Classic photo booth for 818 Tequila event

Vintage photobooth at 818 Tequila

Kendall Jenner Organizes Vintage Photo Booth Photoshoot at 818 Tequila Brand Launch Party

Vintage-photo-booth-for-Tequila-818-eventClassic Photo Booth LLC provided a  vintage photobooth Model 14 for the event dedicated to the launch of the 818 Tequila brand. The brand’s founder, model Kendall Jenner, announced August 18th as the official brand launch date and celebrated with a grand party.

The celebration took place at the picturesque Delilah restaurant in Los Angeles and gathered numerous well-known guests. Kensington Tillo, Patrick Starrr (born Patrick Simondac), Gabby Windey, Sabrina Quesada, Colt Paulsen, Kris Jenner, Emma Brooks, Charity Lawson, and many others joyfully joined to congratulate Kendall Jenner on the birth of her brand.

Naturally, the vintage photobooth Model 14 added an unforgettable touch to this special event 818 Tequila. It indeed became a vibrant accent at the party, providing guests with numerous unforgettable moments and a fantastic atmosphere. The vintage photo booth session was led by the renowned photographer Bryant.

By the way, together with the popular photographer Bryant, Kendall Jenner, a big fan of taking pictures in classic photo booths, created a lot of interesting vintage shots. Kendall Jenner liked the black-and-white photo strips so much that she didn’t let go of them.

Happiness Captured on Vintage Photo Strips

 Kendall Jenner in the vintage photo booth As mentioned earlier, in an effort to support her tequila brand, Kendall Jenner has invited numerous guests. They enjoyed the party, tequila, and dancing. But it was the vintage Model 14 photo booth that helped them keep the memories of that enchanting evening alive.

Many of the esteemed guests reveled in the photo sessions within the photo booth and the vintage photo strips, just like children. They posed and shared these photos on social media, and judging by these shots, they were immensely happy.

Laughter and playfulness, captured on the black and white strips, merged with the atmosphere of the party, creating a unique atmosphere at the event. These photographs became vivid proof of how much the guests relished this celebration and cherished the moments of their happiness.

Each photograph became a small treasure in the hearts of the guests, serving as a reminder of the splendid time spent among friends and celebrities. These shots also became a part of the legacy of the 818 Tequila brand, accentuating its distinctive style and atmosphere.

Consequently, the vintage photo booth Model 14 not only adorned the party and added uniqueness to it but also transformed the moments into memories. 

Style Fusion: Unique Collaboration Between Delilah and Classic Photo Booth LLC

Kendall-Jenner-and-vintage photo-stripsAn event brimming with joy and merriment took place on the premises of the renowned Los Angeles establishment, Delilah. This restaurant has become a customary hub for vibrant gatherings. This time, it hosted a grand celebration in honor of the 818 Tequila brand.

The vintage photo booth from Classic Photo Booth LLC was enhancing the exceptional attention to detail and the event’s ambiance. Within these walls, it felt right at home, as Delilah often selects this photo booth to create distinctive memories. Guests, including prominent figures, celebrities, and influencers, eagerly posed in front of its lens, capturing their vivid moments.

Like a keeper of memories, the vintage photo booth Model 14 seemingly became part of the restaurant’s atmosphere. Its black-and-white strips immortalized joyful smiles, warm embraces, and lively emotions.

The collaboration between Delilah and Classic Photo Booth LLC proved to be a perfect union. Together, they fashioned a magical space for guests who sought to relish the event’s unique ambiance and flavors. These black-and-white strips have become more than just a way to capture moments. They are a means of preserving the event’s spirit, making it eternal in hearts and photographs.


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Kendal-Jenner-and-Kensington-Tillo-photo strip Kendal-Jenner-and-Kensington-Tillo-photo-strip Kendal-Jenner-and-Kensington-Tillo-photo-strip Kendal-Jenner-and-Kensington-Tillo-black-and-white-photo-strip

Kendal-Jenner-vintage photo-strip Kendal-Jenner-black-and-white-photo-strip. Kendal-Jenner-photo-strips Vintage photo strip 818 Tequila.

Bryant-in-the-classic-photo-booth Colt-Paulsen-photo-strip Delilah Los Angeles-818-Tequila party-for-818-Tequila-at-Delilah-in-Los-Angeles