Photo booth at the premiere Yellowjacket Showtime.
Photo booth at the premiere Yellowjacket Showtime, Model 14.

Photo booth at the premiere Yellowjacket

The Vintage Photo Booth at  Yellowjacket’s Premiere Was a Huge Success

Classic Photo Booth LLC provided a vintage photo booth Model 14 for an event dedicated to the premiere of the second season of the Yellowjacket series.

Vintage photo booth at the premiere Yellowjacket Showtime.
Vintage photo booth Model 14.

By the way, the long-awaited premiere took place on March 26 on the Showtime channel.

Yellowjackets is a psychological drama, mystical thriller, detective story, and horror film all at once. The creators of the series, Ashley Lyle, Bart Nickerson, and Jonathan Lisco, literally stuffed the series with crazy and bloody stories that, however, were to the taste of a multimillion audience.

The two narrative threads in the series are closely intertwined. One tells the story of the members of a high school football team who survived a plane crash. The other describes the lives of the main heroines 25 years after their rescue. It seemed that a happy end was guaranteed.

However, viewers understand that even a quarter of a century after the tragic events, the women are haunted by a horrible secret that has connected them all this time. The story of survival has become the darkest of their secrets, as they realized what they are willing to sacrifice to stay alive.

The first season of the project, which was released in November 2021, was watched by over 5 million viewers. It received seven Emmy Award nominations and positive reviews from film critics.

Transformation of actors in the photo booth

Restaurant LAVO
Restaurant LAVO

A celebratory event dedicated to the premiere of the 2nd season of Yellowjackets took place in Los Angeles, California, at the cozy LAVO Ristorante.

The vintage photo booth in the wooden interior of the restaurant looked stylish. The image of the massive yellow and black hornets applied to the branded photo booth caught the eye and tickled the nerves. It seemed that they would break loose from their places and sting everyone present.


Bryant,premiere Yellowjacket.
Bryant, premiere Yellowjacket.

The show, centered around the vintage photo booth, was managed by well-known photographer Bryant. All the series’ main characters posed with pleasure, leaving their monochrome images for the next generations.

Melanie Lynskey melancholically drank something resembling wine. Samantha Hanratty cheerfully made faces. Tawny Cypress posed regally for the camera.

The charming Simone Kessell showcased her beautiful dress, while Jasmin Savoy exuded delicate fragility. Courtney Eaton impressed the guests with her impeccable style, while Sophie Nelisse radiated elegance.

The cheerful and charming Kevin Alves, Nuha Jes Izman, and Alexa Barajas made themselves and those around them laugh. When watching how the actors were relaxing in the vintage photo booth, it is hard not to remember their roles in Yellowjackets. They know how to transform themselves!

Model 14: Style, Luxury, Vintage

There are several options for photo booths available for events like the premiere of Season 2 of Yellowjackets. However, Model 14 has become the most popular and frequently requested one.

There are several reasons for this.  The first and obvious one is that the photo booth of this model can and should be customized. Nothing decorates an event like a thematically branded photo booth. We can place logos between photos. By the way, not everyone knows how to do it correctly.

Our classic photo booth is a vintage retro photo booth with an electromechanical and photographic chemical process. It prints both color and black-and-white photos.

Apropos monochrome photos have recently become very popular. And it’s understandable: black-and-white portraits are more expressive and dramatic. Often, monochrome photographs leave a stronger impression than their color counterparts. The magic of vintage conquers everyone who has ever tried to take a photo in a photo booth.

Another advantage of the vintage Model 14 photo booth is its speed. Seven photos develop simultaneously, and a new photo strip is ready within three minutes.

The speed and quality of this model guarantee that your photo show will be at the highest level.

How to order a vintage photo booth?
Photo booth at the premiere Yellowjacket Showtime.
Vintage photo booth.

The easiest way to order a vintage photo booth is to call or write to us.

Classic Photo Booth provides services to thousands of clients on the East and West Coasts and will help you organize a memorable and fun celebration.



Courtney Eaton in a vintage photo booth, photo strip.
Courtney Eaton
Tawny Cypress in a photo booth
Tawny Cypress
Sophie Nelisse in a photo booth
Sophie Nelisse
Simone Kessell in a photo booth.
Simone Kessell
Samantha Hanratty in a vintage photo booth.
Samantha Hanratty
Melanie Lynskey, in a vintage photo booth, photo strip.
Melanie Lynskey
Kevin Alves, Nuha Jes Izman, Alexa Barajas
Kevin Alves, Nuha Jes Izman, Alexa Barajas
Jasmine Savoy in a photo booth
Jasmine Savoy