Vintage photo booth Model 14 at Snap Partner Summit 2023
Vintage photo booth at Snap Partner Summit 2023

Photo booth at Snap Partner

At the Snap Partner Summit 2023, Classic Photo Booth LLC Provided a Vintage Photo Booth

Vintage photo booth at Snap Partner Summit-2023.

Classic Photo Booth LLC presented its vintage photo booth Model 14 at the annual Snap Partner Summit 2023. The event took place at Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California on April 19th.

Two groundbreaking technologies of their time, from different stages of development for creating, storing, and using images, came together at the Snap Partner Summit 2023. These are the vintage photo booth and Snapchat, which simultaneously serves as a messenger, chat, and social network, and uses augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

From Vintage Photo Booths to Snapchat:
The Evolution of Photography and Modern Technology

A vintage photo booth awaits guests at the Snap Partner Summit 2023. It is known that the vintage photo booth was created almost a century and a half ago. Its work is based on a mechanical process.

Everything was pretty simple. A person would enter a photo booth, insert a coin into the coin acceptor, and take a photo. After a few seconds, he took the photographic tape and left. As a result, this technology made it possible for people to not spend much time making photos for documents.

Later on, people began to use photo machines to create artistic photographs. Photography became first a form of entertainment and then art. People enjoy entering the small space of a photo booth, closing the curtain, and spending a few minutes alone. Perhaps it was this feature that made the photo booth popular from the very beginning of its existence.


logo Snapchat - Ghostface ChillahAnd what about Snapchat? Judging by the news about the latest achievements of this platform, it too, like the vintage photo machine in its time, has “blown up” people’s minds.

The Snapchat app allows, among other things, not only to photograph the surrounding world but also to provide it with augmented reality. , Moreover, the platform works with artificial intelligence, which provides great opportunities.

Augmented Reality: Connecting Physical and Digital Worlds

Snap Partner Summit 2023, pictureAt the Snap Partner Summit, AR mirrors were announced as a way to connect the digital and physical worlds.

The main purpose of this invention is to assist in the selection of clothing and jewelry. The buyer chooses a favorite item from the e-catalog, after which AR “fits” it on the future owner. Augmented reality uses Snapchat filters and lenses.

Recently, Snap launched AR Enterprise Services (ARES), selling this technology to brands that will use it in applications, websites, and stores. Snap collaborates with Cartier, Tiffany, Dior, Gucci, Prada, Nike, and Men’s Wearhouse in using augmented reality technology.

Snapchat Lenses - New Snap TechnologyIn addition, in the coming months, Snap will launch a series of augmented reality vending machines in partnership with Coca-Cola. To get a drink, the customer just needs to wave their hand toward the AR machine. It’s almost like in a photo booth: press a button and get a photo in 30 seconds.

But that’s not all! Snap is launching new AR features in its Snapchat app for 16 live music festivals this summer. Bonnaroo in Tennessee, Governors Ball in New York, and Lollapalooza Paris viewers will be able to use augmented reality compasses and 3D maps inside the app to navigate the festivals. Lenses are also available.

New features from Snap:
AI-powered lenses and the My AI chatbot available for everyone

Undoubtedly, the key event of the Snap Partner Summit 2023 was the lenses created by artificial intelligence. These lenses allow users to immerse themselves in an animated sci-fi space. They have the most realistic and optimized augmented reality features available today.

The AI-powered chatbot, My AI, which was previously available to select users, is now available to everyone. This is great news for anyone who has dreamed of having such a smart assistant. Just think, the AI-powered chatbot receives almost 2 million chat messages from Snapchatters per day and learns about people’s lives in all areas. This makes the platform an ideal place to use the capabilities of conversational and generative artificial intelligence directly in the community. By the way, you can give your chatbot a name and stylize it using thousands of unique Bitmoji variations.

Snap Partner Summit 2023:
Unusual Guest in a Photo Booth and New Decoration Features

Bryant in Model 14 photo booth at Snap Partner Summit-2023There’s so much to talk about when it comes to the innovations presented at the Snap Partner Summit.

But let’s focus on the special guest of popular photographer Bryant’s vintage Model 14 photo booth on the day of the event.

The guest was the most unusual character – Ghostface Chillah, the Snapchat ghost logo created by the company’s CEO, Evan Spiegel.

It became known that he was fond of rap for a long time. It was the Wu-Tang Clan rapper Ghostface Killah who inspired Spiegel to create this icon.


Chills Ghostface Snapchat logo in the vintage photo booth A cheerful ghost was photographed in a photo booth and flew on.

It’s worth noting the unique decoration of the photo booth this time around.

In addition to the traditional photo booth design in Snap’s signature yellow and white tones, the round chair in the photo booth was themed after Snapchat’s “yellow dot”.

Snap style photo shoot chair at Snap Partner Summit 2023In Snap lingo, a yellow dot indicates that the user has a notification, which means that someone has added them on Snapchat, there’s a notification about their stories, or they need to use the settings that can only be changed on the profile tab.

Snapcode at the photo booth, Snap Partner Summit 2023 Moreover, the vintage Model 14 photo booth now has a unique Snapcode.

A Snapcode is a special type of image that Snapchat users can scan for various purposes.

The code allows users to send and scan Snapcodes that add new friends, unlock filters and lenses, lead to websites, and connect to exclusive content.

The Barker Hangar: the perfect venue for events in Southern California

The-Barker-Hangar-hosted-the-Snap-Partner-Summit-2023, Santa MonicaThe aviation center The Barker Hangar is located in the heart of Southern California, in the city of Santa Monica.

It is famous for its unique atmosphere and amenities for hosting entertainment and corporate events.

This year, Snap has once again chosen The Barker Hangar to host its partner summit.


The Barker HangarThe Barker Hangar is impressive with its massive 5,000 square feet interior.

It is completely unique in its design. The 43-foot-tall ceiling arches form a 150-foot-tall steel truss over a 234-foot-tall concrete floor.

The Barker hangar is not just a venue for events. This is a unique building that combines modern design and high-tech equipment, creating a unique atmosphere.

The vintage Model 14 photo booth provided by Classic Photo Booth fits perfectly into this style.

If you want to hold an important event at the highest level, so that it is remembered forever, consider using a photo booth. It is suitable for all types of events. Call us!