Photo booth D'Amelio

Photo booth at D’Amelio event

The photo booth added a special touch to the event dedicated to the launch of D’Amelio footwear 

Vintage Model 14 photo booth at Eden Sunset.Classic Photo Booth LLC provided a vintage Model 14 photo booth for the D’Amelio event, which featured the launch of D’Amelio footwear.

The event took place at Eden Sunset in Los Angeles on May 18th. It must be acknowledged that never before has a vintage photo booth captured such a large collection of fashionable footwear.

The footwear launch became a special occasion for the D’Amelio family. The event was held in the comfortable and cozy ambiance of Eden Sunset, where guests enjoyed a delightful atmosphere and had a photo session in the photo booth.

The D’Amelio family organized a celebration that reflected their taste and style. The entire evening was filled with fun, music, and fashion.

Guests had the opportunity to admire the new D’Amelio footwear collection and interact with the family members themselves. They enthusiastically posed for photos on the red carpet and in the photo booth.

Fashion and style unite: vintage photo booth at the launch event of the D’Amelio footwear collection

Queen of TiKTok Charlie D'Amelio in the photo booth.The D’Amelio footwear collection, featuring the presence of a vintage photo booth from Classic Photo Booth LLC, is a blend of style and fashion trends designed with the preferences of the younger generation in mind.

Moreover, according to the manufacturers, D’Amelio footwear stands out for its high-quality materials and attention to detail. The collection offers a variety of models, including sneakers, sandals, boots, and shoes that can be paired with different styles and outfits.

Each footwear model is available in various colors and designs, allowing everyone to find something to suit their taste. The organizers of the event presented the D’Amelio shoe collection at the event at Eden Sunset. 

Each pair of shoes reflects the style and aesthetics of the D’Amelio family, expressing individuality and fashion taste. Naturally, at the shoe brand launch event, the D’Amelio family took pride in their creations and enjoyed the opportunity to share them with their fans. Each footwear model reflected their style and creative approach, making the D’Amelio collection unique and appealing to all fashion enthusiasts.

Vintage photo booth at the Eden Sunset

Photo booth Model 14 D'Amelio.Eden Sunset is an exquisite and luxurious place located in the heart of Los Angeles. It is one of the most attractive venues for various events and celebrations.

This space stands out with its unique style. At Eden Sunset, guests can enjoy stunning panoramic views and beautifully decorated rooms that add a special charm to any event.

Eden Sunset has a high quality of service and attention to detail.

In combination with its magnificent interior and views, this place creates an unforgettable ambiance for hosting special events, such as the launch of D’Amelio footwear.

Here, guests can immerse themselves in the evening atmosphere, meet with friends and loved ones, and indulge in unique and memorable moments that they will cherish for a lifetime. One such moment includes a photo shoot in the vintage Model 14 photo booth.

Unforgettable Moments in Focus: vintage photo booth gains popularity at D’Amelio event

Bryant in the vintage Model 14 photo booth D'Amelio.The vintage photo booth Model 14 has become the most popular spot among guests at the D’Amelio event. Bryant Eslava hosted an amazing photo shoot in a photo booth of TikTok stars Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, as well as their parents Heidi and Mark. He also photographed guests.

As always, he displayed professionalism and a creative approach to capturing unique photos for each guest.

Bryant photographed the guests and ensured that they were comfortable and enjoyed using the photo booth.

He assisted with framing, offered interesting photography ideas, and created a friendly and fun atmosphere. Thanks to his talent, the guests received many unique and unforgettable pictures.

Let’s remind ourselves that the vintage photo booth Model 14 exudes elegance, perfectly complementing the ambiance of Eden Sunset. Guests freely utilized the photo booth to take pictures alone or with groups of friends. The photo booth provided instant photo printing.

So, the vintage Model 14 photo booth has become an integral part of the celebration at Eden Sunset. It added fun, creativity, and the opportunity to take unforgettable photos for everyone present.


                      Charli D'Amelio brand launch  Charli D'Amelio and shoes, photo stripe  Dixie D'Amelio in the vintage photo booth. 

                      TikTok star Dixie D'Amelio photo stripe.  Heidi D'Amelio in the vintage photo booth.  Heidi and Marc D'Amelio in vintage the photo booth.

Black and white photo stripe-from-vintage photo booth Model-14.