Vintage-photo-booth-at-Magic-Hour in New York

Vintage photobooth in New York

Holiday Event with Vintage Photobooth at Magic Hour in New York City

 Model-25for Inter Parfums New YorkOn the eve of the New Year, on the renowned rooftop of New York, barely touching the clouds, the vintage photobooth Model-14 delighted the guests of Inter Parfums. The festive magic, filled with the aromas of leading global brands, came alive on the rooftop of the Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge on December 13.

It’s hard to imagine a more romantic and sophisticated event than a celebration on the roof of Moxy NYC Times Square. At the topmost, 18th floor of this high-rise building, you’ll find the Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge New York Party. This is the largest establishment in the city – a unique amusement park.

The first thing that amazes visitors at Magic Hour is the breathtaking view of the Empire State Building. Many come to the bar to admire the 102-story giant and immortalize their joyful moments in the vintage Bryant photo booth. The incredible atmosphere and exquisite aromas have created the perfect holiday memory that guests will cherish in their hearts for a long time. We wrote about the opening of the Bryant photo booth at Magic Hour in the summer. If you are interested in the history of this vintage photo booth, read this article.

In addition, carousels, gardens with intricately trimmed trees, and animal figures make a colossal impression. By the way, the expansive rooftop lounge, open all year round, has several bars and lounge areas. Food, drinks, entertainment – everything is here in abundance. However, the highlight of Magic Hour in New York City is undoubtedly the vintage Model 14 photo booth from Classic Photo Booth LLC.

Magic of Fragrance and Memories

Perfume collection at Magic hour top roofHoliday event Inter Parfums at Magic Hour New York


It’s worth noting that the organizers of the Inter Parfums celebration created an incredible atmosphere at Magic Hour New York. Tables with perfumed fragrances were placed on both sides of the vintage photo booth.

Victoria’s Secret Crush, Oscar de la Renta Alibi, Donna Karan Cashmere Collection Cashmere & Tiare Flower sparked significant interest among the audience. These luxurious, sensual, powerful fragrances with juicy floral notes captivated everyone, both women and men.

The vintage photo booth, sought after by all the event’s guests, was filled with enchanting aromas. Classic Photo Booth LLC provided a variety of props for photo sessions. Ladies posed in incredible hats, tried on swan feather boas, and donned funny pink ears. The vintage photo booth in New York City seemed to encourage a playful shift in image.

Vintage Elegance at Magic Hour

Donna Karan Cashmere collection Cashmere & Tiare Flower in New YorkOscar de la Renta Alibi in New York


In addition to the aromas that filled the air, guests of the festive event were surrounded by a fascinating world of retro style. Next to the vintage photo booth were tables with props provided by Classic Photo Booth LLCAll attendees, whether a group of friends or a romantic couple, found their unique style in this corner of fun.

It should be noted that amazing hats, feather boas, and other funny little things created a unique image. Of course, the vintage photo booth has become a kind of time machine. In it, everyone could create joyful memories.

The atmosphere of the “Magic Hour” was saturated with exquisite aromas, laughter, joy, and lightness.

As a result, the guests enjoyed the holiday. They especially appreciated the photo strip from the vintage photo booth. In the end, it is the photo stripes that will always remind you of this Inter Parfums holiday. Undoubtedly, this evening became an event where everyone could become the hero of their retro novel.

Vintage Memories: Photo Strips from Magic Hour’s 2023 IP Holiday Party

Photo strip for Inter Parfums New YorkStrip for Inter Parfums New YorkBlack and white photo strip at Magic Hour in New YorkVintage photo strip from photo booth Model 25 at Magic Hour New York for Inter Parfums.


Vintage black-and-white photo strips from the Bryant photo booth delighted and surprised all the guests of the celebration.

Guests eagerly exchanged photo strips, revisiting the moments they captured that evening. Each photograph became a catalyst for lively conversations, creating an atmosphere of warmth and unity.

 The vintage photo booth preserved not only the images but also the emotions of the festive moment. Laughter, happiness, and sincere smiles decorated every photo. The photographs turned into touching stories that guests will remember with a smile throughout their lives.

Thus, the vintage black-and-white photo strips became an integral part of this unique evening. Each photo is a vivid memory filled with the warmth of the New Year.




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