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Retro Wedding Vintage Photo Booth.

Wedding Vintage Photo Booth

Wedding Vintage Photo Booth for Bryn and Ruslan.

Retro wedding at Montauk Club
Wedding at Montauk club. Newlyweds’ first kiss.

Wedding Vintage Photo Booth  is one of the most popular themes. It’s hard to say what the reason is. For example, some people love the bygone era thanks to the stories of their grandparents. Others like to try on elegant costumes from past centuries. And some have decided to celebrate the occasion in an old club, so they have chosen a suitable style to match the place.

Ruslan and Bryn spent a long time preparing for their special day. They discussed many options for their wedding and many styles. But as a result, when they saw the Montauk Club, they knew that this was the only place where they wanted to seal their marital union. And here’s why.

The Montauk Club is a bright historical landmark.

Retro wedding at Montauk Club photo booth.
Bride and groom before the wedding ceremony.

The Montauk Club was founded in 1889. By the way, in the same year, French inventor Theophile Engelbert demonstrated his photo booth at the World’s Fair in Paris.

This club is one of the few places in Brooklyn, New York, that boasts stunning Venetian architecture and a rich history. The club was designed by Francis H. Kimball, inspired by the palace on the Grand Canal in Venice. The club’s distinctive features remain gothic architecture, carved redwood furnishings, and beautiful stained glass windows.

The club is named after the Montauk people who lived in the eastern part of Long Island. Club members acknowledge the difficulties faced by the Lenape, Montaukett, and other Native Americans. Moreover, they develop a respectful attitude towards this historical fact.

The club hosted well-known public figures of that time. It was a center of entertainment and social communication.

It’s no wonder many couples dreaming of an extraordinary wedding fell in love with the luxurious interior, beautiful decor, stunning stained glass windows, and, of course, the club’s history.

Transforming a large-scale event into a fun celebration
Retro Wedding Vintage Photo Booth.
The bride and groom are having fun in the photo booth.

Thorough planning is not just a trend. It is a necessary aspect for those who want to have a top-notch wedding. A team of professionals is responsible for this. It is up to them whether the newlyweds, their relatives, and friends will remember the wedding as something special or try to forget it as quickly as possible.

Wedding planner Patrick Butler undoubtedly knows his job well. Thanks to working only with professionals and coordinating every minute of the wedding celebration, every Patrick’s event goes smoothly.

Ruslan and Bryn’s wedding took place on March 3rd. The bride’s wedding dress demonstrated her femininity and fragility, embodying tenderness and purity. MG Hair and Makeup emphasized the unique beauty of the bride.
According to many reviews, this company is the best in the country for hair and makeup.

The appearance of the groom showed style and sophistication.

Early Bird Vintage created a unique ambiance to suit the style of the wedding. At the same time, Regal Candelabra, BBJ La Tavola, and Stortz Lighting contributed to the gorgeous décor.

As for the guests, they had fun taking pictures in the vintage photo booth Model 14 from Classic Photo Booth.

Changed style? It’s time for the photo booth.

Retro wedding at Montauk Club. Vintage photo booth.
The wedding props were a big success.

Undoubtedly, a vintage photo booth at modern weddings is a trend and fun entertainment. It adds a unique touch to the traditional wedding atmosphere and gives guests stylish antique photos as a memory.

Classic Photo Booth is the oldest company providing vintage photo booth rental services in America. Over 28 years of active work in providing services, thousands of events have been served by Classic Photo Booth. And, by the way, all the reviews about the work were only positive.

For a photo shoot in a vintage photo booth, newlyweds Ruslan and Bryn changed their wedding outfits. The bride wore a vintage long dress that combines modesty, extravagance, mystery, and sex appeal. The bride’s stylish look was completed with a pink Malibu feather boa.

It should be noted that the creative retro image of the bride has become a prevalent trend in recent seasons. Nostalgic vintage weddings allow experiencing the era of such unique women as Marlene Dietrich, Coco Chanel, and Marilyn Monroe.

And the groom liked the image of Louis XV. So he put on Binet’s wig, styled after the 18th century.

Wedding Album from Classic Photo Booth
Retro wedding at Montauk Club.
Wedding book with photo strips and wishes.

One of the traditions of any wedding celebration where a Classic Photo Booth is present is a memorable gift – a wedding photo album. Black and white photos of the newlyweds and their guests, along with good wishes from loved ones, will forever preserve the happy moments of the wedding in memory.

The monochrome photos taken by the vintage Model 14 photo booth are of excellent quality. Undoubtedly, they will be kept for at least a hundred years in the family archive of the descendants of Ruslan and Bryn.

Are you preparing for a wedding celebration? Call us!

If you want to organize a fun wedding like Ruslan and Bryn, it’s time to think about renting a photo booth. Why should you consider renting a photo booth for your wedding?

  • First of all, it’s fun.
  • Accordingly, the photo booth will be a source of entertainment for both guests and you.
  • Moreover, an unlimited number of bright and memorable photos.
  • Color or black and white photos.
  • You can put the wedding date on the photo strips.
  • A large assortment of props will help you try out different looks.
  • Fast photo printing. 7 seconds! Only a bullet is faster.
  • The support and assistance of the company’s employees will undoubtedly be provided.

Optional services based on client’s preferences:

  • Compact disc with photos.
  • Frames for the photos.
  • Props.
  • Slide show on a wireless plasma TV.
  • Individual packaging.
  • Wireless social media and email capabilities.
  • Password-protected online gallery.

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To conclude, let’s enjoy the Cakes by Klein wedding cake with the newlyweds and their guests.

Retro wedding at Montauk Club. Vintage Photo Booth.
Wedding cake.




Wedding photo booth

Erica vintage photo booth

Erica’s Vintage Photo Booth Was a Success

Vintage photo booth at Erica's wedding,
Philadelphia vintage photo booth.

The vintage photo booth at Erica’s wedding was a success.

Perhaps the wedding is the most special day in the life of two loving people.

The bride and groom carefully plan the event, not missing a single detail. Here’s how Erika Garr and Chris Dickinson prepared for their epic ceremony. It was unforgettable!

How to Make a Bride Happy? 

Vintage photo booth at Erica's wedding.
The vintage photo booth at Erica’s wedding was a success.

On February 10, 2023, at the Ballroom in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, Erica, and Chris celebrated their long-awaited wedding, which they had been preparing for about a year. The groom wore a white tuxedo with a black lapel and a white boutonniere on his chest.

The wedding image of the bride emphasized her natural elegance and femininity. A long snow-white dress with bare shoulders and a deep V-shaped neckline embodied minimalism and luxury. Instead of a veil, Erica’s head was adorned with an exquisite accessory that harmoniously fit into her hair.

Around 150 guests attended the ceremony. Relatives and friends of the bride and groom were impressed by the picturesque setting, elegant premises, festive menu, and entertainment. But the photo booth became a true sensation, according to Erica. The bride said they had a great time. The photo booth was a hit, and she loved the wedding album.

You Deserve the Best! 

Vintage photo booth at Erica's wedding.
Happiness in a vintage photo booth.

Strictly speaking, wedding photography doesn’t represent just pictures, it is also a story that connects two people in love. Of course, this is the story of a married couple and their environment. No person invited to the wedding should be outside of this story. Of course, a wedding photographer tries his best. But he cannot capture everything that happens at the wedding celebration.

And this is where the photo booth comes in. It takes over the functions of filming and entertaining guests. Photo strips look natural, emotional, and alive. After the wedding, the newlyweds look at them with great pleasure and have fun.

Yes, the services of a wedding photographer and photo booth rental will increase the budget for the celebration. But isn’t your family holiday the event that you deserve?


For Those Who Want To Be Like Kim Kardashian 
Vintage photo booth at Erica's wedding Model 11.
Newlyweds kiss in a vintage photo booth.

It is believed that the fashion of using a photo booth at a wedding to shoot black and white photographs was started by Kim Kardashian. The black and white theme in the wedding photo session is ingenious. Monochrome focuses attention on faces and their expression. It adds sophistication to the solemn event by capturing memories with a photo booth.

This is what we need! – thought Erica and Chris and booked a vintage Model 11 photo booth from Classic Photo Booth. It is the exact analog of the legendary photo booth from the 1960s. It can print both black and white and even color photos. The print speed is fast, so it is suitable for crowded parties. The wedding day is significant in the life of a young family.

It makes sense that they would want to get as many shots of their guests as possible. The Model 11 photo booth does this job perfectly.

Personal gift for newlyweds from Classic Photo Booth
Vintage photo booth at Erica's wedding.

At the wedding, Erica and Chris experienced the most vivid emotions. Therefore, they wanted to capture the wedding celebration in great detail.
And Classic Photo Booth gave the couple this opportunity by handing them a 40-page photo album. It contained neatly laid-out photo strips of all people present at the event. Moreover, the pictures were accompanied by good wishes to the newlyweds.

Thanks to this present, Erica and Chris will remember their wedding and the beautiful moments and fun they had on that day. Such an exquisite wedding photo album surely will take pride in place in the house.

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Classic Photo Booth LLC is the oldest photo booth rental company. The company has become famous and trustworthy due to its wide range of services. In addition, the high quality of work distinguishes our company from others.

In addition to the vintage Model 11 photo booth mentioned earlier, the company rents out:

  • first, a white-painted classic photo booth,
  • second, the photo booth Model 14, (Wooden exterior)
  • third, the photo booth with a faux wood exterior,
  • fourth, a digital photo booth and many more products and services.

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