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Bride Sam in the vintage photo booth

Wedding photobooth for Sam

Fun and Elegance: Vintage Photobooth at Sam and Manee’s Wedding

Sam and Manee in the vintage photo booth, Big Indian, NY Classic Photo Booth LLC provided a vintage photo booth Model-14 for Sam and Manee’s wedding. The festive event took place on November 4th in Big Indian, NY.

As always, the vintage photo booth added fun and unforgettable moments to this special day. Guests enjoyed photo sessions and the creation of black-and-white vintage photographs.

The Model-14, provided by Classic Photo Booth LLC, became the center of attention at Sam and Manee’s wedding. Its stylish design and the ability to create black-and-white snapshots added a special charm to the celebratory atmosphere. Guests happily took advantage of this opportunity to capture beautiful moments of the wedding day in a style that added a touch of retro elegance.

Notably, the photo strips at Sam and Manee’s wedding were adorned with a logo placed between the photos. The newlyweds have a lasting memory with photo strips that say “Sam and Manee forever.”

Classic Photo Booth LLC not only provides the opportunity to create delightful photos but also adds authenticity to any event. Vintage photo booths have become an integral part of festive occasions, creating a unique atmosphere and leaving vivid memories for all attendees.

The Legend of Big Indian: Romance and Sorrow of the Past

Winneesook Big Indian, NYPerhaps it’s challenging to find a wedding venue more romantic and simultaneously melancholic than Big Indian, NY. Big Indian is a village in the town of Shandaken in Ulster County, New York, USA. The history of these places is quite remarkable, albeit sorrowful. Once, a Native American, Munsee Winneesook, lived near Marbletown, New York. He was a rather tall man, standing at about seven feet. Due to his height, locals referred to him as Big Indian.

Winneesook was passionately in love with a local woman, Gertrude Molinie. The feeling was mutual. However, Gertrude’s parents did not envision her marrying Winneesook. They dreamed of marrying their daughter to someone named Joseph Bundy. Disobeying her parents, Gertrude fled with her beloved to the wilderness.

Bitter over the lovers’ actions, Bundy couldn’t forgive them. He tracked them down and shot Winneesook. The Big Indian died near a pine tree. After his death, Gertrude and her children moved closer to the place where her beloved husband and father perished. Later, the village of Big Indian emerged on this site. Interestingly, the pine tree under which the Big Indian met his end continued to grow until 1880 when a railroad was built.

Timeless Threads: A Wedding Tale Through the Vintage Lens

Sam and Manee, Big Indian, NY.Photo strip of newlyweds Sam and Manee, Big Indian, NYNewlyweds Sam and Manee Groom and Bride, vintage photo strip at Full Moon ResortThis is the place where the gentle melody of romance intertwines with the somber moments of the past, serving as a unique backdrop for Sam and Manee’s wedding. In the beautiful village of Big Indian NY, where threads of history and love are woven together, the vintage Model-14 from Classic Photo Booth LLC has become a magical temporal window to the past.

Among the mountains, steeped in the history of the Native American Winneesook, tall and passionate, as if in love with the land itself. He, the Big Indian, found his love in Gertrude Moliné. However, fate seems to have cast its melancholic hues upon their happiness.

The tale of Winneesook and Gertrude Moliné’s bittersweet love transformed into the wedding ritual of Sam and Manee, takes on new meaning under the canopy of the vintage photo booth. In each black-and-white frame, echoes of not just the joy of the moment but also the traces of past drama resonate. Time becomes the thread connecting two different worlds.

Classic Photo Booth LLC, like a keeper of time, has become an integral part of this special day, capturing not only laughter and merriment but also tears and moments of eternal love. The vintage photo booth, like magic, allowed the intertwining of two eras, creating a wedding fairy tale where each frame is a chapter in an endless story.

Monochrome Miracle at Full Moon Resort

Full Moon ResortFull Moon Resort once again immerses itself in the atmosphere of vintage romance with the participation of Classic Photo Booth LLC. Sam and Manee’s wedding is far from the first event where the vintage photo booth from the arsenal of Classic Photo Booth LLC has become an integral part of the wedding magic in this beautiful corner of nature.

With each moment captured in black and white stripes, the vintage photo booth adds its unique touch of fun and nostalgia to this special day. Guests greet it with smiles, and it responds to them with cheerful moments, preserving joy and merriment in every frame.

Past events at Full Moon Resort testify that the vintage photo booth from Classic Photo Booth LLC not only provides services but also creates a unique atmosphere where each guest becomes part of the history. Let this story continue, reviving memories and creating new moments framed in vintage charm.

Wedding Memories: Album for Sam and Manee from Classic Photo Booth LLC

Book of wedding congratulations, Big Indian, NYSam and Manee received a special souvenir from Classic Photo Booth LLC — an album with photo strips and congratulations from family and friends. The guests left warm wishes for the newlyweds. The souvenir was an unforgettable reminder of Sam and Manee’s special day.

The album, filled with photographs and heartfelt words, became a true treasure trove of emotions and memories. The guests took part in the creation of this unique artifact with a special feeling. Every page of the album was filled.

A traditional gift from Classic Photo Booth LLC not only preserves visual memories of the wedding. It becomes a touching artifact containing joy and love. In this album, words become a magical palette. They colorize the black-and-white snapshots of the day, making each image a vivid memory.

Thus, the gift from Classic Photo Stand LLC became more than just a souvenir. It became a capsule of happiness, carrying congratulations from the guests.

If you’re planning a celebration similar to Sam and Manee’s, don’t hesitate to book a vintage photo booth! All you need to do is give us a call and discuss all the details. Classic Photo Booth LLC will take care of the rest.



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  Newlyweds with guests, Big Indian, NY  Photo session in the vintage photo booth Model-14  Wishes of the guests to the newlyweds, Full Moon Resort

Wedding cake, Big Indian, NY.  Vintage photo stripes  Congratulations to the bride and groom  Book of congratulations for the newlyweds Sam and Manee

Bred and groom in the vintage photobooth, The star Barn at stone Gables Estate.

Vintage photobooth at Madison’s wedding

Vintage Photobooth Model-11 at Madison and Reed’s Wedding: Unforgettable Moments

Photo session in the wedding vintage photo booth Model-11Classic Photo Booth LLC provided a vintage photobooth Model-11 for the wedding of Madison Vanaskie and Reed Hirneisen. The wedding ceremony took place on October 6 at The Star Barn in Stone Gables Estate. This evening was filled with joy, laughter, and incredible moments that will remain in the memories of the newlyweds forever.

Madison and Reed’s wedding was a special occasion. It not only brought together friends and family in a beautiful location but also a National Register of Historic Places landmark. Situated in Dauphin County, Middletown, Pennsylvania, this estate was their chosen setting to create an unforgettable atmosphere. And it’s safe to say they succeeded. The vintage photo booth Model-11 at Madison’s wedding was part of the festive atmosphere.

The newlyweds and event guests eagerly posed for photos in the vintage photo booth, creating unique snapshots. These photos became a delightful surprise for the guests and a part of Madison and Reed’s wedding album. This photo booth added a touch of originality to the wedding ceremony, making it even more special.


Captivating vintage at the wedding at The Star Barn at Stone Gables Estate

Newlyweds Madison Vanaskie and Reed HirneisenNewlyweds kiss in the vintage photo booth Model-11.As previously mentioned, the vintage photobooth at Madison and Reed’s wedding became a true highlight of this festive evening. The interior of The Star Barn at Stone Gables Estate perfectly complemented the retro style of the Model-11 vintage photo booth.

This vintage photo booth produced charming black-and-white photographs, adding an element of delightful elegance to the event. The bride and groom, as well as their guests, were enthralled by these vintage photo strips. The charm of black and white photographs seamlessly blended with the overall aesthetic of the event, creating a sense of classic refinement for everyone in attendance.

However, it’s only fair to say that this sense of elegance was equally attributed to the entire Stone Gables Estate. There was plenty to admire and explore here.

The Star Barn: A Magnificent Testament to Architectural History

The star Barn at stone Gables-Estate, PA.History tells us that this ancient estate in the Gothic style was constructed in 1872 by Daniel Reichert for John Motter. Besides owning this estate, John Motter simultaneously held the positions of a bank president, hotel proprietor, and prosperous farmer. He also had a passion for horse breeding and sales. John Motter had seven daughters, and a separate farm was built for each of them.

The height of this estate building reaches 65 feet. It is adjacent to a one-acre pond adorned with a fountain, pavilion, and swans. Outstanding domes, four striking louvered star fans, a vaulted stone tunnel spanning 56 feet, and other unique architectural details make this structure far more impressive than standard Pennsylvania constructions.

The Star Barn is recognized as one of the most photographed and artistically adorned barns in the United States. This magnificent architectural treasure in the Gothic Revival style serves as a symbolic window to the past, revealing pages of history and the mastery of American architecture.

Memory Altar at Madison and Reed’s Wedding

Memory Altar at Madison and Reed's WeddingWeddings always carry a special atmosphere of joy, love, and significant moments shared with loved ones. However, it’s not always possible to gather all family and friends, especially if they are far away or, sadly, have passed away.

At Madison Vanaskie and Reed Hirneisen’s wedding, a sort of memory altar was created. On a separate table, beautiful frames held images of those whom the newlyweds would have loved to have present on this day. Next to these photographs, candles were lit in honor of those who have departed. The lit candles symbolized light, hope, and respect for the departed. This moment in the wedding ceremony became particularly touching and meaningful for those in attendance.

This gesture not only respectfully commemorates the memory of departed loved ones but also infuses the wedding with a deep sense of significance. It provides an opportunity to remember those who have left their mark on the lives of the newlyweds. It’s a touching and heartfelt moment that adds depth and meaning to the wedding celebration, reminding everyone that love and connections with loved ones extend beyond time and space.

Model-11 Photo Booth: Vintage Magic

Classic photo booth Model-11 at Madison Wanasky's weddingModel-11 is a vintage photo booth with a range of unique features that make it a popular addition to various events:

Versatility: Model-11 allows you to print both black and white and color photographs. This allows guests to choose their preferred photography style.

Compact: This photo booth is compact, making it easy to fit into tight spaces for events. It easily integrates into any atmosphere.

User Friendly: Model-11 has a user-friendly interface that allows any person to interact with it easily.

Style: The vintage design of Model-11 adds a touch of retro charm to the event. This makes it particularly appealing for events where style and aesthetics are of importance.

Instant printing. One of the outstanding features of the Model-11 photo booths is the ability to print photo strips instantly. Guests receive their photos immediately after they are taken.

Model-11 offers event guests the opportunity to create unforgettable moments and save them in the form of stylish, high-quality photographs. Its versatility and retro design make it a popular accessory for weddings, parties, and other events.

If you want your special day to be memorable for you and your guests for a lifetime, order a vintage photo booth! Choose the model you like and call us!



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  Bride and groom Madison Vanaskie and Reed Hirneisen Wedding at star Barn at stone Gables Estate. Photo session in the wedding vintage photo booth


Vintage photobooth at Sarah’s wedding

The vintage photo booth added a charm to Sarah and Eric’s wedding

Bride Sarah in the vintage photo booth Model 14Classic Photo Booth LLC provided a vintage photobooth Model 14 for Sarah and Eric‘s wedding. The celebration occurred on September 30th at Machines with Magnets in Rhode Island.

The chosen venue for the celebration is truly unique. Machines with Magnets, a renowned art gallery and music performance venue in Rhode Island, is known for its atmosphere and ability to surprise guests. However, the vintage photobooth captured the newlyweds’ hearts and all their guests.

The location chosen for this unforgettable celebration is indeed one-of-a-kind. Machines with Magnets is a well-known art gallery and music venue in Rhode Island. It is famous for its ambiance and its knack for surprising its guests.

Yet, among all the fantastic features of this place, the vintage photo booth provided by Classic Photo Booth LLC stood out with its unique charm. This photo booth became the center of attention at Sarah and Eric’s wedding.

Guests enthusiastically took photos in this vintage photo booth. A multitude of black and white vintage photo strips immortalized this special day. In this vintage atmosphere, they could express their joy and happiness and share moments of sincere tenderness.

Sarah and Eric were thrilled with the idea of including a vintage photo booth in their celebration. This detail gave the event an irreplaceable charm. She has become a symbol of the fact that newlyweds perceive every stage of their lives with humor, joy, and love.

The retro photo booth adorned the well-known art gallery

Art gallery Machines with Magnets, Rhode IslandAs mentioned earlier, Sarah and Eric’s wedding took place at Machines with Magnets. This venue is renowned not only in the state of Rhode Island but also beyond its borders. It provides a space for art-oriented and cultural events.

Machines with Magnets has been hosting exhibitions of contemporary art, crafts, design, installations, and multimedia works by emerging artists since 2007. The primary goal of the organizers is to offer various artists an accessible space to showcase their work without censorship.

Furthermore, Machines with Magnets serves as a venue for experimental music performances, film screenings, video projections, as well as cultural and public events. Renowned artists like The Body, Dan Deacon, Mira, Etran de l’Air, Lydia Lunch, Lightning Bolt, Brown Bird, and Mdou Moctar have graced this unique platform with their performances.

The vintage photo booth Model 14 seamlessly complemented the style of this venue. On one hand, it harmonized with the modern design, and on the other, it added a cozy atmosphere. The vintage photo booth created a wonderful, positive atmosphere and became indispensable at this unforgettable event.

The Magic of Classic Model 14 Photo Booths at Weddings: Retro and Fun

A photo strip from a vintage photo booth Model 14.It’s worth noting that a vintage photo booth Model 14, like the one at Sarah’s wedding, often becomes the center of attention at events such as weddings, and this is not at all surprising. A number of advantages make this photo booth especially popular at weddings:

Retro Atmosphere: Model 14 boasts an authentic vintage design that instantly transports guests to the past. This nostalgic atmosphere creates a charm and adds a touch of magic to the wedding ceremony.

Black and White or Colorful Photos: Photos taken in this photo booth can be either black and white or colorful, both exuding elegance. Black and white photo strips are ideal for various thematic wedding concepts, lending the photos a unique depth and beauty.

Fun Moments: Wedding guests love to take pictures in the photo booth, creating funny and original shots. It becomes a source of enjoyment and inspiration during the celebration. Wedding photo strips become a part of memories.

Guest Souvenirs: Photos taken in the vintage photo booth serve as excellent souvenirs for guests. Some guests even collect photo strips. In this way, they treasure preserving memories of special events that they had the pleasure of attending.

Interactive Participation: The Model 14 photo booth encourages guests to actively participate in the celebration. It creates moments of joy and laughter.

This contributes to close and joyful relationships among the guests.

This is precisely why the vintage photo booth Model 14 is so popular at weddings and other events where uniqueness and attention to detail are valued.

So, if you want to organize a holiday event that you and your guests will remember forever, order a vintage photo booth! We are waiting for your call or message.



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Newlyweds Sarah Watts and Eric Classic photo booth at Sarah Watts and Eric's wedding a stripe in the classic photo booth Hall at MWM Newlyweds Sarah-and-Eric photo stripephoto stripes of bride SarahVintage photo stripe bride and groom



Vintage photobooth at Victoria’s wedding

Memorable Moments: Vintage Photobooth at Victoria and Alan’s Wedding

Newlyweds in the vintage photo booth Classic Photo Booth LLC provided a vintage photobooth Model 14 for the fantastic wedding of Victoria Goethals and Alan Gagnon. This magnificent ceremony took place on September 23 at the Normandy Beach Yacht Club, NJ.

A wedding at a yacht club is already something unique, but the vintage photo booth added even more charm to it. In it, the newlyweds and their guests not only had fun but also created wonderful black-and-white photo strips. They will always remind of this special day.

Guests and the newlyweds eagerly posed in the Model 14 photo booth, striving to capture unique moments, and they succeeded! Each photograph captured moments of smiles and laughter, and now these memories will stay with them throughout their lives.

It can be confidently said that the uniqueness of the wedding venue at the yacht club was emphasized by the presence of the vintage photo booth. It created a unique atmosphere and added a special touch to this memorable day. This was a wedding that both the guests and the newlyweds will remember with a smile on their faces. The vintage photo strips from the Model 14 photo booth will become true family treasures that they will be proud of.


Vintage Magic of Wedding Moments at Normandy Beach Yacht Club

photo of the bride and groom together with guests next to the photo boothAgree, a wedding is one of those days that you want to make magical and the best day of your life. That’s why the choice of a venue for the wedding ceremony is crucial.

Of course, you can rent a banquet hall in a restaurant. You can have a wedding in a country hotel, surrounded by nature. But if you organize a wedding at a yacht club, it will become unforgettable and a real romantic adventure! To enhance the romantic atmosphere, a vintage photo booth from Classic Photo Booth LLC can do wonders. Just like it did at Victoria Goethals and Alan Gagnon’s wedding.

The vintage photobooth Model 14 seamlessly blended into the interior of the yacht club’s hall, adding a touch of antique charm to the modern atmosphere. Its wooden details and retro decor created a cozy and elegant environment that perfectly complemented the yacht club’s style.

The photo booth was practically a magnet for guests and the newlyweds. It enjoyed immense popularity, and laughing and joyful people constantly gathered around it, eager to capture their joyful moments.

By the way, despite the presence of a whole range of entertainment, such as caricatures of the newlyweds, dancing, and other attractions, the photo session in the photo booth turned out to be the most sought-after entertainment. This photo booth truly added magic and uniqueness to this special day in the lives of Victoria and Alan.


The unique black-and-white photo strips have become a true talisman for the newlyweds

Vintage photo strip of newlyweds Vintage photo booths and vintage photo strips possess several characteristics that make them truly unique:

Vintage Charm: A vintage photo booth embodies the charm and atmosphere of bygone eras. Its design and details lend an authentic retro style to any event.

Unique Photo Strips: A photo booth creates distinctive black-and-white or color photo strips consisting of four frames. These photo strips are impossible to replicate identically, making them particularly valuable.

Emotional Value: Vintage photo strips capture moments of joy, laughter, and celebration at events. They become physical memories that can be cherished and passed down through generations.

Interactive Entertainment: A photo booth serves as interactive entertainment for event guests. It encourages participants to take photos and create unique snapshots.

Personalization: Photo booths can be customized with text logos and backgrounds, adding a personal touch to each photograph.

Durability: Vintage photo strips, produced by authentic photo booths, can last for decades and remain in excellent condition, retaining their value.

All these features make vintage photo booths and photo strips especially popular at weddings, parties, and other events where nostalgia and the desire to capture joyful moments are appreciated.

So, if you are planning a special event or a wedding, be sure to book a vintage photo booth from Classic Photo Booth LLC.



Near the vintage photobooth Newlyweds Victoria Goethals and Alan Gagnon Friendly cartoon of the bride and groom The artist paints a portrait of the bride and grooma wedding dance

Newlyweds kiss in the vintage photo booth Normandy Beach yacht club NJ  Wedding at Normandy Beach Yacht Club New JerseyWedding of Victoria Goethals and Alan Gagnon at Normandy Beach Yacht Club New Jersey




Juliette-and-Max-in-the-classic photo-booth Model 25

Vintage photobooth at Juliette’s wedding

Vintage Photobooth Model 14: The Star of Juliette and Max’s Romantic Wedding in Vermont

Wooden photo booth at Juliette and Max's Romantic Wedding in VermontClassic Photo Booth LLC provided a vintage photobooth Model 14 for Juliette and Max’s wedding. The festive event occurred on September 9th at Fable Farm in Barnard, Vermont.

It gathered a multitude of guests eager to congratulate the newlyweds and, of course, relax and have fun. Can there be entertainment without a fun photoshoot in a vintage photo booth? Of course not!

As always, the photo booth generated immense interest. It was never empty throughout the entire evening! All the guests, including the bride and groom, derived maximum enjoyment from the entertaining photoshoot in this vintage photo booth. The newlyweds were delighted to see their friends and family creating funny and memorable moments in the photographs.

Undoubtedly, the Model-14 photo booth added a charm to this romantic event. Its antique design and luxurious wooden decor seamlessly blended with the wedding style. Guests happily showcased various looks to the camera, which became a part of the wedding memories. The photo booth became the focal point, where everyone gathered to share laughter and joy. After all, it’s these moments that make a wedding truly unforgettable.

A Vintage Styled Wedding at Fable Farm

Wooden photo booth Model 14 in the Tasting RoomFable Farm is a unique gem nestled in the foothills of the Green Mountains in Barnard, Vermont. Perched at an elevation of 1700 feet above the Brod Brook watershed, this farm encompasses fields, woodlands, and gardens teeming with rich ecological diversity.

On one side of the valley lies the historic Clark Farm, spanning 500 acres. On the other side, an additional 350 acres house a fermentation facility, event space, and a culinary company supplying freshly prepared produce for various farm-hosted events.

Fable Farm organizes various events: private meetings, corporate events, non-profit events, and dinner parties. And, of course, weddings. Nowhere else will you savor such delectable cuisine as at this farm, or partake in wines quite as exquisite as those served here. While chefs work their culinary magic, guests bask in the breathtaking views, engage in conversation, take strolls, and, of course, capture moments in the vintage photo booth provided by Classic Photo Booth LLC.

As previously mentioned, the vintage photobooth Model 25 seamlessly complemented Juliette and Max’s wedding style at Fable Farm. It was elegantly placed in the Tasting Room, where guests enjoyed both photography and tastings of various artisanal wines.

Wedding Photo Strips – Memories for a Lifetime

Photo stripes of the newlywed Juliette and MaxVintage photo strip of friends of the newlyweds Wedding photo strips are more than just photographs; they are memories deeply embedded in the hearts and minds of newlyweds and their guests. The black and white photo strip selection at the vintage wedding of Juliet and Max has been perfect. This style accentuated the atmosphere of vintage romance, adding a special charm to every frame. Something is enchanting about black and white photo strips that beckons us to scrutinize each detail, seeking hidden meanings and emotions.

These exquisite snapshots, fitting in any wallet or safely stored in a wedding photo album, will always serve as a reminder of that special day. Photo strips don’t merely capture moments; they infuse them with extra significance. In black and white, emotions take on depth, every detail becomes unique, and an air of uniqueness envelops each image.

Every time the newlyweds hold these photographs, they relive their special day. In these images, they see not only themselves but also the love that made their wedding day unforgettable.

Wedding photo strips are an art of preserving time, moments, and the essence of your story. They remain faithful companions, reminding you of the grandeur and beauty of the love you share.


So, if you’re preparing for your wedding, make sure to include a vintage photo booth in your festivities. Contact Classic Photo Booth LLC. The finest professionals in the country when it comes to vintage photo art will assist you in selecting the perfect photo booth model and answer all your questions.



Photo stripes from the wedding of Juliett and Max Black and white photo stripes Vintage pictures Photo stripes of wedding guests of Juliett and Max

Tasting Room Photo session in the classic photo booth Model 14 Juliett and Max's wedding party at Fable Farm Tasting Room in the Fable Farm, in Barnard, Vermont Juliette and Max at Fable Farm, Barnard, Vermont.




Bride and groom in-the-classic photo booth Model 11 at wedding Whitney Winfield and Jacob Soroken Porter

Vintage photobooth at Whitney’s wedding

Unforgettable Atmosphere of Retro Romance:
Vintage Photo Booth Model 11 at the Wedding of Whitney and Jacob 


Classic Photo Booth LLC provided a vintage photobooth Model 11 for the chic wedding of Whitney Winfield and Jacob Soroken Porter. The festive event took place on September 2nd at Kings Highway in Saugerties, NY.

Guests reveled with all their hearts. The vintage photobooth became a true source of entertainment and embellishment for the wedding celebration. Both the newlyweds and their guests enthusiastically embraced the vintage black-and-white style, a splendor perfectly facilitated by photo booth Model 11.

As always, the vintage photobooth Model 11 contributed to an unparalleled atmosphere of retro romance at the wedding. Guests posed in front of the camera, delighting in unique photo strips.

Whitney and Jacob, the newlyweds, arranged a whole photoshoot within the photo booth. Numerous joyful and touching black-and-white photos will always remind them of the happiest day in their lives. The photo booth provided great entertainment for both the newlyweds and guests.

The Unique Love Story of Jacob and Whitney

Bride and groom exchange rings


Did you know that the vintage photobooth Model 11 captured not just Jacob and Whitney’s wedding but also the 10-year anniversary of their love story?

Their journey began a decade ago at the New York Musical Festival (NYMF). Jacob was producing one show, while Whitney was performing in another. As part of his duties, Jacob was traversing the festival’s venues when he spotted Whitney. Their gazes met, and from that moment, they couldn’t take their eyes off each other.

Throughout the night, they circled the room, observing each other. Both mustered the courage to initiate a conversation. Jacob, unable to contain himself, was the first to approach Whitney, saying, “I’ve been watching you all night.” Whitney replied with a smile, “Everything’s fine, I’ve been doing the same.” These two phrases, uttered a decade ago, etched themselves into their memories. This fleeting yet significant moment they marked the beginning of their love story, which has kept them happy for ten years.

The love between Jacob and Whitney proves that chance encounters can lead to something extraordinary and incredible.

Vintage Kings Highway Saugerties

Wedding in the Kings Highway Saugerties, NY.Perhaps Jacob and Whitney’s romantic wedding could have taken place nowhere else but Kings Highway Saugerties in New York.

Kings Highway Saugerties is an estate located on a country road near the village of Saugerties. It’s also known as the Black Walnut Farm and has a rich history. Built-in the Hudson Valley in 1747, the estate boasts a stunning 35-acre property, highlighted by a historic stone colonial house that captivated both the bride and groom and their guests.

The estate offers a beautiful blend of 6 acres of open fields, shaded woodlands, sun-dappled meadows with majestic pine and hardwood trees, ancient stone walls, the Madderkill stream, and a view of the mountains.

It’s worth noting that this estate is a haven for nature enthusiasts and nostalgic souls seeking the charm of yesteryears. The country house features all the modern conveniences of contemporary living while preserving the charm and historical ambiance of its original 18th-century construction.

In this timeless setting, the vintage photo booth Model 11 found its perfect placement. It seamlessly blended into the spacious hall where the newlyweds danced their first dance for the guests.

Wedding Souvenirs from Classic Photo Booth LLC

wishes-to-the-newlyweds-along-with-photo-stripesBlack and white photo stripes at wedding in the Kings Highway Saugerties, NYThroughout its history, Classic Photo Booth LLC has never had a wedding where the company didn’t gift newlyweds a wedding photo album for photo strips and well-wishes. This time, as a gift, large square, sturdy sheets in dark gray were presented, on which guests handwrote their congratulations in white ink. A little later, all these filled sheets, along with the black-and-white photo strips, will be assembled into one large album. It will be stored eternally, serving as a reminder to the husband and wife of the beautiful celebration that marked the birth of their family.

These vintage wedding photo stripes will attract the attention of not only their children but also their grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

This is entirely feasible. By the way, photo strips from vintage cabinets never lose their quality. These splendid black-and-white photo strips will be living witnesses to love and joy, capturing the moments of this special day.

It’s important to note that these photo strips retain their character and magic for centuries. They can transport us into the past, into moments of happiness and joy, and will always remind Jacob and Whitney of how their family story began.



If you’re planning your wedding, be sure to book a vintage photo booth. This is a stylish element of any celebration that can create a unique retro atmosphere.

You’ll preserve your happy moments in black-and-white or color photographs that will delight you and your descendants for many years to come. Call us!



Whitney-and-Jacob at the wedding ceremony  newlyweds-in-the-Kings-Highway-Saugerties  Whitney and Jacob's wedding invitation.  Family photos at Whitney's wedding at Kings Highway Saugerties, NY

Classic photo booth Model 25 at Diana Ericksen and Austin Abbott's wedding, NY

Vintage photobooth at Diana’s wedding

The classic photo booth captured the hearts of the guests
at Diana Ericksen and Austin Abbott’s wedding

Bride-and-groom-in-the-photobooth-Model-25Classic Photo Booth LLC provided the vintage photobooth Model 25 for Diana Ericksen and Austin Abbott’s wedding. The festive event took place on September 1st at Keepsake At the Academy in New York.

At Diana and Austin’s wedding, guests were given a unique opportunity to travel back in time and create unforgettable memories. The vintage photobooth at Diana and Austin’s wedding was the perfect focal point for their special day.

Guests eagerly lined up in front of this vintage photo booth, awaiting their turn to capture happy moments. The photos from the photo booth became true treasures for all in attendance. Their unique charm added an enchanting touch to this special occasion.

Not only did the photos become a part of the evening, but the incredible atmosphere surrounding the vintage photo booth was also noteworthy. Guests laughed, took photos in different outfits, and had a great time. The Model 25 photo booth became a source of endless entertainment and joy for everyone present.

Diana and Austin’s wedding will be remembered by all as a day to cherish, thanks in large part to the vintage photobooth Model 25 from Classic Photo Booth LLC. This detail added a unique character to the festive event and left unforgettable memories in the hearts of all in attendance.


Features of the Photobooth Model 25

Newlyweds Diana and Austin in the classic photo booth.Unlike vintage photo booths of other models offered for rent by Classic Photo Booth LLC, the Model 25 features an exterior finish made of natural wood. This unique characteristic, as experts believe, gives it a more vintage Hollywood appearance. This model is a modified version of the original 1980s photo booth. The photo machine utilizes both electromechanical and photographic chemical processes to create photos that withstand the test of time. Despite the venerable age of the photo machine itself, the photo strips it prints will remain of high quality for hundreds of years without deterioration.

It’s worth noting that at Diana Ericksen and Austin Abbott’s wedding, the vintage Model 25 photo booth printed color photos. But we can say with confidence that even after a hundred years the color of the photo strips will remain unchanged.

By the way, this vintage Model 25 photo machine can print both color and black-and-white photo strips. In addition to choosing the color, you can use text logos and various backgrounds.

Color photos can have a blue, red, or white background, which can be changed during the photoshoot. To do this, simply pull the curtain of your preferred color behind the seat inside the booth. Black and white photographs may have a white or grayscale background. This can be achieved by drawing the curtain behind the seat.

Installation Tricks of the Vintage Machine from Classic Photo Booth LLC



It’s important to note that Classic Photo Booth LLC takes care of both the delivery and setup, as well as the dismantling of the photo booth. By the way, the photo booth was delivered to the wedding in… disassembled condition.

The reason for such “unusual” transportation was that the photo booth did not fit into the entrance of the establishment.

However, only high-level specialists can do such tricks. Namely, to the specialists of Classic Photo Booth LLC. Therefore, if you don’t want unforeseen hiccups to mar your celebration, always turn to Classic Photo Booth LLC. The experts at this company will undoubtedly find a solution for any situation.


Vintage Photo Booth at Keepsake At the Academy

Keepsake-at-the-Academy weddingTraditionally, a vintage photo booth has become an essential part of luxurious events. People associate retro photo booths with something timeless, substantial, and reliable. In the digital world, there is a renewed need for tangible memories. How pleasant it is to have a photo album that you can flip through or a photo strip that you can use as a bookmark in your favorite book. And then, when you find it, you can admire the vintage photos and reminisce about the good times at various celebrations.

That’s why Diana and Austin’s guests warmly welcomed the vintage photobooth and were eager to do as many photo sessions as possible.

It’s worth mentioning that this time, the Model 25 photo booth was operating in the heart of the Hudson Valley at Keepsake At the Academy. This place is the most captivating and luxurious wedding venue. It’s not just a space for various ceremonial events; it’s the intertwining of the newlyweds’ story and Keepsake At the Academy’s history.

Thanks to the spacious hall and its towering 20-foot ceilings, the Model 25 photo booth exuded grace and elegance. The light streaming through the panoramic windows gently caressed the exterior wooden finish of the photo booth. And despite the numerous opportunities for photo sessions for the newlyweds and their guests — from posing in front of the Surface of Beauty frescoes to photoshoots in the cozy inner courtyard just steps away from breathtaking views of the Hudson River Valley — everyone was eager to experience the vintage photo booth.


Perhaps you’re also on the brink of your big day. Don’t delay in booking a vintage photo booth rental. After all, vintage photo booths are far fewer in number than weddings. So, call Classic Photo Booth LLC now and reserve your vintage photo booth. Classic timeless photo booths of various models await you, along with top-notch service!



Photoshoot in the classic photo booth at Keepsake At the Academy. Bride-and-groom-color-photo-stripes, NY Two-parts classic photo-booth Model 25 photo booth weddings-in-the-Keepsake-At-the-Academy Keepsake at the Academy wedding

Classic-photo-booth-Model-11 at Grace wedding.

Vintage photobooth at Grace’s wedding

Vintage Photo Booth: A Bright Addition to Grace and Frank’s Wedding at Inn at Perry Cabin

Vintage-photo-booth-Model-11 at Grace wedding.Classic Photo Booth LLC provided the rental of a vintage photobooth for the wedding of Grace Sloane and Frank Cassidy.

The festive event occurred on June 16-17 at the Inn at Perry Cabin. On the picturesque bank of the Miles River, the couple exchanged vows of love and fidelity. They celebrated their special day next to family and friends.

One of the standout highlights of the wedding was the vintage photo booth Model 11. The retro machine was decorated in a classic style with wood inserts and vintage curtains. It attracted the attention of everyone around.

Neither the guests nor the newlyweds could resist the temptation to go into the photo booth, close the curtain and enjoy a fun photo session. As a rule, one photo strip was not enough. The more vintage photo strips the booth printed, the more the event participants wanted to take pictures.

As a result, the couple and their guests created hundreds of amusing and heartfelt pictures, capturing their joy and excitement during this special occasion. The Model 11 photo booth became a place where everyone could showcase their creative nature. Guests are delighted in creating unique and memorable photographs that will serve as cherished memories of this wedding.


Classic Photo Booth LLC’s Photobooth at Inn at Perry Cabin on the Chesapeake Bay

Grace-and-Frank-in-the vintage photo-boothFeaturing a vintage photobooth for Grace and Frank’s wedding, Inn at Perry Cabin is just a short drive from Washington, in the District of Columbia. It is an ideal venue for both intimate ceremonies and grand celebrations. The hotel offers diverse spaces for ceremonies, receptions, and even honeymoons.

The history of the Inn at Perry Cabin is fascinating. Once, after the War of 1812, this majestic building was the most ordinary farm. Over time, this majestic building has turned into a luxurious resort. It is located on the banks of the Miles River in the historic city of St. Michaels, Maryland.

Kiss in the vintage photo booth Model 11Inn at Perry Cabin combines genuine hospitality with maritime heritage, offering a unique getaway on the Chesapeake Bay.

By the way, it’s no wonder that Grace and Frank’s wedding lasted two days. Besides wedding festivities, the hotel offers opportunities to play golf, visit the spa, and go sailing on sailboats or yachts. And, of course, capture memories in the vintage photo booth. As those who have visited Inn at Perry Cabin say, this hotel is one of the most desirable and unforgettable destinations on the East Coast. It’s no surprise that it has been recognized as the best resort in the Mid-Atlantic region by Condé Nast and Travel + Leisure.


Time Travel with Vintage Photo Booth Model 11

black-and-white-vintage picturesClassic Photo Booth LLC, the company that provided the photo booth rental, as always, ensured professional service and high-quality printing of photo strips. The newlyweds were delighted with the vintage photo strips, where they looked stunning. Each snapshot became a small treasure, capturing their happiness and love on this special day.

As mentioned earlier, a vintage photobooth Model 11 worked at Grace and Frank’s wedding. It is a faithful replica of the 1960s Model 11. The wedding photo strips were black and white, which perfectly complemented the overall vintage theme of the celebration. The photo strips became unique souvenirs for everyone who attended the wedding. However, this model can also print color photographs.

Moreover, the vintage Model 11 is highly user-friendly. Like other vintage photo machines from Classic Photo Booth LLC, it is the fastest on the market. These marvelous machines produce high-quality photographs every 30 seconds. Before you even have time to come up with new poses for the photo shoot, the photo strip is already waiting for you outside. The speed of the vintage Model 11 photo booth is essential for events such as weddings or any other large-scale gathering. It turns the photo session into an exciting adventure.

So, if you have a wedding or any other important event coming up, hurry up and book the vintage photo booth rental. With it, you will undoubtedly transform your celebration into an unforgettable journey into the past, adding charm, style, and uniqueness to it. Give us a call!


Bride-and-groom-in-the-photo-boothbeauty-in-photo-boothBride-and-groom-vintage-stripBride-in-the-vintage-photo-boothBride-stripBride-and-co-in-the-classic photo boothFrank and Grace-wedding photo strip Photo-strip-bridePicture from classic photo boothVintage-photo-stripWedding-photo-stripe  

Bride-and-groom             newlyweds-kiss            Bride-Grace-and-groom-Frank at wedding

Vintage photobooth Model 14

Vintage photobooth at Aliya’s wedding

Unforgettable Moments with the Classic Photo Booth at Aliya Wachsstock’s Wedding

Bride and groom in the vintage photo boothClassic Photo Booth LLC provided a rental of the vintage photobooth Model 14 for Aliya Wachsstock’s wedding. The celebratory event occurred on May 27th at a private estate in Richmond, VA. Bride Aliya and groom Will were the happiest couple in the entire city that day.

The romance of the estate, combined with the vintage charm of the classic photo booth, created a magical atmosphere that neither the newlyweds nor their guests will forget.

The Vintage photo booth at the wedding of Aliya provided guests with an amazing source of entertainment. Wedding guests happily enjoyed the process of creating unique and memorable photographs. The photo booth became the center of attention and a source of joy for everyone in attendance. Guests were thrilled that the photos could be instantly printed, and the photo strips became delightful souvenirs for them.

The newlyweds will undoubtedly cherish these photographs and reminisce about every joyful moment spent with friends and family on this special day.

The Beautiful Vintage World of Aliya Wachsstock 

Private house, RichmondAliya Wachsstock – the bride who not only studied at the San Francisco Art Institute but also has a passionate fascination with vintage items. She finds grandeur and beauty in everything related to antiquity, and her collection of vintage objects is a testament to her passion for the past.

Among all the vintage items that captivate Aliya, the vintage photo booth particularly catches her attention. She is enthralled by the history of photography and values the uniqueness and aesthetics that vintage photo booths bring to events. Choosing a vintage photo booth for her wedding was a natural extension of her love for art and antiquity.

Aliya sees vintage photo booths as a great way to capture memories and create authentic photographs that capture the atmosphere of a bygone era.

Thus, the choice of the vintage photobooth for Aliya’s wedding emphasizes not only her refined taste and passion for art but also her enthusiasm for vintage items. She strives to bring elements of uniqueness and originality to every aspect of her life, including the most significant event – her wedding. The vintage photo booth became the perfect choice to create unforgettable moments and preserve them in a style that is so dear to Aliya.

The Atmosphere of Retro Romance: Renting Vintage Photo Booths for Weddings

Renting vintage photo booths for weddings adds a special elegance and charm to this beautiful occasion. These unique artifacts from the last century have become a popular trend at weddings. They bring style and sophistication to any event.

Vintage photo booths possess an enchantment that captivates guests and creates an atmosphere of romance and nostalgia. Their elegant design, stylish details, and authenticity add a special allure to the wedding.

Guests at the wedding, upon seeing a vintage photo booth, feel like actors in old movies or characters in romantic retro stories. They get the opportunity to travel back in time and immerse themselves in the ambiance of the past. Simultaneously, they create snapshots that capture their joy and merriment.

Renting vintage photo booths for weddings highlights the attention to detail. It signifies that the bride and groom, as well as their guests, appreciate the uniqueness and distinctiveness of this special day. It also allows everyone present to create fun and memorable moments that will stay with them throughout their lives.

Model 14 Photo Booth: A Vintage Product for Your Wedding

The classic photo booth Model 14 is a beloved photo machine at weddings. The Model 14 is housed in an authentic 1960s photo booth, making it a genuine product of its era.

This model features a double entrance, allowing guests to enter from the front or the back of the booth. This unique feature enables efficient service for a large number of people. The vintage Model 14 photo booth uses electromechanical and photographic chemical processes to create timeless prints. The photos printed by the Model 14 will remain of high quality and color for hundreds of years.

The vintage photo booth prints both color and black-and-white photographs. Additionally, the Model 14 is the fastest on the market, simultaneously developing 7 photo strips. Photos are delivered every 30 seconds, and you receive the strip in just 3 minutes.

If you want to add a touch of retro style to your wedding, consider renting a vintage photo booth. Classic Photo Booth LLC offers its services to help you create unforgettable impressions and moments on your special day. Call us!


Vintage photo strip from a photo booth Model14   Wedding vintage strip from the Model14   Wedding strip from vintage photo booth Model14   Vintage photo strip from a photo booth Model14   Strip vintage from a photo booth Model14   Strip black and white from a photo booth Model14   Strip from a vintage photobooth Model14    Photo strip from a classic photo booth Model14  Black and white strip from a vintage photo booths   Black and white photo strip from vintage photobooth

Wedding vintage photo booth Model 11.

Vintage photo booth at a wedding

Vintage Photo Booth at Elysa and Braulio’s Wedding

Bride and groom in a vintage photo booth.
Happy wedding in industrial style.

A vintage photo booth at a wedding is a fashion trend and fun entertainment.

It brings variety and originality to the traditional atmosphere of the wedding. Moreover, all guests receive stylish vintage photographs as a keepsake. Thanks to these souvenirs, they won’t forget that holiday.

The Art Factory

Elysa and Braulio have been preparing for the wedding for a long time and thoroughly. They chose The Art Factory in Paterson, NJ, just 12 miles from New York City.

It is the perfect location in New Jersey for industrial-style weddings.

The Art Factory is different from other wedding venues. Firstly, the celebrations are held in a building established in the 19th century. Adjacent to Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park in New Jersey, the former American Hemp Company was once powered by its machinery with energy generated from the falls.

Secondly, visitors are attracted by the natural beauty of the National Historical Park. An industrial building with a view of the park through its windows is a rarity.

Thirdly, The Art Factory is an immense territory where weddings, family celebrations, corporate parties, and even film shootings are held. The 5-acre, 21-building campus is part of a vibrant community of creative businesses, shops, and restaurants.

Photo Booth in a Vintage Interior

Photo album for newlyweds.
Photo album for newlyweds.

When preparing a wedding ceremony, the organizers carefully consider the entertainment program of the holiday. Along with the show, performances by artists, competitions, and dances, the program includes a selfie of wedding participants in a vintage photo booth.

The newlyweds chose Hamilton and Jute Halls for their celebration. They were perfect for the theme of the wedding. In addition, the bride and groom were impressed by the opportunity to dance on the parquet floors of 1860 and admire nature through the original factory windows. Retro garlands of Edison lamps hung from the high ceilings, giving the solemn event a refined elegance. A romantic holiday adapted to industrial style, they have had a chic.

By the way, the vintage photo booth in the industrial loft looked very organic. It was perfectly combined with the interior, attracting the attention of all participants in the wedding ceremony. After the official part of the celebration, the guests rushed into the retro photo booth with pleasure. The photo booth made the shooting fun, allowing the newlyweds and everyone invited to fool around.

After the photo shoot, the guests left in the wedding photo album their photos, congratulations, and wishes to the newlyweds. Without a doubt, this memorable gift from Classic Photo Booth LLC will allow everyone present to remember again and again that happy day when two people decided to tie their destinies together.

The Classic Photo Booth Captured Luxurious Images of the Newlyweds

Happy wedding in industrial style.
Happy wedding in industrial style.

When the bride and groom entered the hall, the guests were delighted. The image of the newlyweds was in the style of an industrial wedding.

The bride chose a long snow-white dress with a bare back and shoulders that emphasized her femininity. The white sneakers she wore did not hinder movement. Therefore, she did not just go towards the guests but joyfully danced. The luxurious curls of the wedding hairstyle were so beautiful that they did not require any decorations.

The happy groom did not hide his delight, looking at the bride.

He even performed a worship dance in her honor. Not every bride can boast that the groom at the wedding laid down at her feet.

The newlyweds were able to capture their admiration for each other in a vintage Model 11 photo booth. Photo strips will remind them of the most important day of their life together.

Lion at The Art Factory   
Lion at the wedding party.
Lion at the wedding party.

Elysa and Braulio’s wedding had a lot of visitors. But one of them stood out in particular. Standing at the door to the loft, he greeted everyone who came to the holiday. It was a lion.

Or rather, a sculpture of a Lion made of wire and feathers. A talented artist has created an impressive art object, symbolizing strength, tenderness, power, and lightness.

Everything that keeps the family together.

Vintage photo booth at your wedding
Vintage photo booth.
Wedding vintage photo booth groom and bride.

If you’ve decided to tie the knot and are already thinking about getting married, don’t put off renting a photo booth. Compared to previous years, the interest in retro booths today has increased many times. Not one, two, but three photo booths are booked for celebrations. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a model and agree on the day and place of the wedding.

At the celebration of Elysa and Braulio, a Model 11 photo booth worked. It is a complete analog of the photo booth of the 1960s. It prints both black and white and color photographs. A significant advantage of this model is its speed and efficiency. It takes high-quality photos every 30 seconds. This high speed is optimal for crowded events such as weddings.

You can also rent other models of vintage photo booths.

Call us! We will help you organize the best photo show at your event!