousel @ Bloomingdale’s and Saturday’s Generation. Perhaps the stories of extraordinary women entrepreneurs breaking barriers and building successful brands have inspired many.

Vintage Photo Booth Model 14 hit Saturday’s Generation 

Vintage Photo Booth at Bloomingdale’s
Visitor photo strips at Short Hills Shopping Center at Bloomingdale’s.

As always, the vintage photo booth was a success at the event. The organizers took care of branding the photo booth. Of course, this caught the attention of visitors to the shopping center. The textual logo which was taken care of in advance was present on each photo tape. Without a doubt, this will work on the image of the company for many years to come. 

Those visitors to the shopping center who were lucky enough to take iconic black and white photos with Bloomingdale’s logo will surely be grateful to the event organizers. After all, Bloomingdale’s is not just a shopping center but the only full-line, high-end department store in America with a century and a half of history.

By the way, the appearance of Bloomingdale’s and photo booths in America coincided almost 27 years apart. In 1861, Joseph and Lyman Bloomingdale founded a chain of department stores, and in 1888, William Pope and Edward Poole filed the first patent application for a photo booth. 151 years later, both retail and photo booths have become an integral part of leisure for all of humanity.

Classic Photo Booth LLC at the Forefront

Vintage Photo Booth at Bloomingdale’s.
Vintage Photo Booth at Bloomingdale’s. Model 14.

The Saturday’s Generation event was a great success. Classic Photo Booth LLC contributed by providing a photo booth.

The company has almost 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry. It provides services on both the East and West Coasts. Works in New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, San Diego, and others.

Classic Photo Booth LLC is unique because it provides services nationwide for multiple events at the same time, using several machines simultaneously for several consecutive days.

Why Classic Photo Booth is the flagship in its field?
Vintage Photo Booth at Bloomingdale’s.
Vintage black and white photo of the Short Hills Mall at Bloomingdale’s.

First, the company shares the interests of its customers. She makes sure that clients get the most out of their events. 

Secondly, photographic equipment and a photo booth before the event are tested. Clients should get the best results.

Thirdly, the company provides albums for photo strips and online galleries.

Fourthly, the company always sets up the photo stands based on the client’s approach.

Lastly, with Classic Photo Booth, clients always find common ground. All you have to do is call.


Vintage photo booth

Grammy award photo booth

Grammy Award Photo Booth

Vintage photo boothGrammy award photo booth on the night of February 5-6, 2023, the 65th annual ceremony took place in Los Angeles at the Arena multifunctional complex.

The brightest stars in the world took the pictures Grammy Award photo booth. They eagerly awaited the voting results from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) members. The highest award for outstanding achievements in the music industry – the golden gramophone – awarded to the best performers, musical recordings, and compositions of 2022.

Beyonce received the most nominations. She became the most nominated Grammy singer not only in 2023 but also in the entire ceremony history. The singer now has 32 golden gramophones, which is an absolute record for a music award. The Grammy vintage photo booth was a hit!

Grammy Award Photo Booth: Stylish, Fashionable, Prestigious

Grammy is not only an awards ceremony for the best of the best in the music industry. This is a top event, consisting of performances, demonstrations of stunning outfits, communication, gossip, photo sessions, and interviews. Also, the most exquisite entertainment at social events – is informal selfies in the photo booth. The vintage photo booth has exploded in popularity over the past decade.

People like to relax in front of the camera. They like to take off their masks and be themselves. They enjoy fooling around, as in childhood, charging with positive emotions. In addition, even if you are a celebrity, and just walked proudly along the red carpet under the bright flashes of cameras when you see an open photo booth curtain, you will definitely visit it. Then, laughing, you will look at the photo strips with your images. It would be nice if these pictures were shown to the children.

Grammy Vintage Photo Booth for Celebrities  

Not a single social event today can do without a vintage photo booth. After that, social networks literally exploded with vintage-like grainy portraits of celebrities. The vintage photo booth has become fashionable, prestigious, stylish, and important for everyone who “lives” on social networks. Last November, Bryant presented the Classic Photo Booth LLC photobooth Model 14 at the CFDA Awards 2022.

The fashion community, VIPs, and stars of American show business highly appreciated the opportunity to capture themselves in a new look. The popularity of the photo booth Model 14 was the same as at the 2023 Grammys. Throughout the night, the photo machine took pictures of world-famous stars and guests of the event. Samara Joy, Kim Petras, Nelly, Ciara, Dylan Mulvaney, Sam Smith, DJ Khaled, Lil Wayne, and many more photographed themselves in this historical moment of their life.

Grammy award photo booth Model 14 will Enrich any Event

Even if you weren’t invited to the Grammy or CFDA Awards, and you didn’t capture yourself in a vintage look in a photo booth, you shouldn’t get discouraged. After all, you can easily rent a Vintage photo booth from Classic Photo Booth LLC for any event you want to organize.

Birthdays and weddings, anniversaries of parents and grandparents, graduations from colleges and universities, and corporate parties. However, how many topics can you come up with for organizing your holiday? If you are interested in renting a photo booth, contact Classic Photo Booth LLC. Here you can rent the presented device at the best price and turn any event into an unforgettable holiday. The chosen photo booth will not only be delivered to you for the holiday but also turned into a memorable art object.

Vintage Photo Booth is Faster than the Digital Photo Booth

Guests of any event are attracted to the Grammy Award photo booth like a magnet. They are both inside and against its background, immediately uploading the achieved photos to the network, creating an instant chronicle of your holiday. In addition, the photo booth can print color or black-and-white photos. In addition, it does it in just three minutes, but you can take pictures every 30 seconds.

Imagine that the guest has not yet managed to get out of the vintage photo booth, and the photo strips are already waiting for him outside. Thanks to the high-quality and fast operation of photo booth equipment, guests will not languish, waiting for their turn to take a selfie. So, think about what date you would like to book a photo booth rental and call us!