Babylon photo booth Los Andgeles
Babylon photo booth Los Andgeles

Babylon vintage photo booth

The Vintage Photo Booth Was a Hit

Model 14 custom photo boothBabylon’s vintage photo booth was the highlight of the movie premiere. On December 15, the historical drama Babylon premiered at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles. The long-awaited movie directed by Damien Chazelle has gathered a lot of guests. Hollywood celebrities were traditionally the first to see the premiere of the film.

Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, Olivia Wilde, Li Jun Li, Tobias Maguire, Samara Weaving, Phoebe Tonkin, Elle Fanning, Kelly Rowland, P. J. Byrne, Eric Roberts, and many more were seen on the red carpet that night.

Babylon: Luxury and the Other Side of Glory

The film talks about the transition from silent films to talkies, and the birth of the Golden Age of Hollywood, which took place in the 20s of the last centuries. Silent film actors are trying to find a place in the new world where talkies are gaining popularity. The once-successful career of the old idols is inevitably coming to an end. At that time, many Hollywood stars went out.

The story takes place in 1920s Los Angeles. The main characters of the film – silent film actors Clara Gordon Bow and Jack Conrad, brilliantly played by Margot Robbie and Brad Pitt, find themselves at the crossroads of two eras. For various reasons, they cannot meet the challenges of the new time and are not able to accept the new rules of the game. The revolution in the film industry turned out to be their lifetime tragedy. After the roaring popularity came complete oblivion. What could be scarier for Hollywood stars?

Director Damien Chazelle had been processing the idea of the film for 15 years. He wanted to demonstrate not only the luxurious life of the actors of those times but also the unknown side of their fame.

Model 14 Custom Photo Booth at the Movie Premiere

Surely the Babylon premiere program would be incomplete if it did not include a vintage photo booth.

Historically, the birth of the Golden Age of Hollywood and the appearance of the first photo booth in America almost coincided. Once, a photo booth could only print black and white photos for documents, but later it became the center of attention at any party. Today the machine delivers any type of photo stripes: black and white, color. They can contain logos and monograms, frames, and inscriptions. They can be instantly printed or posted on social networks.

By the way, the interest in instant photography has not diminished over time. A century ago, celebrities around the world loved to capture some pictures of themselves in a photo booth. Historical museums carefully store photos of world-famous stars taken in vintage photo booths: Audrey Hepburn, Salvador Dali, Marilyn Monroe, Andy Warhol, Joseph Paul “Joe” DiMaggio, and Truman Garcia Capote. And modern celebrities follow their example.

Therefore, it is not surprising that at the premiere of Babylon, Hollywood stars, having barely finished walking the red carpet and other official events, hurried up to delight themselves with beautiful pictures in the vintage photo booth.

The classic Model 14, which performed very well at various pompous events, was perfectly prepared for the premiere of Babylon. The custom vintage photo booth, decorated with scenes from Babylon, was a perfect fit for the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures.

Babylon Model 14 – a Quality Product of the Era

By the way, any booth provided by Classic Photo Booth for rent will have a design corresponding to the event theme. Model 14, presented at the premiere of Babylon, stands out thanks to the following features:

  • Firstly, Model 14 has dual entry, front and back.
  • secondly, the device uses an electromechanical process to create timeless photos.
  • thirdly, the photos taken by the Model 14 are of excellent quality. Time has no power over them.
  • fourth, the photo machine is fast. It prints seven strips at the same time.

This model is perfect for weddings, birthdays, children’s parties, corporate parties, presentations, and promotions. The use of a photo booth is limited only by your imagination.

Order it now! And you can be sure that your event will be unforgettable!