Vintage Model 20 photo booth at TAO Downtown club

Photo booth at the anniversary of Jonathan

Capturing Memories: Vintage Photo Booth at Jonathan Schwartz’s 40th Anniversary Celebration

Vintage Model 20 photo booth at Jonathan Schwartz AnniversaryClassic Photo Booth provided the vintage Model 20 photo booth for Jonathan Schwartz’s 40th-anniversary celebration. The event took place at TAO Downtown Club on May 10th, and guests will fondly remember it with admiration.

Prominent guests arrived to congratulate the jubilarian, including business partners Noah Tepperberg and Jason Strauss. Additionally, Hannah Fallis Bronfman, Mike Majlak, Alex Pall, Brendan Fallis, Donovan Mitchell, GASHI, Chantel Jeffries, Johnny Manziel, Waris Singh Ahluwalia, DJ Ruckus, DJ Pauly D, Sarah, and many others were in attendance.

As always, Jonathan Schwartz’s anniversary, one of the owners of TAO Downtown Club and the most profitable non-chain restaurant in New York was filled with entertainment. However, the shooting in the vintage Model 20 photo booth sparked a wave of positive emotions.

Renowned photographer Bryant was present at the event. He is a talented professional whose work has gained recognition. Bryant has conducted numerous unique photo sessions in the photo booth, delighting guests with vintage strips.

The Genius of the Restaurant Business in the Vintage Photo Booth

Black and white photo stripeIf you live in New York, you’ve probably heard of the Tao Downtown restaurant. And if you have been there, you surely know the name of one of the co-founders of this establishment – Jonathan Schwartz. His name has become a symbol of quality for this restaurant.

Thanks to his immense dedication to work, broad knowledge, ability to excel in various fields, and unparalleled intuition, he has transformed from a simple promoter into a co-owner of America’s most luxurious restaurants.

Jonathan Schwartz and his team are constantly inventing ways to not only satisfy the taste preferences of their guests but also captivate them with entertainment. In Tao Downtown, visitors can enjoy the full range of urban entertainment. Exotic dinners, dancing in the club, and other pleasures attract many guests.

One of the special delights during Jonathan Schwartz’s anniversary was the vintage Model 20 photo booth, which was never empty for a moment at this celebration. The birthday celebrant, his relatives, and friends derived immense pleasure from capturing the most joyful moments of the event in the photo booth. Moreover, the vintage photo strips from the Model 20 booth will preserve these memories for future generations of the birthday celebrant.

Photo Booth at TAO Downtown Club

TAO Downtown club Manhattan New YorkTAO Downtown Club is a unique combination of a high-class restaurant and a nightclub in New York. It is part of the TAO Group, known for its exquisite and trendy establishments worldwide.

TAO Downtown Club is designed in an Eastern style with elements of feng shui, unique sculptures, and lighting that create an atmosphere of luxury and mystery.

In the restaurant at TAO Downtown Club, guests indulge in exquisite Asian cuisine, presented in a wide variety of dishes. And in the evening, TAO Downtown Club transforms into a popular venue for nighttime entertainment.

This unique place of relaxation and entertainment was adorned with a photo booth. Undoubtedly, the vintage Model 20 photo booth was the highlight of the celebration of the anniversary of Jonathan Schwartz.


Queue in the photo booth TAO Downtown club.The vintage photo machine provided guests with the opportunity to create unique and fun photographs, capture special moments, and preserve memories of the celebration.

Guests tirelessly took photos in the photo booth and instantly received high-quality prints. By the way, instant printing is one of the distinctive features of the vintage photo booth.

The vintage photo strips became a wonderful souvenir for the celebration’s guests, serving as a reminder of the birthday of a special person.

It was a creative and unforgettable way to liven up the evening and immortalize the memories of Jonathan Schwartz’s anniversary.

Vintage Photo Booth: Timeless Art in Every Frame

Photo booth at Jonathan Schwartz AnniversaryThe enduring beauty of the vintage Model 20 photo booth seamlessly blended into the enchanting atmosphere of Jonathan Schwartz’s celebration. The experts at Classic Photo Booth skillfully adorned the booth’s panels with the festive theme.

It is worth noting that the vintageĀ Model 20 photo booth is a magnificent choice for your special occasion. Above all, it is a vintage work of art, one of the unique and elegant offerings presented by Classic Photo Booth LLC. The photo booth is a perfect solution to infuse a retro spirit and lend a charm and ambiance to your event.

The vintage photo booth from Classic Photo Booth is the most popular choice for solemn events. At the request of the client, the appearance of the photo booth can be changed due to the original design.

We transform ordinary snapshots into unique works of art, preserving the essence of time and adding a touch of exclusivity to every frame.

Vintage Photo Booth: Memories on Film, Eternity in Every Strip

But the most crucial aspect of a vintage photo booth is the strips it prints. What are the advantages of vintage photo strips? How do they surpass photographs printed by a digital photo booth? And how can we tell them apart? Let’s compare.

  • Sizes. In classic photo booths, the strip measures 1.5 x 8 inches, while in digital photo booths, it’s 2 x 6 inches.
  • Paper. Vintage photo strips are printed exclusively on matte paper, while digital ones are printed on glossy paper.
  • Printing Method. Vintage photo booths utilize film and a chemical development process to create photos on film. Unlike digital photo booths, vintage ones don’t rely on computer technology.
  • Speed. Vintage photo booths are the fastest when it comes to printing. They can create up to 7 snapshots simultaneously, with a new photo taken every 25 seconds. Digital photo booths take at least a minute.
  • Longevity. Time holds no power over vintage photo strips. Some strips are almost a hundred years old and still in excellent condition. As for how long digital snapshots last, we will only find out after a century.


Vintage photo stripe photo booth Model 20Photo stripe photobooth Model-20Guest photo stripe

So, if you have a significant event marked on your calendar, now you should think about renting a vintage photo booth. It will provide genuine fun for your guests and preserve the event’s memory for generations to come. Give us a call!


Hall in the TAO Downtown clubShooting in the photo boothTAO Downtown.