ippolita photo booth

Ippolita Photo Booth

Vintage Ippolita Photo Booth

 vintage ippolita photo booth

Vintage ippolita Photo Booth were running between February 8th and February 18th. Also Classic Photo Booth, LLC, had the privilege of providing custom photo booths in 4 different cities for Ippolita. The event kicked off in Dallas, TX then headed to Los Angeles, CA. Also followed by Atlanta, GA and Short Hills, NJ. Finally each event was a full day event held at Neiman Marcus locations in each respective city. So the jewelry designer herself appeared at each event. And they photos of her adorned in the jewelry decorated the exterior of the photo booth.

IPPOLITA was launched in 1999 by Italian artist and sculptor Ippolita. The brand that has pioneered a concept of women wearing and buying jewelry for everyday, not just for special occasions. We known them for its fresh, fashion-forward and colorful aesthetic. Therefore that incorporates a diverse group of materials; including multifaceted stone bracelets, necklaces and rings in gold and silver.

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