Classic photo booth Model 14 at EmRata & AG Jeans at Highlight Room at the Moxy , NY

Vintage EmRata & AG Jeans

Vintage Photo Booth Model-14 Shines at EmRata x AG Jeans Collection Launch

Bryant-and-Emily-Ratajkowski in the vintage photo booth Model-14, NYClassic Photo Booth LLC provided the vintage photo booth Model-14 at the launch of the new EmRata x AG Jeans collection. The event took place on September 6th at the Highlight Room at the Moxy in New York. The event attracted many guests. Everyone was waiting for the presentation of the collaboration between Emily Ratajkowski and AG Jeans.

It’s worth noting that the Highlight Room at the Moxy is a place where entertainment awaits at every turn. However, the photo sessions in the vintage EmRata & AG Jeans photo booth captured the attention of all the guests, and it’s not surprising. The opportunity to capture this special moment in the unique atmosphere of the vintage photo booth added vibrant memories to the evening. The host of the evening, Emily Ratajkowski, especially enjoyed herself, enthusiastically participating in the photo sessions and creating fun moments with her friends and fans.

By the way, the well-known photographer Bryant directed the photoshoot.

The EmRata & AG Jeans vintage event was not only a presentation of a new clothing collection. It was a unique moment when the worlds of fashion and vintage entertainment came together.

This left unforgettable memories and inspiration for everyone in attendance.

Elevated Classics for Fearless Women

Emily Ratajkowski at Highlight Room at the Moxy, NYActress and popular model Emily Ratajkowski has conquered yet another pinnacle of her creative success in fashion. Her collaboration with AG Jeans has become a bright addition to her impressive portfolio. This multifaceted personality continues to impress the public with her stylish taste and ambitious projects.

It’s worth noting that Emily Ratajkowski has created a collection that she describes as “elevated classics for fearless women.” This collaboration represents a unique blend of classic and modern, symbolizing the harmony between the AG Jeans brand and Emily’s unique style.

Emily herself personally contributed to the evening by showcasing and capturing in a vintage photo booth at the EmRata & AG Jeans event a bold image that highlighted her perfect figure. She embodied style and confidence, instantly capturing the attention of all present. Whether she was in front of the Model-14 photo booth or mingling among the guests, she exuded elegance and style.

Yet another moment underscored Emily’s mastery of the art of fashion. She didn’t just wear jeans; she turned them into a symbol of style and self-confidence. Her image that night will remain in the memory of all those present, reminding us that true fashion is not only about what you wear but also about how you wear it.

Bold Look of Emily Ratajkowski in a Vintage Photo Booth

Emily Ratajkowski photo stripe


Emily’s infectious energy radiated brightly, even as she enjoyed herself in the vintage photo booth Model-14, as if a moment of enchantment had captured her and her friends. In this antique entertainment prop, she appeared as natural and vibrant as she does on fashion runways or during photoshoots. Emily didn’t miss the chance to create fun and unforgettable moments with her loved ones and fans.

The photos taken in the vintage photo booth became true treasures of the evening. They captured friendly smiles, playful gestures, and genuine emotions, emphasizing that fashion and entertainment can bring people together, making them feel like a part of something unique.

Emily Ratajkowski continues to inspire with her fearlessness, style, and ability to find joy in every moment. This event, bridging the worlds of fashion and entertainment, provided her with yet another opportunity to emphasize her uniqueness and become an inspiration to all fortunate enough to be in her presence.

Vintage EmRata & AG Jeans Photo Booth: Unforgettable Moments in Black and White

Black and white photo-stripe EmRata Vintage photo stripe EmRata.William Gaines stripe.The vintage photo booth at the EmRata & AG Jeans event is another successful project by Classic Photo Booth LLC. The Model 14 photo booth performed flawlessly, producing black and white photo strips.

The charm of vintage photographs truly came to life in this setting. This vintage photo booth was the real star of the event. It provided joy and unforgettable moments for all participants. Guests eagerly awaited their turn to capture their smiles and happiness in black-and-white snapshots.

Vintage photo strips made wonderful souvenirs for everyone who attended the event. They will remind each person of the night when fashion met entertainment, creating a unique and inspiring memory.

Classic Photo Booth LLC continues to deliver unforgettable moments and create a festive atmosphere at various events. The vintage photo boothEmRata & AG Jeans was yet another testament to their professionalism and ability to craft a unique atmosphere for parties and gatherings. 

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Bryant at EmRata event. photo-session-in-the-classic-photo-booth-Model-14 Preparing-the-photo-booth-for-the-EmRata event Drying-photo-strips at EmRata event.Classic Photo-booth-in-action