Vintage photo booth from Mytheresa and Flamingo Estate

Vintage Mytheresa and Flamingo Estate

Vintage photo booth at Summer Body Shop in East Hampton

Flamingo-Estate in CA Classic Photo Booth LLC provided a vintage photo booth Model 14  Mytheresa and Flamingo Estate for the opening of the Summer Luxury Body Shop. This grand event took place on June 29th in East Hampton, NY. Flamingo Estate, specializing in promoting a healthy lifestyle, and Mytheresa, a luxury fashion retailer, collaborated on this unique project.

The chosen location for the Summer Body Shop captivated the attendees of the opening. The former auto mechanic shop transformed into a fusion of exquisite fashion apparel and accessories from leading global brands, along with a wide range of self-care and personal space products.

The wall of tires, oil drums, wrenches, screws, and tools, all adorned in Flamingo Estate’s signature pistachio green, created a remarkable ambiance for summer fashion and accessories. It seems that the masculine world of an auto mechanic shop, brimming with rugged beauty, easily succumbed to the enchanting allure of feminine trinkets.

Analog-photo-booth-and-Porsche-911-Carrera-TIn the center of the Summer Body Shop sits a bright green Porsche 911 Carrera T, painted in the Essmann Green color from the Paint to Sample Plus palette. Interestingly, the car’s license plate reads FLAMINGO.

And next to this green beauty is undoubtedly the main attraction of the event – the vintage photo booth Model 14  from Mytheresa and Flamingo Estate.


A Creative Fusion:
Vintage Photo Booth, Wax Motorcycle, and Artistic Inspiration

Marta Kaminska with aromatic wax motorcycleIn the Summer Body Shop by Flamingo Estate and Mytheresa, there is a light scent of rubber mixed with the signature fragrances of Clarity and Euphoria from Flamingo Estate.

By the way, a real advertising miracle stands not far from the vintage Model 14 photo booth, where a queue of visitors has already lined up. It is a life-size Honda 125 motorcycle, cast entirely from the signature tomato-scented candle wax.

Artist Marta Kaminska kept her wax creation in the cold for 50 hours, striving to harden the wax. Flamingo Estate owner Richard Christiansen supported this bold and creative idea. The remarkable exhibit has done its job – now everyone knows the scent of tomato candle wax.



Scented-wax-motorcycleBy the way, this is not the first attempt by artist Marta Kaminska to create a wax motorcycle. The first time, she poured wax into a giant mold made in the likeness of a vintage Kawasaki motorcycle, trying to capture all the engine details. However, the experiment failed. The wax Kawasaki, not having enough time to cool down, literally melted. But Marta Kaminska doesn’t give up.

By the way, this artist enthusiastically welcomed the appearance of the vintage Model 14 photo booth at the opening of the Summer Body Shop by Flamingo Estate and Mytheresa. The thing is, her passion lies in capturing photos with analog cameras on black and white film.

She passionately wanders through abandoned palaces and factories, trying to hear what the ancient stones of deserted buildings have to say. Marta captures in her photos a world that is fading away. And she admires vintage photo booths. Perhaps someday she will be inspired and create a vintage wax model of a photo booth.

Summer Body Shop:
Where Fashion Meets Vintage Beauty and Inspiration

Summer-Body-Shop-opening Mytheresa The idea of Flamingo Estate and Mytheresa to open the Summer Body Shop in the former 1950s auto repair shop in East Hampton was enthusiastically supported by many celebrities. They came here not only for the latest fashion trends but also for inspiration, joy, and a pleasant atmosphere.

The opening of the Summer Luxury Body Shop brought together people who shared a passion for fashion, beauty, and a healthy lifestyle. They flocked to the summer workshop to take care of their “body” – their physical well-being.

They “refueled” it with delicious and nutritious food, and nourished their skin with fragrant oils.  And, of course, they were delighted with the new “tuning” in the form of fashionable clothes and accessories.

By the way, the shop is just a five-minute drive from the enticing luxury beach, eagerly awaiting the showcase of fashionable updates purchased at the Summer Body Shop. And before that, it’s worth capturing your new look in branded accessories in the classic Model 14 photo booth.

Celebrities in Focus:
Public Figures Enjoy Photo Booth at the Opening of Summer Body Shop

Guests at the opening of the Summer Body ShopThe grand opening celebration of the store was attended by Martha Stewart, Charlotte Groeneveld, Sarah Harrelson, and Laura Regensdorf, who eagerly explored every corner of the store. Bobbi Brown, Billy Cotton, and Candace Bushnell also showed their interest.

Hannah Fallis Bronfman and Brendan Fallis were there too, undeterred by the recent birth of their second son. Pregnant Jenne Lombardo and happy Harvey Newton-Haydon bought scented candles and cabbage chips. They happily posed in the vintage photo booth from Flamingo Estate and Mytheresa.


Candace-Bushnell-and-Martha-Stewart opening of the Summer Body Shop


The black-and-white photo strips will forever preserve the memories and wonderful atmosphere of the summer store opening in East Hampton. Each guest of the holiday could enjoy the world of fashion and beauty in the Summer Luxury Body Shop.

Undoubtedly the vintage photo booth Model 14 from Flamingo Estate and Mytheresa became a special place. Here, everyone could capture their look and preserve it in the form of unique black-and-white photo strips.

This vintage atmosphere added a special charm to the snapshots, making them truly memorable.


Principles of Excellence:
Classic Photo Booth LLC, Flamingo Estate, and Mytheresa


Agree, It is important that in a world where everything moves at an incredible speed, where trends come and go instantly, some companies stand out with their unique approach.

Among them are Classic Photo Booth LLC, Flamingo Estate, and Mytheresa. These companies share a deep belief in the power of authenticity, quality, and reliability.

These global leaders have built their success on principles of unwavering dedication to their products.

Today, society seems to have lost itself in the whirlwind of instant gratification. Fashion, news, food, relationships – everything flashes before us, leaving no significant trace in our hearts or minds. However, Classic Photo Booth LLC, Flamingo Estate, and Mytheresa have chosen a different path. They create products that possess longevity, allowing them to organically evolve and grow. It is through this conscious approach that they will etch themselves into history, forever remaining in people’s memories.

Unlike fleeting impressions that are forgotten immediately after consumption, these companies offer products of lasting value. They understand that true greatness is achieved not through shortcuts and compromises. But through the time, effort, and craftsmanship necessary for excellence.

Consciousness in a World of Fleeting Trends

Vintage Photo-stripClassic Photo Booth LLC, with its timeless vintage charm, captures moments that become precious memories. Flamingo Estate, with its pursuit of sustainable luxury, creates a sanctuary where beauty and nature intertwine. Mytheresa, with its carefully curated selection of elite fashion, enables people to express their unique style and identity.

Each of these industry leaders is opposed to the reactive variability of the modern world. They embody a philosophy that undeniably requires a deep dive into the experience and appreciation of the value of the products they offer. They understand that true satisfaction does not come from instant gratification. But from what leaves a mark in the hearts and minds of people.

Undoubtedly, these companies not only promote their products but also create a culture and philosophy that inspire people worldwide. They call upon us to return to true values and enjoy products that bring joy, quality, and longevity. In their hands, philosophy becomes reality, and products become a source of eternal admiration and inspiration.

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