Incredibly FUN Party Idea

Fun Party Idea

Five Incredibly FUN Party Idea

Once in awhile you read about lavish parties at celebrity hot spots in New York or Los Angeles, and you wonder: Why can’t my event be like that? We have put together an incredibly FUN party idea or FIVE for you in this article.Would it be possible to create an experience that people would really remember, and respond to, instead of something that comes and goes without much buzz?

Of course we all want to make our occasion truly special, whether it’s a wedding, bachelorette party, bar mitzvah, or just a raging party to ring in the summer or New Year. But it’s not always easy to come up with new ideas. Good food and beverages can go a long way. Live entertainment can definitely add something, whether it’s a cover band or a magician who wanders the party performing tricks. But even these features may leave you (and your guests) thinking that your party is pretty much par for the course.

If only you had that special something to make your party stand out. But what could that “something” be? You only have to look at what people around the country are doing to make their events more memorable and fun. The following are five incredibly fun party ideas for your event:

1. The Red Carpet Event

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk the red carpet, stand in front of a logo backdrop, and smile for the flashing cameras of photographers? Everybody does—including the guests at your event. Here’s what you probably didn’t know: There are photo booth companies who can deliver that very setup and experience to your event. A few of these companies may even work with celebrities on a regular basis, so you know you’re getting the real deal. Your guests won’t forget it

2. The Green Screen

Also hollywood actors are often filmed in front of a “green screen” which allows any number of backdrops to be digitally imposed behind them. What if your party, corporate event or trade show had its own green screen setup? Wouldn’t that be an incredibly fun party idea?You could photograph your guests in front of the Great Sphinx, on top of the Empire State Building, or even on the moon. Now that would be a great conversation piece.

3. The Tattoo Parlor

The rush of getting a tattoo is  something many people would to experience… if only it weren’t so permanent. What about giving your event a surprise “edge” by setting up a ‘temporary’ tattoo parlor? We’re not talking about those cheap stickers you find in vending machines. We’re talking about offering high quality airbrush tattoos, henna, and glitter art for your guests. Make sure you hire a company with professional artists, though. The last thing you need in this department is amateur work! This is definitely an incredibly FUN party idea!

4. The Vintage Photo Booth

Sure, everyone has a camera built into their phone. But photo booths remain a huge draw at parties and special events. Choose a vintage photo booth with old fashioned film, or rent a digital booth with modern printing and wireless technology. Either way, your guests have a blast and take home a meaningful keepsake to remember your event.

5. The Casino Experience

Isn’t Blackjack, poker or keno an incredibly FUN party idea!? A few reputable companies can provide professional equipment and dealers for a classic gambling experience. Add a touch of daring and excitement to your event by allowing people to gamble for real cash and prizes. Your contractor will work with you to establish a voucher or ticketing system that satisfies legal requirements.

Create your own incredibly FUN party idea!

So now that you have some fresh ideas about what’s possible, it’s time to think about where to find services like these. Your research may reveal any number of options in your area—but focusing on companies with the most professional equipment, highly trained staff, nationwide reach, and loads of positive customer reviews will set you on the right track.

Finally good luck in your event planning! We hope this information has been useful!