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Custom Photo Booth

Use the custom photo booth for brand marketing or any promotional event. Or even customize the photobooth for your private occasion. We have the ability to print and install graphics for any photo booth and game. Because we print in-house  even we have affordable graphic design services. Also we can customise or branded any of our game tables. Also photo booths are great for marketing, wedding or any event. The photo booth is eye catching. Because it gets your potential client’s attention, and gives them a  custom photo strip with your information on it. Also many clients are looking to make the photo booth unique. This is why we can add a personal custom wrap to their wedding or other private event. Artwork can be anything at all-the possibilities are endless!

View a Few of Our Gorgeous Branded Photo Booths Below


So The photo booth gives your campaign a feature that stand out and catches your target market’s attention. It attracts them over to the promo event and also gives them something to take home with your information on it. A photo is something they’ll care about and will not misplace or lose like other common promotional giveaways.

Also we have a digital photo booth that includes VIDEO! We can use the  video as a way to get consumer input on a product. Also to capture guests answers to a specific question on film, or just for fun! Contact us for more information on our new video booth.

Custom photo booths are perfect for weddings and special events, as well as store openings, street fairs, business promotions, marketing campaigns, and more.

Finally the wrapping can be anything at all!

  • A photograph
  • A collage of photographs
  • A color scheme or something that goes along with the theme of your event
  • A product/Brand for marketing purposes
  • Company/Social media information
  • A simple solid color
  • …and so much more!!

Wrapping the photo booth is easy! We send you the dimensions of the booth, as well as Adobe Illustrator vector templates to work with. You, a friend, an art department, or anyone else with graphic design knowledge comes up with the design.

Best of all, wrapping the photo booth IS affordable!
This serves as a constant reminder that your product is GREAT and keeps your name fresh in their minds so they’re more likely to invest/purchase/follow on Facebook or Twitter, and more! Whatever the end goal for a particular marketing campaign is, the photo booth has a way to help accomplish it!
Just a Few of Our Custom Photo Booth Events


So Puerto Rico.com is a travel agency devoted to helping people understand the wonders there are to be seen in Puerto Rico. So an event was held at Fenway Park in Boston, MA where they raffled Puerto Rico photo boothaway a trip to Puerto Rico everyday for a week, and allowed the guests to take pictures in our digital photo booth.

Therefore the photo booth was fully customized and featured backdrops highlighting the exquisite landscapes that Puerto Rico has to offer.

➤ MARKETING ANGLE: Attract consumers using the photo booth, raffle off a free trip to Puerto Rico, and giveaways to create brand recognition and promote tourism to Puerto Rico.


Rock and RepublickRock and Republic hosted a two day publicity event in Los Angeles, California. The photo booth was used by Rock and Republic’s guests including high profile celebrity guests. There was music, Dj’s, giveaways and much more at this event. Rock and Republic gained a lot of publicity form this event and the custom photo boot certainly helped the event stand out!



So the Hudson Jeans contracted our classic photo booth @ Scoop NYC for the Hudson Jeans Promo during the annual Fashion’s Night Out event! The store Hudson vintage photo boothbecame more than just place to shop, but also a place to party complete with a DJ, artist Lykke Li, dancers, cocktails, and, of course, a photo booth!e custom photo booth was custom wrapped and featured Hudson’s spokes model Georgia May Jigger and was a great success- the photo booth fun did not stop all night long. Placed just inside the right hand door, the photo booth was great for drawing customers into the store.

➤ MARKETING ANGLE: Publicity, branding and event marketing.


Chinese Laundry Classic Photo BoothAt their trade show, WSA in Las Vegas, Chinese Laundry wrapped the our Model-14 vintage custom photo booth head to toe in a pink floral wrap featuring their logo and invited their clients and to take photos.

 ➤ MARKETING ANGLE: Publicity, branding and event marketing at a shoe convention.