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Amélie Musical in Los Angeles, CA

Amélie Photo Booth in Sherman Oaks, California

Recently, Classic Photo Booth installed a digital photo booth at a Westfield mall, located at Sherman Oaks, California for a contest to win Amélie Musical tickets ( Amélie Photo Booth )! All patrons have to do to enter is take a FREE photo in the digital photo booth located in the mall and then send themselves the photo via e-mail. The address of the mall is as follows: 14006 Riverside Dr, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423 with hours of 10am-9pm. The photo booth is on the premises until the end of December (December 25, 2016).

The Amélie Musical

Amaliy photo booth custogeles, CA m for the musical shiow in Los AnThe musical is based on the 2001 movie Amélie, which is a comedy about a young woman who orchestrates the lives of the people around her in Paris, France. The movie is shot through the eyes of this charming young woman. Amélie photo booth also involves the concept of the booth in the move.

Namely, Amélie pursues a quirky guy who collects discarded photo booth pictures. Therefore, the contest and marketing campaign for the musical which is headed by photo booth photos is great! The musical is starting in Los Angeles before it reaches New York early next year. It is surely a musical to be seen and will become a favorite of many!

The digital photo booth is wrapped in beautiful graphics! The photo booth has instructions for patrons to take the photo and send it via e-mail. You then have the opportunity to post it on their social media! Such exposure not only allows patrons to enter into the contest, but also advertises the musical! Patrons can reserve their tickets for the show now or wait to see if they win the contest.

Are interested in using the digital photo booth in your next marketing event? Contact us and we can make your vision come true!