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Vintage and Digital Photo Booth Comparison

So the following photo booth comparison information below gives details of the differences and similarities between our vintage and digital photo booths. While both types of photo booths are sure to supply a good time at the events. So the information below can help you decide if a digital or vintage photo booth would better fit your event.

What is the Photo Booth Comparison Regarding the Photo Production?

  • Vintage Photo Booth: The classic photo booth still utilizes an old-fashioned film and liquid developing process to produce photos on film. The photo is taken by a vintage camera within the booth that reflects your image onto the film strip. There is no digital computer technology involved with the vintage photo booth.
  • Digital Photo Booth: The digital photo booth is computerized and fully automated. Your photo is taken by an industrial digital camera and a live view of your image is displayed on the interior flat screen monitor. It is then printed by a top-of-the-line dye-sub printer concealed within the digital booth.

Photo Booth Comparison Regarding the Speed?

  • Vintage Photo Booth: The classic photo booth can be developing pictures while guests continue to take photos. A photo session can begin every 30 seconds; however, the photo strips take about 3 minutes to develop. The booth is capable of taking about 120 photos per hour technically.
  • Digital Photo Booth: The entire photo taking process is just about a minute. A new photo session can begin once the previous guests photos have printed. The digital photo booth is capable of doing about 40 double pictures per hour technically. Two duplicate strips are produced per sitting.
How long will my photos last?
  • Vintage Photo Booth: Since the classic photo strips are developed and are actual film strips, they can last over 100 years. There are still photo strips in existence from the early 1900’s!
  • Digital Photo Booth: Since digital photo booth technology has only been around for about 15 years it is difficult to guarantee how long the photos will last. However, through our experience we know that the equipment we use is the best possible equipment for digital printing. So, it has been proven to print pictures that last longer than any other type of printer (inkjet, which layers ink thinly on top of the paper).

 Photo Booth Comparison Regarding the Differences in size/style/texture of strips?

  • Vintage Photo Booth: The classic film strip has a matte finish and measures about 1.5″ x 8″. The strip includes 4 photos. A logo can be placed in between each photo on the strip if desired.
  • Digital Photo Booth: The digital photo strip has a glossy finish and measures 2″ x 6″. It is also a strip of 4 photos. A logo can be added to the strip- it replaces the 4th photo to produce a strip of 3 with the logo at the bottom.

What about Copies?

  • Vintage Photo Booth: Since the classic photo booth develops photos rather than prints them there is copies.  It is not possible for it to produce copies. However, our friendly attendant will advise guests to take at least 2 strips at a time- one for the scrapbook and one to take home. Also, we do offer a CD of all of the photos taken in the booth so that you as the client can see every picture taken during your event. Lastly, we post these photos to an online photo gallery following the event. So that digital copies of the classic strips can be downloaded, printed, emailed, etc. at no charge to your guests.
  • Digital Photo Booth: The digital photo booth produces 2 duplicate strips per sitting. We do also offer an upgraded booth that can produce per person prints (up to 10 copies) per sitting.

What is the Photo Booth Comparison Regarding the Photo Options?

  • Vintage Photo Booth: The classic photo booth can produce photos in color OR black and white. You must determine which you’d prefer in advance of your event date.
  • Digital Photo Booth: The digital photo booth can do color AND black & white photos. Your guests will select their preference via the on-screen instructions. If you want ONLY color or ONLY black and white, we can set the photo booth to only offer the preferred option.