Classic-photo-booth-for-premier-The Fall-Guy in Hollywood

Vintage photo booth in Hollywood

Vintage photo booth in Hollywood at the “The Fall Guy” special event: retro-style photos

Vintage photo booth for "The Fall Guy", Los Angeles.The vintage photo booth in Hollywood at the special event “The Fall Guy” received special attention from participants as a symbol of authentic retro style. Moreover, fans of the cult series and vintage aesthetics enthusiasts were drawn to this event. In addition, guests of the event created unique photographs in the original vintage photo booth. Furthermore, each photograph captured the atmosphere of fun, nostalgia, and joy, creating precious memories of this wonderful event.

The special “The Fall Guy” event occurred over two days, on April 29th and 30th. The event took place at the Tommie Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles, on the Desert 5 Rooftop.

The photo shoot in the vintage photo booth in Hollywood was led by the renowned photographer Bryant. His talent and professionalism helped create unique and memorable shots, which became part of this special event.

Desert 5 Spot, situated on one of the highest rooftops in Los Angeles, hosts music played from vintage jukeboxes, offering a mix of country hits and classic rock. Additionally, the bar serves guests margaritas, cold beer, and food in baskets. Moreover, the rooftop boasts a pool that remains open and heated year-round. Consequently, guests can swim in it while enjoying stunning views of the Hollywood Hills and the Los Angeles skyline.

The vintage Model-14 photo booth welcomed guests to the special event at the Desert 5 Spot rooftop bar.

The premiere of the film “The Fall Guy”: a vintage-style party

Bryant is waiting for the party guests for a photo shoot.The special event in Hollywood, where a vintage photo booth was present, dedicated itself to the movie premiere of “The Fall Guy”. It is worth noting that Ryan Gosling chose the Los Angeles premiere of this film to draw attention to stunt performers, the unsung heroes of Hollywood. In the movie “The Fall Guy”, Gosling portrays an experienced stuntman who suffers an injury on set. However, this doesn’t deter him when he needs to save his longtime love, portrayed by Emily Blunt.

Additionally, it is important to note that the film premiere coincided with a time when stunt performers in Hollywood were actively advocating for their rights. They are demanding greater recognition, including their category at the Oscars.

In the film, the main character executes impressive stunts. Interestingly, these same stunts were demonstrated at the reception in Los Angeles. Stunt performers raced motorcycles on the red carpet, jumped from high platforms, engaged in fights, and shattered glass.

Moreover, the director of the film “The Fall Guy” is David Leitch, a former stunt performer. Unsurprisingly, he directed a film dedicated to his former profession. Furthermore, the stunt performers themselves executed the stunts, showcasing the high level of skill that existed even before the computer era in cinema.

It must be acknowledged that the film crew and the organizers of the film’s release invested a lot of effort into making the event extraordinary. Therefore, the two-day celebration of the film premiere in Hollywood, at Desert 5 Spot, where the vintage photo booth was in operation, was truly remarkable.

Delivery of the photo booth: careful planning and attention to detail

Arriving at the special event for "The Fall Guy"Guests wishing to take photos in a vintage photo booth usually don’t think about how Classic Photo Booth LLC delivered it to the event location. In this case, to one of the tallest rooftops in Los Angeles, at the Desert 5 Spot bar.

However, delivering a vintage photo booth is a task that requires careful planning and attention to detail. Therefore, employees of Classic Photo Booth LLC plan every step in advance. Transporting a vintage photo booth is always a challenging task. Consequently, several people accompany it to the destination, taking into account its size and weight. For ease of transportation and installation, a manual hydraulic trolley is used. It makes the photo booth easier to move and reduces the risk of damage. The main goal is for the photo booth to arrive at the event venue in perfect condition.

After the specialists of Classic Photo Booth LLC deliver a vintage photo booth to the site, they fill it with chemicals, insert photo paper into a special compartment, and test it. After this, the photo booth is ready for use.



Analog photo booth in protective film. At the party dedicated to "The Fall Guy" in Los Angeles. Vintage photo booth on the roof of the Desert 5 Rooftop bar. Preparing the vintage photo booth for work. Analog photo booth Model-14 at the film premiere of "The Fall Guy".