Digital Photo Booth MOD Pizza

Digital Photo Booth MOD Pizza

MOD Pizza Grand Opening in Valencia, CA included a Photo Booth

 Digital Photo Booth Mod Pizza opened in Valencia, CA on Thursday March 12, 2015. They celebrated in a great way at their grand opening event with a Mod Pizza Digital Photo Booth! 

We love our photo booths just as much as we LOVE pizza! So, you can imagine how pleased we were to find out that MOD Pizza wanted to add one of our Digital Photo Booths to their opening of MOD at their Valencia, CA grand opening!

Digital Photo Booth Mod Pizza 

So MOD decided to go with our custom wrapping for their Mod Pizza Digital Photo Booth. This is a great way to promote your business as well as to keep your many guests entertained throughout the night. Custom digital photo boothMOD Pizza decided to go with a dark cherry red wood wrapping and added a personal touch of many pizza stickers and iconic photos. This added to the ambience of the restaurant to give it more of a rustic feeling.

Choosing the digital photo booth made it very easy for MOD to send their photos directly to their social media. The pictures can be sent to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. in just the touch of a button. Customers raved on how great this aspect of the booth was and couldn’t wait to take more pictures to put up on their personal social media pages!

MOD also chose to have their personal MOD logo printed on their photo strips. This is a great perk that is included in all of our photo booth rentals. You can choose your own image or the Classic Photo Booth team and can come up with one just for you!

Thank you, MOD Pizza, for having us at your Grand Opening! We really enjoyed taking pictures of all of your guests and enjoying a slice or two!