Vintage photo booth Model 14 at the Bliss event, Los Angeles

Photo booth at Bliss launch

Vintage Photo Booth at Bliss Brand Launch

Photo booth at Delilah Restaurant, Los Angeles CAAt the Bliss brand launch, which took place on April 20th at Delilah restaurant in Los Angeles, a photo booth provided by Classic Photo Booth LLC was used. 

The event attracted many social media stars, including well-known influencers, athletes, actors, and TV hosts. Guests included Elianna Arvizu, Rachel Grace Wilson, Pia Mance, Hasley Pitman, ʙʀᴏᴏᴋᴇ Markhaa, Daniella Lopez, Kaylie Altman, Nicky Dodaj, and Chelsy Maya.

Also in attendance were Riley Rasmussen, Shaelah McGilton, Sebastian Topete, Jourdan Kadow, Yes Julz, Jerrold Smith, Chantel Jeffries, and Jordan L. Jones. 

Additionally, the Bliss brand launch featured Jess Adams, Blake Gray, Vinetrria, Jade Mills, Max Hazzard, Dennis Ashley, Quentin Alexander Shropshire, Frankie Delgado, FaZe Kaysan, Joe Haden,  Keenan Allen, and Emery Rolfes.

Thanks to the relaxed atmosphere, the official celebration turned into a fun holiday. Each guest of the Bliss event found what they came for.

Instagram Stars in the Photo Booth

Bryant works with the guests of the Bliss event

The launch of the Bliss brand was a highly anticipated event. The organizers did everything possible to make it a huge success. As part of the program, guests were invited to a fun photo session in a vintage photo booth, masterfully organized by renowned photographer Bryant Eslava.

Among the guests who stepped into the vintage photo booth and took photos were Instagram stars such as Elianna Arvizu, Rachel Grace Wilson, Jess Adams, Pia Mance, Hasley Pitman, Chelsy Maya, Lydia McKee, Manon Peri, Shaelah McGilton, Riley Rasmussen, and many others. The black and white photos taken in the photo booth not only did not diminish the beauty of the famous beauties of Los Angeles but also enhanced their charm and mystery.

The vintage photo booth was undoubtedly one of the highlights of the event, providing a unique experience for all guests. It was a great way to capture memorable moments of the evening and create unforgettable memories of the Bliss brand launch.

Vintage Photo Booth at Delilah

photo booth at Delilah Restaurant, Los Angeles, CAThe Delilah restaurant, where Classic Photo Booth LLC placed a vintage photo booth on Bliss launch day, is a celebrity favorite. This is not surprising: the atmosphere of the 1920s, combined with modernity, attracts all guests without exception.

At the restaurant, guests enjoy live music compositions, jazz as well as DJ tracks. Fashionistas prefer not only modern outfits but also dresses with feathers and sparkles in the style of early 20th-century fashion. 

The interior of the restaurant with Art Deco elements, soft olive-colored furniture, and chandeliers creates a luxurious and elegant ambiance. However, Delilah is not only a place to enjoy delicious food and drinks, but also to dance.

The Model 14 vintage photo booth fits perfectly into the restaurant’s interior. The famous guests of Bliss not only immersed themselves in an atmosphere of luxury and beauty but also left black and white photo strips as a souvenir of the celebration.

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Riley Rasmussen Shaelah McGilton guests Bliss
Riley Rasmussen, Shaelah McGilton
 Pia Mance and Hasley Pitman are guests in the photo booth at Bliss
Pia Mance, Hasley Pitman
Sebastian Topete are guest in the photo booth at Bliss
Sebastian Topete and friends
Nicky Dodaj are guest in the photo booth at Bliss event
Nicky Dodaj and friends
Maya Chelsy are guest in the photo booth at Bliss event
Maya Chelsy and friends
Bryant in photo booth at Bless event
Bryant and friends
Elianna Arvizu and frends
Elianna Arvizu and Rachel Grace Wilson