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Classic photobooth Model-11 at wedding in Glen Foerd, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Vintage photobooth at Glen Foerd

Vintage Photobooth at the Wedding of Catherine Park and Anthony Perillo at Glen Foerd

Vintage photobooth at the wedding of Catherine Park and Anthony Perillo in the Glen Foerd


Classic Photo Booth LLC provided a vintage photobooth Model 11 for the wedding of Catherine Park and Anthony Perillo at Glen Foerd. The solemn ceremony took place on August 5th.

The newlyweds and the guests who came to congratulate them were delighted by the historical mansion in the Torresdale area of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Nestled on the banks of the Delaware River, this estate exudes an indescribable atmosphere of antique grandeur. The meticulous attention to detail and the unique character of the estate underscore its historical significance and add charm to the occasion.

On this beautiful day, the Model 11 photo booth became the highlight of the wedding evening. Thanks to its vintage look, it allows you to feel part of the rich history of this unique place. Event guests thoroughly enjoyed taking photos in the vintage photo booth, creating vibrant and colorful photo strips. Laughter, joy, and excitement merged into one, leaving in memory pleasant emotions from a joyful pastime.

Unforgettable Moments of Fun: The Special Atmosphere of the Wedding Day

Photography in the wedding photo booth in Glen FoerdIn the vintage photobooth at Glen Foerd, which became a true center of enjoyment for both children and adults, everyone found a reason to have fun. Newlyweds and their guests, friends, and relatives, all aimed to capture themselves in the unique atmosphere of celebration.

Here, in the vintage setting, adults completely let loose. Laughing, they made funny faces and struck amusing poses. Children, in turn, didn’t miss the chance to play models and shine in front of the camera. With enthusiasm, they posed for photos, creating an unparalleled energy that brought life to each shot.

And, of course, the newlyweds were at the peak of their happiness, posing together in an embrace or playfully having fun with friends. These moments in a vintage photo booth will become not only memories of the wedding day, but also symbols of their mutual love and joyful mood. This will accompany them throughout their life together.

In addition, colorful photo strips emerging from the photo booth became a kind of souvenir. They will be a reminder of this holiday, where people created unforgettable moments that will forever remain in their hearts and in their photographs.

Wedding Photo Album: Vivid Memories of a Special Day

Bride Catherine and groom Anthony vintage photo strip.

color-vintage-photo-stripe, wedding in Glen Foerd

Classic photo booth Model 11 at wedding in Glen Foerd, Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaBy the way, Classic Photo Booth LLC presented a special gift to the newlyweds, which became an addition to their wedding day – a wedding photo album. This traditional gift will keep all the fun and joy associated with a vintage photo booth for years to come.

Each color photo strip created in the Model 11 photo booth became a unique part of this album. Guests eagerly placed their photo strips in the album, creating a vivid and diverse chronological sequence of joyful moments. The photographs captured the festive atmosphere that everyone present contributed to.

Furthermore, guests left their kind wishes and congratulations, making the pages of the album even more special. Sweet words and heartfelt wishes transformed this photo album into a living diary of the celebratory event.

Of course, the newlyweds will flip through it with smiles, reminiscing about their magical day. Thus, the album became not only a visual reflection of happy moments. It became a testament to how much joy and positive emotions the vintage photo booth brought to all those present at the wedding.  


Classic Photo Booth LLC: The Benchmark of Quality in the World of Photo Booths

vintage color photo strips

Classic Photo Booth LLC is the most competent company on the market for the provision of services. For almost 30 years, it has been offering rental service of vintage photo booths for weddings and other special occasions. There is not a single wish from the organizers of the wedding celebration that the employees of Classic Photo Booth LLC could not fulfill. It is safe to say that Classic Photo Booth LLC is a quality standard.

The quality of photo strips printed by each model of vintage photo booths is undeniably impressive. Each photo strip serves as a living testament to the company’s excellence. Attention to detail, color accuracy, and clarity in every print indicate our commitment to providing the highest level of memory quality for every occasion.

For almost three decades, Classic Photo Booth LLC has maintained its reputation through consistent surpassing of customer expectations. Our vintage photo booths and experienced team are a testament to  unwavering commitment to offering the best service.

With extensive experience and impeccable service, Classic Photo Booth LLC has become a reliable partner for countless weddings and events. On the one hand, the vintage photo booths add a touch of nostalgia. On the other hand, they serve as a source of entertainment and unforgettable memories for all guests.

If you are planning a wedding or another special event, contact Classic Photo Booth LLC! And your celebration will surely become the best memory of your life.


Mansion in Glen Ford. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Wedding Party at Glen Foerd Philadelphia, Pennsylvania The bride and photographer lead the photo session, in Glen Foerd, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Photo Catherine Park and Anthony Perillo in Glen Foerd, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania View of the Delaware River in Glen Foerd, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Photoshoot on the bank of the Delaware River in Glen Foerd, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Sculpture of a dog on the banks of the Delaware River in Glen Foerd, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Photo booth at Katie’s wedding

Vintage Photo Booth at Katie Condon and Darrin Higgins’ Unforgettable Wedding

Vintage Model 14 photo boothClassic Photo Booth LLC provided the vintage photo booth
Model 14 for the wedding of Katie Condon and Darrin Higgins. The celebratory event took place on May 20th at Gallery 5, a historic building in Richmond, VA.

The newlyweds spent the whole day surrounded by family and friends. Together, they created an atmosphere of magic and love that permeated every moment of this unforgettable celebration.

The vintage photo booth Model 14  from Classic Photo Booth LLC became an integral part of the wedding reception. Guests posed in front of the camera, entertained themselves, laughed, and rejoiced in capturing perfect shots.

They preserved these moments forever thanks to the beautiful photographs from the photo booth. Each snapshot became a vivid testament to their participation in this special day. Additionally, the photo strips became unique keepsakes for all attendees.


Classic Photo Booth Model 14 at Gallery 5

Gallery 5, Richmond, VA The historic building of Gallery 5 in Richmond, VA, with its unique architecture and historical significance, served as a beautiful venue for the wedding of Katie Condon and Darrin Higgins. Its beauty and character added a special charm and elegance to this extraordinary event.

The building’s history is long-standing. It was constructed back in 1849 and has housed various establishments over the years, including a police station, firehouse, and even a jail. In 1968, after over a century of service as a fire station and the Virginia Fire and Police Museum, the building was left vacant and faced the threat of demolition.

Fire DepartmentHowever, thanks to an extensive fundraising campaign, Gallery 5 was able to fully restore the building. Since 2005, it has become a city institution where Gallery 5 provides a platform for showcasing contemporary art. It regularly hosts dance performances, concerts, comedy shows, art exhibitions, and, of course, weddings.

As stated on the official Gallery 5 website, their mission is to make art accessible to the community. Each month, a new exhibition takes place at Gallery 5, featuring local and regional talents.

The historic walls of the building added a special charm to Katie Condon and Darrin Higgins‘ wedding, and the vintage photo booth seamlessly fit into the antique interior.

The Vintage Photo Booth: Enchantment and Fun with Guaranteed Admiration

Newlyweds photo strip from vintage photo booth Model 14The Vintage Photo Booth Model 14 is not just a stylish accessory but also a source of entertainment and unforgettable moments at any event. Its uniqueness and charm lie in several features that make the vintage photo booth particularly popular at weddings and other occasions.

Firstly, its appearance. Model 14 showcases a classic vintage design that brings a touch of retro charm to modern events. Its elegant lines, wooden finishes, and decorative elements create an image that captures guests’ attention and adds a special flair to any atmosphere.

Newlyweds kiss in the classic photo booth Model 14Secondly, it offers a unique experience. The classic photo booth Model 14 allows guests to immerse themselves in the ambiance of bygone eras and experience incredible sensations.

It is not merely a photo session but a celebration within a small space. Guests can step inside the photo booth, close the curtains, and confidently express their individuality by posing in front of the camera, creating amusing and original photographs.

Photo strip of happy couple from vintage photo booth Model 14Thirdly, instant printing. One of the reasons why the vintage photo booth Model 14 is beloved for weddings and other events is the ability to obtain printed photos on the spot. Guests can immediately receive black-and-white or color photo strips that serve as memorable souvenirs. This adds interactivity and engagement to the process while preserving the cherished moments of the celebration forever.

A photo strip from vintage photo booth Model 14And finally, emotions and enjoyment. The vintage photo booth Model 14 creates an atmosphere of joy, laughter, and entertainment at any event. Guests can gather, strike poses, experiment with various props, and create amusing snapshots.

So, if you want to book a classic photo booth, give us a call! We will provide consultations on all your inquiries and assist you in choosing the perfect model of a vintage photo booth that suits your needs.



  vintage-photo-strip   strip   strip guests, Gallery 5   Photo strip, wedding Richmond   Photo booth queue.  photo-strip   guest-photo-strip   Black and white photo strip   Bride and groom photo strip

Christina Mollo and Sean Herring in the vintage Model 14 photo booth

Vintage photobooth at Christina’s wedding

Vintage Photo Booth: A Bright Memory at the Wedding of Christina Mollo and Sean Herring

Photography-in-the-vintage-photo-booth-Model-14Classic Photo Booth LLC provided a vintage Model 14 photobooth for the wedding of Christina Mollo and Sean Herring. It took place on May 19th at Art Factory Studios.

The vintage photobooth at Christina’s wedding became the highlight of the event. She gave the couple’s special day a unique charm and retro atmosphere. 

A vintage Model 14 photo booth set up in a corner of Art Factory Studios has become a popular spot for guests. All evening they took memorable photos and shared joyful moments with Christina and Sean.

Guests happily gathered around the vintage photobooth at Christina’s wedding to capture their fun and relaxed moments. The vintage design and atmosphere of the vintage photo booth created the perfect blend of past and present. Therefore, guests could immerse themselves in the romance of bygone eras and add a touch of playfulness to the wedding celebration.

It is important to note that thanks to the reliable work of Classic Photo Booth LLC, the vintage Model 14 photobooth at Christina’s wedding was fully functional and ready for use throughout the evening. Guests and the newlyweds happily posed inside the classic photo booth, creating vibrant and original photo strips that became excellent souvenirs for this special occasion.

Classic Photo Booth at Art Factory Studios 

Bride Christina Mollo and groom Sean Herring Art Factory Studios is known for its avant-garde atmosphere and cultural heritage. It is a cultural complex located in a historic building that was once a factory.

While preserving its historical authenticity, Art Factory Studios has transformed into a place where industrial charm and creative enthusiasm come together.

Inside the studio, you’ll find spacious halls with high ceilings, eclectic architecture, and intriguing artistic details. The complex consists of various spaces that can be adapted to suit any needs. It should be noted that the classic photo booth looks fantastic in this space.

Many couples choose Art Factory Studios as the venue for their wedding, and it’s no wonder. This place inspires and adds a special character to any event, especially weddings.

By the way, Christina Mollo and Sean Herring experienced this firsthand. They celebrated their wedding at Art Factory Studios, and it became an unforgettable occasion. An important part of this memorable story was the vintage Model 14 photo booth provided by Classic Photo Booth LLC. It not only added fun to the event but also helped create unique memories that will be cherished by the newlyweds and their guests for a lifetime.

Magical Moments in the Photo Booth: The Bride in a Rue de Seine Dress

Bride Christina and the vintage photo boothUndoubtedly, one of the most exciting moments of the wedding was the bride’s photoshoot in the vintage photo booth. Christina looked stunning in the exquisite Lyria Clay wedding dress by the New Zealand brand Rue de Seine. The wedding gown created a romantic bohemian bride image, while the classic photo booth captured every intricate detail, embroidery, and lace.

The lens of the vintage photo booth immortalized the bride’s unique beauty, radiating happiness on this special day. Each frame personified her elegance and captured moments that will forever remain not only in the hearts but also in the photo album.

The classic photo booth became a magical place where charm and elegance merged seamlessly. It gifted the newlyweds the memories that will inspire and delight them throughout their lives.


Surprise for the Newlyweds from Classic Photo Booth LLC

Wedding photo album with photo strips of guestsClassic Photo Booth LLC organized a special surprise for the newlyweds, Christina Mollo and Sean Herring – a beautiful photo album. The photo album will keep memories in the form of photo strips and good wishes from guests. 

Throughout the wedding celebration, guests visited the vintage photo booth and created vibrant and original photo strips.

Each photo strip taken in the photo booth was carefully placed in the photo album. Guests had the opportunity to attach their photo strips and write heartfelt wishes to the newlyweds. Thus, the photo album became not only a collection of colorful photographs but also a living testament to the love, support, and joy that accompanied this special day.

This photo album will become a cherished treasure for Christina and Sean. It will remind them of an unforgettable wedding and happy moments that made this day wonderful.

Thanks to the care and attention of Classic Photo Booth LLC, the photo album became an invaluable keepsake, symbolizing the love and support that surrounded Christina and Sean on their wedding day.

Add Vintage Charm to Your Wedding: Rent a Photo Booth from Classic Photo Booth

Bride Christina and groom Sean on the vintage photo stripSo, if you dream of a wedding like Christina and Sean’s, it is essential to prepare in advance and rent a photo booth. For this, contact Classic Photo Booth LLC – the only company in the country specializing in vintage photo booth rentals. 

Undoubtedly, wedding planning requires attention to every detail. Classic Photo Booth offers a wide selection of vintage photo booths. You just have to choose the one that you like the most. It is important for the vintage photo booth to match the theme of your wedding. 

Of course, renting a vintage photo booth will allow your guests to have a unique and fun experience. They can capture candid moments, leave personalized wishes, and of course take home photo strips as souvenirs. It’s a wonderful way to engage your guests and create a joyful atmosphere throughout the celebration.

To secure the perfect vintage photo booth for your wedding, call Classic Photo Booth LLC now.

Their professional team will guide you through the rental process, help you choose a suitable booth, and ensure that everything is ready for your important day.

Don’t miss the opportunity to add a touch of retro and excitement to your wedding. Contact Classic Photo Booth LLC, the leading company in vintage photo booth rentals in the country, and turn your wedding dream into reality.


   Bride-and-her-friend-after-the-photo-shoot   photography-in-the-vintage-photo-booth   wedding vintage photo booth


Vintage photo booth at Liz and Tim's wedding.

Photobooth at Liz and Tim’s wedding

The vintage photo booth adorned Liz and Tim’s floral wedding

Photo booth at Full Moon ResortClassic Photo Booth LLC provided a vintage Model 14 photo booth for Liz and Tim’s unique wedding. The celebration took place at Full Moon Resort, the most enchanting location in the northern part of New York State.

This special place, nestled in breathtaking natural surroundings, became the perfect backdrop for a romantic and magical ceremony.

Among all the rituals that exist today, a wedding is the richest and most saturated with symbolic actions. Wedding rituals embody the traditions and customs of people. It’s not surprising that the ceremony speaks the language of symbols. That is why the tradition of using flowers in the wedding ceremony is still alive.



Wedding photo sessionBy the way, Liz and Tim decorated their wedding in floral style. No doubt it has become the most touching and romantic event in the life of a couple. 

Of course, the bride looked charming in her floral dress and wreath. She caught the adoring gaze of her groom throughout the evening. The ladies also wore floral wreaths, captivating their partners. The floral idyll was captured in the vintage Model 14 photo booth.

The photo strips will forever preserve the memories of Liz and Tim’s magical day at Full Moon Resort for everyone who attended the wedding.

The photo booth at the Full Moon Resort

Full Moon Resort, NYUndeniably, Liz and Tim’s wedding perfectly suited the floral theme at the Full Moon Resort.  The guests enjoyed the beauty of the mountains, dense forests, and picturesque reservoirs, enjoying the serene atmosphere of nature.

Full Moon Resort is a year-round resort located in the heart of the Catskill “Forever Wild” forest preserve. Those who have visited describe it as a wonderland, and it certainly lives up to that reputation. Picture a 100-acre expanse of meadows, forests, and streams, providing an unparalleled backdrop for magical weddings in the Catskills.


Guests choose a photo stripIt is worth noting that the guests paid special attention to the vintage photo booth Model 14. Definitely, all the guests wanted to take home a photo tape with beautiful moments captured on it.

The photo booth was set up for guests in a spacious wedding pavilion – Moondance Pavilion. The newlyweds and the celebratory guests had a great time, taking pictures in the vintage photo booth.

Each photo produced by the vintage Model 14 photo booth became a true work of art. Thanks to its technical features, guests could instantly print their photos, preserving them as beautiful memories of a special moment.

Vintage photo booth Model 14 is designed so that there is almost no queue. It has two entrances. In addition, photo printing is the fastest – only 25 seconds.

Lifelong Memories with Classic Photo Booth

Fun wedding photo session.Classic Photo Booth LLC ensured the seamless operation of the Model 14 photo booth at Liz and Tim’s wedding. Despite the large number of guests, each one was able to capture their joyful moments on this special day. The black and white photos produced by the photo booth added a touch of elegance and romance to the celebration. They have become precious memories that not only Liz and Tim but also their guests can cherish forever.

And this is not just a figure of speech. Because a chemical process is used in the vintage photo booth, photographs are kept for at least a hundred years. To print photo stripes, matte photo paper is used. Photos on matte paper are more attractive and easier to use.

Furthermore, the photo strips have a stylish appearance due to their size. Compact photo strips with four unique frames measuring 1.5 x 8 inches are a wonderful keepsake that will bring joy throughout life.

So, if you are ready for an important day in your life, by all means, you need to include the rental of a vintage photo booth in your organizational arrangements.

It will provide unforgettable impressions of your occasion. Give us a call! And we will assist you in choosing the perfect vintage photo booth model from a variety of options for your celebration.





Bride and groom strip. Bride and groom photo session Loving couple in wreaths at a flower wedding Black and white photo strip. Girlfriends in the photo booth Guest in a wreath Guests in the photo booth Photo strip from photo booth Model 14Photo shooting in the vintage Model 14 photo booth Wedding photo strip Bride in the photo booth Groom in the photo booth Bride with her friends in the photo booth

Kiss in the photo booth.   Liz and Tim's wedding   Newlyweds in the photo booth

Vintage Model 14 photo booth for the most extravagant bride.

Photo booth at wedding Danielle

Vintage Photo Booth and Creative Freedom at Danielle Krasniqi’s Wedding

Bride with guests in a photo booth.Classic Photo Booth LLC presented the vintage photo booth Model 14 at the wedding of Danielle Krasniqi, the most extravagant bride in all of Brooklyn. On May 13th, Danielle Krasniqi and Dylan Kammerer exchanged vows. The wedding took place at the Salvation Army location and became a manifestation of eccentricity and creativity.

Bride Danielle Krasniqi looked stunning in her open white dress. The tattoos covering her body added uniqueness to the girl.

The most extravagant-bride in New York.Without any doubt, she was a true artist, expressing creativity through her appearance. A bold, vibrant, and free-spirited artist. It’s no wonder the bride’s second name is Iliria, which means “Freedom” in Albanian.

This name connects her to her father’s homeland, Kosovo. Although Danielle did not grow up in that environment, she always felt a pull toward her roots.

Danielle has a passion for studying Albanian culture. National fabrics and handmade embroidery particularly caught her attention. She creates exquisite clothing using Albanian textiles in her artistry.

Acrobatics in the Vintage Photo Booth

Bride Danielle Krasniqi in the photo booth.The photo booth at the wedding of Danielle Krasniqi was the best entertainment for both the newlyweds and their guests. 

By the way, the photo booth at the wedding was Danielle Krasniqi’s dream. Since she works at Classic Photo Booth and helps guests from various events with their photo sessions, she really wanted to be photographed in a photo booth on her own wedding day. And her dream came true.

Danielle posed in all the positions that her imagination could suggest. She sat, stood, and even hung in the photo booth, performing acrobatic moves. In one of the shots, she hung in the photo booth with her legs tucked in.

Сolor photo stripe bride.The bride hung, positioned near the ceiling of the photo booth, boldly showcasing her playful nature. This shot became one of the memorable moments that the bride happily shared with her wedding guests.

Hundreds of photo strips captured her imagination, unpredictability, and originality during the photo shoot in the photo booth. There is even a photo strip that includes four frames, capturing her hands, legs, body, and head.

Color photo stripe from the wedding of Danielle Krasniqi.


Clearly, Danielle made the most of her wedding to add even more expression to the photos, creating unique images and preserving unforgettable memories of her special day.

Unforgettable Moments in the Photo Booth: The Highlight of Danielle Krasniqi’s Wedding

Bride and groom in a photo booth.
Danielle Krasniqi and Dylan Kammerer in the vintage photo booth.

The vintage Model 14 photo booth, presented by Classic Photo Booth, became the true highlight of Danielle Krasniqi and Dylan Kammerer’s wedding. This vintage photo booth had a special charm and added a unique charm to the event.

One of the advantages of the vintage Model 14 photo booth was the ability to create colored photographs. This allowed the bride and groom to fully convey the atmosphere of the wedding and bring each frame to life with bright and vibrant shades. At the same time, the photo booth maintained its true vintage style, adding romance to every photograph.

Wedding photo shoot at Salvation Army location Brooklyn.Bride Danielle Krasniqi and groom Dylan Kammerer thoroughly enjoyed being photographed in the Model 14 photo booth. They found special fun and joy in it, creating various photographic shots with friends and family. The photo booth became a place where they could express their creative freedom and have fun, leaving bright and cheerful memories of this special day.

So, the Model 14 photo booth became not only a photographic attraction at Danielle Krasniqi and Dylan Kammerer’s wedding but also an important part of their memories. It made their wedding photo session even more vibrant, enjoyable, and memorable, reflecting their individuality and love for each other.


The team of Classic Photo Booth LLC congratulates Danielle Krasniqi and Dylan Kammerer on their marriage. We wish them a long, happy life filled with love and loyalty.

Bride's hands photo shoot.The most extravagant-bride in New York.Dress of the most extravagant bride.Legs of the most extravagant bride.

Vintage Model 11photo booth at the German Society of Pennsylvania.

Photobooth at Gabriel Eisenhower’s wedding

Photobooth at Gabriel Eisenhower’s wedding: vintage romance

Gabriel Eisenhower poses in a Model 11 vintage photo boothClassic Photo Booth LLC presented a vintage Model 11 photobooth at Gabriel Eisenhower’s wedding. The wedding occurred in Philadelphia at the German Society of Pennsylvania on May 5th.

The celebration became special and unforgettable thanks to the combination of wedding romance and history. Guests enjoyed the festive atmosphere, interacted with the newlyweds, and had endless photo sessions in the Model 11 photo booth.

The organizers of the event made every effort to make it an extraordinary day for all participants, filled with joyful moments to remember.

Sculpture of swans at the wedding.The German Society of Pennsylvania took care of creating a unique ambiance for Gabrielle Eisenhower’s wedding.

This was facilitated by the historical charm, cultural heritage, architecture of buildings, and a vintage photo booth.

The spacious and shaded Leidy Terrace delighted the guests who came to congratulate the newlyweds on their big day.

Photo Booth in Historical Splendor: Highlights of the Wedding at the German Society of Pennsylvania

Photobooth at the wedding at the German Society of PennsylvaniaThe vintage Model 11 photo booth seamlessly blended into the architectural ensemble of the historic buildings at the German Society of Pennsylvania.

Despite the fact that the buildings were constructed in the 1880s, they are perfectly suitable for modern celebrations.

While some guests enjoy delicious cocktails, others have fun in the photo booth.

Wedding photo session of the bride and groom.However, it’s not just the Leidy Terrace at the German Society of Pennsylvania that captivates the wedding guests.

Separate halls are designated for each stage of the solemn event, creating distinct atmospheres for wedding attendees.

For instance, the Joseph Horner Memorial Library offers a two-story space with gallery bookshelves and antique furniture reminiscent of Belle’s library.

The spacious hall with colonial architecture is an ideal place not only for guest reception but also for dancing.  For the cocktail hour, the cozy Ratskeller tavern-style dining room or the spacious and shaded Leidy Terrace are typically chosen.

The unique romance of the photobooth at Gabrielle Eisenhower’s wedding

Kiss in the photo booth.As mentioned earlier, Classic Photo Booth LLC provided a Model 11 photo booth for Gabrielle Eisenhower’s wedding at the German Society of Pennsylvania. By the way, it created a special atmosphere and style for the event.

Definitely, a vintage photo booth that offers the opportunity to take black and white photos brought a sense of romance and uniqueness to the wedding.

Happy newlyweds in a vintage Model 11 photo booth.Undoubtedly vintage photographs have a distinct charm and are capable of capturing the depth of emotions and the atmosphere of the moment. They give wedding photos a special artistic quality, emphasizing every detail.

The Model 11 photobooth at Gabrielle Eisenhower’s wedding allowed guests to create such photographs and share them with each other. The photo strips highlighted the beauty of the moments, capturing true feelings and special wedding memories.

The Charm of Vintage Style and Elegance of the Model 11 Photo Booth at Weddings and Events

Vintage Model 11 photo booth on Leidy Terrace at the German Society of Pennsylvania.So the Model 11 photo booth exhibits a range of distinctive features that make it unique and appealing at weddings and other events:

  • Vintage Design: The Model 11 boasts an elegant vintage design that adds a special charm and romance to any occasion.
  • Black and White Photos: The Model 11 photo booth offers the option to capture black and white photos, adding a distinct aesthetic effect. Black and white images exude elegance, and artistic flair, and have the ability to convey deep emotions.
  • Ease of Use: The Model 11 is easy to operate and makes it accessible to all wedding guests. By the way, its intuitive interface and effortless photo-taking process allow guests to enjoy fun moments and create beautiful memories.
  • Finally, continuous Operation: The Model 11 ensures uninterrupted operation throughout the event, enabling guests to take photos at their convenience. Everyone can relish the process and share joyful moments with the newlyweds and other attendees.







                 In the photo booth at Gabrielle Eisenhower's wedding.  In the vintage photo booth Model 11  Guests have fun in the photo booth.   

                 Kissing in the photo booth. Guests love the vintage look.  Black and white photo stripe.


                 Photo stripe vintage photo booth  Black and white photo stripe from photo booth Model-11

      Black and white photo stripe  Black and white photo stripe from in the vintage photo booth  Photo stripe.