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NJ Lottery Replay

 NJ Lottery Replay for Million Dollar

NJ  Lottery replay Million Dollar  (New Jersey Lottery green screen) was a blast! The guest loved the idea of the green screen. They had the options to choose from many backgrounds, perfect for a “Millionaire”. Gotta love NJ Lottery!

NJ Lottery Replay with Green Screen photo shoot

The New Jersey Lottery green screen was an absolute hit. First of all some guests couldn’t decide which background to choose so they took multiple photos with different backgrounds! Furthermore some guests mentioned how creative and fitting to the lottery theme the backgrounds were. One guest even said this was their first green screen experience and they were having a blast! Guests were blown away the many different options they had to choose for their background one guest said “ It looks so realistic as if I am really there!”

New Jersey Lottery decided to add their #personallogo to the photos adding an extra element of marketing. This allowed all of the guests to remember the fun they had with NJ lotto. The personal logo also allowed the NJ Lottery to brand and market themselves.

Green Screen Photo Shoots

Adding a green screen to a party allows guests to choose any background of their choice. They can choose to go to a place they have never been before or meet someone they have wished of meeting. It allows people young or old to use their imagination! Green screen photography adds an element of creativity and allows customization so that the green screen backgrounds and the theme match and work together perfectly. You can choose a few backgrounds or give your guests many options. You can also choose different sized prints.

Also  thank you NJ LOTTERY for having our incredibly fun green screen photo shoot at your event! We hope to work with you again soon and maybe even get lucky enough to win NJ lotto!

New Jersey Lottery Replay

NJ lottery replay
NJ lottery replay

Did your New Jersey lottery numbers fail to win you any money this year?

Are you still eyeing up those jackpots?


You could still win! If you join the NJ Lottery VIP Club, you could get another chance at becoming a millionaire in our yearly Million Dollar Replay! Join the VIP club, collect $10 worth of eligible NJ Lottery non-winning tickets and enter them into the second chance draw. Your non-winning tickets will be entered into the Million Dollar Replay and you could become a millionaire!


How to enter

It’s easy and straightforward to enter online: look for the Game and Serial numbers on the ticket and enter them in the NJ Lottery website form.


For the Lottery Bonus Zone, VIP Club members simply have to enter 3 non-winning tickets from any eligible NJ Lottery Bonus Zone game and you might win thousands of prize packages!


New Jersey Powerball

For a more frequent chance to win, the Powerball gives you a chance to play for jackpots of approximately $40 million every Wednesday and Saturday night! The jackpot gets bigger until somebody wins- that somebody could be you!

  • Simply buy yourself a Powerball ticket at a Lottery retailer (they cost $2.00). You can either select your own numbers or the Lotter computer can randomly choose them for you with the ‘Quick Pick’ option.
  • Choose how you’d like to be paid if you win- either over a 30 year period, or in cash. Select Power Play if you’d like to increase your non-jackpot prize for a further $1.00.
  • You can also choose to play your set of numbers up to 8 consecutive times!
  • Tune in for the Powerball drawings on Wednesday and Saturday evenings to find out if your numbers won you millions!