Star Wars ‪Novelty‬ Trading Cards‬

Star Wars Cards

Star Wars Novelty Trading Cards

Use our green screen photoshoot services to create Novelty‬ Trading Cards‬! The kids loved taking pictures with next to the Star Wars characters. Classic Photo Booth participated in a 10th party for Jake who is obsessed with Star Wars. To start the process, we spoke to Jake prior to the party to figure out exactly what he had in mind. Jake gave us a list of his top five favorite characters so we could make sure they were featured on the cards. Jake also let us know exactly what to put into the description for all of his friends to see.

Star War CardsStar Wars ‪Novelty‬ Trading Cards‬

Jake’s guests lined up to take photos on the green screen. They had so much fun “pretending” the character was next to them for their trading cards to come. Many took group shots as well as single. They let us know their name so we could headline it on the top of their personalized trading cards.

The process only takes a couple of minutes per card so the guests didn’t have to wait long for the novelty cards. Once received they were in shock how much it looked and felt like an actual trading card. They couldn’t believe how there was so much personalization to each card and even featured a photo of themselves next to the character that they had chosen!

Throughout the rest of the party, the partygoers compared and showed off their cards to friends. Many of the guests couldn’t believe how cool these cards were. They couldn’t wait to go home and show their family and friends!! A lot of Jake’s friends even told us they wanted this at their own party!

The kids had a lot of fun and the party was a success. Book with us for your next event sending e-mail to  classic photo booth