Vintage Photo booth Nike
Vintage photo booth at Nike Style Lounge.

A vintage photo booth is at the Nike

The Vintage Photo Booth Became the Main Attraction at the Nike Style Lounge

Vintage photo booth at Nike Style Lounge event.

Classic Photo Booth provided their vintage Model 14 photo booth at the Nike Style Lounge. The event took place from April 3rd to April 5th at Bathhouse Studios in New York City.

The event featured women journalists, bloggers, and influencers, including Liana Satenstein from Vogue, Jennifer Nied from Women’s Health, Ana Colón from Fashionista, Monique Wilson from Glamour, Alyssa Ackerman from Hypebae, and Elisa Lipsky-Karasz from The Wall Street Journal, among others.

Nike announced their partnership with Liga BBVA MX Femenil. The global brand in athletic equipment and footwear expressed support for women footballers and recognized their undeniable contribution to the world of sports. Besides the company stated that it will assist Mexican footballers by implementing innovative products and investing in development programs.

The three-year partnership between Nike and Liga BBVA MX Femenil is not only an example of the importance of supporting women in sports, but also ensuring they have everything they need to fully unleash their potential. Also at the event, Nike gifted women journalists with a new football kit showing the importance of women’s participation in sports.

Photo Booth at Bathhouse Studios: Where Memories Are Made

Vintage photo booth at Nike Style Lounge event.
Ana Colón from Fashionista and Bryant.

Bathhouse Studios NY is an ideal location for any advertising campaign or celebrity photo shoot. It has an extensive list of clients, including Lamborghini, Glenfiddich, Vogue, Nike, Lacoste, Ford, and Leica.

Interestingly, at the beginning of the last century, the building used to be a public bath. The new owner of the building skillfully redesigned it into a photo studio, creating an atmosphere of refinement and sophistication.

Important point: the studio covers an impressive area of 6,000 square feet. It’s equipped with modern amenities and technologies, including touchless doors and state-of-the-art air filtration systems. With two cycloramas, 19-foot ceilings, and a magnificent 37-foot white brick wall, Bathhouse is a masterpiece of design and functionality.

Vintage photo booth at Nike Style Lounge event.


To add extra charm to the event, a branded vintage Model 14 photo booth was in operation at the studio.

During the event, of course, all guests had the opportunity to take beautiful black-and-white photos in the company of renowned photographer Bryant.

Classic Photo Booth: Add Vintage Charm to Your Event

Vintage photo booth at Nike Style Lounge event.Undoubtedly, a photo booth is a true embodiment of nostalgia and romance that transports us to another time and place. The perfect way to capture your memories originally is the Model 14 photo booth from Classic Photo Booth.

Crafted from solid wood and high-quality materials, this vintage photo booth is the perfect combination of classic design and modern technology. It exudes the atmosphere of old Hollywood when people were true stars. Then the photo booths were the most popular place to create unforgettable photos.

The vintage photo booth not only provides you with fantastic photos but also creates a unique atmosphere that will stay with you forever. The interior of the booth is adorned with various vintage details that accentuate its style and elegance. Additionally, its unique design and manufacturing quality allows it to easily fit into any event, whether it be a wedding, corporate event, or children’s party.

In summary, a photo booth from Classic Photo Booth is the perfect way to create unforgettable memories. Photos will not only be original and beautiful but will also convey the spirit and atmosphere of times gone by.

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