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Photo Booth Leasing

We offer short and long term photo booth leasing options for the vintage photo booth and digital photo booth. As a result we already have our digital and vintage photo booth in many venues. Also let yours be the next one!!! If you ever wanted to be the owner of a old fashion photo booth – we can sell photo booth to you digital or classic completely refurbished or even new.

Vintage and Digital Photo Booth Sales

In addition we are offering vintage photo booth and digital photo booth sales and repair! Purchase the photo booth for your venue, place it in business, or install it at your home. Therefore you can even start your own photo booth rental company with the purchase of one of our digital photo booths! Our photo booth sales are sure to brighten up your life with many memories.

Although the old fashioned photo booth film and chemical we sell to customers in USA. When we sell a photo booth we refurbished from the ground up so that the booth arrives to you in as new a condition as possible! We even build custom cabinets in-house!

Profit Sharing Opportunities

Also looking for a fun new way to generate revenue without investing a dime? Impossible you say? Actually, it isn’t! So we are constantly on the look out for venues and locations where a photo booth might potentially do well, such as bars, restaurants, and even hotels! If we’re unable to offer a profit share scenario, but you still would like a photo booth at your location, have no fear! We offer very reasonable long term rental rates!

Retail Photo Booth Leasing with Custom Wrapping 

Lease a photo booth at your restaurant, retail store, even home! We lease out photo booths on a temporary basis with service contracts.

A photo booth can be leased primarily as a revenue gatherer or just something new and fun for you customers to use depending upon the location. A photo booth stands to bring in several thousand dollars in extra revenue per month.

In order to enter into a leasing contract, we need to send one of our specialists to check your location. We need to determine whether or not an installation would be profitable. Once our specialists performs his/her assessment, the terms of the agreement for a photo booth will be discuss. Leasing contracts are currently offered in the NYC, NJ, and Philadelphia areas, as well as Los Angeles, CA and surroundings.

photo booth leasingContact us if you have the venue to install digital or classic photo booth.

We can provide a photo booth to the owners of a restaurant, bar, or other venues.  We offer profit share or leasing scenarios based on the venues. It’s quite possible that an installation will cost you nothing! (Except, of course, the space needed for the booth).  A photo booth  may be just the thing your business needs to promote your product or just to bring more customers. Photo booths are fun, grab your client’s attention, and give them something to take home. We can install the venue information on the pictures to promote the location. It is a great marketing tool as well to get more customers. We will do evaluation of your location to determine the space requirements and profitability.