Vintage photo booth at a movie premiere.
Movie premiere Daisy Jones & The Six. A vintage photo booth awaits guests.

Photo booth at a movie premiere

The Photo Booth at a Movie Premiere at the Culver Theater

Vintage photo booth Model 11 at the premiere Daisy Jones & The Six.
The use of a photo booth at the premiere of a movie about a 1970s rock band created the necessary setting and atmosphere.

Classic Photo Booth LLC provided a photo booth for the premiere presentation of the mini-series Daisy Jones & The Six. The event took place on March 1, 2023, at the Culver Theaters in Culver City, CA.

The Model 11 vintage photo booth attracted all event participants. Guests took an unlimited number of monochrome photos. In addition, they scanned and sent them to social media using an iPad.

This entertainment provided guests with pleasant memories and memorable souvenirs in the form of stylish vintage photos. The photo booth fits perfectly into the style of the event, thanks to its design.

Branding the vintage photo booth’s body with a collage of Daisy Jones & The Six movie frames caught the attention of everyone who came to the presentation.

Model 11 at Amazon’s Empire

E-commerce giant Amazon has opened up new horizons. Until recently, the company was engaged exclusively in e-commerce, including books. Now, Amazon Studios, a subsidiary of Amazon, is turning bestsellers into movies. Video content is distributed through Amazon Prime Video and the streaming digital video service. However, the online retail giant did not stop there. Now Amazon has the opportunity to showcase its movies in its traditional cinemas.

The Culver Theater is Amazon’s first cinema in Culver City, California. It is located near Culver Studios, where Amazon occupies over half a million square feet for television and film production. The cinema seats 1,230 people, and movies are shown on six LED screens. It was at The Culver Theater that Prime Video first showed some clips of Daisy Jones & The Six and announced the movie premiere date.

Using a photo booth at the premiere of a movie about a 1970s rock band certainly created the necessary ambiance and atmosphere.

Daisy Jones & The Six: A True Love Story

Movie premiere Daisy Jones & The Six.
Daisy Jones & the Six premiered on March 3, 2023.

The long-awaited musical drama series Daisy Jones & The Six premiered on March 3, 2023, on Prime Video. New episodes will be released every Friday. The series is available in more than 240 countries around the world.

According to the author of the bestseller, Taylor Jenkins Reid, the book was an attempt to piece together a complete picture of the fate of a 1970s rock band from scattered pieces. The author explores why the famous Daisy Jones & The Six suddenly stopped their creative activity and disbanded.

Credit must be given to the writer. For eight years, she collected materials, conducted interviews, and met with former band members, their families, friends, and music industry figures. The story of the film is composed of these conversations.

Despite the documentary nature of the materials, the novel Daisy Jones & The Six is a work of fiction. The events, characters, and locations described are the product of the author’s imagination. Taylor Jenkins Reid shared this information at the film’s presentation, which took place on February 23 at the Chinese Theatre in LA. The author of the bestseller also took numerous selfies in a vintage photo booth Model 14.

photo booth Model 11 will add refinement and individuality to any event
Vintage photo booth at a movie premiere.
Photo booth Model 11 – “highlight” at any event.

Without a doubt, a vintage photo booth is an excellent option for any event, especially a retro-themed one. It will decorate the interior, give it elegance and become the “highlight” of the celebration.

Classic Photo Booth LLC is a reliable and oldest company in the market, providing rental services for photo booths of various models. The company’s experience shows that organizers of festive events fall in love with retro machines so much that they do not know which one to choose. Sometimes they order two or even three of them. One of the favorites is the vintage photo booth Model 11.

This is an analog photo booth model from the 1960s. It can print both black and white and color photos. Photo strips have no expiration date. You can be sure that even your great-grandchildren will be able to admire your photos taken in the Classic Photo Booth LLC.

In addition to high quality, the photo booth of this model pleases with high speed of operation. It prints photos every 30 seconds. This high speed satisfies the requests of both event organizers and their guests.

Do you want to rent a vintage photo booth? Call us!

So, you have decided on the photo booth model. What’s next?

There are a few things you need to know now.

First, before the start of the event, you need to choose the option of photos – color or black and white.

Secondly, we can place your logo between the photos up to 32 characters.

Thirdly, the vintage photo booth does not make duplicates. However, guests make two duplicate photos – one for the celebrants, the other for themselves.

Fourthly, you don’t have to worry about the delivery of the photo booth to the venue, its installation, and dismantling. We care about that.

Fifthly, photo printing is unlimited. It all depends on the guests’ desires.

Sixth, there is always our administrator next to the photo booth.

Seventhly, you can be sure that we will save and record your photos taken at the event on a flash drive.

Eighthly, we provide a variety of props. We will support any desire to transform.