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Photo Booth Sales

 Photo Booth sales for vintage black and white, color photo booths, parts, film, and chemicals. Our arcade-style digital photo booths come to you brand new from the manufacturer.

Photo Booth salesClassic Photo Booth for Sale.

The price includes warranty for 90 days, training and tech support 24/7 (Call us to get the price 800-671-8815)

When we refurbish a machine, we take the machine apart in its entirety and replace everything that needs replacing, inside and out. Every little detail right down to the casing is repaired and replaced to make the machine perfect. When you purchase from us, all the equipment is completely restored and your photo booth comes with a 90 days warranty for parts/mechanical issues if you take free training from us. We also provide training on how to use and repair the photo booth- we train you on the inner workings and will provide you with instruction on how to simply solve the problems that may arise. Also are available 24/7 for over the phone technical support. We offer service plans for additional rates.

Refurbished Photo Booth 

Other companies can certainly sell you a photo booth, but there is no other company who will completely rework and refurbish the machine for you from the ground up. There are very few companies who even know how to work with these machines anymore and while you can probably obtain a photo booth for less money, it will just be a used machine. By used, I mean it will be a 30+ year old machine with original parts. Photo booths are delicate and cannot withstand all that time without being reworked.

The problems you will encounter with that kind of machine will end up costing you approximately 3x what you paid for the machine and even then you may STILL have problems. I cannot begin to tell you how many people have come to us asking us to completely replace their photo booth that they had purchased elsewhere simply because it had too many problems for them to deal with, and, at times, their technician wouldn’t even respond to service calls. You can pick it up from our warehouse in NJ with no delivery charge.


Supplies for the Vintage photo booth can be purchased from us. We can ship it from our warehouse in Old Bridge, NJ or from CA warehouse.

We can install the credit card reader and the bill acceptor for additional price. Credit card reader and the bill acceptor for any other country based on the availability. We can do full wrapping of the photo booth in your file you provide for additional cost.  

We can build a classic vintage photo booth any models (models 11, 14, 17, 21) with the new cabinet and original parts based on your specification. (call us if you are interested)

Photo Booth Parts Available for Sale:

Credit box working with every  classic photo booth. It is possible to set up the price of the picture using dip switches. The credit unit can come with LID board. We have used and new credit boards for sales.

photo booth credit boxDelivery unit suitable for any vintage photo booth (with AP-10 or strobe one) The main warehouse located in NJ not far from NY.

 photo booth delivery unit

Photo booth mechanical transmission

classic photo booth transmission

AP-10 power supplies. The ap-10 has two boards to control  credit and flashes. AP-10 replaced strobe unit in 80th – 90th to improve the functionality of the photo booth and provide additional flashes for color photo booth

photo booth AP-10

AP-10 stepper board

The photo booth later version with AP-10 has stepper and regulator boards. The photo booth with the Strobe Assembly regulator AP-10 board does not need the AP-10  and Stepper, regulator boards. AP-10 is not a replacement for photo booths with a silver strobe with 4 pin bottom flash tubes unless you are upgrading along with capacitor packs and eight pin bottom flash tubes. This is why it was an upgrade from the early silver strobe units from vintage photo booth because with the AP-10 you can easily adjust the voltage to the capacitor packs giving you greater control over the quality of the pictures

Spider assembly with the carriers.

photo booth spider

Flash bulbs

8 pins flash tubes for the photo booth with AP-10 power supplies

upper and lower flash

4 pins flash tubes for the older version photo booth with the strobe power. The photo booth has different upper and lower flashes.

strobe photo booth upper flashstrobe photo booth lower flash

Photo booth camera for black and white or color development of the positive paper.

vintage photo booth camera

Photo booth trigger to open and closed the carriers as well as controlling the transmission.

Feed Down for any vintage photo booth

photo booth feed down

Our experience with photo booth sales and repairs goes back more than 20 years!  We are the right company to sell the photo booth. Also we sell both classic and digital photo booths and promise a positive experience from start to finish. Classic photo booths can come refurbished or custom made to your specifications. Therefore we will provide training, technical support, consumables and parts sales for the photo booth you bought from us. No one company knows vintage old fashion photo booth better that us. We can fix your photo booth over the phone in short period of time. Contact us today for more information and for requesting a photo booth digital or classic photo booth.

  • Color and Black and White Vintage “Classic” Photo Booth Film
  • Replacement Digital Photo Booth Paper
  • Tanks
  • Bill Acceptors
  • and more!

Photo Booth Sales and Repair

So we offer knowledgeable technicians to come out to your location and setup or repair your classic or digital photo booth. Whether it is from a photo booth sales or the photo booth needs repair. WE TRAVEL INTERNATIONALLY!  The repair costs include an hourly rate to be determined in advance along with any applicable travel expenses and/or fees for replacement parts.

Other Common Names for the Classic Photo Booth

These types of photo booths are also known as a vintage / classic / dip & dunk / 3 strip / 4 strip / strip of three / strip of four / Auto Photo Systems / APS / Auto Photo Company / Auto Photo Studio / Auto Photo Booth / Photo-Me / Photo Me / PMI / Model 9 / / Model 11 / Model 14 / Model 17 / Model 20 / Model 21 / Model 25 / chemical photo booth / Developer / Bleach / Fixer / Toner / positive photographic paper