Vintage photo booth for presentations Tabasco
Digital Creator Tinx in the vintage photo booth

Tabasco & Tinx vintage photo booth

Vintage Photo Booth Rental at the Presentation of a New Product 

Tabasco & Tinx vintage photo booth.
Tinx in a vintage photo booth.

Classic Photo Booth LLC provided the vintage photo booth rental service for a new product presentation of Tabasco & Tinx. On February 1, 2023, the world-famous brand Tabasco presented a new fresh Avocado Jalapeño Hot Sauce topping in collaboration with Digital Creator Tinx.

A Fantastic Story of Symbiosis

In this paragraph, I want to tell a fantastic story of symbiosis. Tinx is an active supporter of healthy eating. The girl publishes photos of plates with all kinds of salads on her social networks. She says she adds hot sauce to her salads.

Firstly, with the topping’s help, the food immediately becomes tastier; secondly, the hot jalapeño sauce helps speed up metabolism, reduce cravings, and burn fat. The Influencer has generously shared the results of her salad dressing experiments on social media.

She attracted the attention of her many followers. Moreover, as well as the management of Tabasco, the oldest manufacturer of hot sauces. Their collaboration resulted in a spicy avocado and jalapeno dressing. Tinx even created a recipe for her salad called hot girl salad. The social media star is very proud to work with the legendary brand. She hopes that gourmets around the world will try the new Tabasco sauce. 

Tinx’s Photo Shoot at the Presentation

Tabasco & Tinx vintage photo booth.
Shooting Tinx in a photo booth.

Without a doubt, it is impossible to imagine the presentation of the new Tabasco product without its muse – Tinx. By the way, the girl appeared in an emerald-colored dress, giving her image audacity and piquant sharpness.

A sparkling crystal bottle of the limited-edition Tabasco Brand x Tinx Avocado Jalapeño Hot Sauce underlined the festive atmosphere. Finally, Tinxs happily took a selfie in Bryant’s photo booth. Vintage black and white photographs complete the social media star’s collection. Tinx fans instantly appreciated them.

Do You Want Your Product Launch to Be as Successful as Tabasco and Tinx’s? Rent a Photo Booth!

Tabasco & Tinx vintage photo booth.
Tabasco & Tinx vintage photo booth.

Undoubtedly, a product presentation is a very responsible and complex process. At first glance, everything seems simple. But behind any successful show is the hard work of a large team. Renting a photo booth helps entertain the guests.

People take selfies for fun and tune in to what they come for. It is always easier and more pleasant to work with an active audience.

In addition, a branded photo booth at your event is a live advertisement and a gathering place for people who take thousands of photos with your company logo.

Photo Booth to Grow Your Business

Digital creativity has become so accessible that anyone with a smartphone can take high-quality photos, but few have thought to use photo booths for marketing purposes. By taking selfies in photo booths, you have several business opportunities. It is the perfect place for a photo session with potential clients. Photos are used:

  • firstly: to promote products or services through social media channels.
  • secondly: for the recruitment process or employee motivation strategies.
  • thirdly: to increase brand recognition.
  • fourthly: standing out the company from competitors.
Why does Classic Photo Booth recommend renting the Model 14 for large-scale events?

Most importantly, It is the only photo booth with two entrances. Guests have the option to enter from both sides or enter from one side and exit from the other. It is convenient and helps quickly resolve queues (if any). The photo booth prints both black and white and color photos.

You can see the quality of these photos by taking a look at the pictures Tinx took while introducing the new sauce. The vintage photo booth works very fast. Photos are delivered every thirty seconds. The machine can simultaneously develop seven photo strips. A person receives a finished strip within three minutes. More and more companies realize the importance of photo booth rental in promotional events and product launches.

Therefore, their popularity is growing every day. Do not put off making a decision.  Decide on the photos (black & white or color) and the background. Think about photo booth branding or placing your custom logo on the photo strips. Order a photo booth now, even if it seems your event is still far away.