Bride and groom in the photo booth

Photo booth at Margaret’s wedding

Unforgettable Moments in a Vintage Photo Booth at Margaret’s Wedding

Bride and groom in a photo sessionClassic Photo Booth LLC provided a vintage Model 14 photo booth for Margaret and her groom’s unforgettable wedding. The celebration occurred on June 3 at the fine-dining Oxalis restaurant in Brooklyn, New York.   The event was filled with love and elegance, and the photo booth became an integral part of the success of the holiday.

The elegant design of the vintage photo booth Model 14 and its unique features captured the attention of the newlyweds and their guests throughout the evening. The snapshots taken in the photo booth immortalized genuine smiles, embraces, kisses, and joyful poses of all those present.

The photo sessions of the bride and groom were particularly memorable. They did not use props and accessories, yet their photo strips became romantic evidence of love and tenderness.

Guests also actively participated in the photo shoots. They gathered in small groups or pairs, creating funny and entertaining pictures. Thus, the photo booth became a space where guests could unleash their creativity and have fun while taking funny and memorable photos. Throughout the evening, the photo booth remained a popular spot, and guests happily returned to it again and again.

Vintage Photo Booth at Oxalis Restaurant

 Oxalis restaurant in BrooklynThe vintage Model 14 photo booth seamlessly fits into the space of the small yet cozy Oxalis restaurant. It is located just steps away from the Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and Prospect Park.

They say that Oxalis is a Brooklyn restaurant that serves exquisite dishes better than anywhere else in Brooklyn. And it seems to be true. Oxalis boasts a Michelin star, making it booked months in advance. The restaurant is home to unique chefs who work their magic with delightful French cuisine.


Bride Margaret in the ZIMMERMANN dressThe newlyweds and wedding guests highly appreciated the refined menu. While some indulged in culinary delights, others sought to capture as many moments as possible in the photo booth. And honestly, it’s easy to understand why.

Bride Margaret was irresistible in her ivory-colored dress with rhythmic fluting from the famous brand ZIMMERMANN’s The Dancer collection.

Margaret wore a fitted dress of layered tulle and silk and linen organza with feathers and embroidery. Therefore, it is not surprising that the photo session of Margaret and her fiancé lasted all evening.


Time Travel With a Vintage Photo Booth

Groom in the vintage Model 14 photo boothClassic Photo Booth LLC offers a wide selection of vintage photo booths, providing numerous options to create an incredible retro atmosphere at modern weddings. These unique and beautifully crafted photo booths are designed to give people an extraordinary experience of time travel.

Regardless of the specific model of the photo booth used, whether it’s Model 14 (with two entrances) or Model 11 (a replica of a 60s photo booth), or any other vintage photo booth from their collection, Classic Photo Booth LLC ensures meticulous maintenance and full functionality of each machine. Of course, these antique masterpieces not only offer pleasant entertainment for guests but also serve as a wonderful backdrop for photo shoots.



Bride and groom, photo stripThe photo strips created by the vintage photo booths from Classic Photo Booth LLC are valuable keepsakes. And their value goes beyond the captured moments, extending to their artistic execution.

By the way, offering a variety of vintage photo booths, Classic Photo Booth LLC will satisfy any requirement and preference. From sleek and minimalist designs to intricate and elaborate models, a photo booth is suitable for every style and aesthetic.

So, as you stand on the threshold of your most important day in life, don’t hesitate to call Classic Photo Booth LLC and order a vintage photo booth!




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 Groom and guest photo strip   Vintage photo strip   In the photo booth