Classic photo booth for Saint Laurent, Malibu

Vintage photobooth for Saint Laurent

Vintage Elegance and Luxury:
Saint Laurent Event with Model 14 Photo Booth in Malibu

Bryant-in-the-vintage-photo-booth-Model-14-for-Saint LaurentClassic Photo Booth LLC provided the vintage photobooth Model 14 for the event organized by Saint Laurent at Ellice Street in Malibu. The organizers deserve credit for choosing the perfect location for the celebration – a modern luxury resort designed by Skrillex in Marisol Malibu Community.

It’s impossible to take your eyes off the architectural masterpiece on Ellice Street. Perched on a one-acre cliff overlooking the ocean, the mansion’s glass entrance allows for unobstructed views of the vast ocean. The scenic pool also beckons everyone fortunate enough to participate in Saint Laurent’s beauty extravaganza.

This momentous event brought together internet stars, popular YouTubers, and successful entrepreneurs.

Hayley Noelle LeBlanc, Jules Leblanc, Aysha Harun, Olivia Huffman, Vienna Skye, Anna Shumatee, Carter Gregory, Jasmine Tookes, Summer Mckeen, Nia Sioux, Sabrina Quesada, AMENAH, and many others enthusiastically engaged in the event’s rich program.

Of course, the highlight of the evening was the photo session in the vintage photobooth Model 14 at Saint Laurent, skillfully overseen by the talented photographer, Bryant.

Color Photo Strips: Little Capsules of Happiness

Nia-Sioux-photo strip Saint Laurent event, Malibu. The vintage photo booth Model 14 from Classic Photo Booth LLC became a bright highlight of the event, adding charm and sophistication to it. Celebrities and guests posed with pleasure in front of the camera, creating unforgettable shots. This time, the photo strips were in color. It can be confidently said that they became unique works of art, reflecting the individuality and style of each participant.

It has been noticed that celebrities, influencers, internet stars, and public figures have long understood that photos from the classic photo booth are something special. They are true masterpieces that will be cherished in memories and hearts for many years.

AMENAH-color-photo-strip, Saint Laurent event, Malibu.


People are delighted with the photo strips – these small works of art. They preserve not only the beauty and elegance of the moment but also the vivid emotions.

The vintage photo booth has become a symbol of returning to classical aesthetics and uniqueness in the modern world.

Colorful photo strips add an element of individuality and style. Each guest can choose the color tone that best reflects their personality or mood at the moment. This allows everyone to create their own unique and memorable snapshot.

Enchanting Duo:
Classic Photo Booth LLC and Saint Laurent at the Event in Malibu

AMENAH-photo-strip, Saint Laurent event, Malibu.Saint Laurent is one of the most prestigious and sought-after brands of exquisite cosmetics in the world. Its products have won the hearts of millions of women thanks to their highest quality, stylish design, and effectiveness.

Comparing Classic Photo Booth LLC and Saint Laurent, it is evident that both brands possess a special magnetism and appeal to people. Classic Photo Booth LLC offers a unique experience of photography in a vintage photo booth, allowing capturing bright moments and creating unforgettable pictures.

Nia-Sioux vintage picture, Saint Laurent event. Malibu.On the other hand, Saint Laurent offers luxurious cosmetics that enable people to express their individuality and sense of style. The brand’s products have become a symbol of elegance and beauty, earning well-deserved recognition and love worldwide.

At the event in Malibu, women found a perfect way to combine these two unique brands. By taking photos in the vintage photo booth with Saint Laurent cosmetics, they created unforgettable images that embody the beauty and style of both brands.

Judging by the enthusiastic reaction of the event’s guests, the interaction between Classic Photo Booth LLC and Saint Laurent could have continued indefinitely. Both brands bestowed indescribable emotions and admiration on the attendees. Their tandem at the event made it truly memorable and magical.

Magical Time Travel:
Capture the Moment in a Vintage Photo Machine

Bryant-in-the-vintage-photo-booth-for-SAINT-LAURENT MalibuRecently, photography in a vintage photo booth is once again at the peak of its popularity. This is due not only to the desire of people to have high-quality photographs but also to the need for unique and memorable moments.

The vintage photo booth creates an atmosphere of magic and romance, captivating everyone who steps into it. It’s not just a photo session; it’s a journey through time, where modernity blends with the elegance of the past. People find pleasure in this photo booth and the opportunity to express their individuality. They can be funny, touching, eccentric, or stylish – it all depends on their mood and character.

The vintage photo booth has become more than just a trend. It’s a true symbol of elegance and quality. It attracts attention and becomes an integral part of festive events, creating a magical atmosphere.

So, if you’re ready for an incredible time travel posing in a vintage photo booth, give us a call! Book this extraordinary trip!

Summer-Mckeen color photo strip Malibu Sabrina-Quesada Saint Laurent event Malibu Jasmine-Tookes Saint Laurent event Malibu

Olivia-Huffman-and-Vienna-Skye Saint Laurent event Malibu AYSHA-HARUN photo stripe Saint Laurent event Malibu Hayley-Noelle-LeBlanc-and-Jules-leblanc Saint Laurent event Malibu

Anna-Shumatee Saint strip Laurent event Malibu Carter-Gregory stripe Saint Laurent event Malibu. AMENAH color stripe Saint Laurent event Malibu