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Sales and Repair

Photo Booth sales for vintage black and white, color photo booths, parts, film, and chemicals. Our arcade-style digital photo booths come to you brand new from the manufacturer. Digital photo booth options are user friendly and virtually maintenance free!

Photo Booth Parts Available for Sale

  • Color and Black and White Vintage “Classic” Photo Booth Film
  • Vintage “Classic” Classic Photo Booth Chemicals
  • Replacement Digital Photo Booth Paper
  • AP-10 Units
  • AP-10 Regulator Boards
  • Triggers
  • Tanks
  • Bill Acceptors
  • and more!

Photo Booth Sales and Repair

So we offer knowledgeable technicians to come out to your location and setup or repair your classic or digital photo booth. Whether it is from a photo booth sales or the photo booth needs repair. WE TRAVEL INTERNATIONALLY!  Therefore the repair costs include an hourly rate to be determined in advance along with any applicable travel expenses and/or fees for replacement parts.

What are the Parts in the Photo Booth?

AP-10, Stepper and Regulator boards

Stepper and regulator boards are used for AP-10 Strobe Assembly that can be used in the later versions of the classic photo booth with the eight pin bottom flash tubes. AP-10 is not a replacement for photo booths with a silver strobe with 4 pin bottom flash tubes unless you are upgrading along with capacitor packs and eight pin bottom flash tubes. This is why it was an upgrade from the early silver strobe units from vintage photo booth because with the AP-10 you can easily adjust the voltage to the capacitor packs giving you greater control over the quality of the picture.AP-10 boards

Our experience with photo booth sales and repairs goes back more than 20 years! AP-10 power suply We are the right company to sell the photo booth. Also we sell both classic and digital photo booths and promise a positive experience from start to finish. Classic photo booths can come refurbished or custom made to your specifications. Therefore we will provide training, technical support, consumables and parts sales for the photo booth you bought from us. No one company knows vintage old fashion photo booth better that us. We can fix your photo booth over the phone in short period of time. Contact us today for more information and for requesting a photo booth digital or classic photo booth.

Other Common Names for the Classic Photo Booth

These types of photo booths are also known as a vintage / classic / dip & dunk / 3 strip / 4 strip / strip of three / strip of four / Auto Photo Systems / APS / Auto Photo Company / Auto Photo Studio / Auto Photo Booth / Photo-Me / Photo Me / PMI / Model 9 / / Model 11 / Model 14 / Model 17 / Model 20 / Model 21 / Model 25 / chemical photo booth / Developer / Bleach / Fixer / Toner / positive photographic paper