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Photo Booth Logo of digital photo booth NJ and classic photo booth NJ, NY rentals are customizable in many ways. For instance, you can add a background to the digital photo booth or vintage photo booth.  So, the photo booth can be completely wrapped in a custom design. Also, a custom company information can be installed to give your rental a little more personalization.

Also adding a logo can be a great way to customize the photo booth rental, without adding a significant amount of additional expense to the rental price. You may add the any image at the bottom of the digital photo booth photo. The fourth photo of every strip will have the image of your choice, which will be pre-uploaded onto the digital photo booth prior to the event.

Vintage photo boothphoto booth logo

In addition, you can even add the text to the vintage photo booth! Also, the logo is positioned in between the photos. The length should be any longer than 30 letters long and, in some cases, images can be used. Ask us about this when you book the photo booth from us,

Visual ideas for logos are contained below but the logo can be just about anything! For instance, you can use your initials, names or dates as a logo in your wedding theme colors.  So, you may take one of our designs and alter it. Another idea can be to use the same or similar design as the wedding cake. If you are doing a corporate product launch, then you can use the logo of the product in the photo. That facilitate building brand awareness for every consumer who takes a photo in the photo booth.

Sample Customized Logos Below

If you would like to create your own custom photo booth design for the digital photo booth you are more than welcome. Simply indicate that you will be making your own and then email the custom photo booth logo to us when you’re ready.

If you like a logo you see, but want the colors altered, please indicate your preferences as well as the full name/initials that are appropriate for your design.

5 Reasons Why You Need a Logo for Your Photo Booth:


Whether for business or personal use, adding a logo to your photo booth can be a fantastic way of personalizing and customizing your rental. Taking it to the next level for your event. So, using opportunities to increase the exposure of your brand through visual impact is an essential marketing strategy. So here are 5 reasons why you need a logo for your photo booth:


  1. Increase your brand’s awareness- covering the booth with your logo, image or slogan (or all 3) will ensure greater exposure for your brand. In addition, it will establish you amongst a wider group of people.
  2. Attract more potential clients- attaching your brand’s image to the photo booth will be sure to get attention. Especially as the guests of the event will be drawn to the entertaining feature of the booth!
  3. Our professional-looking booth, enhanced with your logo, will boost the stability and reputation of your brand and show your commitment to your business and your potential clients.
  4. So, you and your brand will be automatically more memorable- if guests of the event take photo strips home that are adorned with your brand’s logo, they will not forget you!
  5. Finally stand out from the crowd- this unusual marketing strategy will catch the eye of your potential clients. Therefore, tell your story in an unusual and endearing way, by associating your brand with our dynamic, versatile photo booths.


Build your image, attract more attention to your brand. Increase awareness of your personal or business identity (or both). Benefit from the association with a fun and unique entertainment feature!