Vintage Model 11 photo booth at FLLforVS Festival
Vintage photo booth bloomed at FLLforVS Festival.

The Photo booth at the FLLforVS Festival

Vintage Photo Booth Bloomed at FLLforVS Festival

Vintage photo booth at FLLforVS Festival

The vintage photo booth adorned the long-awaited FLLforVS Festival. The event happened on March 30 in Nichols Canyon, Los Angeles, CA. The brand marketing and PR agency Lucky Chalm organized the celebration.

The first thing that caught the attention of the guests arriving at the FLLforVS Festival was the vintage Model 11 photo booth. Decorated with a delicate floral print, the photo booth resembled a spring flowerbed. It’s no wonder that all the beauties participating in the festival flocked to it like bees to a flower.

They dreamed of taking photos and becoming the happy owners of the new Spring 2023 women’s lingerie collection created by For Love & Lemons for Victoria’s Secret.

The Spring Collection by For Love & Lemons for Victoria’s Secret

Naomi at FLLforVS Festival

A successful collaboration between two companies specializing in women’s lingerie has created stunning designs that make their owners feel feminine, unique, and sexy.

Love & Lemons designers, working on their masterpieces, are getting inspired by nature. As a result, fashionistas have access to a wide range of women’s lingerie with various floral prints.

Delicate lavender and passionate rose, water lilies and pitcher plants, butterflies and hearts, and even cherries – all have been incorporated into the patterns by the artists.

The lingerie is made of thin tulle embroidered with delicate lace, with ruffles, frills, cords, and bows. It creates a spring mood and whispers about love.

Aquabatix performance at the FLLforVS Festival


Of course, hiding such elegance under outerwear would be a crime. Therefore, the organizers suggested that festival participants take the opportunity to have fun wearing their festive new items.

Thanks to this idea, the presentation of the new line of women’s lingerie turned into an exquisite ball of femininity and beauty. This is precisely what Victoria’s Secret and For Love & Lemons were striving for.

Vintage Photo Booth in Nichols Canyon

Nichols Canyon, FLLforVS Festival

The organizers of the event have chosen the perfect location for its celebration. Nichols Canyon is a picturesque oasis in the center of Los Angeles.

It’s an ideal place for those attracted to luxury and seclusion. The house is a masterpiece of modern architecture that combines cutting-edge design and unique natural elements.

The atmosphere of freedom, refinement, and romanticism in Nichols Canyon was appealing to the festival participants. Feeling their attractiveness, they happily captured their youth and beauty in the photo booth. Undoubtedly, the vintage black and white photos stood out for their style and elegance.

Naomi Ienco, Gabbie Sul, Ashley Liao, Yuki, and many other charming girls will remember the FLLforVS Festival not only for their updated spring wardrobe but also for the photo strips.

The Vintage Photo Booth at the FLLforVS Festival Was a Great Success

Queue at the vintage photo booth FLLforVS FestivalIt’s worth noting that the vintage photo booth Model 11 is an analog of the photo machine of the 60s. It’s a vintage retro photo booth with an electromechanical and photographic chemical process. Model 11 is capable of making both black and white and color photos. Moreover, the photo strips do not age or deteriorate over time. A text or logo can be added to the photo strips at the customer’s request.

The most important advantage of this model is its shooting speed. This fact attracts the organizers of large-scale events interested in ensuring that the photography process is fast and of the highest quality. Thanks to modern technologies used by Classic Photo Booth, the results of using retro photo machines are the best in the country.

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