Ralph Lauren Photo Booth

Ralph Lauren Photo Booth

Our Photo Booth was in a Ralph Lauren Photo Shoot!

Ralph Lauren Photo Booth used Classic Photo Booth for one of their iconic photo shoots!

So this photo shoot was a campaign to launch their new line called Denim & Supply. Ralph Lauren’s team decided to go with a grunge distressed look that featured many different types of iconic band posters including their own, “Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren presents Avicii”. Ralph Lauren Photo BoothThen they had the booth wrapped in a dark green color and last added all of the posters to create this original look.

This classic photo booth is the real deal authentic vintage booth featuring the built in dark room. This is a great way to bring a vintage feel to your event. We can offer different types of customize wrapping for each client. You can have our team create personalized wrapping for your event or you can come up with your own individual ideas! Ultimately this allows each booth to be a seamless aspect with the theme of your party. Furthermore this allows a great way to promote your business, website or social media right on the outside of the booth!

Ralph Lauren Photo Booth – Denim & Supply

Because photo booths have become extremely successful at making a event succeed in both social media and guest experience, six photo booths in six different retails shops in Sweden and Denmark were put in to promote Ralph Lauren’s new fashion label – Denim & Supply. Ralph Lauren chose to cover the booths in iconic album covers, which looked incredible.

First Each booth was set up for a full week in each shop in various locations across Sweden & Denmark. Next people in store selected their chosen background then posed in front of one our green screen booths. Finally participants then collected their prints and uploaded their shots to Facebook or twitter.