Vintage Tarte Cosmetics event

An Evening of Beauty and Inspiration: Vintage Photo Booth Model 14 at the Tarte Cosmetics Event

Classic Photo Booth LLC provided the vintage photo booth Model 14 at the Tarte Cosmetics event, which took place on September 25th in Los Angeles. The event was dedicated to the launch of the new Maracuja juicy shift pastels. Representatives from the beauty industry, bloggers, journalists, and devoted Tarte Cosmetics fans gathered at the lively party, ready to support their latest product.

Guests at the event were dressed in pastel-colored clothing, creating a unique and stylish atmosphere. The party transformed into a true celebration of beauty, where everyone could feel like a part of this captivating industry.

The cheerful atmosphere, fashionable outfits, the vintage photo booth Model 14, and the new maracuja juicy shift pastel products from Tarte Cosmetics made this party unforgettable. Guests shared their impressions, discussed the latest developments, and took photos of their favorite cosmetic items in the photo booth. It was not just an evening of beauty but also a night of joy, fun, and inspiration for everyone present at the event.

The vintage photo booth Model 14 was integral to the Tarte Cosmetics event. This created a mood and vivid memories for all visitors. Tarte Cosmetics Event is an event that brings people together around beauty and innovation. It is important to note that Classic Photo Booth LLC played its role in creating an unforgettable atmosphere of this day.

Dreams should come true 

It is worth noting that on September 25th, the dreams of many visitors came true at the Tarte Cosmetics vintage event. Specifically, they had the opportunity to participate in the photo session in the vintage photo booth under the guidance of the renowned photographer Bryant.

This photo session in the vintage photo booth became the highlight of the evening. Under the guidance of the talented photographer Bryant, event guests could feel like true stars, creating unique and unforgettable pictures.

In addition, photography in a vintage atmosphere added a special charm to the evening.

Guests at the event posed in front of the camera with their favorite cosmetic products, creating individual and stylish portraits. These photos became a wonderful keepsake and complemented the atmosphere of fun and inspiration that prevailed at the event.

It is important to note that Tarte Cosmetics always strives to make its events special for its customers. But this time they really managed to create a magical atmosphere. Each guest could enjoy the magic of beauty and style. A photo session in a vintage photo booth was the perfect element to this unforgettable event.

Maureen Kelly and Tarte Cosmetics: Dream and Beauty Magic

The first person to take a photo in the vintage photo booth at the Tarte Cosmetics Event was its founder, Maureen Kelly. She is a legend in the world of cosmetic brands. It was she who created this brand of professional decorative cosmetics.

Maureen had dreamed since childhood of creating cosmetics that would not harm but care for the skin of the face. And she succeeded. TARTE products rightfully bear the title ‘eco’. Their formulas do not contain a single component that could negatively affect the condition of the skin. One of the main ingredients in TARTE products is Amazonian clay. It is known for its nourishing and smoothing properties. The brand’s cosmetics also include passion fruit, mango and coconut oils, squalene, panthenol, vitamins, and various plant extracts.

A pleasant surprise for eco-cosmetics enthusiasts was also the design of the products. A wide range of products allows the brand to win more and more fans every day.

When Maureen Kelly decided to do a photo shoot in a vintage photo booth Model-14, she became the personification of her brand – creative, stylish, and caring about the beauty of every woman. This photo shoot added charm and authenticity to the beauty event. Maureen and the guests of the event experienced moments of real magic and inspiration.




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