Photo booth Model 14 at Grazia event, LA
Photo booth Model 14 at Grazia event, LA

Vintage photo booth at Grazia event

Classic Photo Booth Brings Vintage Charm to Grazia Event with Model 14 Photo Booth

Vintage photo booth at Grazia event, LA

Classic Photo Booth provided a vintage photo booth for an event organized by Grazia USA magazine in partnership with the jewelry brand Dinh Van. The event took place on April 6th at the Caviar Kaspia LA restaurant in Los Angeles, and it gathered numerous influential guests, celebrities, and journalists.

Of course, all guests had the opportunity to take vintage black and white photos with the famous photographer Bryant. Apropos, he participated in this event immediately after returning to Los Angeles from New York, where he spent three days at the Nike Style Lounge event.

The organizers of the event chose the Model 14 photo booth for its stylish design and the ability to create unique high-quality photographs. Classic Photo Booth presented a vintage photo booth that delighted the guests.

Creative and, of course, talented engineers created the photo machine more than 60 years ago. Its unique style and design reflect the spirit of the era, which made it the perfect addition to this luxurious event.

Vintage photo booth at Caviar Kaspia Los Angeles

Bryant at an event at Caviar Kaspia LA.

The vintage photo booth from Classic Photo Booth installed in the restaurant Caviar Kaspia has become a great addition to the luxurious atmosphere of the place.

It’s amazing, but the house of Caviar Kaspia is almost a hundred years old. It was founded by Arkady Fixson. After the Bolshevik Revolution, he left Russia and went to live in France.

There, in Paris, he realized his idea of creating a place where he could recreate a piece of Russia. As a result, Caviar Kaspia has become such a place, with its grandeur, cult dishes, delicate caviar, and ice-cold vodka.

Caviar Kaspia is a family business. Its current owner, Ramon Mac Crohon, certainly maintains and enhances the charm of the house. Perhaps that is why one restaurant in Paris was not enough.

Various restaurants opened in Dubai, Sao Paulo, New York, and London, and another restaurant opened in Los Angeles last year.

Photo Booth Model 14: A Combination of Style and Quality

Grazia USA and Dinh Van's event at Caviar Kaspia LA

The Classic Photo Booth company offers a wide range of photo booths, but their vintage Model 14 is especially popular for several reasons.

First, the Model 14 boasts an authentic mid-20th-century design. It brings a vintage Hollywood vibe to any event.

 Secondly, the photo machine is made of high-quality materials. This fact ensures its durability and reliability. In addition, the photo booth has excellent photo equipment that allows you to take high-resolution photographs.

Third, ease of use: the model has an intuitive interface that allows for easily creating photos.

Fourth, interactive experience: allows event guests to create their own photos and enjoy an interactive experience.

Fifth, adaptability to various events: perfect for any event – from weddings and birthdays to corporate parties and product presentations.

For almost 30 years, Classic Photo Booth has been providing photo booth services for weddings, corporate events, proms, and other important events. If you want to add style and uniqueness to your event, contact Classic Photo Booth!