Insurgent Digital Photo Booth

Insurgent Movie Premier Photo Booth

Custom Photo Booth for Insurgent Movie Premier

Classic Photo Booth provided an Insurgent digital photo booth for the premiere of Insurgent. 

We were so excited to be providing one of our digital photo booths to this movie premier!

Many stars attended this event. Some were, Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Ansel Elgort, Miles Teller, Kate Winslet, Jai Courtney and Naomi Watts. Everyone looked absolutely stunning in his or her premiere outfits. Stars flooded the red carpet to head into the private showing.

The Insurgent Digital Photo Booth

Insurgent Digital Photo BoothAfter the event (movie was amazing) everyone gathered together for the premiere party. There was so much food, drinks and a lot of dancing! Everyone was having the time of his or her life! The Insurgent digital photo booth was featured here and everyone couldn’t wait to put it to use. The stars lined up at the booth and started to snap their personal photo strips. Many of the guests stayed in the booth to take multiple rounds of photos! They just couldn’t get enough!

Insurgent decided to go with custom wrapping of the movie logo as well as characters. Shailene Woodley as well as Ansel Elgort was featured on the Insurgent digital photo booth. We couldn’t get over how seamless and amazing the booth looked in all the different colors. All the guests admired the photo booth at the party.

The Insurgent movie cast also choose to have their logo on the bottom of the photo strip. This allowed the movie to get much recognition on social media. Once a guest posted it up on their social media thread, it aloud thousands of people to see that the move was coming out. Because many of the guests have a strong social media following, millions could even view the Insurgent logo!!

Thank you Insurgent for having us at the event! We loved the movie as well as meeting all of the stars! Cant wait to see the film again in theaters!