Vintage photo booth at the premiere of "Theater Camp" in Metrograph Theater, NY.

Vintage photobooth at “Theater Camp”

The Joyful Premiere of the Film “Theater Camp ” With the Vintage Photo Booth at Metrograph Theatre, NY

Classic photo booth in the Metrograph TheaterClassic Photo Booth LLC provided the vintage photo booth Model 11 at the premiere of the film “Theater Camp”. The festive event took place on July 10th at Metrograph Theatre, NY.

The recent film premiere turned out to be incredibly fun and memorable. The theater was filled with an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement for the new comedy film “Theater Camp”. Guests, including celebrities and film enthusiasts, eagerly awaited the start of the screening.

The premiere was attended by the film’s actors, including Nathan Lee Graham, Owen Thiele, Patti Harrison, Molly Gordon, Ben Platt, Jimmy Tatro, and Noah Galvin. They created a true celebration for all attendees. Undoubtedly, their energy and interaction with the audience created an atmosphere of positivity and joy.

It is worth noting that guests had the exceptional opportunity to interact with the actors and filmmakers. They also learned interesting facts about the film’s production and the creative process. However, the real highlight of the evening was the vintage photo booth Model 11. It became the center of attraction for all attendees, where everyone could capture themselves in moments of fun and happiness.

Creative entertainment at the premiere of the film “Theater Camp”

Photo session of actors at the premiere of the film Theater CampThe actors, dressed in vibrant costumes, fully let loose. They enjoyed moments of carefree fun, creating group shots and individual portraits. Undoubtedly, the photo booth Model 11 became a place where the actors could once again showcase their creative nature.

Engaging with the actors and filmmakers, guests took pauses to step into the photo booth and leave their mark on this remarkable event. The photo strips that came out of the vintage photo booth became small capsules of happiness for everyone. Both the actors and the guests eagerly examined their black and white photographs, sharing their impressions. Each photo became a true work of art, embodying the energy and spirit of the premiere evening.

The vintage photobooth Model 11 from Classic Photo Booth LLC became an integral part of the evening, adding charm and uniqueness to the event. It allowed the actors and guests to immerse themselves in a festive atmosphere. Undoubtedly, joyful memories will accompany them for a long time after the premiere of the film “Theater Camp”.

Retro Photo Booth: A Heartfelt Connection Across Generations

Black-and-white-photo-srtip-at-Theater-Camp-movie-premiere.As previously mentioned, at the premiere of the film “Theater Camp,” the vintage photobooth Model 11 became a real hit. The black and white photo strips captured by this unique 1960s-era photo booth perfectly reflected the festive atmosphere of the event. Just look at these happy faces!

By the way, these photo prints are built to last for at least a century. Time-tested and proven. Even a hundred years from now, those joyful faces will still be smiling from those narrow little photo strips. Photo strips establish an incredible emotional connection between generations of people.

So, if you have a film premiere or any other special occasion, be sure to book the vintage photo booth from Classic Photo Booth LLC. Having this vintage photo machine at your event guarantees its success.

Let’s remind you of the photo options available with the vintage photo booth. It can print both black and white and color photographs. The only thing the client needs to decide in advance is their preference.

Color photographs can have a blue, red, or white background, which can be changed by pulling the preferred color curtain behind the seat inside the booth. Black and white photographs can have a white or gray background. They can feature black or white frames, as well as logos between or below the photos.

Perhaps you are already dreaming of reserving the vintage photo booth, but you still have some questions. In that case, don’t hesitate to call us! We’ll find answers to all your questions.


Photo strip to commemorate the premiere of the film Theater Camp Young-actors-in-the classic photo booth Model 11. Happy faces in the vintage photo booth. Funny photo shoot in the vintage photo booth. Fun photo shoot in the vintage photo booth. Fun movie presentation "Theater camp". black-and-white-photo-stripe black-and-white-photo-stripe-at-movie-premiere Black-and-white-photo-strip-from-vintage-photo-booth-Model-11 at-the-presentation-of-the-film-Theater-Camp Model-11-vintage photo-strip photo-strip-actors at the premiere of the film Theater camp in the Metrograph Theater.

Photo shoot with Luke Islam. photos-of-the-actors-playing-the-main-roles-in-the-film-Theater-Camp Guests at the premiere of the film Theater Camp

Exchange of opinions about the film. photo-session-after-the-premiere photo-booth-Model-11 at Metrograph Theater