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Photo Booth Photos

Three Reasons Why Photo Booths Are Making a Comeback

Photo Booth Pictures for most people have memories when they attend a celebration and making silly faces in a free standing photo booth.Black and white stripsPerhaps you visited an attraction or amusement park, and to this day you have a unique keepsake as Photo Booth Pictures that captured the mood of that special moment.

But those are memories of a bygone age, right? Photo booths may have been unique way to pose for Photo Booth Pictures once upon a time, but these days, taking photos isn’t all that difficult or special. HD cameras are built into phones and tablets, and people use selfie sticks to capture their likeness wherever they are. You might think that something as “archaic” as a photo booth would be history.

But you attend a wedding or a party, and you’re be surprised to see a vintage or digital photo booth. People are laughing, gathering friends, and stepping inside to create their magic moment. The reality is that digital technology, as amazing as it is, has not taken away from the appeal of photo booths. If anything, the appeal has become stronger. Why is this? Here are three reasons:

1. Vintage Appeal

So think about paperback books, or vinyl records. Sure, you can download an e-book instantly, or listen to an mp3 on your smartphone—and these will continue to be useful things. But they’re not exactly special. They don’t give people the unique feeling of holding a real book, listening to a physical record, or stepping into a photo booth and rattling off a series of goofy pictures with new and old friends. Sometimes all this digital, instant, handheld convenience takes its toll on people. It makes us appreciate something that’s perhaps less instant and less modern, but definitely unique and worthwhile.

2. Old Technology Made New

Sure, people like vintage things and experiences….they remind us of days gone by. But we still want digital functionality. That’s why vinyl records now come with download codes. It’s also why ‘vintage’ is not the only option for people looking to rent a photo booth for their event. The companies that provide photo booths to events in your area (at least the best companies) will offer not only vintage booths with old fashioned development and printing processes—but also modern, digital photo booths with updated technology.

Imagine putting vibrant color photos into the hands of your guests, while also having access to a password-protected library of photos online, plus instant emailing straight from the booth, and/or a CD containing all of the photos taken during your event. These functionalities give you the vintage experience of hard copies, but you also have endless options in terms of social media and sharing.

3. Affordability

Some people don’t consider renting a photo booth for their event because 1) They don’t realize what a crowd pleaser it is, and 2) They think it’s out of their price range. Budget concerns may come up when you’re dealing with a small company who only has a few booths to rent—but these days it’s possible to find a large, nationwide supplier who can fit your event with a photo booth for a surprisingly low cost.

Be part of the comeback!

The fact is that guests at parties (weddings, bar mitzvahs, showers, charity and corporate events, etc.) respond to photo booths. This unique fixture can become an exciting focal point of your event and leave a unique trail of memories behind.

If you’re thinking about a photo booth rental for your gathering, just make sure you find a reputable company who can offer the best booths at the fairest rates, nationwide. Good luck with your event planning…and please comment below!

Vintage Photo Booth


Come back of photo booths exposes yearning for what’s real!

Vintage Classic Photo BoothPhoto Booth Photos you can keep for many years. Cell Phone photos are disposable and forgettable. In a photo booth, you plunk your money in and the result is frozen on film and in time. Hipster bars lead the way.

In a handful of hipster bars — Cha Cha Lounge, Edendale Grill — people are lining up to cram into photo closets, pull the curtain closed and wait for the flash to pop and freeze their goofy expressions. Corporations, sensing the next big thing, are even renting photo booths for promotional purposes.

Back in the day, photo booths made sense. We had to wait days for the drugstore to develop our film. Three minutes after we fed three bucks in the slot, the film strip, damp with developing chemicals, slid down the metal chute, and we were grabbing it away from each other to see how we looked.

But now? There’s a cellphone camera in every pocket. Digital photos appear instantly. And with a few extra taps, we can beam them to our friends and relations almost as quickly.

So what’s behind the photo booth revival? At heart, I think it is a longing for authenticity. When we don’t like a cellphone photo, we hit delete and do it over. Photo booth photos are of the moment. Once the money is plunked into the little metal slot, we have to live with the consequences.

Film photo booth

“I’m so over digital,” said Bess Byers, a Venice marketing researcher darting out of the One-Eyed Gypsy’s vintage booth. “With film you only have one shot and that’s that. You have to make it count.”

In the digital world, “you could take a picture of a cockroach and make it look like Godzilla,” Orange County resident Fernando Lazaro, an office worker, said, explaining why he and a friend ducked into the photo booth one night last week at the One-Eyed Gypsy bar downtown. But in the photo booth world, “this is real.”

Photo booth photos fulfill my yearning for a lost physicality. The march of technology has wiped out so many things we used to hold in our hands and savor. Clicking through photos in front of a screen is an evanescent thrill that can’t compare to leafing through a photo album, or spotting a childhood shot of a friend spilling out of a cardboard box.

Digital technology gave us photography without limits. But suddenly, we’re seeing the virtue of limits. Photo booth photos are on a human scale. They take place in real time in a private space we chose to occupy.

And everyone in a photo booth picture is your real friend. Silver Lake filmmaker Angel Lopez said he sees pictures of friends on the Tumblr accounts of people they don’t even know. By contrast, Lopez still has photo booth pictures he took with each guest at his birthday party six years ago.

To get back to my nemesis at the after-party, digital images have a way of spiraling out of our control. Once our friends Like it, Digg it, Share it and Tag it, our online picture flies out into the universe and an uncertain, unlimited after-life. I’m not just talking about that embarrassing shot of beer pong inebriation.

White Vintage Photo Booth!

Everyone likes the photo booth

Standard Classic Photo Booth WhiteWhite Vintage Photo Booth looks and feels as original classic photo booth, from adults, to teenagers, to kids. Vintage photo booth has been around for so many years and they still are a hit for many occasion. With our photo booths we can make your memories last a lifetime.

The great thing about the white vintage photo booth is how sleek looking it is. It will match any wedding and fit right in the silver detail adds an extra wow factor to it. Some people choose to wrap one panel of this in their logo or something of their choice to fit the theme of the party. This adds great personalization with still keeping that great clean white aspect.

This is the real deal authentic photo booth. This means that it is not digital or open air. The photos are processed chemically and printed exactly like they were back in the day. Many people who have taken pictures in these photo booths 40+ years ago can vow that their photo strips are in perfect condition and still have yet to fade!

The classic photo booth can also be personalized on the photo strips. We can add basic font in between the photos to personalize the event that you are hosting! This is a great way for the guests to remember exactly where their photo strip was taken when they reminisce at it in the future!

Get your white classic photo booth today! You will have recollections for life with this booth!