Vintage photo booth at Fashion Nova in Beach House Malibu

Vintage photobooth at Fashion Nova

Vintage Photo Booth Surrounded by Fashion Stars

classic-photo booth-at-Billionaires-Beach in MalibuClassic Photo Booth LLC provided its vintage photobooth Model 14 for the Fashion Nova event. It took place on July 19th at Beach House Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. The event was a celebration of beauty. Fashion Nova’s glamor models enjoyed the beauty of the sandy beaches along the Pacific coast. Meanwhile, other attendees marveled at the graceful girls showcasing Fashion Nova’s new summer collection.

An integral part of the Fashion Nova event was the vintage photobooth Model 14 from Classic Photo Booth LLC. Popular photographer Bryant conducted unique photoshoots, delighting the participants of the fashion and beauty celebration with stylish photo strips. Guests, enjoying the beautiful view and atmosphere, happily took amusing pictures in this one-of-a-kind photo booth.

Besides the luxurious models, the event also welcomed celebrities from showbiz and social media. Taina Williams, Nikki Hall, Carrington Durham, and others were delighted to join Fashion Nova at Beach House in Malibu. Their presence added a unique charm to the event and attracted a wide audience’s attention.

Retro photo machine on Billionaires Beach in Malibu

Bryant-in-the-vintage-photo booth Fashion NovaThe vintage Model 14 photo booth seamlessly fit into the atmosphere of the so-called “Billionaire’s Beach” in Malibu. This place got its name due to the large number of rich people. Fashion Nova CEO Richard Saghian bought the impressive $40 million mansion. The 6,000-square-foot house sits on a third-acre lot with a 70-foot beachfront line, impressing with its beauty and opulence.

Amidst this luxury, the vintage photo booth Model 14 became a beautiful accent and added a touch of retro charm to the Fashion Nova event. Its unique style and allure highlighted the atmosphere of elegance and classicism, complementing the ambiance of the beach and the outstanding personality of Richard Saghian.

Billionaire’s Beach in Malibu embodies everything that Fashion Nova aspires to achieve in the world of fashion: luxury, refinement, and exclusivity. A place where the beauty of the ocean and architectural masterpieces blend, it became the perfect setting for the vibrant Fashion Nova event. The vintage photobooth Model 14, like a bridge through time, united the eras of style and allowed guests to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a unique epoch. It was not only a fashion event but also a fusion of cultural styles, leaving vivid memories of a splendid day at Billionaire’s Beach in Malibu.

The New Trend of Photo Booths by Classic Photo Booth LLC

Fashion Nova Model-in-the-vintage-photo booth It must be acknowledged that there is a significant global interest in taking photos in retro photo booths nowadays. Photo sessions in a photo cabin have become quite fashionable. Fashion Nova models could not limit themselves to portrait photography.  They wanted to capture the beauty of their entire body and succeeded in this.

The vintage photo booth allows anyone to take photos however they please, and that’s its charm. A happy owner of unique photo strips becomes even happier when they also have photos of the actual shooting process as a keepsake.

Being present in the vintage photo booth became an exciting adventure for Fashion Nova models. They had the chance to express their individuality, experiment with poses and expressions, and explore their attractiveness from different angles. This atmosphere of freedom and creativity added allure to the Fashion Nova event.

Thus, the vintage photo booth became an integral part of the Fashion Nova party at Billionaire’s Beach. It allowed each participant to feel like a star, capturing the beauty of their personality. Everyone who experienced this magical photo booth received not only unique snapshots but also unforgettable emotions that will stay in their hearts for a lifetime.


Actress, model Carrington-Durham Model, TV presenter Nikki Hall Fashion Nova Malibu. Instagram Star TAINA WILLIAMS Fashion Nova Malibu

Stylish Model Fashion Nova in Malibu model-behavior-Fashion-Nova-Beach-House Malibu Gorgeous Model Fashion Nova Beach House Malibu

Vintage Photo-booth-by-Bryant Beach House Malibu Vintage photo booth Fashion Nova Beach House Malibu Bryant-and-Fashion-Nova-model

Photo strips from photo booth Model 14 at Fashion Nova Malibu Elegant Model Fashion Nova Malibu Photo-strip Fashion Nova Malibu