Vintage-photo-booth Model 14-at-Jack-in-the-Box-event.

Photo booth at Jack in the Box

Unforgettable Moments in the Vintage Photo Booth:
After PROM at Jack in the Box

Classic photobooth at Jack in the Box eventClassic Photo Booth LLC provided the vintage photo booth Model 14 for two events hosted by the fast-food restaurant chain Jack in the Box. The first event was a photo shoot, which took place on April 26 in Los Angeles. The second event was After PROM at Jack in the Box, which took place on May 5 in San Diego and was the perfect end to the prom.

At both events, attendees not only enjoyed Jack in the Box’s tiny BOGO tacos but also posed for photos in the classic photo booth. As always, the vintage Model 14 added a unique charm and created a retro atmosphere, capturing unforgettable moments for all attendees.

Graduates who had long dreamed of their prom night immersed themselves in an atmosphere of fun and joy. Besides the photo booth presented them with memorable black-and-white photo strips that will remind them of their prom night for a lifetime.

Funny Moments: Jack in the Box in Model 14 

Jack-in-the-BoxBy the way, the well-known photographer Bryant Eslava led the photo shoot at this event. His professional skills allowed him to capture the brightest moments of the evening. Bryant was able to capture the energy, emotions, and individuality of each guest in his photographs.

Throughout the history of the photo show organized by renowned photographer Bryant, hundreds of people have visited the vintage photo booth. However, Jack in the Box, the clown, had not been there yet. It was amusing to observe “Jack,” whom everyone considered a doll, entering the photo booth and participating in the photoshoot. “Jack” struck poses and entertained in front of the camera, adding an extra element of fun to the event. This unexpected participation of Jack the Clown in the photo show lifted the spirits of all attendees and sparked joy.

All event participants followed the example of the clown and flooded the vintage photo booth. Undoubtedly, the Model 14 photo booth became the center of attention of all guests.

Vintage Photo Booth – the key to the success of your event

Vintage photo strip from Model-14

Important key point: Classic Photo Booth LLC is the only company in the country that offers vintage photo booth rentals of various models. If you’re planning an event and want to impress your guests, be sure to book a classic photo booth. Classic Photo Booth LLC guarantees the creation of the best photos that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Engaging the vintage photo booth Model 14 at any event promises unforgettable impressions. Here are a few reasons why the Vintage Photo Booth Model 14 will be an integral part of your event:

Firstly, retro atmosphere: The vintage photo booth will take you to an era of style and elegance. Its classic design creates an atmosphere that is in harmony with the theme of the event and leaves a lasting impression on all visitors.


Vintage-Photo-Booth-at-Jack-in-the-BoxSecondly, interactive experience: The Model 14 photo booth offers an engaging and interactive experience for your guests. They can pose for the camera, creating unique and fun shots. This allows guests to showcase their individuality.

Thirdly, valuable souvenirs: Vintage photo strips will be treasured souvenirs that will remind you of this special event for years to come. Whether black and white or color photographs, they will be cherished forever.

Fourth, social moments:  The photo booth will be the center of attention for the guests. There they can get to know each other.

Fifth, it will provide an opportunity for the guests to engage in social interactions and create memorable connections.

So, give us a call! And we will be happy to discuss all the details of renting a vintage photo booth for your event.


Vintage-strip-Jack-in-the-Box   Strip   Black and white photo-strip

Photo-strip-from-vintage-photo-booth   Jack-in-the-Box-photo-shooting-in-the-vintage-photo-booth   Strip-from-vintage-photo-booth