Vintage photo booth at FWRD

Vintage photo booth at FWRD

Vintage Photo Booth at FWRD POP-UP

Classic-photo-booth-for-Emi-Jay FWRD POP-UPClassic Photo Booth LLC provided a vintage photo booth Model 14 for the opening of FWRD POP-UP in the prestigious West Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles. The remarkable event took place on June 15th at a cozy store located on the renowned Melrose Avenue at 8804.

It’s worth noting that this temporary e-commerce store was created with the assistance of the REVOLVE team, known for their impeccable organization. Visitors to the FWRD POP-UP can expect stunning new releases from top designers, personally curated by FWRD’s Creative Director, Kendall Jenner. The store offers high-quality men’s and women’s apparel, as well as beauty products, accessories, and home decor items.

This event became a magnet for numerous celebrities. Influencers, artists, and models not only selected fabulous fashion finds for their wardrobes but also enjoyed the unique atmosphere inside the vintage photo booth.

This time, the vintage photo booth Model 14 collaborated with the brand Emi Jay from FWRD. Consequently, Julianne Goldmark, the founder of Emi Jay, was present throughout the evening, capturing moments alongside her famous guests. Businesswoman Lauren Ireland, model Sofia Richie Grainge, creator of popular video content Alexa Losey, and others posed in the vintage photo booth.


Classic Photo Booth Model 14 and Emi Jay:
The Perfect Partnership at the Store Opening

Julianne-Goldmark-Lauren-Ireland-Sofia-Richie-Grainge-in-the-vintage-photo-booth Emi Jay FWRD POP-UPAt the momentous store opening, where an atmosphere of style and elegance reigned, the vintage photo booth Model 14 welcomed guests in collaboration with the renowned brand Emi Jay.

Emi Jay is founded by Julianne Goldmark. The company specializes in creating hair accessories. The collections include silk ribbons, headbands, and hair clips that have become popular among celebrities.

The photo booth Model 14 and Emi Jay seamlessly blended on this particular evening, creating unique moments and delightful snapshots. This collaboration allowed for the fusion of two distinct styles and the expression of each guest’s individuality. The vintage photo booth added a retro touch of elegance, while Emi Jay accessories brought sophistication to the outfits.

The partnership between the vintage photo booth and Emi Jay is an example of the fusion of classic style with a modern and creative approach to fashion. It emphasized the importance of individuality in the fashion world and became part of an unforgettable experience. 


The Magic of Vintage Photo Booths:
Why Famous Brands Have Fallen in Love with Old-fashioned Snapshots

Alexa-Losey-in-the-vintage-photo-boothRecently, many well-known brands have increasingly turned to using vintage photo booths in their advertising campaigns. The most recent example is the use of the Model 14 vintage photo booth by companies such as REVOLVE, FWRD, and Emi Jay. There are several reasons explaining this popularity.

Firstly, vintage photo booths possess a unique quality that lends an incomparable elegance to advertising materials. Photos taken with vintage photo booths typically exude a special atmosphere and style. It is precisely these qualities that capture viewers’ attention and forge an emotional connection with the brand.

Vintage photo booths also offer an interactive experience for viewers and potential customers of the brand.  Visitors to the event can create unique and memorable shots.

This helps establish a deeper connection with the brand and captivate the audience with visual content.

Moreover, the high style adopted by celebrities plays a significant role in the popularity of vintage photo booths. Celebrities always strive to highlight their individuality and originality. Hence, they like to use vintage photo booths as it allows them to create looks that match their image.

And finally, the most important reason is that anyone photographed in a vintage photo booth acquires a sense of eternity. After all, photo strips can be preserved for centuries.


Retro-style Strips:
Celebrities Love Vintage Photo Booths for Expressing Their Unique Style

Photo-strip-Emi-JayClassic-photo-strip-Emi-JayPhoto strips taken in vintage photo booths also allow celebrities to express their style. They can choose vintage outfits and create aesthetically appealing looks that highlight their individuality and capture the audience’s attention.

Vintage photo booths create unique visual content that captures the attention of the target audience. This is what helps brands stand out from the competition. Vintage photo booths have become an integral part of modern advertising strategies. They help brands promote their products and establish an emotional connection with consumers.

This was precisely the case at the opening of the FWRD store, where the Emi Jay vintage photo booth from FWRD caused a sensational impact.

So, if you want to replicate the success of FWRD’s vintage Emi Jay photo booth, give us a call. We will be happy to help you in choosing a vintage photo booth model and make your event truly unforgettable.



Black and white picture from vintage photo booth Model 14