Vintage Photo Booth at Bloomingdale’s
Vintage Photo Booth at Generation Saturday at Bloomingdale's.

Vintage Photo Booth at Bloomingdale’s

Vintage Photo Booth at Saturday’s Generation at Bloomingdale’s

Vintage Photo Booth at Bloomingdale’s
Vintage Photo Booth at Bloomingdale’s. Model 14.

A vintage photo booth from Classic Photo Booth LLC at a Saturday’s Generation event.

It took place on March 11 at the Short Hills Mall at Bloomingdale’s in New Jersey.

Saturday’s Generation Generation is one of Women’s History Month.

From February 23rd to April 24th, the iconic retailer launched The Carousel @ Bloomingdale’s of women entrepreneurs, the founders of their brands.

By the way, actress Tika Sumpter curates the large-scale event. She oversees the display of a diverse range of products, including goods for children and home, self-care, fashion, and accessories from 50 brands founded and owned by women. For example, Kaleidadope, Kim Hill, The Spice Suite, Candice Luther, Estelle Glassware, Cult Gaia, and others.

Various events will take place at The Carousel @ Bloomingdale’s. Namely – On Female Founders Homepage Takeover, Screen with Tika Sumpter, Saturday’s Generation, and Weekends with Basquet.  All events have one goal, to help shoppers learn more about the stories and brands of 50 incredible women.

Cult Classic Vintage Photos at Saturday’s Generation

Vintage Photo Booth at Bloomingdale’s.
Shooting in a vintage photo booth.

Saturday’s Generation is a large-scale event. It took place in all 54 Bloomingdale stores across the country. The organizers prepared a program with surprises from women’s companies.

At the Short Hills Mall in New Jersey’s Bloomingdale store, visitors were treated to a special surprise – a vintage photo booth. Anyone could take iconic black-and-white photographs.

As a result, no one remained indifferent to this idea. Everyone who saw the vintage branded photo booth from Bloomingdale’s rushed to enter it and take stylish photos.

Undoubtedly, the monochrome photo strips will preserve the memory of The Carousel @ Bloomingdale’s and Saturday’s Generation. Perhaps the stories of extraordinary women entrepreneurs breaking barriers and building successful brands have inspired many.

Vintage Photo Booth Model 14 hit Saturday’s Generation 

Vintage Photo Booth at Bloomingdale’s
Visitor photo strips at Short Hills Shopping Center at Bloomingdale’s.

As always, the vintage photo booth was a success at the event. The organizers took care of branding the photo booth. Of course, this caught the attention of visitors to the shopping center. The textual logo which was taken care of in advance was present on each photo tape. Without a doubt, this will work on the image of the company for many years to come. 

Those visitors to the shopping center who were lucky enough to take iconic black and white photos with Bloomingdale’s logo will surely be grateful to the event organizers. After all, Bloomingdale’s is not just a shopping center but the only full-line, high-end department store in America with a century and a half of history.

By the way, the appearance of Bloomingdale’s and photo booths in America coincided almost 27 years apart. In 1861, Joseph and Lyman Bloomingdale founded a chain of department stores, and in 1888, William Pope and Edward Poole filed the first patent application for a photo booth. 151 years later, both retail and photo booths have become an integral part of leisure for all of humanity.

Classic Photo Booth LLC at the Forefront

Vintage Photo Booth at Bloomingdale’s.
Vintage Photo Booth at Bloomingdale’s. Model 14.

The Saturday’s Generation event was a great success. Classic Photo Booth LLC contributed by providing a photo booth.

The company has almost 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry. It provides services on both the East and West Coasts. Works in New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, San Diego, and others.

Classic Photo Booth LLC is unique because it provides services nationwide for multiple events at the same time, using several machines simultaneously for several consecutive days.

Why Classic Photo Booth is the flagship in its field?
Vintage Photo Booth at Bloomingdale’s.
Vintage black and white photo of the Short Hills Mall at Bloomingdale’s.

First, the company shares the interests of its customers. She makes sure that clients get the most out of their events. 

Secondly, photographic equipment and a photo booth before the event are tested. Clients should get the best results.

Thirdly, the company provides albums for photo strips and online galleries.

Fourthly, the company always sets up the photo stands based on the client’s approach.

Lastly, with Classic Photo Booth, clients always find common ground. All you have to do is call.